Project Genesis - Episode 5: Family Portrait

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Episode Five: Family Portrait

[ame=""]YouTube- Blood Brothers[/ame]

I'm now going to tell you a story.

It is set in a land far away from here; in regions considered pagan by the Church. Yet, it is a tale that we hear often in Semile.

It is a tale of power and hurt.

Her name was Lilith.

She remembered Him so well. His words were dominate, they were the law and if you did not abide by them… She remembered what He did to them. He'd beat them. However, He'd never killed them. Some thought this was his only sign of love but it made them wish they were dead. He had no mercy, not even on his children.

Lilith hung by her feet in a dark well crying. Her naked body was violently shaking from fear and lack of food for days on end.

A growl echoed from above. It was His voice.

She paused and looked up at the pinhole of light.

"Forget her," He growled like a wolf.

Lilith looked in front of her at the darkness; she could feel the rope gaining slack. Her hair dipped into the water and she began screaming. Her head soon was emerged in the water, she tried to pull herself out but she was too weak.

Her small frail body trashed and finally she was pulled up. Lilith gasped for air and began crying again. Her body plunged back into the cold lifeless water.

She had stopped struggling by the sixth time; she knew how to make it stop. When she was pulled up after the sixth time of being dunked she closed her eyes and remember her mother, but she visited her without emotion.

"I am ready to be strong..."

The roped budged, but this time she was being pulled up. The girl was pulled back into the light and roughly maneuvered back onto the solid ground.

She gathered herself and stood. Looking at her father she felt her eyes become cold, like someone had just smothered her and her soul was removed.

"Daddy, I'm done mourning." Another man came and examined her but didn't seem satisfied.

Her eyes became fearful, she knew what that look meant. Her father grabbed her by the hair, screaming tactics in her face.

Lilith felt her eyes swell. He told her she was a bad child, a bad solider, she was weak and puny, and she would never make him proud. Her cheek was suddenly on fire, he slapped her.

Her head began to burn as he yanked on it. He threw her form into the dirt. She began to get up when he pushed her back down.

"Get up! Get up! Fight me! Fight me wench!" She rolled over and stood finally screaming,

"STOP! Stop this! Stop! You're my Fath.." She was smacked to the ground.

"Don't you ever talk to me like that! You are a soldier, you are obedient and quiet! You are to not be weak or revealing! Stand up soldier or face punishment!" She stood and faced him, the beast, he was her father. He use to love, but now he was a being made up of hate and regret.

Her breast throbbed as her heart was pried from her broken ribs, his mouth filled with thousands of teeth clamped over her mouth, the blood pouring into her mouth leaving a bitter taste. She began to choke on the blood, then she looked down at her heart, slowly losing it's rhythm in her fathers paw. Her eyes became cold, like someone has smothered her.

She then spat in her father's eyes. Her soulless grey eyes focused in on his. Her broken heart was now filled with rage. Lilith then screamed as she charged at her father. Although she was much smaller than he was, she had enough force to knock him to the ground.

It was then that she drew her own father's sword and stabbed him with it. No more would he scold her. She was free.

The morale? Sometimes it is simply best to forget about one's so called family and set oneself free.
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"What in the name of hell, indeed." The woman responded.

The lights flickered on and off, barely revealing the woman sitting on the mangled corpses of the Salvage Crew.

"Blood, blood, blood. Blood is the key to life. All living things have it. It is the sacred liquid in us."

The voice then cackled as she smeared blood over her face, "Blood is what makes us human, so the Church says. Wouldn't you agree with me, man and woman of the hour? Flee, flee, flee! Alas poor Yoric, I know him well."

The young woman then stood up, still cackling. She moved forward, and with that Yuri was now face to face with a young woman wearing a very tattered version of the uniform that Sahar was wearing. Her eyes seemed distorted.

"Sahar? Is that you? What happened to you?"

His words were flying over the head of the confused looking woman…..

"Yuri?" Sahar mentioned as she collapsed near his feet.

He noticed that her clothing was stained with blood. She then gave him a twisted smile.

"No mommy? I need my mom. This nightmare is horrid, I do not believe there are good words to describe this. Ho Ho Ho, the last lamb has been called home! Free rice cakes for the nearest free man!" She continued to sing in incomprehensible lyrics.

"Sahar… Shit the government must have done this."

He then tried to lift the woman back to her feet, she was now five foot six making her harder to control.

"Damn it, this is not good… She killed several people in her confusion. They turned her into a freaking murderer."

Sahar's body forced up against his. Anna felt herself get pushed back. Yuri didn't want her getting hurt. Sahar then started tracing her index finger around his chest. He felt his heart start beating at an accelerated rate.

<object width="445" height="364"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="445" height="364"></embed></object>
Musical Score: Death Before Dishonor - Five Finger Death Punch

Chesapeake Bay 0134 hours

Heinrich and his men were physically and mentally exhausted, and they were not even half way home, they had reached the edge of the woodland and were just entering the ruins of a small town on the bay, though its name was forgotten to time and history.

the trees had crept up on the ruins and now formed a sort of urban wilderness, the hybrid setting forcing the soldiers to stay on their guard and keep moving ahead.

then enemy were right on their tail, and Heinrich motioned for his men to take up ambush positions just inside the ruins, but not on its very edge, and Heinrich himself moved into the shattered ruin of what was once a supermarket, laying down amid the rubble, checking that his rifle was in working order.

as he looked down the sights to check they wern't damaged during his flight, he heard the howling and assorted other noises that declared that their pursuers had almost reached the ruins, and he took aim.

after a few, stressful ,minutes the enemy came into sight, misshapen and disfigured creatures, each clutching some form of weapon, though most held hunting rifles and shotguns in stubby, twisted fingers.

Heinrich knew that his team wouldn't reach the Zodiac, so he did the only thing he could think of.

he activated his GPS transponder and opened fire on the inbred cannibal mutants that had chased them almost the entire way from the beggining of the old Virginia/ Maryland border, and if they weren't stopped now, chances were that Heinrich's augmented arms would rest above some 'clan' or 'family' fire pit.
(Musical Ambience:

Virginian wilderness...

The Sea Hawk and Cobra gunship flew in formation, low to the deck to avoid radar detection. The Texan savages taught them much about helicopter insertions after the battle of Galveston. Their Aegis ships had claimed fewer helicopter kills due to the low level adeptness of the Texan pilots.

"Bacon, I'm picking something up on radar." Aldo's copilot said, breaking the relative silence. Aldo looked at the console and saw the blip of a beacon on the radar.

