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    In the gray land, their stands a large building where no one lives. The reason for this being that the building was not for living, it was for negotiating, discussions and sometimes throwing a few poorly planned blows. The building is known as The Gray Place and it is used for the Yearly Meeting of Princesses. It has been used as the neutral meeting for as long as anyone can remember. No one can find anything particularly remarkable about the Gray Place but everyone is too set in traditions to try and change the meeting place.

    "Hmph! What a shit hole." Princess Muu of the Teacup sniffed, glowering at the Gray Place. Her attendants and guards cringed and a few of them mimed pouring tea on the ground. It was their version of 'crossing themselves', since their God is supposedly a giant humanoid tea bag. Although that was debatable, some said he was a tea bag and some said he was the tea itself. Either way, when the people of Teacup wished to prevent themselves or their charges from being cursed they mimed pouring tea on the ground. It was a promise of a future sacrifice.
    Of tea. Not people. They weren't savages after all.

    One of the Princess's attendants stepped forward and leaned down to whisper in her Majesty's ear. "My lady, now you must enter the Gray Place alone and as an attendant I must--

    The Princess groaned exaggeratedly and waved the attendant away. "I knooo-ow." She groaned, entering the building and leaving her attendants to stand outside.

    A long hall way led to a room with only a long table inside. There was no seat at the head of the table, so Muu settled for second best and sat at the seat nearest to the end of the table.
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  2. A long line could be seen closing in from the horizon. It was Princess Kaguya and her convoy, making their way to the annual meeting. Several soldiers on white horses as well as numerous mobile cannon towers surrounded a single, pagoda like structure which floated onawrds without anything carrying it. The convoy stopped in front of the gates of the Gray Place, and the soldiers all put their left hand behind their head. It was a way of honouring the royal family of the Far East, since it represented the rising of the moon, which was the royal family's sigil. The soldier on the horse right in front of the pagoda jumped down from his position, and walked up to the building floating behind him. He had long, white hair tied back in a ponytail, and his armour was much sleeker, fancier and more shiny than the other knights. Invisible steps carried him up to the entrance of the pagoda, which was on a notably higher level than the ground, where he sat down on his knees. He then bowed deeply, and put his left hand above his head. This symbolised that he had absolutely and completely devoted his life to the royal family, forever prioritizing them over himself. It was a sign only the royal lifeguards were allowed to perform, and if one who did not wholeheartedly believe in the principles it carried did it, then it was considered a serious insult. The sliding doors in front of him opened, revealing a beautiful figure. "I see that we have arrived, Hirohito. You may rise." Hirohito, which was the name of Kaguya's personal lifeguard, stood up. A single silver earring in the shape of a teardrop dangled from his ear. His skin was considerably darker than hers, a sign that he was from a working family rather than from a family of high class. "Very well, milady. I will follow you to the entrance, and then I am afraid your safety will be out of my hands." "Don't worry, I'll be fine. I'm more worried about you and the other men, please don't get too caught up in the drunken behaviour carried by some of the guards from the other kingdoms." It appeared as if she rethought that sentence for a bit. "But then again, you need to losen up a bit. Nothing good comes from being that uptight all the time." Kaguya spoke as she stepped down the invisible staircase. Her outfit was large and pompous, and really quite heavy. Of course, she was also holding the ceremonial branch, carrying the divine jewels. It was a treasure that may never, ever part more than a short distance from the princess. As she walked towards the entrance followed closely by her knight Hirohito, his yellow eyes darted rapidly from one side to the other, making sure there was nothing that could harm the princess around. They bid farewell at the door, and then Kaguya vanished inside. She sighed, and looked tiredly around. Travelling with her equipage was a very dull task, since she wasn't allowed to talk and there was nothing to do. This place didn't do well for her mood, either. She had always found it a heartless place, and it felt as if she was being choked just stepping her foot inside. She walked along the relatively empty hall, and entered the meeting room. Only Muu of the Teacup was present. "Greetings, princess Muu of the Teacup. The Emperor greatly appreciates the gifts your kingdom sent to him for his birthday, and I would like to convey his feelings of gratitude. He wanted me to say that he especially enjoys the way it sings as you pour." She said as she took the seat opposite of Muu.


