Questions for the Transgender

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  1. 1) Are you tricking us?

    2) Is this a hipster thing?

    3) Does this have something to do with Otherkin?

    4) How should we get you to have sex with us?

    5) Why am I so insecure?

    6) Do you even like bacon anymore?
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  2. If no one responds to this, we know it's all been a lie.

    Check; and Yahtzee.
  3. 1) Are you tricking us?

    Yes, absolutely. We feed off your foolishness to fuel our own power.

    2) Is this a hipster thing?

    Yes, absolutely.

    3) Does this have something to do with Otherkin?


    4) How should we get you to have sex with us?

    Money is a good place to start.

    5) Why am I so insecure?

    Because all the boys want your milkshake instead of what's truly important.

    6) Do you even like bacon anymore?

    The real question should be does bacon like us anymore, we have feelings too!
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  5. I have a question that, I hope, is not offensive.

    Has The feeling that you do not belong in the skin you have always been present in you're life or was it something that developed as you grew older?

    Ie when did you start feeling you are a man in a womens body and vice versa.
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  6. Great I have to report minibit again for being too nice x.x When will she learn!
  7. 1) Yes, at least I am :) After all, what's Halloween without trick-or-treating?

    2) If by 'this' you mean asking transgendered people these questions, then it depends on your intentions. Was it because you're curious, or because you wanna seem cool by including a minority?

    3) I, uh, don't know how to respond to that...

    4) Have a big DIIIIIIIII[retracted]

    5) You're turning heads when you walk through the do-o-or

    6) I love me some fatty, salty meat... >_>

    Tonedeaf's question) I love my skin :) There's a great misconception about transgendered people hating their entire bodies or whatnot, which might be true in some cases, but for me, there's just a very small (ha) part of me that I feel doesn't belong, but I'm not that bothered by it. To me, it's just like any other birth defect that people might carry, and I feel like I got away pretty lucky, compared to some other people. Regarding when I started feeling that way, it was probably sometime in the first grade, but I've always been transgendered. It's because the older we get the more we start separating girls and boys, putting them in categories and enforcing stereotypes, and I felt like I went from being out in the open to being put in a box where I don't belong.
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  8. @Diana

    1) What is your favourite thing to do in the kitchen?

    2) Has your husband ever let you have an allowance? If so, how much, and how generous do you think he is?

    3) Would you ever be so risque as to wear a dress cut off at the knees instead of the ankles? (Oh my, how scandalous!)

    4) What's your favourite magazine?

    Happy now? :raven:
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  9. YAAAAAY! So happy!

    1. I love cooking meals from scratch! :D Particularly meats and veggies. I am not so good with baking. >>

    2. Pff. I don't get an allowance. I manage the finances, like a REAL housewife should.

    3. O__O NO. NEVER. Only long dresses and skirts for me. I'm not a whore. >:[

    4. Woman's Day magazine! ^o^ It has great recipes and fashion tips on a budget!

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  10. Offensive questions for guys then? We scratched your back, now you as a woman better bend over backwards to scratch ours. That's how the world work.
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  11. See, that would work if us CIS Gendered people were capable of basic human intelligence and empathy. According to the almighty collective intelligence of Tumblr™, we're incapable of discerning things that are different, so we will take over your threads and invade yo houses. Best hide yo wife and kids now.
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  12. The suggestiveness is strong with this one.
  13. This was the most heavy handed way to say "We the best yo. Fuck yo threads."
  14. Sorry.:rotfl:Just... Absolutely blown away by the vagrant stupidity in the media these past few days. It's fun to blow steam with shitty jokes.
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  15. ... well I can't say it's not a tone setter! I guess it was inevitable what with certain other threads. TIME TO ANSWER THESE STRAIGHT FACED.




    Ew, no.

    I'm pretty sure that'd be rape


    Uh, be someone that we're comfortable having sex with, and are attractive to us as well.

    Childhood trauma.

    It's fine.

    But we were doing so good


    My earliest memory of the feeling comes from when I was 10. I didn't really understand what I was feeling, and it wouldn't be for another seven years until I did. Given the environment I grew up in, the realization of my feelings and what they meant hit me pretty hard and I attempted suicide to get away from it. Five years have passed since that first suicide attempt. First, as in there were more, struggling with fear and depression in an intolerant environment is no fun. Regardless, the feeling remains but I'm much more adjusted and am working towards getting things good. Therapy with the goal of reassignment surgery somewhere down the road. A bit of a late start, but better this than some alternatives.

    I actually don't know when it started. As I said, I can only give you my earliest memory of it. It's likely been a part of me all my life.
  16. I am havin a blast myself. Watching two tarded sides slap against eachothers in terrible debate is fantastic humor once you detach yourself from it.
  17. What the hell is this jiz-gender term you're all using, you vagina-dicking mutants?

    New life goal unlocked.
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  18. It's another term for someone born with a body that has a penis, be it male or hermaphrodite, for its ability to produce jizz.
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  19. Sounds gay.
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