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  1. Quests

    Every man has his price; everyone is after something. This is a story of some people of a world, and the things they try to do. This is a tale of quests.

    This is a kind of freeform fantasy RP in which the setting is determined by the players as the story moves along. The center of this idea is that each character has a quest, a goal in mind that they enter the stage trying to attain. The story will be built around the characters' efforts to fulfill their quests, and the general idea here is that various people's quests will coincide, requiring everyone to work together with everyone else to some extent--though working against one another is equally a possibility.

    The quest should be something specific, not “a better world”, and somewhat realistic (to a magical fantasy setting), not “destroy the world in ten seconds”. It can be more than one thing—a list of things, that is—if you so desire. It should make sense with who your character is and where they've been; it should be something they genuinely, really want. They can be a treasure hunter seeking a particular ancient relic, or a cleric trying to fulfill a bunch of requirements (certain virtues or whatever) in order to come closer to their god. It can be something more personal, like avenging a dead brother, or less serious, like telling a certain joke to as many people as possible before dying. Try to be creative, and have fun with it.
  2. Setting


    This will be the place where I tell all about the setting that has been created throughout the story. Nothing can go here until characters start being made.
  3. The Story So Far

    As things go along, more people may wish to join, and may desire to know what has transpired so far. This will be a summary of the events of the story so far, usually about one or two sentences per post. It can't begin until the in-character section is made.
  4. Re: Setting

    Character Sheet & Listing

    And here is the most important part. To join, submit a sheet in this or a very similar format:

    (Read, obey, then delete everything in parentheses.)
    (In case it isn't clear, this is an approval process: I will post or PM you with any issues in your character sheet, which you need to fix; if there are no problems I will make a post stating that your character is approved, and then and only then you may post in the IC once it's up.)


    Vern: A shapeshifter who has come to believe nobody can naturally, physically love it while knowing what it is, seeking someone to love and a potion to help them keep this love even upon knowing its true nature. (Xindaris)

    Katherine "Kit" Kinney: A half-pixie thief seeking the truth behind her mother's disappearance. (Nightmare)

    Kiara Jason Stavros: The daughter of a family of wealthy antique owners, and a werecat of late, seeking ancient artifacts stolen from her family's museum. (Mexma)

    David Smith: A puppet of stone built by a mage to replace his dead son, seeks the man who made him to remove that son's memories and perhaps extend his life. (Lord Cockswain the Insane)

  5. Xindaris' Character

    Name: Vern
    Race: Shapeshifter--someone capable of changing their form; explained in further detail below.
    Gender: Vern is capable of changing its gender, and is most conveniently referred to as whichever it is at a given present time.
    Age: Early 20s, supposedly 23.

    Class: Shifter: Could act as a Scout, Fighter or Thief
    Strong Points: Vern is able to alter its physical form at will. It can change its appearance everywhere from minor details to becoming an entirely different animal. It can become smaller forms, down to the size of a rat. It can take on animal traits for better senses, quadrupedal forms for ground speed, and even flying forms. It can appear to become species that do not actually exist. It knows how to defend itself in most any form, and how to hunt using a combination of herbivorous and carnivorous forms' traits. Through experimentation with its power, Vern has learned an inordinate amount of information about the ins and outs of bodies of humans, animals, and a number of things in between. It wouldn't be able to perform an expert life-saving surgery, but delaying death through improvised first aid is quite within Vern's reach.
    Weak Points: Vern's shapeshifting is gradual, not instantaneous; it can take anywhere from several seconds to fifteen minutes to completely change form, depending on how different the new form is from the old one. People tend to find watching it transform disconcerting, to say the least. It has an upper threshold of strength and mass, equal to about that of a physically fit human, to which it can shapeshift. It can only take warm-blooded forms, such as mammals or birds; it can morph a reptile-like form, but it will still be warm-blooded. Vern has no magic other than its shapeshifting, and it is not very good with handheld weapons. Vern can't morph anything besides itself. If Vern takes on a form it has never been in before, or traits it is unfamiliar with, they don't come with instructions included, that is, Vern must relearn movement, balance, and so on in an unfamiliar form. Forms that resemble creatures with supernatural powers other than shapeshifting do not grant Vern those other powers. Shapeshifting will not heal Vern's wounds; they will simply be changed to analogous wounds on the new form. Vern can partially make up for its inability to transformatively heal wounds by taking on a form for which the injured area isn't absolutely essential, but this won't limit the pain, and extensive enough, sudden enough, or well-enough placed wounds will make this a futile effort.
    Abilities/Traits: Vern values bodily modesty, and when clothes are not available to it Vern will only take on humanoid forms covered in thick fur or feathers. Since it can alter its voice as part of its form, Vern is an excellent singer in all vocal ranges.