"Chief, I think we found our rogues." The four SEALs in the back stirred. They had fallen asleep during the flight to conserve energy.

While adrenaline can fuel a man in a dire situation that same fuel can cost a man during down times. A fundamental rule they had all learned at Dam Neck was to sleep when they could.

"Whaddya got?" Steiner asked, climbing past the crew chiefs sitting behind their miniguns.

"Our rogues set off their CSAR beacon. Unfortunately they're too close to a Church radar station. Even if we fly nape of the earth it's too risky for us to do so." Bacon replied. Steiner pointed at the radar.

"There... It's far enough that we won't be detected but close enough that we can hoof it." Aldo nodded his reply, one of the crew chiefs opening the doors of the helo. They settled in over an old crash site, ropes tossed out the sides. Steiner, Sledge, Flak Jacket, and Lonestar descended on the ropes, establishing their perimeter as the crew chiefs dropped the ropes.

"Good luck, Chief." Aldo said over the radio to the sixty gunner.

"Skill has more to do with it." Steiner replied, the helos flying away. They were gone for no more than five minutes when a call came over the radio from SOCOM himself.

"Chief, I need you to pop smoke in five minutes. We've got a special agent that's going to join you on this op." Steiner looked at his team mates. They were just as clueless as he was.

"Clarify, what sort of agent?"

"An insider."


30,000 feet above...

"Blue ring is your primary. Red ring is your secondary." the C-130 crew chief shouted at Setem over the roar of the wind as they stood near the open cargo door. Setem had been given a barebones load of weapons and ammunition. Low end XM-177E1 and a sawn off double barreled shotgun. His caretaker, DC1 Willis, had an M-16 with an M-203, an M-1911A1, and the detonator for the failsafe charge strapped to Setem's chest.

"What if the secondary doesn't deploy?" Setem shouted back at the crew chief.

"Aim for water and hope there aren't any hillbillies watching. The hills have eyes, my friend." was the reply.

"Let's go, we're going to miss our drop zone!" Willis shouted as he leapt from the plane. Setem watched him go then felt his world go topsy turvy.

The crew chief had kicked him out of the plane.


Drop zone...

Flack Jacket had tossed the smoke grenade into a clearing, orange smoke billowing from the canister. They had established their field of fire and secured the perimeter as they waited for two more operators.

"Hey, bossman, you hear that?" Lonestar asked. Steiner looked about.

"I hear the plane leaving..."

"No, not that... Listen harder..." Steiner concentrated. He could make out popping noises in the distance.

"We better hurry up. Sounds to me like our charges got into some trouble." the sniper said as Willis touched down. Setem landed minutes later, his descent cushioned by the branches of an old tree.

"You have got to be shitting me..." the 00 mused as Lonestar scaled the oak, knife clenched in his teeth.

"Howdy. Ya'll ain't from 'round here, are ya?" he asked, cutting the straps away.

"Wait, wait, let me-" Setem was cut off as he fell, landing in what equated to a miniscule pond.

"Come on. We're burning daylight." Steiner snarled. "Introduce yourself on the way, traveler."


-Steiner's team is deployed then ordered to wait for Setem. The team regroups and heads for Heinrich's location.
Anna wasn't sure what to do for a moment. She stood up slowly and walked silently behind Sahar. This wasn't good, and Anna wasn't going to have Sahar compromise the mission and her possibilities with Yuri by killing him. Lying by one of the dead soldiers was his rifle. She picked it up slowly, making sure that Sahar didn't hear.

Yuri saw what Anna was doing, but kept his eyes focused on Sahar. Showing that his attention was caught by Anna was doing would alert Sahar to it. In any case, he hoped she'd do whatever she was going to do quickly.

Anna softly walked closer to Sahar, raising the butt of the gun up. In less than a moment's time, Anna brought the gun down on Sahar's head, knocking her out. Sahar collapsed and Anna dropped the gun.
"Shit, Anna! You could have killed her!" Yuri said, checking Sahar for a pulse.
"She's fine. And she could have killed you, too," Anna replied, pulling some rope out to tie Sahar up.
Bright lights overhead pierced through the greenish water. Several figures were being obscured in the water. The muffled sounds of voices could be heard as his chest took in the breathable liquid. 'What is his status?'
'We are looking at perfect replication with no side effects.'
'So he'll be mentally stable, good.' As the water drained the view became fuzzy and black. Setem soon realized he was underwater in a murky pond.

In a quick decision he manipulated the water to form a pillar of sorts that arched over onto solid ground. The current guided Setem to an upright position and finally returned to its source. "Sorry, I'll get right to tracking her." Immediately he spotted a larger current of water. Using his developed sense water vibrations he could tell what lay just beyond the water's edge.


"She is close, but we will have to be careful, something is…different."

In the 101st room of the Ministry of Information, ex-Minister Grazer sat in the circle of light. It seemed he had lost weight overnight, old skin hanging from broken and reset bones. Coveralls of pale blue veiled the bruises, but not the tears. He had been crying through the night, tears happy and despairing, as every half hour he was given a choice: to accept an injury to himself or divert it to one of his family.

And so, beneath the high ideals and noble decades a man had been exposed here. A simple man, a human... a coward. An old coward with mutilated grandchildren, a dead wife, a daughter with amputed legs, a son with no eyes, a brother flayed.

And Grazer himself was left with but a few broken bones, a deluge of tears and - greatest of all - the deepest and profoundest love.

The old man's lips parted, caked with blood, trembling... "Is... is it time... M... Mr Bellik?"

In the shadows behind him, the High Inquisitor Jacob Bellik stood with blue-gloved hands clasped in front of him. He had ensured that the camera equipment was set up and the feed was ready to be uplinked. "Yes, Charles. It is time for you to confess."

A smile, weak and ever-grateful, came to the old man's face. "I love him... He... He knows that, doesn't He? God knows... th.. that I love him?"

"This morning He shall," the Inqusitor answered, and motioned to the camera team.


As the sun rose over Semile, it was filtered by a pall of smoke. The rioting was still ongoing, but the view from the Ministry penthouse was as beautiful as ever. Eros watched it as she lay beneath the golden bedsheets, feeling the sunlight come against her face.

The night had passed in such a blur, not only from the drink but from the grandeur of Thaddeus Dayne. Eros had watched him as he informed Jerek that his "prisoner" had been sent to the High Priest, and that Jerek now had more important things to do. There had mention of someone called Setem who had been revealed as a traitor, and Jerek had been ordered to investigate. Eros had seen the look that had come upon Jerek, as if this was one entry in a catalogue of disappointments and overrulings. But the Nephilim General had only faltered for a minute. With bowed head Jerek had accepted his new orders and left.