    Meanwhile, Beatrice of the Far West arrived much more modestly. A single carriage pulled by two horses, and that was it. Of course, the arriage was the most extravagant piece of work one could ever have laid eyes on. Delicate golden details, dark mahogany wood, and feather plumes decorating the horses made the whole thing stand out greatly. She stepped out of the carriage, and walked up to the entrance while lifting her dress so that it wouldn't drag on the ground. Once inside, she lit her pipe, which she cheerily puffed on. Walking into the meeting room, she noticed the presence of only two other princesses.
    "Well, hello there, you two. It feels like it's been so long since last time, doesn't it? I just hope we can all get along this time, and avoid any... Altercations." She sat down next to Kaguya, and drew some smoke from her pipe.
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  3. Muu beamed at Kaguya of the Far East, she probably preferred the elegant young woman to most of the other princesses. Mainly because she was so nice and she appreciated her tea. Plus Muu adored the fashion of the Far East. She had a gown that was given to her and she had spent an entire five months wearing it over and over again. Unfortunately the continuous use caused the fabric to wear out and now Muu was stuck with the oncoming dilemma of trying to find someone to mend the gown without the royal family of the Far East finding out.
    She smiled, "I'm glad the Emperor enjoyed our gift."

    Upon the entrance of the Princess of the Far West and her god awful pipe, Muu's smile greatly diminished until it was a tight line. "Princess Beatrice, greetings." She said, stiffly and moved straight a long. "We are in an enclosed space, do you mind sparing our lungs from your smog?" She asked politely, trying to mask her disgust and irritation. She hated smoke. The only form of water that she preferred was steam and that was only if the steam came from her bath or a delightful cup of tea.
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  4. Beatrice looked at Muu with a slightly shocked expression at first, but then she remembered who she was facing. Muu of the Teacup was never one to hide her true intentions, and Beatrice found that an admirable trait in a person. "Aaahahahaha!" Her laugh was hearty, and a bit imposing. She wasn't one to tone down her voice much unless absolutely necessary. Such a time being when the princess of Childe was sleeping, because if anything were to wake her up, she would go into tantrum form, and it would take ages to revert that. "Sorry, sorry, my intentions are not to bother anyone" The pipe placed elegantly in her hand quickly disappeared in a burst of golden butterflies, that flew around a bit before bursting themselves into a small rain of golden sparks. "So, has anyone heard from the others? Do we know when to expect them? Or perhaps, I should ask the most important question; when will we be served lunch?" She let out another hearty laugh.
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  5. In the distance, a large bounce house neared. It was followed by multiple stone faced looking children on brightly colored horses adorned with ribbons and covered in glitter. It was the Princess of Childe's procession. As the large group neared, one could see that the bounce house had several ropes tied to it, and that it was floating in mid air. The ropes were tied to the horse's saddles, and it moved up and down with every step. When the procession reached the entrance of the Gray Place, all of the children dismounted, and one girl who looked about ten years old, scrambled up to the bounce house door and opened it to reveal their Princess, Aryakumara.

    The Princess in question, peeked out of her 'carriage' and then jumped down, although it wasn't really a jump, it was more like she mimed jumping while the ten year old girl, lifted her down slowly. Aryakumara nodded to the girl and the guards and scampered into the house. She completely ignored the Gray Place's furniture and burst into the meeting room with an excited energy. She greeted the other three princess' with a wide and bright smile.
    "Gweetings evwey one." She said shyly, locking her arms behind her back and staring up at them through her bangs. She spoke in a soft voice with an impediment, but truthfully she sounded nothing like that. She was perfectly capable of speaking properly. She just didn't do so now, because she knew almost everyone liked a cute kid with a speech impediment.
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  6. A small gathering of people on horseback paused some distance away from the meeting place. If one saw them from far off, they would have appeared to be travelers just passing through; that was how simple and understated this entourage was. Rather than finery or a carriage of some kind, there were hints of status for one who looked at them close up - the quality of the mounts, the weapons at their sides, and the look of the armor worn by the four guards in attendance. The central rider had pulled up slightly ahead of the rest and now shaded their eyes against the sun. It was easy to tell the arrivals from looking at their transport, and it was better to know what one would be walking into prior to getting there, which was why this person counted them now.

    "Childe, Far West, Teacup, and..." For just a second, the air seemed to warp around that figure, like a ripple of heat waves had sprung up out of nowhere. A fist clenched tightly at one side. "How do they always get here first?!"

    Every year it was the same thing. The Ootori contingent would set out early, crossing lands with only stops to rest themselves and the horses, or to deal with issues and concerns of the people they met along the way. With strong mounts, a minimum of unneeded items, and a practical mindset to travel that was more common among merchants and armies than nobles and royalty, it would make sense that they would arrive quickly. And yet, every year, somehow the Far East and their princess got there before them.

    "You would think that ridiculous thing would have been spotted on the road." A second rider approached the first, having apparently seen the same thing. While dressed similar to the guards, the woman on that horse was actually the princess's trusted retainer and friend - which was probably why she reached through the nearly-visible aura of frustration around the princess to touch her shoulder. "Let's continue on. From what you've told me, the important matters of business only begin once all are in attendance, correct? So there's little advantage gained by their earlier arrival."