    DND-Style Alignment: Neutral Good
    Personality: Vern tends to be a friendly person, and is as open and honest as it can be. That is, Vern is of the opinion that there are some things people simply don't want to be told, even to the point of being deceived about them. Vern will not reveal its true nature to a person it thinks wouldn't want to know, and even then will not tell everything at once. Vern prefers to take on attractive humanoid forms when it doesn't need the skills of a more bestial one. It knows better than to rush a romance with anyone, but once it's in a romance it is very loyal and even a bit protective. With people who it isn't in love with (especially when it already has a romatic partner), Vern is generally a pretty good friend and can even give some genuinely useful romantic advice. Vern likes to do the right thing whenever it can, but can be quite wishy-washy about exactly what 'the right thing' is, which has led to incidents on separate occasions where it did rather contradictory things, such as helping a thief get away with a crime, then later helping local authorities catch that same thief. Vern isn't an idiot, it just has genuine difficulty figuring out which of two given actions is the morally right one a little bit more often than most other people. Vern is capable of genuinely becoming interested in just about any subject that isn't, well, disgusting or disturbing, even if it never really had any interest in it before.

    Your Quest: Vern seeks a person, of any race or creed, who is mentally attracted to it; and a potion or some other means which will cause a person to be permanently physically attracted to another person--a love potion, if you will, that will allow Vern to take any form at all yet still be attractive to its lover.
    History: Vern doesn't really know where it came from, or why. One day it awoke in a human village, in the shape of a male human infant. It was taken and raised for the first ten years of its life by human parents who had no children of their own, and eventually discovered its powers. Knowing that this was not a normal thing for humans to do, it hid its powers from the village and asked about its parents where it came from. It was satisfied to know that, though they were not its birth parents, its parents loved it very much. And after five more years under their roof, it revealed its powers to them. Vern's parents had no problem with its powers, but agreed with it that the rest of the village should probably be kept in the dark. Vern was prepared to live in the village for quite a while longer, but something happened that prevented that.

    Vern fell in love with a girl, and for a while they had a decent romance. Eventually it trusted her enough to reveal its true nature to her, but she was disgusted and left it for good. Vern was eighteen by then, and to avoid any trouble it told its parents goodbye and, with their blessing, left to seek love elsewhere, in a more tolerant place. Since then, Vern has been in long romances with three other people, but, wanting to be honest, would always reveal its true nature at some point in their relationship. And every time it ended the same: Man or woman, elf or human, everyone was disgusted by Vern's power, or at least quite unwilling to stay romantically involved with someone like it. It has become convinced that nobody could possibly remain physically attracted to a shapeshifter without help, leading it to its present quest.

    Appearance: Since Vern can and does change form, and does not have any 'favorite' forms at the moment, it is pretty useless to try and describe it. Suffice to say that Vern's appearance will always be covered by in-character narration when it shifts form.
  6. Name: Katherine "Kit" Kinney
    Race: Half Pixie (Playful creatures that like to trick people. She's most often found in her human form)
    Gender: Female
    Age: Nineteen (They age at the same rate as humans, but live much longer, so she's young for a pixie)

    Class: Thief, Pick Pocket.
    Strong Points: She is very quick, and specializes in making people think they see things that aren't there, part of the reason she's such a good thief.
    Weak Points: She tends to be very sneaky, and mischievous. More often than not, it's easier for her to make enemies than friends, because she's constantly playing pranks. Her personality is very explosive: one moment, she could be laughing and joking around, and if something sets her off she's like a firecracker.
    Abilities/Traits: Every pixie has a gift that is unique to them- hers is music. When she plays any sort of instrument (she doesn't automatically know them, she has to practice like any normal person), she can push images into the mind of people. She could make an entire crowd think that they're sleeping.

