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    Species Pegasus
    Age 25
    Cutie marks Assumed to have been on her wrists and upper arms at one point. Covered with burn scars and bandages.
    Hair Snowmelt (#F3F6F6), Opal Cream (#B5CACD), Arctic Dawn (#99BCBE). Short and in wispy waves with a little plume of an ahoge.
    Eyes Mooncloud (#2E4D61). Wide and stormy.
    Coat Rosy Peach (#FFC8C4), Coral Candy (#E3928C), Polished Blush (#E05B52).
    Hooves Muted Solidago (#BBAB6F)
    Special traits Compact, feathery wings on her back, colored Coral Candy.
    Scent Leather and neroli
    Mechanical stats:
    Unique abilities (3):
    Skills (5):
    Favorite gemstone Rutile
    Favorite flower Bleeding hearts
    Favorite food Strawberries romanoff

    Homeland Unknown
    Current region:

    Occupation Wanderer

    Personality Curious, mostly about who she is, but also takes an interest in the paranormal. Not bothered by gore, and seemingly oblivious to people's feelings, though she's genuinely bothered when she learns she's been rude to someone. Appreciates the little things. Flirts a lot without knowing it.

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  2. HONEY

    Species Qilin
    Age 27
    Cutie marks A dripping honeycomb on her upper right thigh. On her abdomen are two yellow bumblebees with razor-thin stingers. The primary color is Burnished Citrine (#EBB04C), though the bees have Black Magic (#322510) stripes.
    Hair Lilac Dream (#934F76), Regal (#90185F), Mulberry (#7A0E1B).
    Eyes Plastic Lotus (#FF528F). Delicate black liner.
    Coat Mystic Scroll (#E9DAD4), Dust Storm (#DCC6BB), Wisteria (#D497C3).
    Hooves Penny (#B75B37).
    Special traits A giraffe's tail, with a puff of Mulberry hair at the end. Two Orthoclase (#D1967F) antlers, one broken.
    Scent Oriental amber
    Mechanical stats:
    Unique abilities (3):
    Skills (5):
    Favorite gemstone Agate
    Favorite flower Kangaroo paw
    Favorite food Curry

    Current region:

    Occupation Underground boxer

    Personality She's become disillusioned with the power of hope to make things right, and is pretty much motivated by survival and thrills. Easily angered by naive people who believe everyone gets their just desserts in the end. Despite her gruff, cynical demeanor, she finds herself gravitating towards hopeful people, though she assures herself it's just to fight with them.

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    Age 24
    Cutie marks A single emerald, colored Pine Luster (#4C603B) and located on her left hip.
    Hair Vanilla Perfume (#FFEEFF), Strawberry Foam (#ECA3C1), Darling Camellia (#D26F9E).
    Eyes Neon Citron (#8E9C15). Calculating and appraising.
    Coat Idol Ghost (#F5EBE9), Faded Blossom (#E8DDD9), Nobility (#A49A99).
    Hooves Raspberry Jam (#D17278).
    Special traits A pair of Hematite (#282828) butterfly wings with Wild Sage (#4F5C47) stripes on the middle. Thin black antennae.
    Scent Green apple and honeysuckle
    Specialty Inventing. Witch Hazel is a wizard with a set of tools - she makes levitating machines, transforming weapons, and all manner of outlandish inventions, in addition to repairing weapons and vehicles.
    Unique abilities (3):
    Skills (5):
    Favorite gemstone Peridot
    Favorite flower Lilacs
    Favorite food Custard

    Current region:

    Occupation Gadgeteer

    Personality Analytical, and cheerfully creating order from chaos. She has a lot of energy and believes everything will always turn out for the best, as long as she pursues knowledge. (Incidentally, she believes an uninhibited attitude about sex is essential for that pursuit.) She does not care about her reputation.

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    Species Unicorn
    Age 30
    Cutie marks A trail of Hypernova (#FEFCFB) sparkles falling down her right thigh.
    Hair Lilac Sparkle (#C188BD), Lavender Field (#A46DA7), Twilight (#9E6C8B).
    Eyes Rosebud (#F5B8C7). Seem to mock you.
    Coat Lemon Platinum (#FDEEC7), Sour Peach (#E8DDD9), Flowerwax (#F0A289).
    Hooves Warm Dusk (#F5B8C7).
    Special traits One spike of an alicorn that blends seamlessly with her coat.
    Scent Frankincense and ginger
    Specialty Figure skating. Gira-Gira commands the attention of her audience and confounds opponents in battle. She's so good at it that she can combine martial arts and magic with her elegant movements and tricks.

    Unique abilities
    • Ice Rink - any stretch of sea hosting Gira-Gira's battle can freeze into a skating pond. She can quickly freeze the waves into a flat plane, but unlike other ice users, Gira-Gira can easily warn away surrounding seawater and keep the rink solid and thick as long as she needs.
    • Never Unarmed - Gira-Gira can quickly form spikes, plates, colliders, and any other manner of body-attached weaponry out of ice.
    • Snowflake Shuriken - unlike most pirates, Gira-Gira doesn't carry a gun, and unlike most ice mages, her ranged attacks aren't ice slugs. Instead, Gira-Gira can gracefully and quickly create sharp snowflake shuriken to throw at her opponents.

