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  1. Purifying the Shadows​

    IC: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/purifying-the-shadows.47838/

    Most people don’t know that their emotions are just more than some feelings. Their emotions can actually take physical form. Though, the worst ones are the bad feelings, like anger, hate, depression, they form into Shadows. Shadows are emotions that take human form, though no features just black like a shadow. There are certain people who can see these Shadows, they have the Sight. People with the Sight can purify the Shadows and turn the emotions back into good and return them to their owner. However, some cannot be changed, and have to be destroyed. But an enemy appeared for the Sight people. They are a group called SIN. They want the Shadows to live, and try to get rid of everyone who has Sight, for their goal. With their lives threatened they needed someone to protect them, thus Protectors were born. Warriors who have magic weapons, to stop anything that wants to harm their masters.

    Shadows: Dark emotions that take a shadow like, though solid form. Can only be purified or killed by a magic weapon.

    The Sight: Someone who can see the emotions take form, and purify them.

    SIN: The organization bent on letting the Shadow’s take over, want to kill everyone with Sight

    Protectors: People born with magical weapons and serve someone of the Sight.

    Basic information:

    ~This is about the fight between SIN, Shadows, Protectors and the people with Sight.
    ~You can be anyone of your choice, and have as many people as you want.
    ~ Regular people can’t see the emotions and shadows.
    ~Any questions? Just ask.
    ~People with Sight can have as many Protectors as they want.

    Character Sheet Info:

    Any age
    Type: Sight person, Protector, SIN
    Master/protector(s): Who are your Master/protectors? (Either you can play your own or someone else can take the job, just ask someone. I’ll try and help too.)
    Weapons/ability: Protectors are born with magical weapons, other people can get them. The weapon can be anything, from any time period, not limited by anything.
    Extra information:
    Picture or description


    My Character(s):

    Name: Lacey
    Age: 21
    Type: Protector
    Master/Protector(s): Damian Gray
    Weapons/Ability: Two magical hand guns
    Personality: Lacey is calm and cool. She doesn’t show much emotion but does care greatly for people, shown in how protective she is. She is straight and to the point, and very smart. She normally doesn’t like to rush into battles.
    History/Bio: Not much is said about Lacey’s past, only that of when she meant Nicky. She took in Nicky and trained her in their work. (See Nicky’s past). They have been together ever since.
    Extra info: She is very protective of Nicky, either like a younger sister or mother. Lacey and Nicky protect the same master.
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    Name: Nicky
    Age: 16
    Type: Protector
    Master/Protector(s): Damian Gray
    Weapons/Ability: What seems like an endless supply of throwing knives and thin flexible magic wire she can use to swing the knives.
    Personality: Nicky is the opposite of Lacey. She is childish and likes to fight. She’ll run into any fight and wears her emotions on her sleeve. She likes to joke around and has anger issues.
    History/Bio: Lacey’s parents died when she was young. Because of that, she didn’t know what was going onaround her. So, she tried to ignore everything, even trying to drown out the Shadows with music. Then, one day she was attacked. That was when Lacey came and saved her. Lacey took care of her, fixing the wounds and teaching Nicky about who she was. Now, Nicky doesn’t leave Lacey, they work together as protectors.
    Extra info: Always wears headphones. Nicky and Lacey protect the same master.
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  2. (Will add more later)

    Name: Damian Gray
    Age: 18
    Type: Sight person
    Master/protector(s): Lacey and Nicky
    Weapons/ability: Wields a long sword wrapped in light. Most of his normal attacks he uses condensed light.

    Ragnarok's Wrath- His ancestor's blood pumps through his veins heavily increasing his offensive and defensive abilities but takes a hard toll on his body.

    Onikimaru- He takes the form of his family's guardian deity for the duration of five minutes but is rendered almost helpless when his time is up.