    DND-Style Alignment: Neutral chaotic
    Personality: Kit likes for people to see her a certain way. She comes off as careless and lighthearted, not usually seen as much of a threat. She hates being seen as weak, and would much rather everybody just think that she doesn't care about most situations. She comes off as a bit airy, unless she is in a situation in which she feels threatened.

    Your Quest: Kit is trying to play the part of a detective, to find out what happened to her mother.
    History: She lived with her mother, father, and brother until she was about seven, when her mother suddenly disappeared, leaving behind only a letter to Kit's father. Believing that she had left him for another man, her father shut his children out, and Kit's brother was left to take care of her. They became a part of a street gang, and eventually her brother was caught, and taken to work in a mill. She stayed for a few years, keeping the note among her prized possessions (the only other was a small wooden flute), and finally decided that she was going to figure out what had happened, even if it was only for the sake of having something to do.

    Appearance: Kit is fairly diminutive, standing barely an inch over five feet with a slim, wispy build. She has long, dark red hair and dark gray eyes. With large eyes, a small nose, and a full mouth (as well as unfortunate freckles that she hates), she appears to be a rather sweet, naive girl, which couldn't be further from the truth.

    In her pixie form, which she doesn't use often because it takes a lot of energy, she is small, about the size of a human hand, and a grayish-purple color. Her hair stays the same color, as do her eyes.
  7. problems with Kit as such. Depending on exactly how it works, the musical-illusion/image power might be better considered a strength. That is--if her playing an instrument would be enough to, for instance, temporarily fool a bunch of guards into thinking she's going one way when she's going another, or just generally confusing a bunch of goblins for a minute or two. I should probably note that you don't have to have the abilities/traits part filled out if you don't want to.
    Approved, anyway.
  8. I'm interested. Will try to get character up this week.

    Name: Herald Viktor "Vorpal" Toombs
    Race: Bloodling (will be explained once I'm done writing about Vampires)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 53

    Class: Puppet Master (Fights alongside or solely with a combat familiar)
    Strong Points(Viktor): Blood Hall Heart (see Bloodling description below), Peerless swordsmanship
    Weak Points(Viktor): Only Mortal, No Magic/Ranged
    Abilities/Traits: Highly skilled at deciphering codes, solving puzzles, and other tests and challenges of insight and knowledge.

    Strong Points(Kladenets): Massive, Hovers (2 feet), Great Warrior, Metal Body (merely an animate suit of armor), when not summoned he takes the form of a scabbard for Viktor's sword
    Weak Points(Kladenets): Must obey Viktor, Cannot reassemble like most familiars, Wounds cause backlash on Viktor

    DND-Style Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    Personality: Calm, cold, logical, though he comes off as high-and-mighty at times, and favors duels over debate.

    Your Quest: To hunt down the lords of the last two Great Houses of the vampires.
    History: Viktor was born into a family belonging to the Arcane, the class of nobility just below Highborn (Nobles) and filled by the best and brightest mages and clerics. As befitting one of his station, Viktor studied various aspects of the arcane, including alchemy, elementalism, and spirit summoning. One thing that should be noted about the Arcane is that they are not mere scholars cloistered away in tall towers with their faces perpetually hidden behind dusty tomes. True, some were, but more frequently, the Arcane were explorers. Not of the wilderness, but of the ancient ruins of the Vampire castles and cities. Here they sought the knowledge of their former masters. This served the dual purpose of furthering their own magic abilities, and the potential to uncover the whereabouts of the remaining two Great Houses. Now, it was in his early 40s that Viktor made his greatest discovery, the very one that earned him the title of Herald. Deep in the crypts of the Sliscus royal family, he discovered an old set of tomes detailing Blood Magic, a powerful type of magic used by the Vampires. Contained in one of these tomes was the secret of Blood Familiars. After rescuing the tomes from their forgotten prison, Viktor set about with his coven (an old term borrowed from the vampires, it is simply an R&D team) testing the spells and rituals contained within. Viktor himself tested the ritual for the creation of a Blood Familiar. Upon completion of the ritual, Viktor found himself pulled someplace between realities. There, he met the familiar he had summoned. It required a blood contract, with three conditions, in exchange for it's immense power. The conditions were as follows: 1) Viktor would loose his emotions, as a means for providing energy to the Familiar. 2) Upon his death, Viktor's soul would belong to the Familiar. 3) Accepting the Curse of Tyrfing, which entails "the bringing about of a great evil". Viktor paused for a moment, considering the ramifications of such a deal. These he weighed heavily against the possibility of having the power to eliminate the last of the Vampires. Compared to this glorious outcome, Viktor decided that no price was too great, and bound the contract with his blood. Then, in the blink of an eye, he was back in his room, where he had performed the ritual, with the mighty metal form of Kladenets Tyrfing floating in front of him.