    A heavy sigh came from the silver-haired girl on the horse. "Just once, Keine. I'd like to beat her here just once! It's ten times as hard to get anything useful done when she's around." In the end she just gave the group a nod. "Nothing to do about it now. Let's go." With the wave of one hand, Mokou of Ootori signaled the guards onward, and they made it to the destination in just a few minutes. At the entrance, she reluctantly gave her horse and her weapons to one of her guards, held still while her friend brushed aside the dust and wrinkles of the road, and let her tiara be set in place. Sure, having one was tradition, but Mokou never wore hers except to meetings; it had ridden in a bag along with her formal coat the whole way there.

    "Good luck, princess." In unison, the five crossed themselves - western tiger, eastern dragon, northern turtle, southern phoenix - in a symbol of blessings and protection for the recipient, ending with the hand over the heart. The phoenix, of course, was last because it was their national symbol and thus closest to their hearts. A small smile was visible on her face in the moment before Mokou echoed the gesture. "Thanks." Then, head high and step confident, she walked into the meeting place. The grey practicality of the room might have bothered some, but she took it as a matter of common sense; who would want to offend one princess by decorating it in another's favorite style?

    Apparently, the group from the Childe Kingdom hadn't been there long, as their princess was just entering. "Greetings, Aryakumara-hime," she spoke from a few strides behind the small girl, having stopped to bow politely. While the nature of that kingdom seemed odd sometimes, respect for the child princess's hidden strength gave Mokou's hello some additional warmth. From her spot in the doorway, she could see the other three princesses already gathered in the room. Her jaw tightened a bit on seeing Kaguya, but she had no intention of risking a Tantrum Mode, so she held her tongue and her temper through sheer force of will.
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  7. Kaguya smiled gently as Aryakumara entered the room. That little girl could be ever so sweet, if she wanted to. However, as Mokou followed shortly thereafter, Kaguya's smile turned into a wicked grin. "My, oh, my, look at what the cat dragged in!" She snickered slightly. "I'm merely jesting, my dear friend. But I have to say, I was a tad worried you would not grace us with your presence today. I didn't know whether you could afford provisions enough for all you knights, including you. How many did you manage to scrape up this year? Six? Seven?" Kaguya knew perfectly well how many people were in Mokou's entourage, but if there was anything she could taunt her about, she would do it. In secret, Kaguya was jealous of Mokou's way of travelling. It was much simpler, and they seemed to have much more fun. Kaguya could never bring any of her friends along, not even Eirin who was her private consultant and healer, and Hirohito would never speak to her while they were on the road. He took his job way to seriously, at least according to her.

    Beatrice chuckled uncomfortably at Kaguya's remarks. She would have hoped the princess of Ootori had arrived a little bit later, so that they would have to sit through this excruciating tension for so long. All she could do now was try to ease it up a little.
    "Come now, Kaguya, there's no need to be so cold. Let's all enjoy ourselves this year, and not fight as much." She rose from her seat, and walked over to Aryakumara. She then kneeled down and hugged her. Afterwards, she kissed her once on her left cheek and once on her right while holding her shoulders. In the Far West, it was custom to greet those who entered a room after you this way. "Greetings to you too, princess Aryakumara. My, you look even younger this year than you did last year! You really must tell me your secret one day. An old woman like me needs every tip she can get to stay pretty like you!" Normally you would greet a child by telling them how big and strong they've become, but because of the circumstances in the land of Childe, you had to watch your tongue saying such remarks, unless you wanted to be the target of an unstoppable tantrum. Beatrice then walked over to Mokou, and greeted her the same way. "Mokou, my dear! It's been so long. Tell me, how have you been?"
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  8. The greatest feeling to a serpent is that of the wind beneath the wings. At least, that is the rumor that spreads throughout the dragon community.

    Far from the south-east, three beautiful serpents dance along the skies. Within their shadows is a line of fifteen great cats, all strange in appearance. Leading the troupe of beasts is a tiger of fiery green and blue, eyes like amethysts. Resting across his crest is shimmering golden armor with the dragon heart symbol that represents the Mythic Realms, known as Mythica by the beasts who call it home, resting in the center. The serpent in the center is solid white, her skin covered with a silky fur that shimmers with a sheen of silver and opalescent colors that fall in and out of view. Her wings stretch far across, the feathers dancing on the wind as her brilliant amethyst eyes stare forward almost excitedly. The two on either side of her are scaled with webbed wings instead of fur and feathers. The one on the left is a grand beast platinum in color, his crest covered with the same golden armor as the tiger beneath them, marking him as the leader of the dragon community. To her right is a golden beast, his body more serpentine in appearance, his wings shorter, head stubbier. Upon his head is a crown of horns and intelligent green eyes that watch every shadow that hints at moving. Like the platinum creature, the gold wears a crest of armor, this one silver in color, marking him as second in command.