    Personality: Normally leveled headed but his temper can instantly flare up and rage out of control if he is provoked. He radiates an aura of confidence which helps him manipulate others when he in a dire situation, not much else is known about his personality because he doesn't stay around others long.
    History/Bio: Damian never wanted to have the Sight but he was simply born with it and spent most of his life tormented by the shadows until one day he became fed up with how they treated him and actually purified his fist on accident. When he turned sixteen he left home and went on the journey to purify every shadow to keep innocent people safe.
    Extra information: When not carrying his long sword it is usually in the form of a pendant around his neck.
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  3. Yay! Accepted. :)
  4. Sweet, can't wait for more people!
  5. Name: Blair
    Age: 20

    Type: SIN
    Weapons/ability: Mind control, Sword that when cuts show's the victim their worst moments in their lives. Chains that surround and bind their victim suffocating them slowly....like a snake.
    Personality: Evil, heartless, showing no signs of remorse for anything she does. Unsocial. Doesn't speak often. Except when she is taunting people.
    History/Bio: Born a twin. Her twin being a protector. Also has a younger sister who is a sight. She knew from early on that she wasn't like her siblings. When she was sixteen she murdered both her parents with the intent of killing her whole family. Her sisters escaped because her twin protected her.
    Extra information: She cannot use mind control on either of her sisters.


    Name: Clair
    Age: 20

    Type: Protector
    Master/protector(s): Selena
    Weapons/ability: Moves objects/living beings with her mind, Exceptionally skilled in archery, her arrows breaking apart on entry of their target (Enchanted to petrify, though they don't always work.) Force Field (Kind of weak only able to shield herself and her sister if she is hugging her, so lacking in a fight. Easily penetrable at the moment by higher powered beings, yet the more she uses it the stronger and bigger it gets)
    Personality: Kind hearted, helping anyone in need. Very protective of her younger sister. Independent. Feeling as if she is older in her mind than she actually is. Enjoys a good fight.
    History/Bio: Born a twin. Her twin being a SIN. Also has a younger sister who is a sight. When she was sixteen she got a scar on her shoulder and between her eyes from Blair, barely escaping with her life protecting Selena from Blair.
    Extra information: She cannot use her ability to move objects/living things with her mind on her sisters.

    Type: Sight person
    Master/protector(s): Clair
    Weapons/ability: Siren call for shadows (Works within a five mile radius) Also sings another song which purifies some weaker shadows, yet finds it fails on stronger ones, her power is growing though. If all else fails she quite literally has a death stare. Which kills most shadows. As a last resort though if her death stare and protector fails she has a scream that is like a sonic boom, expelling shadows away from her. It is a weak ability though, and some REALLY strong shadows are resistant to it. Also she carries an ordinary dagger with her that possesses no special ability it was only a gift from her father.
    Personality: Obviously she loves to sing, she loves to giggle. She's not as serious as her sister is, sees the better side in all people even her sister Blair. She is very optimistic, and loves to cut back, have fun, dance. And lazing about beside a softly moving creek when she has the chance. An animal lover to the fullest. Has always been very good with animals, they seem to like her, though that is not an ability so much as the animals sensing the sight in her.
    History/Bio: Born with two older sisters who are twins but couldn't be more opposite. One wants to kill her and the other protects her. Her parents were killed by Blair, and has been hidden from her ever since.
    Extra information: Has a wolf that has followed her around since shortly after her parents died, who she named Artemis, he loves and comforts and protect her. He nearly died once protecting her from a SIN.
    Looks: Picture or description
  6. Accepted. Just don't easily lift up everyone with Selena. :)
  7. Cool...Honestly I was thinking about doing another character with the wolf...A retired protector who's master was killed....but idk if I could handle another character.
  8. It's your choice, you can have as many characters as you want. :)
  9. What do you mean don't lift everyone up with selena? I would love to do it...But it's just too many. Maybe it's a cool character idea for someone else? If someone wants to I mean.
  10. I meant with her lifting people and object powers, I'm fine with it but don't make it over powering. Were everyone she gets into a fight with can easily just be lifted away from her, you know.
  11. That's Clair that has that. The only way Selena moves people is if she uses her "Scream" And that isn't really on people it's shadows...But the way I do powers is basically it uses energy to do so...Just like exercising. You can't bench press five hundred pounds the first time you pick something up...No it takes time and effort. The same with abilities, they are mediocre at best with their abilities....Well Blair is a little stronger than the other two. But only a little. They still have a long way to go. When things start out Clair's going to have the ability to lift an average sized person up into the air only about half a foot off the ground and back only a little more. Heavier people or people with mind blocks of course are going to be more difficult of course but you get my meaning.
  12. I'm sorry, I really did mean Clair. I was multitasking at the time. That's all fine with me.
  13. Name: Twelve
    Age: 18
    Type: SIN
    Weapons/ability: Misdirection (The ability to lead someone's attention to someone or something else), Quick speed, a short dagger, and some bombs.
    Personality: Has poor sense of humor, but always uses it. Childish and mischievous most of the time, which sometimes annoys some of the SIN members. But he can be menacing and cruel during jobs, showing off the sadistic side of his.
    History/Bio: Twelve is actually a failed experiment of merging a human and a shadow. but the higher-ups in SIN saw his potential so instead of discarding him, they put him to use by hunting down people with the Sight. Twelve has no memories of who he was before the experiment. Whether he was a SIN, a protector, or just a regular person, he does not know.
    Extra information: He is the twelfth experiment of Project Merge, henceforth the name "Twelve".