Eros could not remember much after that... only the feel of Dayne's mechanical fingers on her skin.

She turned her eyes from the view and caught Dayne watching her. The Minister was in the bed beside her, his cherubic face propped on one hand as he regarded her.

"I'm married," he said, watching the tumble of her autumn hair, the jade green of her eyes. "Does that shock you?"

Eros turned beneath the sheets, feeling the expensive silks hug her slender form. "Where is your wife now?"

The mechanical hand came out again, whirring slightly as it brushed her cheek, moving back the strands of hair that veiled her beauty. She felt a glimmer of sadness from the Minister, but only for a moment before the politic smile returned. "Sleeping..." Dayne answered.

He moved in, his lips meeting hers and stirring last night's flavour of warmth and fine wine. The hand moved downwards, tracing the contours of her neck then sliding over the swell of her bosom, across the ribs, around the curve of her hips, between her legs. She offered him the slightest moan and then he pulled away.

The covers fell from Dayne's naked body, oddly mutilated by the silvery prosthetics of his arms, and Eros watched him rise from the bed. He moved towards the window, picking up his PDA from the desk where the rest of Eros's undergarments had been flung.

He typed a few commands and part of the window seemed to zoom, like a lens, bringing up a sharper image of the Tower of Solon on the far side of the city. Then he turned slightly towards her, the sunlight perfecting his face as he checked the clock. "Now I'll show you politics..."

The Tower of Solon flickered to life, just as it did at 7am every day. But instead of the morning hymns, Eros was surprised to see Dayne's own face appear on the screen, dressed in ministerial robes and with a look of grave countenance.

The banner beneath the screen insisted that the picture was live, but it was clearly nothing of the sort. She wondered how long ago Dayne had recorded the coming announcement...


"Brothers and sisters of Semile. I am sorry to interrupt the morning hymn, but as we all know... these are anything but normal times. Our Messiah is still missing, and each citizen has many questions... some that can be answered and some that cannot."

The image of Dayne arched his hands together and seemed to look out over the city.

"A day has passed since the crash of the Tesla Flagship, and many of you are wondering why the media has revealed so little about what really happened."

Dayne sighed, the sound echoing through every city block.

"The truth be told... that was through no fault but my own. I have kept the truth from you. For the last 24 hours I have insisted that the terrible footage from the Tesla crashsite not be shown. The images are... too terrible for words."

He looked up again.

"But... the High Priest, in his infinite wisdom, has this morning assured me that his people are ready... that they can know the truth and handle it with the nobility and courage that infuses our nation."

There was a pause... a moment in which the city could reflect upon their sorrow and their resolve.

"And so I shall hereby enact the will of the Emminence, and reveal to you the truth."

The 'live' feed ended, and the Tower of Solon switched to displaying footage from the Tesla Crash Site. The very first image was a twisted piece of metal bearing the ship's markings: Tesla, Medical Ship.

The camera panned over the bodies of a dozen children, blackened and twisted, lain together in the smoking ruins of the paedeatric ward. Close-up shots were shown of bullet-entries and blade strikes, then more images of violations. One image in particular lingered on a young girl, eyes wide open in terrible death and her lips sawn off by a jagged knife.

The camera continued onwards, showing the ritualistic fates visited on the medical staff. A part of the ruined bulkhead had been hung with bodies bearing Pagan mutilations and decorated with animal parts and bone-charms.

"Though we dearly wish it were otherwise, there is now no disputing the fact... The Brotherhood, once a small and ragtag cell of terrorists... has now gained a new and terrible ally."

The camera focused in on shell-casings and discarded weapons, then panned across blood-scrawled letters on the bulkheads. And each one bore a name that would now live in infamy...


The camera panned out, showing rescue personnel collapsed in tears, as well as a few mothers screaming as they beheld their slaughtered children. The few survivors there were had been covered in dust and smoke, sitting shell-shocked like ghosts, clutching half-burnt dolls and crucifixes. The worse were lain on medical stretchers and were missing limbs and facial skin. An order of nuns moved among them, trying to clean away the blood and cover their nakedness.

The footage ended, and the Tower of Solon switched to a dark room, illuminated in the centre by harsh light. The face of Minister Charles Grazer was clear for everyone to see, and his trembling confession sounded through the city.

"I... met with him... He c..called himself... Admiral B...Baker. He said he would make me... th... the new High Priest... all I... all I had to do was... was give him Genesis.... So I... I set up the Tesla flight... gave him the coordinates..."

Grazer looked at the screen, the flesh around his eyes shrivelled and bled of all tears. "It was me. I'm a traitor. I have delivered the righteous into the hands of foreign beasts. I confess these things, before God and before my people..."

Dayne's face faded in over Grazer's, the dark room replaced with the backdrop of the Semile flag. Dayne's eyes were sad, but carried strength and authority.

"The evidence is conclusive, and this morning the High Priest has approved a declaration of war upon the Norfolkian threat."

His eyes seemed to gaze at every citizen in Semile.

"We shall find our Messiah, and we shall bring her back. And when this war is ended, she will know which of us stood to fight and which of was unworthy to receive her. All glory to Semile and the High Priest! We shall know Victory, and we shall remain God's chosen few. Now join with me, brothers and sisters, and let our morning hymn be the rousing call of righteous war!"


Hundreds of miles away from the stirring hymn of the Semile fanatics, a man sat behind a laptop computer in Virginia Beach, a few clicks from where Heinrich, Setem and Steiner were converging on Chesapeake Bay.

"Okay, the broadcast is happening. I'm done here." Reza Deane, the Norfolkian arms dealer, packed up the last of his things and picked up the keys to his jeep.

"The evidence trail is in place?" asked the voice from the laptop, carrying the cybernetic tint that was common to Ministry workers.

"Manifests, invoices, shipment codes," replied Reza as he readied a 9mm and slipped into his jacket. "There's not a minister in government who won't believe Norfolk was behind the attack."

"Very good. Your money will be waiting for you in Vaniburgh... assuming you get there."

Reza slung on his backpack and hovered, looking back at the computer. "The hell's that supposed to mean?"

There was a pause from the Ministry contact before he explained. "One of the explosives on the Tesla was tagged, and it wasn't us. I think someone is onto you."

Reza cast a nervous glance across the warehouse, now empty after he had sold most of his stock and put the rest in his jeep. He fumbled with the backpack as he secured it and muttered to himself, "Heinrich..."

"Will this be a problem?" the computer asked.