    Looking between her two most trusted allies, Elythria gives a dragonly smile as the Grey Place begins to rise on the horizon. Already they can see others arriving on horses, in carriages, and one even in a bouncy house. She finds it odd, but intruiging all the same. As the last one dismounts and enters the building, the great cats charge ahead of the trio above, lining up along the pathway leading up to the staircase before bowing in unison. Just before them, the serpents land gracefully, the two scaled beasts giving Elythria ample room to do a quick backwing before, midstride, taking the more sensible form of a human woman, dark hair in flowing, feathery curls, fair skin adorned with a flowing, near translucent white gown that strangely mimics her feathery wings, and black boots that rise to her knees. Resting upon her head is the teardrop moonstone held in the claws of two dragons, marking her as the rightful ruler of Mythica. Though she does not necessarily want the responsibility of such a task, she takes it proudly, knowing that her people chose her because of who she is.

    The two serpents bow on either side of her. It is then that they speak to her, one at a time.

    ~Here is where we leave you, Majesty.~

    ~Here is where we shall see you again.~

    Elythria turns to the Platinum, who spoke first, smiling gently before kissing his forehead, a sign of the utmost respect. "I thank you for travelling with me, Syrxious." Then, to the Gold, she does the same. "I look forward to seeing your face again, Darthnir." Then, to each of the great cats, none of which can look remotely the same, she spreads her arms petting each head gently, affectionately.

    "I hope to see you all again at a happy time, my friends. Please, take care of Mythica while I am away." Turning to the tiger who holds the power over the great cats, she kisses his forhead. "Ah, but you, take a rest for once, and let your mate care for the little ones. You are busy enough caring for me. As your princess, I am giving you an order to take the first night home off and relax."

    "So mote it be, Majesty." The gruff voice of the tiger holds no joke at all, but he smiles up at her, dark amethyst eyes sparkling. "Though I do not think Dertia will be pleased. They are growing too fast for her." Elythria smiles happily, winking at him, before finally releasing his furred face and ascending the stairs. At the top, she turns to the group, blowing them all a kiss. It is with that kiss that the two dragons leap into the skies and the cats bound off into the horizon.

    With a sigh to herself, Elythria takes a moment to straighten out her plummeting emotions. After all, Mythica is still such a new kingdom. This year will be a difficult one, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. So, without any more hesitation, she enters the room with a graceful swish, eyes sparkling as she rests them on each individual before formally curtseying and introducing herself.

    "Good day, my ladies. I am Princess Elythria of the Mythic Realms."
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  9. Her expression had been pleasant - or at least on the polite side of neutral - until then, but Mokou frowned then, eyes narrowed in annoyance at Kaguya's comments. Oh, she had expected something to be said, but couldn't she get through the door before that snob started with the insults? The difference in wealth between their two kingdoms was no secret, yet putting it that way was just so irritating, she had to reply. "You know I wouldn't miss this for the world, Kaguya. I would've come alone, given my guards the time off, but they insisted." Her grin was easily a match for that of the other princess as she added, "It must be a pain having to bring along all those attendants just so you can make it out of your transport with all of that on." Truth be told, Kaguya wore the traditional Far Eastern garments better than many. It wasn't Mokou's preference, and it didn't suit her, but there were times that looking that way was probably useful. Like at these meetings, for instance.

    Before their usual 'banter' could continue, she was approached by the princess of the Far West, who was far more pleasant to talk to. "Beatrice-hime, it's good to see you again. I'm doing well, and you?" She gave a small but genuine smile and a polite bow of her head in return. The different style of greeting had taken a bit of getting used to, but by now it was an appreciated gesture. "How have things been in your part of the world? I still have people clamoring to go on another visit to your kingdom, even knowing the length of the trip." While it was impractical to try and create their own trade route to the distant nation - especially since the one used by the Far East was so close - there was still an interest in the goods and supplies that the Far West had to offer. There were some merchants from Ootori who made it a habit to stop there whenever possible, and while that wasn't enough to start a solid flow of trade, it had brought the two lands into contact outside of the occasional weapons commission.

    Just then, the sound of footsteps reached her ears, and she stepped a bit to the side to allow the approaching princess into the room. To do otherwise would have been rude, after all, and Mokou was already less likely to stand on formalities than most. Besides, all of their guards and servants were outside, so they had to tend to one another to some extent, didn't they? "Greetings, Elythria-hime, and welcome." She wondered if this was Elythria's first meeting? If it was, she would try to remain civil as much as possible...even with Kaguya, despite how the thought put a sour taste in her mouth. Mokou's first time at the Grey Place had been nerve-wracking and she'd prefer not to put someone else through that if she could help it. That was a big if however, and if a tantrum happened, well...
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  10. Princess Muu smiled and greeted the arriving princesses accordingly. Following Princess Beatrice's lead and commenting on how much like a doll, Princess Aryakumara looked and having a quick discussion about a particular toy that the Princess of Teacup enjoyed. She stood up and bowing to Fujiwara no Mokou when she entered and cringed when the continuous flames between the Ootori princess and the Far East princess, ignited. She was saved from attempting to mediate anything when Princess Elythria of the Mythic Realms entered. Muu knew that a new princess would be attending and she also knew that it would greatly benefit her if she forged an alliance now. However she chose to wait a bit until they were all settled. There were two princesses who had yet to come though...

