Project Genesis - Episode 5: Family Portrait

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"Well Maam, that little girl's the closest thing to God that's walking around right now. And if God's the only thing Semile'll listen to, then I don't see we got much choice."

He tightened the last socket and gave the pipe a tap, listening to the pressure equalize. "But I ain't denying it's a real mess. Brotherhood ain't as organised as Infinity, you see, plus they draw too much 'ttention to themselves. I don't reckon much for the the little lady's chances."

He put down his wrench and reached back into his toolbox. And as he took the next item he looked across at Rhiannon.

"Now, Miss. There's just one more thing that needs fixing..."
In Tobias' Offices
The CEO of Nova Corp remained silent for several seconds as Dr. Sherriden spoke.

David Talbot half expected Tobias to demand the truth about Project Genesis, but said nothing too add to the conversation.

"Dr. Sherriden, I don't care about what you saw on the Television about the Tesla. I'm more concerned about what's wrong with Sahar." Tobias sternly said, "I need to know what is going on with her. I'll wave any crimes you have against you, so long as you give us the Intel we need to retrieve her before some Armageddon comes. Is that understood?"

David Talbot stood up from the mammoth sized chair he sat in and stared out into the distance of the city behind him.

"Tell me Tobias. Can you deal with the sins of our fathers?" The gentleman mentioned to the Celebrant.

"Talbot, don't digress from the topic at hand. The only reason why I allowed you here was to make sure your company doesn't fail us."

The executive causally approached the High Priest, "Sir, Genesis is safe and sound, where ever she is."

Tobias seemed still untrusting of David's words; undaunted Talbot continued his talk to Dr. Sherriden. He placed his hands on a large file.

"From my understandings of these papers, these medications somehow helped control Sahar's mental controls; like giving her greater control over her powers."

"Yes, my Celebrant…Homo Eximius teens tend to have issues with the supremacy of their aptitudes...Sir, you must understand, Sahar is so unlike any other 00 that we have dealt with in the past… " Amy said.
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