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  1. I sat quietly in the cell with my knees curled into my chest. I wasn't cold (well, I was, but that was permanent), but nervous. Tonight was the night I was going to escape. I had it all planned, and I wondered how the agency hadn't seen it coming.

    The camera they'd mounted to watch me turned to and fro, observing the room silently. The red light blinked repeatedly, no doubt recording the footage for observation in the morning. I had to do it. I was scared, but I had to. I concentrated, and soon, I heard the creaking of ice buildup as the camera became covered in a sheen of frost, and then the camera stopped moving. The light stopped blinking, and the lens cracked slightly. I hoped to whatever deity there may be that the security guards had fallen asleep as per usual. Taking a minute to regain my strength, I rose to my feet, focusing all of my energy on the sliding door. The security pad began to flash as it froze, it too being covered in frost. Soon the numbers scrambled, and read only 0's and 8's. The door beeped once, and shifted uncomfortably from the freeze. I was already tired, and I hoped that would be the hardest I would have to work to get away.

    Fat chance...

    I slid the door open on its now frozen track, hoping the sudden CRACK as it broke free hadn't alerted anyone to my escape. Clad in nothing but the hospital gown they provided, I took a step out onto the hallway floor.
  2. It was hot as I lied in my. This was of coarse permanent, being experimented on by the government. The side effects were amazing, but a man could only withstand so much. In my wake, I could leave a trail of fire and destruction.

    Speaking of destruction, there's my escape partner, just on time. She had did all the planning, and now I must provide the muscle. Setting the camera, melting it completely so they couldn't film my great escape, I got up. With my second "side effect," I blasted the door out of the way. Which I just realized was a big mistake. This tripped off the alarm. "Damnit, why must I be so ignorant?"

    I looked over to see, my nickname for her, frost standing outside her perfectly opened door. "Sorry," I offered with a cheesy smile. "Let's go before they get onto us," I told her, running in the direction of the "cafeteria" where the only known windows were. Of coarse, I knew it wouldn't be that easy.
  3. "Sorry," he told me. "Let's go before they get onto us." I didn't have time to be surprised or annoyed as he'd already taken off towards the cafeteria. He was heading for the only windows in the entire complex, but there were bars. I hoped his powers would be strong enough to bend them. If not... well, we'd have to find some other way.

    I dashed into the cafeteria behind him, slamming and locking the main doors immediately. I decided against freezing them solidly shut, saving my abilities for when we might really need it in a few minutes.

    "Can you bend them enough?" I asked quietly, even though our presence was probably already known. I began shaking fearfully. I may have been a mutant, but I could still be killed, and although the last thing they wanted was to kill off their creations, it'd be easier to make more than run the risk of exposure to the public.

    I shook it off - escape was the only thing to be thinking of.
  4. Man, what to do, what to do? Thoughts were running through my head of what they'd do to us. But I needed to snap out of it. After all, I wasn't just just watching out for me. I had to get two people out. And the pressure shouldn't effect me.

    Running to the windows, I tried bending them. But they wouldn't budge. I tried melting them. They turned white, even caught fire, but nothing. I let them cool off, relaxing. Even if I shouldn't, the guards trying to get in. Any minute now, they'd have us on lock down. I wouldn't be able to stand solitary confinement.

    "I can't bend or melt them. I'm stumped. I have no way of getting out of here. Any bright ideas?"
  5. My brain clicked instantly and I blurted out an excited, "Yes! Heat them up a gain!" I waited until they turned hot with the heat, and concentrated my energy on the bars, freezing them instantly. Without a second more, they shattered into bits.

    "Let's go!"

    I leaped up onto the sill and punched through the glass and into the night with a thump on the dewy grass. I waited for him to join me, and eyed the rest of the complex. It'd been a year, at least, since I'd seen or even felt the grass under my feet. But the air was chilled, and the hospital gown fluttered open slightly at times with the breeze coming from the north. The moon was in a half-crescent wane, and I could barely make out the razor-wire topped fence about 100 yards in the distance. The dogs weren't awake yet, but I could hear voices - angry voices from within. "They headed for the cafeteria!"

    I took off running with all my might towards the fence, and leaped up as high as I could - climbing, climbing... The razor wire seemed daunting, but I couldn't feel it as it slashed open my arms and legs in few places. I just had to get away. I hoped he wouldn't acquire too many of the same scratches. They weren't terrible, but enough to be annoying later.

    Once safely on the other side, I realized... He was no where in sight. I couldn't hear anything anymore - I was too far away. A jolt of panic shot through me - what if they caught him? What would they do to him? I felt sick with fear and worry. They would kill him if they could...
  6. After we had broken the bars and I ushered my partner out, the doors busted open and guards rushed in. I knew they'd follow us ans eventually, capture us. I couldn't let that happen. I would rather sacrifice myself to save a complete stranger than allow these monsters to treat her like an animal. So I prepared myself. Moving in to a fighting stance, I gave a low growl. "Your not getting pasted me, you understand?" The guards laughed at this. "Its your death kid." One of the guards said, walking up while striking down with his electric rod aimed at my leg.