Reza snapped out of it, approaching the table and typing the auto-destruct code into the machine. "No problem. Just make sure my money's there."

Picking up his keys, Reza headed out to his jeep and left behind the empty warehouse and the smoking remains of the computer.

His part in the chessgame was at an end.

[SUMMARY: After seducing Eros, Thaddeus Dayne wakes up in time for the morning announcement, which implicates the Norfolkians in the Tesla Attack. War is declared on Norfolk, and one of the double-agents responsible for framing Norfolk just so happens to be covering his tracks near where Heinrich, Setem and Steiner are operating.]
(Musical Ambience: Unmanned, Dismantled, Exit)

USS Albany (SSN-753)
15 Miles off the coast of Semile...

"Captain on deck!" the Officer of the Deck announced as Lieutenant Commander Gregory Daniels arrived in Control.

"As you were..." he ordered, making his way to the navigation table. "Are we in position?"

"Aye sir." the Navigator replied.

"Take us to periscope depth." Daniels ordered of the helmsmen.

"Periscope depth, aye." the senior sailor replied. The submarine ascended slowly. Hers was not an attack mission but an intelligence gathering mission.

"Up periscope." Daniels commanded, stepping to the turntable. He put his face against the scope, giving it a quick look around. He was looking for surface ships. None were present. "Down periscope."

"Captain, we're ready to start snooping." the Signals officer announced.

"Begin..." Daniels ordered. They put their antennas to the air and started taking in any signals that Semille broadcast.

"You've got to be shitting me... Captain, critical intel!" a cryptographer shouted to Daniels.

"Play it for me."

"The evidence is conclusive, and this morning the High Priest has approved a declaration of war upon the Norfolkian threat."

"Encrypt it and sent it to Norfolk, Top Secret. The Old Man has to see this..." Daniels commanded.

"Encrypting for transfer." The data transfer took all of a minute.

Too long in the Captain's opinion.


-A Norfolkian sub intercepts Dayne's message. It sends the data back to Norfolk.
Altair's hoverbike came to a slow stop in front of Ada. Altair gave her a flat look and sighed, "Do you have any idea how much it costs to bulletproof this thing?" Ada snapped back with a smirk.

"For a manipulative prick like you? Nothing. You steal the bulletproofing materials from Crusader and Government armories just like you did your weapons," after a short pause and a smile Altair shrugged.

"Well what can I say? They practically leave the stuff laying around. Its not like either group ever comes into the Northern Ruins anymore. Memories of me leave those guys really sore. Anyway, I assume you're here to try to get my new acquaintance away from me before...what...I corrupt her?"

"Wow, you figured that out all by yourself? You've gotten smarter," Ada sneered. Altair scoffed a little.

"Whatever. You want to stand out here and talk or would you rather go back to my base?"

"Your base is nowhere near here."

"We moved out."

"Did you now?"

Fifteen Minutes Later

Ada stared. Even without all its sections, the Tesla was still rather large and quite a sight to behold. Even if...

"Huh. So this is where that bucket of rust and bolts went. So then you took the Tesla. Why am I surprised?"

"Supposed lack of manpower?"

"Sure, let's go with that. That must mean you're close to putting on the sequel to your first little performance. This thing is a piece of fucking junk though."

"Well in case you hadn't noticed, we're based in a massive scrapyard."

The northern scrapyard was a testament to The Infinite Uprising. Tanks, planes, and even some old airships lay in ruins around here. Once Infinity had challenged the Crusaders to come get them, they did just that. There were plenty of parts to be had here. Plenty of upgrades. The Infinite Uprising may have been almost 10 years prior, but the Tesla was even older than that. Even as Altair watched, technicians were on the hull of the ship, service panels open with appropriated wires and circuitry. As Altair's hoverbike pulled in Jerry walked over to one of the access panels and peeked in behind one of the technicians.

"Its a miracle this ship could still fly," Altair nodded in agreement.

"Power of God perhaps?" he smirked. Ada punched him in the shoulder.

"That coming from the guy who couldn't go two sentences without saying "Where is your God now?" ten years ago."

Altair shrugged and helped Rhiannon out of the side car. As he did so, Linette came running down from the hangar's second floor.

"Al! Al! This is something you need to see! Right now!" normally Altair would question why Linette, a rather calm and well collected girl, would be in such a frenzy. She pulled him by his duster all the way to the bridge. Ada, Jerry, and Rhiannon simply followed. When they finally reached the bridge...

"Though we dearly wish it were otherwise, there is now no disputing the fact... The Brotherhood, once a small and ragtag cell of terrorists... has now gained a new and terrible ally."

Altair frowned, "Is this live?"

"No," Linette shook her head, "Its just a recording."

"Play it back from the beginning."

Altair sat down and watched the recording of the video. It was a variety of media hype that he had come to call "Dayne's propaganda filled bullshit". He looked back and for the moment, ignored the fact that Rhiannon looked especially disturbed at what had just played. He looked to Ada.

"This is Dayne's handiwork alright. You know anything about this?"

[Summary: After a little banter with Ada, Altair takes her and Rhiannon back to the Tesla for a more suitable place to talk. When he arrives Linette drags him to the bridge to watch Dayne's announcement. He asks Ada if she knows anything about it.]
Ada searched her pockets for a cigarette while Dayne's messages where being picked up by the ignorant populations of Semile.

"You expect me to know?" She said, as she pulled out a box with a torn label that read Victory. "The government isn't exactly something I follow with passion. I follow the orders I am given from Nova Corps. That shit is saved for old men in suits."

She then grabbed her lighter from one of the ammo pouches on her belt. It was a dark red, the color of blood. Clicking the relic several times, a small flame finally sparked up and Ada then light her cigarette up.

"What did I tell you about smoking around military hardware?" Altair said.

"Go suck my android's non-existent balls." Ada responded as she flicked the Victory cigarette to the ground, "This brand sucks anyways."

"So why use it?" Linette asked, while trying to get the message to come in more clearly.
This was a challenge in the fact that there were very few working signal towers in the region.

"There's no such thing as divesity these days Nerdy. Everything is a part of a bigger machine and everyone is watching you."

"What does that have to do with the question I just asked you?" Linette responded.

"Listen girlie, it's just how I work." Ada said.

She then walked over the telescreen and watched the scenes of what remained of the lower levels of the Tesla.

"So this piece of crap is like one giant fucking Rubix cube, eh?"
Altair frowned.