    Viktor has since honed his sword skills and risen to the rank of Herald, a title reserved for the greatest warrior in a Fellowship, second only to the fellowship's leader. Now, with his swordsmanship at it's greatest levels ever, he has set off on a quest to hunt down and eradicate the last of the vampires, wherever they may be hiding.

    Herald Viktor Toombs and Blood Familiar Kladenets Tyrfing (open)

  9. Are pistols of any kind available in this world?
  10. That's up to you :)
    Or, the more lengthy answer is that we're making up the world as we go, so anything is possible unless someone else has declared it not to be in a character-creation or in-character manner. And even then, you might be able to get around it.
  11. That's what I thought you'd say. Hrm...I might end up making a few characters. But first, I'm gonna right some fluffy backstory goodness on Vampires, and why there are only a few left. >:D

    Should I just post it here or PM it to you?
  12. This is a very interesting idea. Mind if I try my own new character?

    Name: Kiara Jason Stavros. She prefers to be called Jason.
    Race: Werecat, formerly human.
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18 years-old.
    Class: Antique collector.

    Strong Points: Jason is good in handling any kind of short gun as well as her favourite weapon, the whip. After being bitten by the werecat her reflexes became more accurate as well as her listening abilities, which come very handy in body combat. She can be as swift as a cat when walking, running or jumping.

    Weak Points: Jason is not as strong as everyone thinks. Though she might be a werecat, her muscles didn’t just grew with supernatural strength. When Kiara transforms into a werecat, she doesn’t transform into a full feline, but a hybrid cougar. Whenever she finds something interesting, she stares at it wondering about its story of how it works until something or someone snaps her back to reality.

    Abilities/Traits: Jason likes to whistle when alone, mostly music she used to listen when she lived in the city with her uncle. One of her favourite hobbies was carving out flutes from chunks of wood in her dad’s workshop, she still does it when she gets tired of whistling and has a chunk of wood near her.

    Personality: Jason normally judges a person by the intentions s/he has or is going to have with her, but when she has watched someone closely she determines if she can trust him/her or not. When she is good friends with someone, she expects to be treated the same way by her companion and she will help him/her in anything, or depending on how dangerous the risks might be, although she likes to risk herself sometimes. When interested in something, she formulates the right questions because of her experience of being with journalists, so she doesn’t push who she is talking to and gets the information she needs and not what she wants. Whenever she gets angry, she won’t give you a word about what bothers her and you might as well need to wait a couple of hours before she calms down or get her on a full yelling discussion. Her behavior is normally one of an adventurous person, ready to go on an expedition or anything along those lines.

    Your Quest: What Jason is trying to find, are some antiques that were stolen from her family’s museum and that she wants to find at any cost.

    History: Jason was born in a rich family that had the best explorers of the world, the Stavros. Her childhood was full of journeys to different countries and expeditions to discover the secrets that lay buried from the public eye. She was home-schooled, learning everything a child had to know plus the knowledge that her parents wanted her to to have for her to be a great explorer like them. When she was 16 years-old, she found the chamber dedicated to her in the family’s museum to be half-empty. The robbers left little clues and the police had no idea of what to do. Jason made a list of everything that was stolen and left her home with a satchel where she kept her compass, a Neverending Torch, an ancient message artifact to contact her family, her wallet. a notebook with name of people around the world she met, and a single photo of her parents.