    I allowed it to hit. Using my telekinesis to redirect the current back at the guard, sending him flying. Of coarse, this was hard to do and very hard to learn, so some electricity sent a shock through my leg. Another guard came up, swing his fist. He struck left, then right. I just used my arms to redirect the blow. Once I found and opening, I struck. First, a jab to his right side, landing against his ribs. Waisting no time, I followed up with a right jab to his jaw. And finishing him off quickly, I jumped in the air, my foot connecting with his face before landing. Then all the guards rushed me. One came from my left, which I used his momentum to through him over my shoulders into another guy coming from right. Kicking a guy running at me from the front, I blocked another attach from my side.

    Being in here so long, I taught my self fighting skills. And like a movie, I fought everyone. But more and more, the guards came rushing in. I stood no chance. Then the thought of the girl waiting for me gave me that final strength. With the last of my abilities, I set every guard on fire using their internal heat to spark the ignition. I was already tired from using my abilities, so I ran.

    Finally, I came across the fence. But I was too physically worn out. Using that last burst, I made a whole in the fence. And soon I caught up with the other. And just before passing out next to her, I gave her my name "ru," I whispered, falling to the ground.
  7. It has been 5 years since the first two prisoners of the Psyche program escaped with their lives intact. Many others have succeed. But some were instantly found by the government and killed. Only 8 known are left alive. Hiding, seeking refuge where they can. But eventually, they will be caught.

    Ru and Sophie had established a relationship when she drug him to safety and soon nurtured him back to health. Now they live together on a farm in Kansas. Now, a figure walks up to their door. (Setting the scene)

    It was a nice, hot summer day. The pigs were lying down in the mud, the cows eating their day away, the chickens quiet while making eggs. It was too quiet. I didn't like it. I figured soon the government may find them. But we could escape. That's when I heard a knocking on the door, breaking my thoughts and making me jump. I walked to the door and opened it.

    I noticed right away it wasn't a government agent. The figure was wearing regular cloths and did not shoot at me. Tugging on my overalls strap, I looked the person up and down. "May I help you?" I asked, thinking of what to do. If I'm friendly, they'd lower their guard while I stayed on mine. Of coarse, I had someone else to think of, and letting my guard down was not an option.
  8. Walking along the path, I came to a farm. It was quiet, gentle to the ear. Worrying slightly, I headed up to the front door and knocked on it gently. I heard the person walk up and open the door. Turning my foot on my tip toes, I aimed in the direction of pig sty fence nearby if he intended to harm me. I held my hand out to the man, "My name's Luchini Seamoore, an escapee from program Psyche. It would also be fantastic if you could help me." I said. I tried to smiled a bit at the end. Tried.
  9. My eyes grew wide at was she said. So open about it. She could get us killed. So I pulled her inside. "Did anyone follow you? Why did you come here? You could've led the government here." I looked at her, she was young. She must have been at least 20 when she volunteered. I led her to the living room, offering her a seat as I set down. "Sorry about that. I've read of 'freak' accidents occurring to some who I recognized from the program. I've lived here knowing they may find us, always watching our backs. What do you need?"
  10. "Talk slower." I laughed. "I would've known if they were within a 10 mile radius sir." I said. My left eye flickered around the room aimlessly as I tried to answer his last question. "Not much. Just a small area to sleep for tonight so I can get going by early morning." I said playing with my braid. "I've been keeping up a sleep-then-leave-early-morning routine since two weeks ago. I pretty much get by on what I got." I said staring at my feet.
  11. I wandered down the stairs into the living room, where a girl sat. I was taken aback - who the hell was she? "Ru?" I asked, "Who is that? What is she doing here?" I was afraid - she may be a spy or a government worker. I took a few steps closer, eyeing her nervously. I was trying not to pass judgement right away, but I didn't think anyone could blame me after what Ru and I had been through. The cuts were healed finally, leaving only a few scars.

    I eyed Ru admiringly... he was so much more lovely now that we were away from the compound. His complexion looked better, healthier. I felt safe around him... We were always in danger of being found, but for some reason, I felt like things would be alright by looking at him.
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    I looked up as Sophie came down the stairs. She was so beautiful, even with her scars. She had many qualities that made her shine. Not only did she inspire hope in this hopeless world, she gave me a home. Her heart was pure and her actions showed it. Her smile made the day better to live through, knowing people were trying to hunt us down. And I had to protect her with all my life.