    • Snowstorm Hoof - Gira-Gira practices a style of martial arts developed for use with ice magic. It emphasizes using every strong point on the body as a weapon; Gira-Gira combines it with dirty pirate tricks and grand, sweeping skating movements.
    • Shimmering Chill - to go with her martial arts, Gira-Gira has impressive command over ice. She can freeze ambient water, use the ice as a weapon in battle, and create elaborate sculptures and scaffolding from it.
    • Starlight Charisma - she carries herself with utmost confidence, inspiring not only order but courage in her crew. For a captain, she may be disliked, but usually not truly resented.
    • Wood Kelpie - she has an array of minor skills that any seafaring pony would find necessary, including ship navigation, knot-tying, logistics, and sailing.
    • Hawk-Eyed Commander - a good grasp of tactics is essential to being a good captain, and Gira-Gira takes pride in her ability to find the weak spots in any ship (or crew).

    • Melting Point - using ice-based weapons and depending on ice for her fighting style gives Gira-Gira an obvious weakness to fire (or anything else heat-based). While her rink is durable even in the face of heat, it's definitely not immune, and a concentrated heat attack will render it drippy and useless.
    • Blinded by Gold - she'll do anything for the right price. Combine this with how stupidly overconfident she can be, and one can see how she makes foolish mistakes and promises she can't keep.
    Favorite gemstone Double tulip
    Favorite flower Fire opal
    Favorite food Fish tacos

    Current region:

    Occupation Pirate

    Personality Super vain and conceited, but even though she acts like she's better than everyone else, she awaits an opponent who's her equal. She loves money and respects strength, but sees a lot of one and little of the other.

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  5. Rules

    Have RP common sense. Follow the site rules, use understandable spelling and grammar, don't godmod, etc.

    Be respectful to everyone. Don't fight in the OOC. If you are having a dispute with someone, PM me and I will mediate.

    The plot of this RP is discussed collaboratively, though the GM has greater responsibility to implement it due to having more control of the outside world. I will provide some ideas, but not all of them.
    Players are allowed to control minor NPCs. Leave major NPCs (listed in the info thread) to the GM. We can share control of Grimm, but the GM decides when they are defeated.

    Decide which side wins a fight OOC, preferably before the fight begins. This lets you get wilder in your writing, because you're not constrained by trying to force a win! I don't see much player-vs-player combat happening in this RP, but if it comes up, be able to volunteer to take an L.

    For the purpose of writing fights, assume aura is always "passively coating the wielder in a protective force field" until it runs out; it's not something you have to activate.

    Pitch your character idea and your ideas for the plot! Each item on the app should be answered in a paragraph or less. Please post the completed version of the mini-CS only - do not post WIPs.

    Your name If you go by anything other than your username.

    RP ideas Things, NPCs, or plot points you hope to see in the RP. Can involve your character's canon parent(s). A good place to start is to say what you think would be an interesting challenge or plot point for the Fall Maiden arc.

    Parent claim(s) What canon character(s) do you want to claim for your character? In brief, what did they do between the end of canon's storyline and the beginning of our current RP?

    Character name Include the name's color allusion if it's not immediately apparent.
    Character group Are they from the small school, or an outsider meeting others in pursuit of the Fall Maiden?
    Character info A few sentences about who your character is and how they act, perhaps with a sprinkling of backstory. Combat info is nice too. One paragraph maximum.​

    Full CS
    Arrange in whatever way you see fit, as long as the groups of information remain the same (items under the same tab should stay together and be sectioned off). Formatting/code is optional. Anything in parentheses is my notes to you and should not be included in the final app.

    Character Name

    • Color allusion: (detailed info about RWBY's Color Name Rule can be found here)
      Age: (keep it 15-20)
      Folklore allusion:

    • Emblem: (Optional
      Description: (Describe details the picture doesn't communicate, such as height.)

    • Weapon: (Name and describe. Your character must have some form of melee weapon included in their weapon. They must also have the ability to reliably attack at range, whether that's through a ranged form of their weapon, an application of their semblance, and/or use of dust.)

      Semblance: (Name and describe. Your character's semblance should be a power nobody else can replicate; avoid vanilla stat boosts like "super strength".)

    • Personality: (One to two paragraphs is fine. This can be hard to preplan, and easier to develop in the RP.)

      History (parental): (What did your character's parents do between Salem's defeat and our RP?)

      History (personal): (What's in your character's own history?)
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  6. VALE
    Picture of the city and description of what life here is like - sights, sounds, smells, activities. Maybe include Morning/Day/Night.

    Major NPCs
    - Maiden
    - Threats to the PCs (obstacles to reaching her)
    - Allies and friendlies (stakes)
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