"Yeah, mostly. Though I don't recognize the majority of those images. My guess is that Dayne decided to use footage from ships that just happened to resemble the Tesla for their little escapade. I'm actually happy that we managed to recover some of the footage ourselves. Imagine if people knew that the Government lied about the Tesla incident. Imagine if the person who revealed this lie was supposedly dead."

Jason twirled around in his chair, a gleeful grin on his face, "01, the one the government lied about in regards to his execution, revealing that the attack on the Tesla was nothing more than a lie as well!" Altair nodded.

"Dayne's nothing but a liar. You catch and prove liars made one lie, you its that much easier to make people believe the other lies. Then lie after lie after lie turns those very deceitful word into a net to snare the person that made them. And since he's the Government's media filter, that would place the exact kind of doubt in the people," Linette nodded as she finally managed to get the video clear.

"So you, a living lie, reveals the other lies of the Government to annihilate the people's trust in them?"

"That's the general concept."

"So you're saying we have the conditions for victory right now?"

"Ten years ago you'd be correct. However we need the Government intact for now. They have the answers to Project Genesis. If I let the people ravage them, I'll lose the answers."

Jason sighed as his chair continued to spin slowly, "Ahhh, we have the nails, but we need to get the victim in the coffin first!" Altair nodded.

"Even so this won't work. To get close enough to get my answers, I'll need to crush the Government with the same tactics as before," Linette sighed.

"That's a pity. Ten years ago you would have won with this," Altair simply shrugged.

"Well that's how it goes. You back the losing horse at the races and this is where you end up!" Ada turned and snorted.

"Who the fuck races horses anymore?"

"Not the issue!" came a bold declaration. Ada rubbed her temples.

"Jerry! Get me an aspirin! This jackass is giving me a headache again!"

[Summary: Altair summarizes his opinion of Dayne: That he's a liar that will be crushed underneath the weight of his lies and that he will be his own undoing. Idealistic prospects of an easy victory based on revealing the truths are crushed underneath the weight of Altair's goals: Answers about Project Genesis.]
Yuri nodded, lifting Sahar's unconscious form and slinging her over his shoulder. He looked into Anna's eyes, for a second stepping closer to her. His lip quivered as if he were about to speak.

"I-I-I don't think we should tie her up. I didn't tell you this, but I was attacked by one of those freaks. Its looking for her and I wouldn't put it past it to be able to follow me."

There has a small metallic sound as Yuri's hand gripped the rifle in Anna's hands and pulled it from her grasp. "I also realized something Anna. I'm happy that in the middle of all this, mess, I have you to look out for me." He turned away and shouldering the rifle lead the way down the tunnel. "We're looking for an access door right? you sure this is the right tunnel?"
It had been several minutes after they landed. Flak Jacket had been contacted via his radio and was informed about how dire the situation had become. "Rookie, we best hurry up and rendezvous with Heinrich. We need this Sahar as a bargaining chip, no room for failure." Setem was used to orders such as that, but this did seem a bit more to put on than the regular body guard missions. He shook his head free of the distractions and began analyzing the long reaches of water from his position. He felt the presence of Sahar as well as two others. "About ten klicks to the north west and moving rather slowly, puts them near Semile." Setem whispered to himself and took off gliding along the side of a slow moving river.
"Setem where are you going? That isn't the right way!" DC1 Willis commanded. His senses told him Sahar was in trouble and quite possibly the two around her. He continued on as Steiner gave several commands.
"DC1 Willis, Lonestar, go with Setem, we'll continue our mission with Heinrich. And tell Setem, he better find what we are looking for, or his ass is on the grill when we get back. Both acknowledged their orders and went after Setem.

-Semile, Sewer System

They had made it quite a distance. After getting into the sewer system they had not lost track of Sahar for a single minute. Setem still followed his senses with Lonestar and Willis close behind.

"The water is running thick with blood."
"The dead is the least of our worries." The 00 said after the long silent pursuit. The group pressed on moving quickly down the maze of waterways. With Setem as their guide they easily navigated through all of the endless corridors. "We are getting close, one hundred meters up that way." Voices could be heard down the tunnel belonging to a man and a woman. Setem decided not to listen in to conserve his energy, that was until he was within hearing distance.
"We're looking for an access door right? You sure this is the right tunnel?" He was ready, Setem took a step around the corner and saw a woman. "Alright that's far enough." he said pointing his M-16 at Anna. Yuri had already turned the corner into another tunnel hiding himself and Sahar from view. "Alright, now slowly put your weapons on the ground." Anna did as she was told, putting down a pistol, some flashbangs, and a small grenade. Before Setem could order anything else she nudged the grenade into the water. The next thing they knew an explosion went off and water was sprayed everywhere. In the confusion Setem's lead had disappeared. "Damn it!" He yelled to himself chasing off down the tunnel. This time he was stopped by Yuri, pistol pointed at Setem. The tables had been reversed and luckily the gun had not fired immediately.
"What do you want?" Setem sat there for a moment silent.
"I want what we all want, peace." His shrewd answer obviously did not please as Yuri seemed to furrow his eyebrows. "Where did the girl go?"

"Your not in a position to be asking questions."
"Oh I think I am." Setem used the water to trip Yuri up. He raised his M-16 and pointed it at the man. "I only want Sahar, tell me where she is." Yuri stayed silent sitting on the cold cement of the tunnel.
"Rookie you there? Setem come in." Willis had called over the radio. Setem had no choice but to answer. Slowly he brought his hand to his waste and lifted the radio to his mouth.
"Yeah, what's the matter?"

"That explosion caved in part of the tunnel, we cannot reach you. Command says that the only exit will put you a long way away from and of the L Zeds."
"Let me worry about that, I'll return to you. Setem out." His eyes rested back on Yuri. "As you could hear I'm busy completing negotiations, so where is Sahar?"

[SUMMARY: Setem tracks down the two that have Sahar clearly against the orders given. He finds Anna but quickly loses her when she sets off a trap. Instead he finds himself in a verbal confrontation and interrogation with Yuri. Meanwhile Willis and the rest are cut off from a grenade used as an escape mechanism for Anna.]

The word rang thorough the damp tunnel. Of all the words Yuri could have shouted 'you' has not near the top of Setem's list. He was standing over Yuri looking into the Rebel's face, trying to remember where he could have seen it before.

Yuri's legs lashed out knocking Setem's out from under him. There was a echoing splash as Setem fell into a small pool of water. Yuri shot up onto his feet. There was the click of if the hammer being pulled back on Yuri's pistol.

"You're the one that has in the Tesla" Yuri said lowering his gun. He could see Setem's hand in the pool of water, knew what the 00 could do.

"I'll ask you again where is Sahar. Tell me where it is."