    Once, when she had located a man that had paid for some of the antiques of her collection, she was discovered by the man’s bodyguard, revealing that the bodyguard was a werecat and that other creatures existed besides him. On her escape attempt, she got bitten by the bodyguard, thus her turning into a werecat. She was able to escape with all the antiques he had bought and ship them back to her family along with some more, like she usually does when she has many valuable things to carry with her. She still has many more antiques to find before she returns home. She thinks this is the perfect moment to show her family that it is her time to shine and show the world how the youngest member of the Stavros is able to go on her own and find the antiques once again all over the world.

    Appearance: Standing at 5’6’’, with an athletic looking figure, Jason has long black-bluish hair that ends at her waist, with a white stripe going straight through it and her fringe, the whole Stavros family has complete heterochromia iridum (meaning she has one eye of a color and the other eye another color) her right eye is brown whilst her left eye is deep green, her skin color is the family’s distinguised tanned color, she has a small nose and ears that end into a pointy curb.

    In her werecat form, Jason’s face turns feline, stretching back her face and ears, whiskers coming out her face, her hands sprouting with fur with talons, her legs into the back limbs of a cougar and her arms into the front limbs of a cougar with a human tinge to them. Her ribcage contracts and her hair fuses with her back, turning a sandy yellow. Her eyes stay the same.
  13. TNT: Please, post it here so anyone who wants can read it. I'll try and make some sort of summary and put it up in the 'setting' post along with a link to the full deal.

    Mexma: Approved. I'm curious whether this particular strain of werecat comes with any compulsory changes, i.e. the full moon, or instinctive compulsions/changes in apparent taste of food, i.e. meat cravings? It's fine if it doesn't, I just want to know for clarity's sake.

    Hmm, I think we might be gearing toward a semimodern fantasy world. Perhaps, I suggest, a world with some of the technology of a modern world (or perhaps magically facilitated technology that resembles it due to parallel evolution but works slightly different); but the vast expanses of uncivilized land, unexplored dangerous crypts and dungeons, some feudal governments, and of course magic-related occupations of a more traditional effort at a best of both worlds hybrid. Thoughts?
  14. Thank you for approving. =^.^= As for the doubts, werecats have the same compulsory change as werewolves do when a full moon is on the sky. Her diet doesn't change to anything unusual unless it's the full moon or she hasn't eaten something for days.

    On the semimodern fantasy gave me a bit of the idea of a world somehow similar to the movie The Golden Compass.
  15. Hmm..perhaps, though as far as I can remember that movie's world was a little lower on raw magic than I mean for here...
  16. =shrug= Perhaps we could, y'know, divide it into places. There are parts of this world where the rich people live that need no assitance in magic whilst the rest is in need of using it. Like the one your character needs for his love potion and that other creatures need, that some residents of the world still don't know about because they're hidden from plain public eye.
  17. I would like to reserve a place for this one, it will take some more time to finish my character, but I will try to post him the day after tomorrow.
  18. OK, I've got SOME of the Bloodling/Vampire fluff written. More will hopefully be up tonight.

    Vampires have been nearly extinct for nearly a thousand years now. Their Great Houses now nothing more than old tales and ruined castles. The event that caused this tragedy (depending on your point of view) is known simply as The Vampire Rebellions to common folk, but to the Bloodlings, it has another name: The Great Awakening. It started when a thrall of House Sliscus somehow broke free of his master's control, and killed the vampire whilst he slept. In doing so, all thralls under that vampire regained their free will, and together lead an uprising that saw the complete and total annihilation of House Sliscus in a single day. These newly freed thralls, now calling themselves Bloodlings, went on to attack other Great Houses, freeing more Bloodlings and gaining in strength. After a hundred years of fighting, all but two Great Houses had been destroyed, though they did not survive unharmed. In fact, so terrible were the loses suffered by these houses that it is unsure if either managed to survive much longer after the rebellion ended.