    - -

    Princess Aryakumara glowed under all the lovely compliments that she was receiving. She absolutely loved coming to the Gray Place, even though at some point it got boring. She never had to discuss much because no one ever challenged her. But this meeting might be different...But she had no doubt that her people would be able to handle any declarations of war, if they were to come.
    The entrance of the new princess put a wrench in her plans however. She needed to know who the woman would ally herself with. Either that or she should sink her claws into her now.
    So to speak.
    She walked up the woman and smiled wide. "Hewwo." She greeted, giving a curtsy. "My name is Pwincess Aryakumara."
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  11. Kaguya simply snorted at Mokou's reply, and averted her eyes. Meanwhile, Beatrice was positively beaming at Mokou's positive interaction with her. "Why, I'm doing fabulously! Things have been going great this past year, and the building of our new summerhouse was finished just last month. Oh, you really must see it, it's at the most beautiful lakeside location. And if your people ever feel like visiting, then please don't let them hesitate! Our gates will always be open to our friendly aqcuaintances." Her words trailed off a bit, as if she remembered something, but then she picked it back up. "Ah, but there is the issue of transportation, is there not? Travelling from one side of the nation to the other is no easy feat, especially considering the harsh conditions on the way..." Beatrice lit up again, having thought of a great idea. "I know! What if we make plans to prepare a route at sea, which would make it much easier? I'm sure we can make an agreement with any of your neighbouring countries so that you and your people may pass freely through to a port city. The Far West has also been interested in the wares produced at the Divine Forge for a long time, so if we could set up a trade system then we would be more than happy to lend you a couple of ships." She was then interupted by the entrance of a never before seen princess. Beatrice walked over to her, and greeted her the same way as the others. "Yes, princess Elythria, I've heard much about you! It's nice to finally see you here at our annual meeting." She then turned to Mokou as Aryakumara said hello to Elythria. "Let's discuss it in greater detail once the meeting starts."

    (Oh, and I'm just assuming that Princess Nation is surrounded by a large mass of water)
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  12. Once again, the Princess of Enchantment would be the last to arrive for the mandatory meeting. It's not a surprise, in all reality. Considering her kingdom is located in a fairly isolated region of the country. Not to forget, the princess experiences horrendous motion sickness. This causes several complications while traveling.

    Having to oblige her commands for frequent rest stops along their journey, the guards began to grow irritated with her weakened stomach. "My'lady?" One of the guards approached her carriage, speaking through the multicolored curtain that shielded her from the sight of prying eyes. "I'm afraid we're going to be terribly late."

    The princess didn't speak, but instead waved her hand through the curtain and gave the motion to continue onward. Obeying her command without question, the guard returned to his position and readied the horses. Enchantment's animals are massive, easily seen from distances greater than the human eye could reach. In addition to their tremendous size, these creatures are able to travel at impressive speeds when permitted.

    Although they usually have to reduce themselves to a painfully, agonizingly, slow pace for the princesses's sake, she now allowed them to carry on at their full speed. Inside the cabin, clenching her teeth and holding both arms wrapped tightly around her stomach, the Princess of Enchantment struggled to endure unfortunate sickness.

    Thanks to the quickened pace, the princesses's carriage finally arrived within the hour. The gates opened, welcoming the rainbow colored, jewel encrusted, carriage. "My'lady?" Once again the same guard from before came to the window. "We've arrived."

    She again waved her hand, signaling for the doors to open. The guard nodded, gripping the handle and the formally dressed young maiden exited. Despite the churning of her stomach and the dizziness behind her eyes, she presented herself with grace and pose.

    The princess, otherwise known as Althea Vesta Rhea was properly dressed for the occasion. She wore clothing that represented the kingdom that was entrusted to her. A strapless gown that contained all the colors of her kingdom. Black shoes, although hidden, were on both feet. The princesses's hair, because of its texture, could not be styled and just freely floated around her shoulders. Two sliver hoops hung from the base and tips of her ears, the only jewelry she prefers to wear.

    Althea approached the stairs, lifting her dress up slightly to avoid tripping. Golden eyes surveyed the building with amazement. Despite her prior visits to this location, the impressiveness of the center has never failed to bewilder her.