    I motioned her to sit next me. Preferring to have her by my side than to stand. Once she sat down, I put my hand over hers. "This is Luchini. She's escaped from the program." I told her. I looked back at the other person. "Why would you just come out and say that to a complete stranger if your only wanting to stay the night?" This had bothered me. It didn't make sense. "Do you know us?" I asked, the only other solution I could come up with.
  13. "Oh... Luchini." I said, looking towards her. I had many questions, but I was sure Ru had already asked her many. The cold feeling in my stomach stirred again, the feeling I got whenever my emotions started overwhelming me. Even talking of the program was upsetting, and I squeezed Ru's hand. "Luchini, can you prove to us that you're not a spy? Do you know of any other escapees or their whereabouts?"
  14. I looked at both of them truthfully. "I only came out like that because I knew you were from the program. The way you held your guard when you opened the door. I just knew it. Plus why would government agents be out here anyways? It's too open for hiding escapees." Flicking my left eye back and forth between them, I could tell they were a little anxious of my presence. "I don't know you personally. I did see you though. She," I started, referring to the woman in front of me, " froze her door open like a professional while you, " I looked over to the man, "blasted the bloody thing open. I say you've got guts for doing it like that." I finished. Looking over to the woman, I slid my eye cover of and opened my eye. From looking in mirrors, my dead eye was a hazy mixture of green and blue. "This monstrosity is the work of the program. It's just a small chemical reaction to the pills and my side effect." I said slowly. "Here's what I can do." I said before I released little puffs of fog from behind me which evaporated into long, stringy "arms" with hands at the tip. One of them came close and held my hand. I then shooed it away and they all evaporated.
  15. I believed her... the other guards that had seen mine and Ru's escape were all dead, or in critical condition thanks to Ru. "I believe you..." I said quietly. I felt an overwhelming sense of sympathy for her, and the cold feeling built inside of me, my breath coming in puffs of vapor from my lips and nostrils. "You can stay here as long as you need, although I know that won't be longer than tomorrow morning... I also know that, despite your authenticity, you have put us in a compromising situation. They may have followed you here, and if they find us, we will all be dead--"

    That was when I heard it - the faint fluttering of a helicopter in the distance. My heart leaped into my throat, and higher still when I heard the second engine coming steady behind the first. "Ru--" but I hardly got a word in before the sound of gunfire interrupted everything. Bullets whizzed by, ricocheting through and shattering table legs, windows. It seemed relentless. Instinctively, I grabbed Ru's and Luchini's arms and jerked them down to the ground, covering my head until there was a break in the fire. "We have to go!"

    And then there was a loud banging at the door, like they were trying to kick it in. What windows had been left unshattered were now broken with the butts of assault rifles and the armed military soldiers of the complex hopped in through them, surrounding us. The door, now shattered off its hinges, fell to the floor, and in stepped the program's head, John Rainbird.

    "Don't worry, we're not here to kill you," he said coldly, with a smirk.

    "Could've fooled me," I sneered.

    "Come now, Sophia, Luchini, Ru..." he purred. "You three had such potential, which is probably why you were able to escape in the first place, and after five years of searching for you two--" he nodded towards me and Ru, "--well, I thought perhaps hope was lost. And that's when we found Luchini, here. Lovely little thing led us right to you. Don't worry, she had no idea she was being followed. She just fell so well into the trap, didn't she?" Rainbird chuckled, pleased with himself. "I know you won't try to fight us - we have guns, you know. And if you come quietly and easily, we'll take it easy on the three of you."
  16. (OOC: I hope you guys don't mind me taking the plot a little into my hands. I figured I'd make it a little more interesting, and that way your responses would be just as surprised as the characters would be. I also don't mind playing the bad guy, if you guys don't mind.)
  17. My ears were ringing. My head was pounding from the gunfire and I was dazed. Then the program head master walked through the fallen door. My body began heating up as my anger enveloped me. They came in my home, destroyed it, and expect me to go with them. I stood up in defiance. Of course, this would end up getting bad, so I prepared myself for the worst. "Fat chance we'll come with you, rainbird." I had my powers on stand by just in case.
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  19. "Oh, I think it's not so much of a bad idea," Rainbird said quietly, nodding to two of his men. Immediately, they shot the three with a dart. "What you have just been injected with is temporary, but you will notice your powers fading. Can you feel it Ru? That heat just... fading out of your system?"

    I growled, but he was right. The iciness of anger was depleting steadily from me, but the rage still stood strong. Rainbird knelt down next to Luchini, took her braid in his fist, and yanked her head up from the ground, breathing against her neck and ear. "Good girl," he breathed, his breath hot and foul. "You'll be coming with me, Luchini." He dropped her hair, letting her head fall back down. Six guards stepped forward, two for each of us. They grabbed my upper arms, yanking me off the ground. I felt sick with weakness, and shock. My body shook slightly, either from fear or rage. Five years... five years that meant nothing.
  20. (OOC: I don't mind at all ^^. I only have one problem, and it's my fault. eue;. Luchini's only ability is sensing her surroundings from miles away (aside from the telepathy) so if she were to advance on one of the guards to fight them, she would immediately get shot. I don't know if I should change it or not. o.o)