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    When was the last time she was given freedom? Not for a long time. Her armor felt heavy, her body with the exception of her head unable to move in the large glass case she had been placed in to keep her body from overheating. The liquid that surrounded her was her home and she rarely had the chance to reach past the lab's door. Even if Xiaohui was ever let out of her glass cage, it was to experiment her new limbs or auguments they had added. There were times she was let out of the lab, she remembered she was allowed out of the lab and onto a simulation field was the first time she received her new hideous body. Allowed to roam free to test her new body out while the men and women in white lab coats took down notes on clipboards. The second time something had gone wrong, finding herself attacking the creatures they set upon her and the holographic forest around her. They say she had even mutilated one of the professors when he stumbled into the room. Something about her energy core going into overdrive. But thinking back, did she even care? She didn't think she did. It was amusing how she was dubbed 'Butterfly' in Chinese, yet her body looked anything but such a fragile creature - possibly extinct considering the picture of the city she had seen, all machinery and lights. The information she had been given as extra programming told her that butterflies belonged in grassy and forest areas with flowers. It would be a miracle to see a butterfly in this polluted city.

    She remembered waking up in this place years ago. Xiaohui didn't know the exact time, but she knew she had been here a long time. If there were other creatures like her being experimented, she had not seen any when she first arrived. The pictures she saw on their screens featured humanoid machine creatures, with recognizable human anatomy. The Butterfly couldn't deny that she was jealous. Why was she the one who had to have such an ugly body? And worse, she recalled nothing about her past. Her memories, the life she lived before. Xiaohui was never meant to learn of this, they tried to make her think she was born here. But what happens if you leave an Augumented in experimentation-mode for such a long time? They start to remember things. The human mind was more powerful than one would think, but she didn't have much of her old brain left.

    And now she was going to hatch a plan to escape. At least, that was what she first thought of a few months back. But security was tight in this god-forsaken building. Security guards and cameras honing on whatever walked past, professors or no. The walls seemed to be lined with some sort of detector, like enhanced vision, for tracking all moving objects. It was dangerous for her to simply break out, even if she could - at first. The silly people still weren't satisfied with the strength of her armor, particularly the sturdiness of it. Fixing up rough patches, polishing what machinery she had on her body. Making sure her oxygen supply was unlimited and fresh, it was to ensure her survival as one of their best creations. And it was also their downfall.

    No one would have suspected what could happen in the future. The lights flickering at first were ignored by the professors in the room, pointing at something irrelevant to her on the screen. Then, their computer screens began to flicker, but they continued to ignore it. Xiaohui opened her eyes, flexed the sharp claws at the end of her fingers. The Esperine inside her body was signalling something to her. As it was attracted to electricity and even stored it within herself, the substance was beginning to dull inside her body. The electricity was being cut short. The room flickered once more, before it went completely dark, submerging the room and the building in darkness. It was her chance. Throwing herself against the glass as the electricity fueling her binds went dead and cold connected to her armor, it burst apart almost instantly. The liquid that she had once been submerged in leaked onto the floor, flooding the room instantly. The screams and yells of the professors were like music to her ears when she ripped past the door like it was paper, digging her claws into the wall of the building and tearing a large hole open. Patience really was a good thing. Without a backwards glance, she threw herself off the building. If anyone were to be right below her, on whatever floor she was on the building, they would be crushed.

    Not her fault.

    She was free.
    Blocking another swing from the robots, Akira's sword grinded with the robots' bladed weapons again. There was no stopping with all the robots coming towards her direction. Although they weren't the stronger versions, Akira had been fending them off for the past hour. Everytime she destroyed one into nothing but broken heaps of metal scraps, more popped out of nowhere with their hostile eyes glaring at her. She had already used up one of her two smoke bombs on her left hip, but the smokescreen still didn't provide enough time to let her escape.

    "Do not resist arrest," one of the robots called out in their monotone voices. "You will not be hurt."
    "Can you even land an attack on me?" Akira taunted back, before landing a devastating swing onto the robot, destroying it instantly. "Not like you will hurt me with those flimsy arms of yours."

    But can I really hold them back much longer? Akira found herself asking as she continued to put on a fight, while running deeper into the alleyways of the city in an attempt to shake the robots off. The reason why the robots had been chasing after her for the past hour or so was because she was incomplete. An incomplete Augment. Before being the thing that she was right now, Akira was a human being. A human being that had blood flowing inside her instead of the electricity currents that was keeping her alive now. Now, all that's remaining is her human face and her hair, and even so she dared not to leave her face fully visible to the public eye. She cannot let her loved ones see the 'person' she is right now. However, who were her 'loved ones' anyway? Why did she cared about that matter when she doesn't even remember her own kin? In fact, what are her roots? What are her memories? What is my identity beyond 'Akira'?

    Not the time to think about that, woman, there's another turn you should take. Immediately, Akira took a turn left with lead to a fence that she could flip over. Just then, she finally thought of a way to escape. Grabbing onto the last smoke bomb that she had, she took it off and activated it, before throwing it onto the wet concrete that was slightly cracked. After a few seconds, it went off, hurling a huge wave of smoke directly to the robots in front of Akira. As the robots stood there startled, Akira took no chance to breath and climbed over the fence, before taking another turn so that the robots couldn't find her when the smoke vanished.

    "Jesus Christ that was close..." Akira panted, while facing her back against the wall to feel a small sense of security. "Ever since I escaped the compound a month ago there has never been a time for me to even catch a wink of sleep."

    She then turned to look at the high-rised building that she had leaned her back on. Guess I gotta go up then. Clipping her sword back onto her back, Akira jumped and grabbed onto the pipe that was running along the building, before scaling up the pipe quickly to reach the rooftops. After a few seconds, she was finally on the rooftop of the building, with the cityscape view right in front of her.
    Well...where to now?
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  3. Project: Sky "Ryan" Moving to his station once again, Sky quickly joined again with his unit as they moved back toward the base. "Sky, you are to report to the Commander." his second mind, or Storm as he called her, told him. Gesturing to the unit leader, he ran forward and smoothly launched himself several feet into the air and glided forward, the one thing he thought he was the only in the world able to do. Hitting the ground, he jogged forward before another launch into the air. He landed just in front of the door when an explosion knocked him unconscious and threw him several blocks away, into an old factory.
    Project: Sky "Ryan"

    Months later, his system rebooted. He woke and realized something was off right away. He knew the company he worked for was evil, and he had an idea of what they did to him, but he didn't know for sure. One thing he did know is that he wasn't always Sky, and didn't always have Storm to help him. He was now mad, or better yet, he was so angry, he couldn't hide the snarl in his eye. He knew just what he needed to do.

    Finding an old cloak, he wrapped it in the purest dark he could achieve, one that seemed to completely swallow the light around it. Wrapping it around himself, he left the building and moved through the old town, to a point in which he believed would lead him to a bar. He knew there were others like him, now all it took was to find them.

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