    Her Dress (open)
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  13. One man approached.

    Well, to call him a man would be inaccurate as he appeared more like a child. Short with bright blonde hair, pale skin and ethereal glowing green eyes, the young demon held a plush toy within his arms. It was small, only taking the size of his lower arm with pure white fur and two long white ears, tipped with balls of fluff. Its eyes were buttons and its mouth was sown up as the small limbs were loose against the young mans form. Disregarding the appearances, the young demon approached the grey palace with barely opened eyes as he yawned. "Hime-sama, we have arrived." Despite his child like appearance, the demon brought a chill to the air as the merciless tone escape his lips. He was one of the few who worked for the demon royal family, hence while he was the only one here. It was mostly due to the Princess' dislike for large crowds and other beings.

    Then it moved.

    The stuffed head shifted to it was resting against his torso, button eyes staring into green before a small voice replied. "I understand...Arigatou Yukimura." It was strange to see a demon with a name from another land but it seemed something his parents were reluctant on sharing. The doll had a idea though but she did not question it. This was also the reason that she spoke occasionally in the other language, as if to try and settle Yukimura who was the closest being to her within the kingdom. "I must go in alone may return to Azzorkar or wait for me." It whispered before it fell from the boy's arms. "Hime-sama, I will wait here till your return." After a short silence the doll seemed to nod before heading down the halls towards the room.

    However, the doll did not want to enter through the door for it would allow her to be noticed. Then again at the moment she was to small to be noticed. Reaching the doors the doll seemed able to push them open before slipping inside, approaching a seat where she struggled to get up on, even then she was to small to really be seen other than the ears. Watching the other princess' for a moment she eventually spoke up, the small doll seeming almost shy. "Ah...I'm Elerithe...Princess to Azzorkar the land of demons." She whispered, refusing to speak or move other than that.​
  14. The "Hime" at the end of her name bewilders Elythria, but she keeps the question mark that bounces around her head strictly off her face, not wishing to upset the princess who had called her such, instead smiling at the woman and bowing her head formally. "I thank you. Forgive me, but I know not of your name." She looks about the room a moment, realizing that she doesn't know any of their names. And so she speaks such, allowing a small amount of her confusion to show. "I do not know any of your names. If it does not bother you, I would like to get to know all of them so I do not upset any of you later on."

    Of course, she is nervous. Who wouldn't be? Sure, her kingdom is not poor, but they are close enough to it. She runs a kingdom of misfits...creatures that do not belong anywhere else. So there are going to be many complications. That is why she is here...perhaps to establish trade so that her economics can start to flow once more. Net growth just over the past month has diminished a frightful amount.

    It is the little hello that breaks her from her thoughts. Elythria looks down to the beautiful child, smiling brightly as her amethyst eyes sparkle. "My name is Pwincess Aryakumara." The little pronunciations of the little girl only makes Elythria's smile brighten. She crouches, taking the child's hand and placing a kiss upon it, a sign of Mythican respect. "Greetings to you, beautiful child. My, you are young, but your youth makes you so much more beautiful." Her fondness for young creatures makes Elythria appear the perfect ally to the young princess, and her compliments are as genuine as possible. "The head of my royal beasts has one female cub, her fur golden and blue, her eyes an emerald green...and even her beauty cannot compare to yours."

    Okay, so she can be a bit of a silver tongue.

    She rises just in time to be bombarded by a hug from another princess, one much taller than the child with beautiful golden hair. Instead of feeling shocked, Elythria returns the hug, feeling it is custom for this woman as the kiss is custom for her. "Pray tell, I have not heard of you yet. I am new to this princess business...Mythica is such a new kingdom. We're just getting on our feet."

    She pulls back gently, taking the woman's hand and placing a kiss upon it. "I look forward to discussing many things with you." She turns and looks at the others, her eyes even descending to look into the gaze of the child. "With all of you. We have much to offer to every kingdom, things you cannot find in other kingdoms."

    With that, she takes her seat, humming a small melody to herself as she awaits the final entries, her gaze resting on the doll a moment as she smiles, bows her head, and tunes herself into thoughts of the future.
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  15. Beatrice was left in awe over the way Elythria had answered her greeting. Of course, she did not know this, but in The Far West, placing a kiss upon someone's hand was a sign of deep affection. Her cheeks blushed into a deep, crimson colour. With a snap of her fingers and a burst of gold, Beatrice conjured up a rose patterned fan with which she frantically fanned her face to cool it down. Once her face returned to it's normal, milky hue as opposed to the nuanse of pickled beet it had taken on, Beatrice turned to face yet another new princess, and greeted her in the usual manner. "Well, I suppose I better introduce myself as well to the newcomers. My name is Beatrice Castigliano, and I am the princess of the kingdom known as The Far West." Kaguya observed the new arrivals, and decided to chime in. "I am princess Houraisan Kaguya of The Far East. I hope we will get to know eachother in greater detail during this meeting."
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  16. A sea route? There was a definite spark of interest in Mokou's eyes at the mention, but with the arrival of another princess, it was probably not the time to get into detailed discussion. "Absolutely! There's a lot of potential there." She stepped further into the room to allow the others to make their greetings and talk by the door; the area was going to get crowded if anybody else showed up.