    Now, as for what a Bloodling actually is. A Bloodling during the time of The Great Awakening was a vampiric thrall freed from the control of it's master. The modern Bloodlings are descendants of these former thralls. Now you might be asking "But what was a thrall?" A thrall was a human (or member of another near-human race) that was bitten by a vampire, but not turned. This caused the human to attain some minor abilities similar to a vampires, but at the cost of the thrall's free will. The two most important changes caused by thralldom were the growth of vampiric fangs, and the growth of an organ located opposite the heart, known as the Blood Hall Heart. The fangs allowed a thrall to collect blood just like a regular vampire. However, thralls did not require the blood of others to live. Instead of providing nourishment, the blood would be stored in the Blood Hall Heart, which could then pump the absorbed blood throughout the body in case of blood loss. This allowed vampires to gather blood during the day via thralls, and in other situations where a vampire would have trouble (or if the vampire was feeling lazy, as had become a common occurrence in the few decades leading up to the Awakening).

    EDIT 1
    Ok, now for details on Bloodling physiology. First off, they inherited many physical traits from their Vampire masters. This includes fair skin and a youthful appearance. However, unlike vampires, they are not immortal, though they do live on average to 150 years old. Instead, they age more slowly than humans, so a 50 y/o Bloodling may appear 30, or sometimes younger in certain cases. They do not possess any of a vampire's weaknesses, nor any of their strengths. They cannot transform, hypnotize with a gaze, etc. They're closer to Human 2.0, rather than Beta Vampire. As mentioned before, they do possess vampiric fangs, for sucking blood. They are slightly more dextrous than the average human, but no stronger, smarter, etc.

    Now, the most important part of a Bloodling's physiology, indeed, the very thing that marks them as Bloodlings: The Blood Hall Heart. This organ is situated opposite the heart, and is similar to both heart and stomach in form and function. If needed, it can pump stored blood into the body, either preventing passing out from blood loss, or increasing strength for a short amount of time. Should the heart be damaged, the BHH can act as a backup until the heart is healed. Now, the most intriguing, and quite possibly most important, feature of the BHH is it's ability to transform blood stored within to match that of the Bloodling, down to the genetic level. It can even change an animal's blood into that of the Bloodling. How it does this exactly is still a mystery, frequently researched by Bloodling clerics and doctors alike.

    And then there's Bloodling procreation. Early on, Bloodlings learned that they could no longer produce children with members of their original race. However, they could produce children with other Bloodlings, even those with a different origin race. The resulting child would appear human, or if both parents were different enough from human in appearance, the child would appear as a more human version of one of the parents.

    EDIT 2
    Ok, let's talk about society. Like the the vampires, the Bloodlings are divided into large groups/families, known as Fellowships (named after their church, the Fellowship of Blood). Each Fellowship recieved it's name from it's founder, usually an interest or favorite motif of theirs. The three most prominent Fellowships are the Fellowship of the Grave (deeply religious, the majority of Bloodling clergy belong to this Fellowship), the Fellowship of the Rose (heavily into art, beauty, aesthetics, etc. Also masters of diplomacy and intrigue), and the Fellowship of Steel (greatest military among the Fellowships. Also known for it's scientific advances. Claims to have been founded by the first Awakened Bloodling, Dimiri). The Fellowships, while rivals, share a sense of unity, and so far have never gone to war with each other, save for the Fellowship of the Dragon. The Fellowship of the Dragon is host to radicals and renegades, who believe that if they can return vampires to power, they will receive the gift of vampirism. They seek the destruction of the other Fellowships and the restoration of the two remaining Great Houses (House Sothos and House Praxis).

    EDIT 3
    Dimiri, The First
    -Dimiri was the first thrall to break free from his vampire masters. It was he who started the rebellion that nearly wiped out the vampires. However, it is said that he died of old age, without blood spilt, and thus was trapped in Limbo. However, so great were his accomplishments that the powers of Fate elevated him to godhood. He now sits at the Gates of Death. Those Bloodlings who offer him their blood upon death will be judged, and sent to either Ascalon (heaven) or Moritus (hell). Those who do not offer their blood are turned away, forever cursed to reside in Limbo.

