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  1. are you a fan of PoP? What's your favourite game?

    I'm about halfway through Sands of Time and loving it
  2. Never touched any of them.

    Just might though.
  3. I've played through two of them, and greatly enjoyed both. :D
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  5. Prince of Persia: Warrior Within :3.
  6. I've played through all 3 of the SoT trilogy games, Two Thrones is definitely my favorite; it improved upon everything Warrior Within did badly and kept everything it did well. Especially when it came to the atmosphere.
  7. I played all the ones available on the PS2 way-back-when. They sort of all blended together so I can't really give a favorite, but I do recall enjoying them.
  8. Two Thrones. It's one of my favorites.
  9. I played the original Sands Of Time for PS2. I remember liking that game. Especially with the rewind and fast forward option. It was unique.
  10. I've played most of them including the Nintendo DS version which is different and worth a play through. I want to say it was called sands of destruction, but I could be thinking of another game. Otherwise sands of time on the PS3 I really enjoyed a lot and good replay
  11. Two Thrones was my favourite, I still really like Sands of Time, too. I have the HD trilogy on PS3 now to replace the Gamecube trilogy I had.

    Warrior Within was a game I really liked back in the day, but now I am tired of it. It's the combat heaviness I didn't like, I much prefer the stealth elements of TT.

    I'm also a fan of the cell-shaded Prince of Persia that was released on PS3/Xbox360, even though most people didn't like it.
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