    Before going far, however, she turned to address the princess of the Mythic Kingdoms again. "Sorry," and there was a hint of an apologetic chuckle there, a bit of a clash compared to the initial polite greeting. "I should have introduced myself before." She bowed low - in the masculine fashion, though likely only a few would know eastern customs to catch that - as she spoke. "I'm Fujiwara no Mokou, of the Ootori Kingdom...but just Mokou is fine." After some previous confusion about what her given name was, she always added that last bit. "It's a pleasure to meet you." Formalities done for the moment, she straightened and gave the other princess a small smile, not wanting to add to her nervousness.

    From where she stood, the brilliant dress and colorful hair of the princess of Enchantment was impossible to miss, but she didn't spot the small figure that slipped inside until after it had found a seat at the table. It took a moment for her to locate the speaker, hidden as it was in a chair made for much larger forms, but recognition hit once she did. "Greetings, Elerithe-hime." While the last direct contact their kingdoms had was some time ago, stories of Azzorkar had been repeated many a time in Ootori...though it was hard to tell how much of it was factual and how much was sake-fueled embellishment. Besides, between the other princesses, Althea was harder for her to talk to, Elythria was getting acquainted with the others, and she had already spoken to nearly everyone else. That did remind her of something, though...

    "Greetings to you too, Muu-hime. How have you been?" She always tried to be polite to the princess of Teacup; after all, that kingdom was Ootori's main source of tea. If she alienated them too much, then they'd have to get it from the Far East. Just the thought of the resulting look on Kaguya's face if that ever, it was far better to keep on her good side. (Which became hard to remember when people started choosing sides, but Mokou did try to remember. Most of the time.)
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  17. From the South, a carriage sours through the air pulled by two large pegasi, both black in color with silver armor and helmets, crested with the rearing alicorn symbol that marks their fine kingdom, eyes blazing as they mark the spot to which they must fly. Already, they are late, but the islands are a little ways off the coast, so it's only natural that they would fall a bit behind. Picking up the pace, they race towards their destination, carrying their ever-precious cargo in the intricately designed, shimmering golden carriage, leaving behind them streaks that appear much like the Northern Lights, shimmering green in and out of view.

    Before this year, the Equine Isles weren't even considered a part of Tiara. After all, they are islands off the coast of the mainland, and the only race that resides there are Equines...horses. Beautiful, magical horses. Never has another stepped foot upon the soil of the Isles...but their princess has always hoped to extend her hoof out to those on the mainland and share in the prosperity of her people. Now, the time has come. Onyxa cannot be more pleased at this.

    The pegasi land gracefully, galloping towards the Gray Place before slowing down to a complete halt. The door opens slowly as the two stallions bow low, wings stretched to their furthest extent. "Your Highness," they greet the one within in unison.

    First, a silver leg shoed with gold. Then, slowly, Princess Featherfree pulls herself from the carriage, a smile on her face. Her mane, a brilliant mixture of green, black, and gold that reminds one of the stars that stretch over the Equine Isles and can be seen from quite the distance, dances playfully on the wind as her golden green eyes peek over to the two pegasi. Next, her beautiful wings stretch out as the gown that adorns most of her body dances to the ground as the last of her legs touch the foreign soil. Around the golden fabric dance silvery white feathers that stretch out and dance much like her mane.

    She walks before the two pegasi, smiling and bowing her head slightly before laughing aloud. "Thanks for the ride, you two. Will you be leaving? I can send for you when I need a ride home." A giggle slips from her. "Or, you know...I could just get there myself." She flutters her wings playfully before forcing their heads to rise, winking to them. "Don't be so uptight. This is a good day for the Isles."

    The stallion on the left speaks first. "We will remain outside until you are finished, your Highness. We will be ready for your return."

    Nodding, Onyxa smiled again. "Very well, but at least take this time to relax a little. After all, I don't know how long I'll be in there."

    They both nod, but neither speak. After a moment of the silence, Onyxa gives a sigh before tucking her wings back against her body and walking to the stairs. Without any hesitation whatsoever, she opens the door and peeks her head in with a giggle and a small sound of surprise.