    (attached file at the bottom)

    Attached Files:

  14. Cool idea, you're accepted.
  15. Name: Augustus Zaal
    Age: 12
    Shadow: Depression
    Weapons/ability: Misfortune: An aura in a 5 mile radius that makes people think he is evil
    Personality: Constantly depressed and gloomy, somewhat hopeful of a sort of redemption, yet fears death. As such, he fears Sights, not realizing the dangers of staying with SINs.
    History/Bio: "Born" twelve years ago, Augustus was the collective mourning of family over the loss of their son. As such, it was hard to break them from their loss, and a collective entity known as "Augustus" formed. He constantly believes that everyone is out to hurt him, except for SINs, whom he cowers behind for protection. He is a pacifist, and prefers not to fight, instead trying to talk to people trying to kill him.
    Extra information: He truly believes that Sights are evil and want to murder him. Somehow, he was able to turn a blind eye to the misdeeds of SINs. He also believes that purification would cause more problems than it would solve. He knows that if he is purified, the family will be cured of their depression, yet he argues about his own rights and the family's need to remember their son, though sorrowfully. He remains optimistic of a "cure" and longs to live like a regular human.

    Name: Amelia
    Age: 18
    Weapons/ability: Can "kill" herself, putting her into a zombie like state where she feels no pain, has superhuman speed and strength. In this form her fingernails and teeth sharpen, allowing for more brutal kills. While this form is more vicious, it is also much more clumsy, and prone to being taken advantage of.
    Personality: A typical drunkard, Amelia drinks enormous qualities of alcohol each day. On one side of her internet profile she puts down,
    "Smokes: When drinks
    Drinks: Often"
    However, she cannot get drunk, due to her odd body physiology. In turn, she is a prime health human organism, despite smoking ten packs a day and drinking the same amount. She is carefree, but easily irritable. Getting on her badside can result in a fast claw.
    History/Bio: Left to die at an early age by her abusive father, Amelia was orphaned at an early age. Her father killed her mother in a fit of rage, then resisted arrest and was ultimately shot. He died of blood loss in the hopital. Amelia was a prime candidate for SIN, and was recruited. As a young girl, she saw countless shadows being purified. She loathes the act, as the Shadows seem to scream as they do so. After being recruited by SIN, they tested her by allowing her into an operation involving the assassination of a Sight, known to be a pyrokinetic. Though she succeeded, she had to be rushed back to HQ due to severe burns. After it was deemed she would not live, the leading scientist at SIN, Alexander Ugraun tested a new drug on her. The drug had initially destroyed her nervous system and turned her into a zombie, yet after an hour, she had fully recovered. The effect of the drug allowed her to enter a zombie state whenever she felt like it, and could change back subconsciously.
    Extra information: As a zombie, she relies mostly on her senses, due to her eyes clouding up. She cannot see directly in front of her in the form, but her hearing is remarkably increased.

