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  1. [​IMG]
    P U L L E D
    through time
    Warriors throughout the ages are trapped inside a prison with nothing but the clothes on their backs and weapons in hand. Samurai, Vikings, and Mongols alike are bereft of everything familiar as they find themselves in cells of white. A tablet is slid through the cells bars, upon it is written in glowing letters:
    “It is year 3036, you have been drafted here for a project. You cannot see or communicate with us, however we will be observing your movements. Upon your release from your cells you are given the freedom to act as you desire. If this means battling the other subjects - so be it. We will however bring a stop to all out war. It will do us no good if you are all killed before we can gather ample results.

    You have all been fitted with special collars. They have a range of abilities we will only use if necessary. All you must know is that they are fully capable of incapacitating or executing you.

    While not the most comfortable of settings, your cells are fully equipped with the necessities to living. We do wish to make your detainment here humane if not pleasant.”

    The subjects being held react in different ways to the tablet and it's contents. Some approach it with caution and awe, others march boldly to it and read with scorn. Everyone is similarly confused however. None of them have seen such advanced technology before and there is the trifling bit of time travel.

    Sometimes subjects will disappear from their cells and when they come back they seem changed, muttering nonsense or crying endlessly. Torture everyone knows. They're tortured.

    Things to know:
    All subjects have had microchips implanted into their brains that automatically translate languages. Everyone is speaking their own native tongue but hear other's speech as their own language.
    The collars have three settings. Setting One produces an electric shock that stuns the subject for at least three minutes, when used the collar flashes green. Setting two injects the subject with a sedative, collar flashes blue. Setting Three is a fast acting lethal injection, collar flashes red.
    Cells are separated by time period and region. There are only five subjects to one 6 by 6 meter cell. Each one has five cots, one toilet, a sink, and a coffee table. They look a bit like this.

    Available Time Periods/Regions
    Period of Chaos 1026-911 BC : Babylonia
    Middle Kingdom 2000-1700 BC : Egypt
    Viking Age 500-1066 AD : Scandinavia
    Roman Empire 100-1047 AD : Rome
    Persian Empire 550-1231 BC : Persia
    Middle Ages 600-1500 AD : Europe
    Ashikaga & Edo Period 1336-1867 AD : Japan

    (as more charas are made, more periods will be added. if you're dying to do one that's not on the list ask me about it and I might add it in)

    Character Sheet
    (you may use any format you wish, besides div backgrounds)

    time period/region
    status (commander, chief, soldier, samurai, etc)
    strengths/weaknesses (in combat)

    M X M & F X F
    romance is not the objective however
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  2. C A S T

    name : player
    name : player
    name : player
    name : player

    C E L L - M A T E S

    name : player
    name : player
    name : player
    name : player

    name : player
    name : player
    name : player
    name : player

    name : player
    name : player
    name : player
    name : player
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  3. W.I.P.
    "The will of my blade is unbreakable"
    Name: Katsuro Kenshin

    Age: 24
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Bi-sexual
    5'8-125 lbs-Muscular

    Time Period/Region:
    Edo Period-Japan

    Status: Female Samurai

    Likes- Relaxing Afternoons, Drinking Sake, Secretly likes cute things(Wont ever admit to it.)
    Dislikes- Men who think they are better than women, hates large groups
    Habits- Very formal, sleeps with her sword

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  4. [​IMG]
    “Made of gold and unbreakable bones."
    Aneksi Henuttimehu

    age : 26
    gender : female
    sexuality : pansexual

    5'11 . 156 lbs . toned, athletic build

    Middle Kingdom 2000-1700 BC : Egypt

    status : commander


    - adores watching the sunrise and sunset
    - loathes cold weather and wearing multiple layers of heavy clothes
    - is extremely open with her sexuality and lust (as most Egyptians were)
    - talks with her hands in grand gestures

    ¹ can handle with skill most types of swords, poles, or other handheld weapons
    ² intelligent. Aneksi is a strategist and can easily command a large group of people
    ³ skilled in hand to hand combat


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  5. If this is open I would love to reserve a female spot for myself.^^ Could I do Egypt?
  6. I don't mean to respond for the Gm but Yes I am more than sure this is open
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  7. of course, please do :)
  8. Update!
    added "strength/weaknesses (in combat)" to character sheet​
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