Prom Night: The End

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  1. Saturn walked home with Azure (Sorry about Hijack >:( ) They soon arrived at her house. Now, he was going to be a bit daring. "I was wondering if maybe I could, Come in?" He glanced at his watch. It was about 1:00 AM. It hadn't been much of a long night, so he wasn't too tired. He was hoping for a chance at cuddling or something.
  2. Azure smiled brightly"Of course you can....what do you wanna do? cuddle on the couch and watch a movie or something?"
  3. Azure pulls Saturn inside her house (sorry for hijacking) and turned on the lights to reveal a HUGE mansion"sorry my house is so small it must not be to your liking. Now where do you wanna snuggle and cuddle and kiss? in the bed, on the couch, or on the carpet?"
  4. Saturn was in complete awe of Azure's house, seeing he lived in a trailer. "Uh, aren't you're parents home, And how about your bed. We could watch a movie on the couch, and I could probably spend the night."
  5. azure looked a little sad "I-I-I dont have p-p-p-parents" she started to cry a little"N-N-N-Not anymore"she hid her face and started to cry

    She remembered that saturn was there and perked up and wiped away the tears "So when you wanna go to bed just hop in mine ill probably be in there before you. Do you want pj's? or r u gonna sleep naked or in your boxers?
  6. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. "Well there goes sex" He accidently let out a bit louder than he meant. "I'm Sorry, I didn't know" He was still blushing from his first exclaimation.
  7. azure gave him a wink and naughtly look"Your sex chances arent gone. I'm not upset see?"She did a cartwheel around him and giggled at the same time"having sex is still on saturn dont worry"
  8. He found a scary movie, and put it in the DVD player, turning Paranormal Activity 2 on. Saturn jumped into the couch, gesturing for Azure to sit on his lap.
  9. "I will in one sec i just gotta pee really badly. Remember how much we drank tonight?"she walked over to the bathroom door but it wouldnt open'UGH DAMMIT!" she yelled and walked back to saturn and sat down on his lap with a huff "my lesbian sister is home with her girlfriend and they are in the bathroom probably getting ready to go out"
  10. "wait a sec, I got it," He walked up to the door, and punched the door knob in, opening the door, and sitting back on the couch.
  11. Azure laughed"You didnt have to do that saturn. I could have gone upstairs" she sat down on his lap "I can hold it and what are we watching? Is it scary?" she snuggled into his arms
  12. "Sorry." He waited for Azure on the couch, watching the PLAY screen for the movie.
  13. Azure got up and made some popcorn "SATURN COME IN HERe PLEASE!" she yelled it so he could hear her
  14. Saturn walked into the Kitchen, "Yeah" He smiled.
  15. Azure giggles and took off her heals and her dress "I hate cooking with clothes on" she started to prepare some snacks for her and saturn"What type of candy would you like? eye candy? real candy? sweet candy? azure candy? or sweet,real,eye,azure candy? which is real sweets and a treat for you"
  16. "All of the above" He Giggled. "I guess we'll start in your room then. He winked once, and head upstairs jumping into Azure's Comfy Bed.
  17. Azure followed him upstairs and sat down on her bed "i thought we were going to watch a movie" she looked at saturn "I wanna watch a movie first and cuddle on the couch"
  18. Ok. He grabbed Azure and Threw him over his back, running back down stairs and onto the couch, putting he beside him, and pressing PLAY on the remote.
  19. Azure moves over and sits on his lap "I like your lap better" she smirks and starts to move her hand near his belt on his pants
  20. "uh. Uh" Saturn moved his fingers up her shirt, playing with the strap of her bra.