There was the soft scratching sound as Yuri's gun slid into its holster. "You want her, you're not the only one. Theres another freak following us if i were you i wouldn't expect to see your friends again."

Setem sat up "I'm the only one you need to worry about now tell me where the girl is taking Genesis."

"We can't face that crazy one, Anna and I aren't in the condition to take someone like that on. You on the other hand..."

"What are you saying?" Setem stood wearily watching Yuri.

"I'm saying we both want to keep Sahar safe, and after the Tesla incident its unlikely you're with the crusade. But know this, I have already broken one promise to her I will not again."

Setem's eyes never left Yuri's, the rebel's gave was hard yet sincere. Slowly the 00 nodded. "But what happens after we get out of here, I'm sure your orders conflict with mine on that issue."

"That can be talked about when we get out of here, but I will not be made a prisoner and I will not leave Sahar or Anna."

"Aright, now where are they hiding." this time Setem knew he would get an answer.

Yuri gestured for the 00 to follow him and picking the rifle from the ground lead the way down the tunnel.
[ame=""]YouTube- frere jacques.mpg[/ame]

"Will you sing me a song, my doll?"

Anna then stopped in her tracks, the supposed unconscious Sahar was now speaking to her.

"What…" Anna said.

Sahar then angled her head, so that Anna could see into her crimson eyes. There was supposed to be a bruise on the young woman's head. However, now there was no sign of it anywhere.

"I want a song." Sahar answered.

"I-I, don't know any…" Anna stuttered.

"I don't believe you~" Sahar said.

Anna felt cold beads of sweat coming down her forehead. She had hoped that her pistol whip would have had been enough to keep the young woman unconscious for several more hours. Little did Anna know that Sahar loved playing with her prey.

"You're a very boring toy to play with, so I'm going to go find someone more fun." Sahar said.

Sahar then gave Anna a bear hug and the rebel started choking.

"So the doll does react! How wonderful!"

Sahar then dropped Anna to the ground and left her gasping for air. Anna then wept on the damp ground.

"Dormez-vous?" Sahar asked.

Anna just cried out in fear. She was sure that she would die underground. She had always claimed she was not afraid to die. However, Anna never would have suspected she'd go at the hands of a homicidal woman with a certain child like innocence to her.

Then came an explosion.

"Oooo." Sahar said, "Someone is trying to steal my doll! I must stop them."

Sahar then knelt down and rubbed her hands over Anna's face.

"Don't worry little doll. I shall come back for you. I shouldn't have called you boring!"

With that Sahar stood up and jovially skipped towards Setem and Yuri. She then started to sing. An ancient song then popped in her head.

"Frère Jacques, frère Jacques,
Dormez-vous? Dormez-vous?
Sonnez les matines! Sonnez les matines!
Din, dan, don. Din, dan, don."

It may have held a meaning to her many years in the past; now, it was just another piece of chaotic memories all bombarding together.

Her journey didn't last for very long, as Yuri was already leading Setem right towards Anna's hidden location. Sahar grinned, as she saw Yuri brought someone with him. Raising her hands she once again shattered all the lights in the tunnel. The two men were alone in primordial darkness.

"Frère Jacques, frère Jacques."

Setem raised his firearm, as did Yuri. Since this tunnel apparently had been in use by the militias just a few minutes beforehand. The voice singing was not one he recognized. It was too sorrowful and well coordinated to be that of a teen girl.

"Is that your friend Anna?" Setem asked.

"No...She's not a good singer...." Yuri replied.

"Dormez-vous? Dormez-vous?"

Something in the shadows run past both him and Yuri. It moved forward, making small splashes in the puddles of the former subway line.

Yuri's heart rate increased again, "Don't fire! You'll only make her mad!"

"Make who mad? You said Sahar was with your friend Anna. If there is someone else in these tunnels, I need to know now."

"Sonnez les matines! Sonnez les matines!"

"It's probably Sahar! You haven't seen what she looks like yet!" Yuri sneered.

"I was her guard on the Tesla, as I've already told you. I know what my client looks like."

"You don't understand! She's no longer the same."

"What does that mean?"

"Din, dan, don. Din, dan, don."

The figure then brushed against Setem's foot. By natural instinct he kicked at it. There was a loud squeak as the creature was flung against the wall.

"It was just a rat." Setem said.

The air around the two men was slowly starting to become drier and drier….

Once again, the singing broke out but this time a new verse was sung.

"Frère Jacques, frère Jacques,
Dormez-vous? Dormez-vous?
Sonnez les matines! Sonnez les matines!
Din, dan, don. Din, dan, don.
C'est l'Enfer qui m'a créé"

It is hell that created me.

She was there. He could definitely 'feel' it. But 'feeling' it was completely different now. It was as if Sahar's presence went through a complete metamorphosis; from a small quiet rippled to a massive tidal wave,

"–At is…Ing on…Port back… 02! Repor…"

Pain wrecked his mind as something inside felt like it was changing as well, causing immense pressure inside of his skull as the result.

ThOuGh I bE nO mOrE tHaN a BeAsT, dOn'T I tOo DeSeRvE tHe RiGhT tO lIvE?

nooneislookingdontbeafraidtotouchmebecause nooneislookingdontbeafraidtotouchmebecause nooneislookingdontbeafraidtotouchmebecause nooneislookingdontbeafraidtotouchmebecause…

Forgetting is…Most Precious…Gift…To Remember…All is…Great Sadness…Amongst Sadness…

U luv her. She luv U. She LOVED you. You… love her? You love her. She… Has always loved you.

02's mind was in complete chaos;the dwindling voices that took residency in his thoughts have returned, unruly as ever and all vying to be heard. The 00 was overwhelmed by all of the voices, brought down to his knees by the immense, expanding forced that pushed against his skull.

His body gave out as he was brought down to the concrete by the pain, hot crimson trickling down his ears as his vision began to blur and his hearing deafened. Soon he was drifting into the state of nothing, like earlier with the device that blinded him.

Began to see figure
Far away so run to
Couldn't see face
Hand reaches out
Can't reach her
Weight pulls down
So far away
Hand reaches out​

"GGGWWWAAAARRRRRRRHHHHH!" 02 managed to belt out a defiant roar, prematurely ending the dream before it reached its tragic climax. He found himself to be standing, just a mere couple of feet from the new Sahar, staring at her face to face.

"Heh, I see that you've grown yourself some tits there, Kiddo!"


A middle aged woman with a confused and unsatisfied look on her face leans back into the soft cushion filled black leather chair she was sitting in and found herself staring up at the mildly bright glow of the florescent lighting position above her.