    Szarek, Binder of Souls
    -Szarek was the ruling vampire lord of House Sliscus at the time of the rebellion. He was personally killed by the hand of Dimiri. Upon Dimiri's ascension to godhood, he elevated Szarek as well, but binding him inside the blighted realm of Moritus, there to watch over the souls of damned Bloodlings.

    Moroii, The Caretaker
    -Moroii was Dimiri's wife, and in his last years, his caretaker. Though she died several years after Dimiri, he elevated her to godhood as well, giving her rule over the blissful Ascalon.

    -Ascalon: The Bloodling's version of heaven. It is a blissful place, full of everything one would ever want.

    -Moritus: A tortuous hellscape, consisting of volcanoes, blasted deserts, flesh-rending sandstorms, and near constant meteor impacts. Reserved for Szarek, vampires, and those Bloodlings deserving of such a fate.

    -Limbo: A spirit realm co-exisiting with the mortal realm. Those trapped here can not interact with the physical world in any way, nor may they stray too far from their body.

    Value of Blood: While Bloodlings don't require the blood of sentient creatures to survive (the blood they drink is usually animal blood), like vampires did, they still hold blood as their most sacred gift. When a Bloodling slays a foe, they drink some of the fallen's blood, believing they will take on their strength. At the same time, it is a great tragedy for a Bloodling to die without spilling blood. It is such that a Bloodling dying of old age on his death bed will have a cleric slit his throat so that he may spill his blood in death. The meaning behind this is that the spilt blood is an offering to Dimiri. Should they die without spilt blood, Dimiri will refuse to judge their soul, trapping them in Limbo for eternity.

    Worship: While the Bloodlings worship their own three deities almost exclusively, they acknowledge the deities of other races, though they do not believe they have any sway over the soul of a Bloodling.
  19. Name: David Smith
    Race: Puppet - the result of an earth mage giving life and human appearance to an assortment of rocks. Without any kind of aid, Puppets are expected to live for about ten years. To prolong this, the blood contract (in which a seal is drawn on the Puppet, to "trap" its life) must be performed as necessary.
    Gender: Technically speaking, rocks have no gender. However, David has the appearance of a male human being, and will pass himself off as one.
    Age: Five - keep in mind that he is a Puppet, and the average Puppet can live for approximately ten years before crumbling into rubble.

    Class: Brawler
    Strong Points: Being made of stone, it's only natural David has an exceptionally hard body, at least when compared to that of a normal human. As such, he can either be used as a shield to block attacks, or as something to barge indiscriminately through weaker obstacles. Due to being composed largely of granite, a hard igneous substance, walking through - or, indeed, in - lava and magma phases him to an extent that is minimal. His strength is also above that of many living beings, being a magical servant of stone, but not so much that he can crush mountains - but hauling a cart of supplies usually reserved for a mule or donkey poses little of a problem to him. With a short life, for David, comes a recklessness - of sorts. While some would not perform certain tasks, in the interest of keeping themselves live, the Puppet will throw himself heedlessly into the fray, knowing it would not make much difference in the long run.
    Weak Points: Being made of stone comes with its disadvantages. Swimming is impossible for David, due to his weight being so great. This means that planning ahead, when submerging, is vital, otherwise he remains trapped in a liquid prison. Stealth is something he is terrible at, due to constantly making the sound of stone colliding heavily with whichever surface he treads upon. Navigation through sand is also so hard, most would call it an impossibility. David can feel pain, but as he is made of stone, there are things that will not kill him that would a mortal. For example, if his arm was cut off, he would feel the pain without end, but he would not have the liberty of bleeding to death. He also cannot taste things, which is not much of a disadvantage, but is one nonetheless. If he has any cracks in his body, they are susceptible to the freezing and melting (thus, expanding) of wter, meaning they must be filled in post-haste. Erosion can also be a problem, the same going for parts being chipped off of him.
    Abilities/Traits: David has been implanted with the memories of his master's (late) son, mening that he knows what the son once did. This means that he know how earth magic works, but he himself cannot use it.