    Name: Hollis
    Type: Protector
    Master/protector(s): Dead. Currently has none. He usually sticks with any Sight who asks for his assistance.
    Weapons/ability: Scanner: The Scanner copies biological information from sources it scans, incorporating the best and discarding the worst into Hollis. Current Incorporated Species Traits:
    Axolotl Regeneration: Can regrow full limbs, eyes, jaws, and hearts, even parts of his brain.
    Mantis Shrimp: Has an organic spring mechanism in the joints of his arms, allowing him to hold them back and store energy. An uncharged punch can reach speeds of 50 mph underwater.
    Pistol Shrimp: Can close hands fast enough to produce a flash of light and a sound reaching 218 decibels, louder than a gunshot. Shoots a small bubble that collapses, reaching temperatures up to 18,000 degrees Fahrenheit.
    Silvertip Grizzly Bear: Can smell up to an 18 mile radius. (Can turn this one off, as the sensory overload can be too much)
    Jumping Spider: Can see in ultraviolet (Can also turn this one off. Sleeping in a hotel would be a nightmare for Hollis)
    Emperor Scorpion: Can see in 360 vision, and can sense vibrations in the ground, water, and air in a five meter radius (Can be turned off)
    Jewel Beetle: Can detect fire up to tens of miles away
    Gecko: Atomic climbing, basically climbing most surfaces
    Cat: Terminal Velocity of 60 mph, and, upon hearing noises at a certain decibel level, can convince his body to promote regeneration and pain relief.
    Dog: Ability to detect severe illnesses, such as cancer.
    Personality: At first a coward, now determined to stop SIN. He is a hard worker, never giving up unless he truly believes the battle is lost.
    History/Bio: A genetic research project, Hollis was an evolutionary Rosetta Stone, able to incorporate the genes of any animal or human into his own, provided he had a little help. The help was given to him in the form of a scanner. While he normally couldn't see Shadows, he was able to indoctrinate a Sight on his list, being able to see Shadows. After this, he unwillingly became a Protector of the Sight he scanned. However, she later died due to blood loss after an explosion in her apartment building. Hollis traveled abroad to gain more abilities for himself, after he held a two day memorial service for his former Master.
    Extra information: Regeneration can only take up to an hour, but it drains his energy.

    I do have a couple of questions,
    Are shadows inherently evil? If so, I will change/remove Augustus.
    Would the use of artificial power gain be acceptable for my characters? If not, I will change/alter it.

    I apologize if these questions take up your time of day.
    (Have to add in another char, a friend wants to join, I'll post his character up in an hour or so)
    Nevermind, friend didnt want to join
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  16. A few things,

    1. You're accepted but please do be careful with all the abilities that Hollis can have. I don't want anyone being over-powerful. :)
    2. Inherently evil? Well, I've never thought about it really but I like Augustus so why not make it that in modern times, some Shadows might actually be changing from what they used to be.
    3. Artificial power is fine.
  17. Curiously enough, all of these are real life abilities of actual animals. Don't worry, I don't plan on making Hollis overpowered,
    Example: Scanning a sea cucumber and obtaining ability to sift between solid and liquid
    I'd rather not become the T-1000. The scanner is basically a way for Hollis to scale up his power. A traditional Protector would be born with a magical weapon. Since Hollis wasn't a natural protector, he has to improvise with his genetic gift. If you'd like, I can confirm a scanned animal before I incorporate it into Hollis. Or, you can add limitations if you feel he would become too powerful.
    I just don't want him getting smacked around by the more innately powerful characters, while keeping his own unique plethora of abilities
  18. I would like to give you free range with what you want to do for him. Just make sure that he wouldn't be impossible to harm or easily beats everyone. Most of the fights won't be with actual members anyway though.
  19. Is this role play still going to happen?
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