This was the first time in a long time that she was truly alone. Physically, she had been alone for long stretches of time, which, secretly, made those times in where she wasn't much more gratifying.

But this, this was a first in many years in which that she was alone mentally as well. She casually reached down to a drawer that sat on the side of her desk and pulled out a healthy sized glass, accompany by a glass bottle of a light brown Spirit, taking no hesitation in pouring herself a glass.

"Come back to me… My precious little Superhero…"She stared at the bottom of the glass for a moment, setting it down on the desk as she ran a finger across the rim of the glass, picking up left over residue then running the finger gently against her lower lips, her tongue quickly lapping up the trail that was left behind. She closed her eyes for a bit, letting the taste of the Spirit linger on her tongue for awhile before pour herself another glass.

"…There would be no family if you weren't here…"
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In the days before World War Three, a famous novelist wrote: it is only the space between things that makes them beautiful.

All joys are born from separation, of how different something is from yourself or how your own message is twisted when you try to tell someone how you feel. When we refrain from telling each other the truth, when our desires turn us into monsters, when nations go to war and groups turn their backs on others - what are these things but the fears and misunderstandings that bloom in the space between human minds?

Beauty and grotsquery. All society is spawned from these tiny... little... spaces.

Today the Crusade has declared war on these chasms, and thus has declared war on beauty itself.

Through doctrine the Church has become a single organism, a hive-mind of intent. And through the arms of police and state every thought of the general populace is coming under tighter and tighter regulation. The beauty caused by difference is now endangered, squeezed out as every consciousness in Semile is brought closer and closer... into one.

Here we see the triumph of the human will over the human individual. And thus, Semile is immortal. Nothing but a total destruction of the hyrda can succeed now...

That is what the 00s cannot understand, being so aloof. They cannot understand the fundamental frailty of the human condition... for they were beings engineered for insolence... engineered to break the bounds of what was set.

But humans... the people of Semile... the ones Altair and Setem and Rhiannon and all the others seek to save... they are nothing like the 00s.... nothing like the 'dream of humanity' that these rebels cling to.

These were the thoughts that went through the mind of Minister Charles Grazer, as he was moved away from the camera and escorted out of Room 101. With trembling and timid steps the old man walked along with the guards. They didn't need to hold or restrain him, for he was fully compliant now, with the weakest of smiles on his haggard face and his eyes a wasteland.

He understood now, why the Crusade was immortal... why the Brotherhood would never succeed, and why the arrogant campaigns of the rogue 00s would amount to nothing.

How simple it was... the thought-police, the executions, the propaganda, the paranoia, the war-threats. It was all a machinery of terror that achieved one single effect - to make everyone feel a little closer to each other... to feel that every thought was being watched... that every action was being judged. When you fear to get lost in your own thoughts, you have all the more time to involve yourself in the lives of others, to attend sermons and arrange rallies, to gossip about traitors and barter with each other for rations.

600 years had passed. The internet was dead. Pop culture was dead. Everything that had catered to disaffected youth and objective truth was extinct. Now there was only the spectre of death and the daily discussions of who would be next...

And in this there was a comfort, like the comfort that comes to prisoners and soldiers. They were institutionalized beyond all redemption.

And so the Church was immortal. You could kill the high priest, blow up the ministries, bring down the Tower of Solon, expose the lies and burn the churches. But still the people would trust in God and be a part of the collective. Because there was nothing else...

... nothing else for the people of Semile. They had erased the space between each other and had been given a Messiah-on-earth to walk beside them. What else could they ever want? The beauty of being alone? of having no God? of being torn from the machine that has nurtured them for 600 years?

Altair and the Brotherhood were not saviours. They were monsters... beasts who woud rip the people out of each other's minds, tear apart the only family, the only home, the only joy they have ever known.

Were they to destroy the Crusade, what then would they show the people? What greater wonders would they point to beyond the corpse of God? How would they comfort the people in their solitude, their desolation, their orphaned sorrow? With truth? What should the people care for truth, if everything they have depended on for 600 years is destroyed?


Truth is the pursuit of the selfish, who fear to be outwitted. A servant of the Crusade does not need truth, for he has the Messiah beside him and the jewel in the wilderness that is Semile.

A servant of the Crusade allows himself to be deceived. He delights in doublethink and ignorance. And for these little sacrifices, he gains a world more glorious than anything the rebels could offer.

Grazer loved the Church with all his heart now. He loved what it had done... how it had conquered death and forged the closest family mankind has ever known. And so he smiled as he crept along behind the guards, through the arching hallways of the Ministry basements, towards the sterile elevator that would take him up through the hundred-fold levels of the crypt.

He had let his wife and daughters and grandchildren be slaughtered in his place. He had sold out all his friends and his colleagues. But in doing so he had become a part of the greater organism, a part of the whole that was the Church. No more fear, no more sorrow... no more death for him. He was now the Crusade and the Crusade was him. He had achieved total power... total immortality.

God was with the people. And only Sahar could change that now.

Everything else was just the hollow spaces where beauty used to lie.


[As Minister Grazer is returned to his cell, he reflects on how the people of Semile will never be freed from the Church, no matter what the rebels do.]
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Location: Telsa's Upper Levels; Lake Champlain, former NY state.


The airship remained idling midair, while a rag tag team of mechanics worked out a few kinks on the engines of the now much smaller Tesla. The propaganda was right on fact, this ship was meant to be a medical cruiser. It was a Stratocruiser class; not much of a fighter. The crews were trying their best to use salvaged pieces of outdated military machinery left behind what was dubbed the Champlain Salvage Yard.

In its hasty demolition of the Unregistered colony after the Infinity Rebellion, Nova Corps dumped lots of machinery into the deep lake. The few soldiers that remained loyal to Infinity's unclear purpose, routinely salvaged metal pieces. The good stuff they kept for themselves, other scrap was sold off to the Norfolkians for a means of some income for the war effort. No matter how ideal Altair was, it was only him and select few of his officers that had modern uniforms and equipment.

Ada was now pacing back and forth down one of the hallways of the airship. Her goal for this trip had not been to team up with Altair once again.

"He's such a moron!" She snapped.

Jerry was walking besides his master. Ada was once again smoking some Victory cigarettes. Her teeth clamped down on the smoke.

"Mistress, if I may say so, your stress levels are increasing by the minute. Since I am an android, I am programmed to help you cope with things like this. I am your humble servant." Jerry said.

"He acts like things can happen the same way twice. His little rebellion just happened at the right time when that damn Abraham broke free in the labs…Whatever, I am not in the mood to talk about it right now."