    DND-Style Alignment: Neutral - despite the potential persecution, he is largely indifferent towards most feuds and whatnot.
    Personality: Not being one to care much for politics, though he keeps track of things for knowledge of his surroundings, Smith tends to try not to involve himself in things.He is a puppet; a mere tool, in most people's eyes. Therefore, if he retains his neutrality, he is able to continue his journey with the bare minimum of interruptions. This can leave him seeming like a blank, apathetic individual, but the truth of the matter is that he simply doesn't want to waste his life with pointless bickering. If you do come across as someone without a particularly strong allegiance, however, then he will be more social, than with someone holding stronger beliefs. He will try his hardest to be sociable, even to the extent of cracking one or two jokes on occasion, making him seem like a reliable person. And, if he so wishes to preserve you, he will gladly act as a shield - mostly down to being the closest thing to a giant shield most have come across.

    Your Quest: Smith is attempting to find his master - not to give him a life extension, though he would appreciate that. Instead, he simply wishes to have the mage's son's memories wiped from his mind, so as to be able to forge his own, and be his own person.
    History: Arthur Smith, a well-known earth mage in his small - and generally unheard of - town, lost his son. Not due to an elaborate cause, such as an incurable disease or a glorious death in battle, but because he fell down the stairs. He lost a lot of blood, the brain damage proved too much, and he died. However, the simplicity and frankness of the death were actually catalysts for Arthur's creation of a puppet. Outraged at how such a thing could happen, the law was defied, and life created, in the form of an animated stone boy. He was but a mere replacement for the magic practitioner's son, and a hollow one at that. The two grew increasingly distant, despite David's attempts to learn as much of the son's life as possible, so little was felt when Arthur was found to be missing one Autumn morn. However, he was slightly peeved by the fact he had so many false memories floating callously about his mind, and resolved to have them wiped, by the only person able to alter him (returning to his original state, like re-attaching a limb or replacement, does not count) - Arthur Smith.

    Appearance: Taking on the appearance of a seventeen-year-old boy, David stands at a height substantially average for what is meant to be his age. His build consists of a defined muscle tone - not so much as to cause him to look akin to a freakishly over-developed body-builder, but enough to highlight the fact he has considerable strength. His hair is the most human part of his anatomy, in terms of properties and structure, being made from mineral that closely resembles that characteristics of hair, when in strands. Raven black, and styled to remain straight, the fringe is swept clear of his eyes, which happen to be a dust-brown in colour. The eyes, more often than not, look as if they are drooping from fatigue - whereas, in fact, they are simply like that naturally. His skin tone is tanned, but only in slight sense - as if he had come back from a holiday in a sunny clime, and it had been a week or so after returning to a place receiving less of the sun's rays. The most common thing for him to wear is a forest-green shirt, coupled with snugly-fitting trousers of a dark grey. The outfit is rounded off by pair of slip-on leather shoes, a brown typical of leather. It should be noted that, due to not actually producing any bodily fluids or natural odours, his clothes stay cleaner for considerably longer than most people's. Therefore, his wardrobe is lmost uniform, as he rarely changes.
  20. LStorm: Great! I don't generally do RP closing, and this is one RP that I plan to keep open for joining a long, long time after it starts. If you edit your character into that post, please still make a new post or PM me to let me know you've done that so I don't miss it. I'll try to remember to check, but I am a very forgetful person on the whole.

    TNT: The 'let me know when you're done' applies for your character and vampire fluff as well. Looks neat so far.

    Lord C: Approved, very nice. It's always interesting to have a character who looks invincible at first but turns out to have horribly crippling problems that balance out their apparent power in the more conventionally dangerous situations. I imagine riding a boat (at least a small one) would be just as problematic as swimming, if not more so.

    Mexma/Setting Decisions: I think the idea of different places having different levels of magic and technological, even fairly large differences, makes a lot of need not be divided into rich and poor, perhaps some countries simply put more effort into figuring out magic while others worked on technology, and maybe some places outright reject one or another to the point of witch hunts being a thing in one country, while another uses magic so well and so extensively that technological inventions are consistently laughed at for their relative uselessness. I'd like it if everyone says something about this idea so I can be certain this isn't just one or two people (including myself) coming up with ideas and pushing them on everyone else...