Questions for the migrationers

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  1. I don't know why I'm beating this dead horse when in fact I really, really want it to stay dead, but I'm kinda curious. So here goes.

    1) What's so 'great' about your migration?
    2) Why do you point it out so often?
    3) Where did y'all come from? I.e, what forum just experienced the great immigration?
    4) Is this all just a conspiracy to kidnap Diana?
    5) Should I be scared?
  2. You wouldn't understand.

    As someone from the Great Migration, I have to tell you that it's impossible for you to grasp.

    We're simply better than you, because we had to learn to stand up by ourselves, without Littlefoot's mother.
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  3. 1) Well, one of the GMs (and the players also) were getting quite irritated by the broken/non-functioning RP forum with an owner that wasn't doing much to keep up with maintenance or even keeping us informed on what he was doing. So, they all decided to migrate to a new site were that kind of shit wouldn't happen, which is here.

    PS: It is also because 26+ Members committed to the change of forums or were already here.

    2) Why not? It only really comes up when it is made clear that this forum is clearly better or when the other forum is clearly in the bottom of the barrel.


    4) and 5) Hum.... The less you know, the better.
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  4. hyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyype
    Why do Scottish Americans point out their scottishism so much? Basically it's because we're obnoxious
    Yes, and given her devout love for Scribz, we're succeeding. When we leave in like.. a month, we're taking her with us.
    We're like... that crazy person you picked up at the bar. Right now, we're hot, don't fear us. When we don't leave the morning after, call the police.
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  5. Because we all get to meet you silly. <3​
    Because we're, as a collective, autistic and suffering from severe dementia​ It was terrible, everyone's characters were super bland and self involved!​
    We're now sisters :>​
    No. Now get in the van. ​
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  6. I dun wanna get kidnapped AGAIN! ;___;
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  7. It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again! Yaaay :D
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  8. "Great" in this sense refers to the size of the migration. A significant portion of the community we were all part of has moved.
    Because people like to feel like they belong to things. This is exciting for us - we're hoping to revive the community we had as well as meet new people and integrate here. Plus, it would seem pretty weird if a whole bunch of people, who all knew eachother and had inside jokes and stuff, simultaneously turned up without any explanation., or RPG for short. It was a fantastic forum until what's referred to as "Guildfall". There'd been gradually less and less word from the admins and the guy who ran the site, Mahz, over the course of years. One day the site just... died. Everything - 6-7 years of RPs, messages, etc., was lost. It took a long while to get it back up, and it was very 'barebones'. Very little work has gone into it since then, and although most users tried to be patient, it's pretty obvious that the admins just aren't passionate about it anymore.
    Kidnap? Dear me, no. We just want to subvert an admin to our side for the inevitable takeover. The invasion is going swimmingly so far.
    Only if you resist.

    [Disclaimer: I'm joking.]
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  9. Was the disclaimer for Scribz?
  10. 1) What's so 'great' about your migration?
    2) Why do you point it out so often?
    3) Where did y'all come from? I.e, what forum just experienced the great immigration?
    4) Is this all just a conspiracy to kidnap Diana?
    5) Should I be scared?

    1) It brought all of the real talent to Iwaku: Tegan, Orion, and Ampoule
    2) Because I want to touch shoulders with the elites
    3) Order of Mayhem
    4) No
    5) It's too late, Tegan ruined Asmodeus, pillar of the community. Iwaku is on its way out.
  11. Yes, I love the way you're all "integrating" by self-mythologizing your clique at every opportunity.

    *climbs up a tree and pelts everyone with Bread Cult cookies*

    @unanun - wrong migration, dude.
  12. Get out.
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  13. But MY migration was the original one!
  14. Hyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyype playa
  15. MY migration from Silent Hill Heaven was the original one!

    Haven't heard about it? Yeah, that's cos I integrated, bitch!

    *kicks Unanun down a mine shaft*
  16. You just quoted my second post on this site, and the only one to mention the Migration. Please, tell me more about how I'm self-mythologising my clique by mentioning it once when directly asked, having only just arrived. In all honesty, people will probably continue to self-identify themselves as part of the "migration" for a while, because they have nothing else to identify themselves as at the moment, having just gotten here. Once they can consider themselves part of the community on this site and some of the excitement dies down, it will stop, believe me - though little jokes about it will probably persist, as they tend to after events like this.
    My advice? Don't be xenophobic about it; welcome people and they'll welcome you. I promise you, nobody's here to try to take your forum from you.
    Alternatively, this. :)
  17. Asmodeus is fucking with you.

    Test your mettle. Join ilium.
  18. 1) What's so 'great' about your migration?
    -I migrated? I guess I moved from Dragon-Tear to here...10 years ago.

    2) Why do you point it out so often?
    -I don't.

    3) Where did y'all come from? I.e, what forum just experienced the great immigration?
    -Dragon-Tear...many years ago.

    4) Is this all just a conspiracy to kidnap Diana?


    5) Should I be scared?

  19. I'll play your little game.

    1. We're sticking it to the man! :D But no, I think what is so great is the fact that I found a community that is very well-rounded and everyone is involved. That's a great thing, right? I don't know how the migration is great. But big deal. :D
    2. I haven't noticed this. I think I'm one of the few who hasn't really stuck around this side of the forums much.
    3. Your mom. It was RPG, or roleplayerguild as everyone has pointed out. I was a member of the site for 7 years and loved it dearly. And then GuildFall happened. Once the Guild returned to us, it was a zombie. The Great Admin made promises of vaccines and safe-shelters, but after days, weeks, and months of falling to pieces, we all decided that we had had enough. Word flew through The Guild and now many of us call this new land, Iwaku, our home. We tried to stay committed to the corpse, but 10+ months is enough.
    4. I'm not allowed to say.
    5. Yes.
  20. Somehow I feel i'm your favourite. ​