    "Oh, I didn't realize there were so many of you. Greetings! I am Princess Featherfree of the Equine Isles. May I come in?"
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  18. The Princess Aryakumara's eyes widened and her mouth dropped open when she saw the newest entrant. "P-pony." She stammered, staring at the unicorn pegasi mix. "Pony." She repeated like a broken record. "A PONY! A TALKING PONY!" She screamed, jumping up and down and looking like she had just seen the best thing ever. Which technically she had. A talking, unicorn pegasus pony creature. Every girl's dream.
    Forgetting herself for a moment, Aryakumara rushed forward and flung her arms around the equine, while feverishly muttering "Pony, pony, pony, pony!"

    However she wasn't the only one to stop, stare in awe and temporarily forget that she was a princess in the company of other princesses and she needed to be civil and not--

    "Holy fucking shit." Princess Muu breathed, staring at the creature before her. "What the fuck." It wasn't a question more of a statement that portrayed her surprise. Then she regained her composure, stood up and smiled and held out her hand for a handshake--Oh. Horses don't have hands. She thought and let her arm fall to her side. "I-uh...Greetings, I am princess Muu of Teacup. It is...A pleasure to meet you."
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  19. Kaguya had to cover her mouth. She wanted to scream, cry, or throw up. She wasn't completely sure which. In The Far East, horses were considered a rather noble, but primitive means of transportation, nothing more. They weren't allowed inside, and most CERTAINLY not allowed inside to be around a princess. She was starting to break a cold sweat, which was a terrible idea while draped in several yards of heavy fabric. Being the polite girl she was, Kaguya tried to welcome the new princess anyway, but it only came out as a muffled "Muffummumfu!" She had to tighten the grip around her mouth, as her face turned a slight green colour and she could hear her stomach rumble.

    Beatrice was also shocked. She snapped her fingers, and in a burst of gold, a carrot appeared in her hand, since her initial reaction was to feed the creature that had entered the meeting room and try to lure it back outside. But as she realized it was another princess, she made the carrot disappear the same way as her pipe. As Aryakumara gave Onyxa the chokehold, Beatrice figured she had to step in.
    "There, there, princess Aryakumara, let's not get too excited. Princess Onyxa is her to attend the meeting, after all, not to become your personal plaything." Beatrice walked up to the equine royalty, and greeted her the same way as the others, except she held her head rather than hugging her, since stretching her arms around a horse's body would probably prove difficult. "Welcome to the council. I am Beatrice Castigliano of The Far West, and I hope to share many interesting stories with you."

    (I realized some type of typing mistake made me spell Aryakumara's name wrong several times. I hope you understand that it wasn't on purpose.)
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  20. Though she hadn't seen the door open due to facing the central table, the sound of a new voice caught Mokou's attention. 'Equine Isles' was definitely not one she had heard of before. Several ideas as to why the place would be called that came and went, all discarded as unlikely as soon as they crossed her mind. She turned to see the other princess...only for a far more fascinating sight to stop her in her tracks before she actually saw the newcomer.

    A quite unladylike snort of suppressed mirth escaped the instant she viewed the look on Kaguya's face. For that moment, it didn't matter how or why the Far East's princess had that expression, just that it was there, because by the Phoenix did she look hilarious! The only reason why she didn't burst into laughter right then and there was an instinctive awareness that she'd only have so long to enjoy it. She half expected a blue gloom to materialize around those overly-pale features, it was so completely horrified...except it already seemed to be turning green. Oh, this was making Mokou's day! Whoever the newcomer was, she felt well-disposed towards that princess already, and she hadn't even seen her face yet.

    She was about to comment when she heard the reactions of Aryakumara and Muu, which seemed equally surprised...and something about ponies? What? She resumed the process of looking towards the door. What the others were saying didn't make any sense at a---

    "What in the...!?" It was a horse! A horse that talked! It had a horn! Was it a Kirin or something? How was that possible? No, wait a second, were those wings?! What exactly was she looking at? Mokou then kicked herself mentally, as that last sentence came out of her mouth by mistake. Not the best first impression...but to be honest, she was as surprised as anyone else. She had ridden a horse here, after all; having another one come in with a gown on and start talking just wasn't something she was prepared for. Although it didn't take much looking - and she was staring openly but she didn't really care right then - to tell that this horse was as different from her own horse as she was. For one, there was the clothes, and the speech, and the fact that she laughed, and no horse she had ever heard of was colored in such a way. Still bewildered, but somewhat willing to accept it in the same way as she had accepted 'a princess who spends time as a doll' and 'a princess that turns into a huge monster' previously, she pushed onward. To say that some of her resolve came from a desire to outdo Kaguya in this wouldn't have been inaccurate, either...

    "Greetings...Featherfree-hime, was it? I'm Fujiwara no Mokou of Ootori, it's good to meet you." And with that, she could go back to trying to figure out which one of the half a million questions she wanted to ask first.
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