The hallway Ada and Jerry were walking down would lead to the only hangar bay left on the reduced Tesla; where a small gunship was berthed. Crews would normally use it to defend the mother airship, but now it was the only ticket out of here.

Someone was going to be really angry with her, very soon if she chose to bolt. However, there was a rather curious sight. A young woman with wavy brown hair was also pacing back and forth on the ship. It was clear she was nervous being here; even, if the commanding officer had swayed her into coming.  

"First things first, though," Ada thought as she entered the hangar through the service grate.

"Hey miss. You look like you a lift. Where would you like to go?" Ada said as she walked closer towards Rhiannon, "Me name is Adeline; though you can just call me Ada. The big fulgie over there is named Jerry."

Ada didn't wait for Rhiannon to respond as she walked towards a scanning computer. Given the dimensions of the mother airship, a basic scanning computer was a necessity to help guide the gunship into berth. Now, though, with some simple algorithmic changes into its subroutines, it was Ada's personal wide-range sensor array. Of course, this proved to Ada that the brown haired woman had no idea how to work this machine.

Summary: Ada, being mad at Altair's big hero-ism schemes, she leaves the main deck of the Tesla, to find Rhiannon sneaking around the small hanger bay of the ship.
Location: Namadius Villa, High Priest's Private Estate.


He always liked to keep himself busy with work. That was the only way he could pass the time, anyways….

Tobias had nearly reached his room when Marianne arrived before him. She bowed quickly and stood up straight.

"I have just received a message from the Nephilim offices, sir. A Mr. Aldere, wishes to speak to Dr. Sherriden on police matters." She said in frightened, yet excited tone.

Tobias simply nodded as she lead him to his office. Walking inside he thanked Marianne before she left. Tobias then sat down on an old leather chair that dated back to the times of the first High Priest. He had a vast collection of ancient artifacts in his private office. This was one area that he loved the most these past few months.

Dr. Amy had given him no information regarding what would happen to Genesis if she didn't get the medications. This worried him. A lot. Maybe, she really did have something to hide… Tobias didn't like this thought.

Picking up the phone, dialing the number on the small sheet of paper, waited for an answer.

"Here goes nothing." He thought to himself as he waited for someone to answer.

<table><tr><td valign="top">
</td><td><p"Wait, why am I here?" Jerek asked sitting down in a fancy limousine hover car. The minute he sat down the hover car had pulled away from the curb and onto the street heading toward the political center of the city. A High ranking military officer in a black Soviet-like commissioner trench coat sat across from him."</p><p>"Well Mr. Aldere, it is like this. The High Priest had gotten your request to bring the subject to your home. However, he doesn't want to compromise the importance of the Messiah to the people. If your subject has done anything to corrupt the Messiah, we are back to square one. He's allowing you access to interviewing her within the offices of his private estate. Away from the prying eyes of the Tower of Solon." Major Jeffory Portret said.</p></p><p></td><td valign="top">

The Political Commissioner stopped to clear his throat then continued, "Turns out Dayne isn't the only one giving out orders. The High Priest has declared any and all civilians in key areas or high traffic and high-risk areas are to be put on temporary leave until further notice. You, comrade, were one of the lucky ones to be granted a visitation rights these past 27 hours."

The craft was waved through the High Priest's HQ security gate, "Please step out of the car, comrade." Portret said.

Jerek did as he was instructed. The Major had a bunch of soldiers with him. They had all sorts of advanced equipment and were decked out in pure black shock-troop uniforms. These were the Papal Guard forces. Most of the soldiers looked at Jerek with disinterest, as policemen were merely peasants in their eyes.

"Comrade," Portret said, "Please follow me. Since I was the one that picked you up from the Tower, we already have the clearances taken care of. Your subject sustained a series of serious concussions, as you are well aware of. As we speak, she has been under the eyes of the best medical staff in the world. Your subject, will be able to speak. You just need to ask her the proper questions."

Jerek absorbed all that was said to him.

Summary: Tobias gets a memo about Jerek's requests to question Dr. Sherriden. Since she had not told him why Sahar needed the medications, he has reasons to believe Dr. Sherriden might be hiding something. He answers Jerek's request. Jerek is picked up by a Political Commissioner and brought to Tobais' Villa; away from prying eyes.
Location: Telsa's Upper Levels; Lake Champlain, former NY state. Speaking with Ada.

Rhiannon was uncomfortable. Unsettled. Lost. Not just physically speaking, but in a mental sense as well. Wandering around the upper level of the captured Tesla, she was surprised to come across the woman that had intercepted Altair and herself.

She didn't reply to the question at first. Where would she like to go? Rhiannon just watched Ada quietly, chewing on the inside of her lip and fussing with the hem of the awkwardly low-cut shirt one of the crew had lent her to wear.

"I am Rhiannon. I'm... not sure if I'm allowed to go anywhere." After the jumbled images of the news transmission, everything had become uncertain again. The people on the ship had their mission, their agendas. It was like the entire world was falling apart and everything was centered on that one little girl. Rhiannon too was supposed to find that girl... but what if that girl was the reason for all of this? Not this Messiah that is always mentioned, but the bringer of an Apocalypse instead?

It felt like an apocalypse to her.

"Miss Ada... Do you believe that girl is a Messiah?"

Location: Namadius Villa, High Priest's Private Estate.

Come morning, Dr. Amy Sherridan was feeling better of body, yet the announcements by Thaddeus Dayne and the confession of Grazer left a sour taste in her mouth. That footage of the Tesla wreckage. It was wrong. Morally, visually, ethically - everything about it was a lie. There didn't seem to be an ounce of the truth within it. Amy never considered herself a person of faith, but she had always believed in the system. The Church's purpose was to protect and help the people. Her work was to help and save the people. So what was this bullshit now being spewed, coupled with images so horrific that it churned her stomach?

Amy shifted from the bed and moved across the room to stare at her reflection in a mirror. She was not being treated like a prisoner, despite her refusal to explain to Tobias about Sahar's condition. At the time she thought it was best. Sahar was delicate and with all of these people coming from all sides suddenly wanting to take her away - how could she be sure that Tobias wasn't also part of the pack? Yet with the news and the twisting of the Tesla incident, finding Sahar before anyone could confuse the girl any further was imperative.

Never had she wanted to believe in God and have faith than right now.

Once she was properly cleaned up and dressed, Amy exited her chambers to meet the High Priest in his offices. To do what was best for Sahar, she needed help. Amy just prayed that she wasn't about to place her trust in the wrong hands.
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