Pressure of Appearance

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  1. View attachment 6983 Serenity sat cross legged on top of a picnic table. It was easier to be alone then around others. She wasn't like them and she never would be. Ever since she was little she knew she wasn't like everyone else. Her hands would randomly glow black. Pretty soon she figured out she could manipulate shadows. It made her feel powerful to move a shadow across the floor or make a black orb appear between her hands.

    When she was a child she would sit in her room for hours playing with her shadows. She would even giggle at times. Her parents immediately thought their daughter was crazy. They sent her off to therapists, and she was even placed in a youth hospital. Her parents felt embarrassed when professionals kept telling them nothing was wrong with their daughter. Soon, Serenity became more of a burden then a blessing. That's when her personality changed.

    Serenity went from a bubbly outgoing teenager, to one that stayed away from people. She began dabbling in more rebellious things such as horror core music, tattoos, piercings, and she even picked up smoking. She was only seventeen, so she shouldn't be smoking. Only once was she caught by her parents. She threw a fit when they ordered her to stop so since then they have never tried to make her stop again, but when she was brought home handcuffed one night, that was the last straw. Now, she has to tell her parents every where she goes. Her phone has a GPS locator so her parents track her every location.

    With a sigh she dropped her head into hands. Sitting at the park was relaxing, but she was still under the watchful eyes of her parents. She couldn't get away from them. Also the growing responsibility of having to worry about her younger sister had her down. Pretty soon she would be someone's role model, and she didn't feel ready. Serenity didn't feel good enough to guide her sister, but she knew she didn't want her little sister to end up like her.
  2. Demetri was in the park, along with his numerous siblings. Being the oldest had its tolls. Especially being one of the most powerful of nine siblings. That's right, Demetri had a gift. Or what he'd like to call--a curse. He never knew how to control his gift, so life was hard for him. As a child, he would simply throw a mini-tantrum from not getting attention from his father, and the curtains would burst into flames. His father had to teach him to control them, but sometimes his emotions would run wild and he would lose it.

    His sibilngs: Adyn--his twin, Luan, Drayke, Remy, Elijah, Jayce, Lukas, Cloud, and Rubee were all 'gifted' as his father liked to call it. Surely they were different from other families. Being so huge, was one odd thing. Having 'gifts', was another burden to carry. Demetri didn't even know what his powers were. He emitted light from the tips of his fingers, if it was hot enough he could make things burst into flames. His twin, Adyn, encased light and used it for energy, and did the same thing as Demetri. Luan, Elijah, Cloud and Lukas, played with Air, Earth, Fire, and Ice. Jayce, Drayke, and Remy all played with emotions of others. Rubee simply mimmicked her siblings' powers, not as powerful.

    The many of them got along with anyone and everyone who said hello. But deep in their home they were completely lost in the world, wondering if they were the only ones that had a curse thrusted upon them.

    Demetri let the Sun clothe the parts of his body that weren't already covered in his plain clothes. "Ready? HUT!" he heard Luan yell across the empty field. He heard Rubee's giggles as she ran across the field, weaving past all of the strong arms that tried to take her down. She easily grasped the ball, and curtsied. "Thank you, thank you!" she laughed as she did her mini victory dance.
  3. Voices from further in the park caught her attention. In the distance she saw several people playing... football? She had never tried to play, and she didn't know if she ever wanted to. Awhile ago she tried playing soccer. That was enjoyable, and she wished to continue but when she got distracted her shadows weren't controlled. They needed to stay controlled. Serenity couldn't be a freak, she couldn't allow herself to be one. Life with a power is hard enough, being marked as a weirdo would be harder.

    Soon she was entirely too interested in what those people were doing. After getting off the table she walked over to them and watched from a distance for a few moments. A girl just caught the ball. That was cute. A girl fitting in with all these guys. Oddly enough they all looked like each other. Then it dawned on her. This was that family from down the street. Her parents never understood why someone wanted so many children, they said it was financially straining.

    Deep down Serenity always wanted more of a family. Yeah, she had her parents and her little sister who is turning ten, but that wasn't enough. She couldn't talk to her sister about things that bothered her, nor could she tell her about the powers she holds. Part of her hoped that her sister was normal, that she didn't have some deep down monster about to let power explode in her little body. Serenity found herself wanting to go talk to them but fear held her back. They might reject her, maybe they weren't trustworthy, she didn't want to be hurt.
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    Jayce was excited his sister caught the ball, giving his team the winning points. "And Jayce's team wins...again!" he yelled out obnoxiously. Demetri laughed at Jayce's big ego. Rubee deflated it swiftly once she kicked the ball toward his bum. He yelped, and fell over on his face. The others all laughed, and cheered on Rubee for both her touchdown, and triumph of hitting Jayce. Rubee looked over, to see if Demetri was okay. She knew how he was, always tried to remove himself from the family. He liked to live in solitude, but deep down he wanted to someone to come in and help him. Show him things he's never seen. Besides the gift that they all received.

    Rubee looked around as the other all huddled, talking about what they might play next. She suddenly noticed Serenity far off in the distance watching them. She jogged over to Demetri. "Isn't that Serenity? From the neighborhood?" she asked him curiously. He looked over, and gave a silent nod. Rubee remembered when they were all younger, Demetri had a ultimate crush on Serenity. It was funny, because they never met. Which wasn't surprising, as they were the 'odd' family on the block. Demetri's stomach did a semi-flip, he still had faint feelings for her from third grade.

    Rubee was a hopeless romantic, and knew exactly what she wanted to do. Swiftly she jogged over to Serenity. "Hey, you're Serenity, right?" she asked her politely. Once Serenity quietly nodded, Rubee took out her hand for her to shake. "I'm Rubee Vazquez, the youngest of the Vazquez bunch. I noticed you watching the game...want to sit by Demetri to watch it up close?" Rubee prayed she'd say yes, knowing it would make Demetri's day.
  5. Having a girl trot up to her was a bit intimidating. Never had she had someone talk to her so.. determined? With a slight nod she followed the girl over to her brother. Serenity grew up with Demetri. They had been in elementary school together and even high school. He probably knew everything she has done wrong, and she immediately felt intimidated.

    Taking a seat next to him, she glanced over him quickly. He sure was attractive. She was nothing compared to him. Maybe just a little girl with multicolored hair. "Hi," Serenity said softly while digging the toe of her converse into the grass. When it came to guys she was never that graceful. She always turned awkward and silent. Her mom would tell her they were only people, but the thing was, they were cute people. Also, she couldn't intimidate guys, girls were easy to scare away... sometimes.

    "Why aren't you playing?" Serenity looked over at him with bright grey eyes. He looked like the type to be in sports, and he was built like the type to be in shorts. She was sure he could annihilate any competition. Nervously, she chewed on her bottom lip and stared at the grass. Even though it was quiet it was nice to have a companion. Serenity gave him one last look, this time a smile played on her lips a bit.
  6. Demetrius gave her a shy smile, his one dimple faintly peeking for Serenity to notice. "Hi, Serenity," he spoke in a smooth as silk voice. He watched Rubee give me a thumbs up, then get her head back in the game. Rubee was up to something as always. She loved to play matchmaker. This was the one time Demetri would ever agree. This time they were just going to play a little game of Soccer. Luan was a goalie, and Cloud was a goalie on the opposite end.

    Demetri shrugged his shoulders lightly when she asked him why he wasn't playing. Excellent question. If he placed all his energy into the game, the sport ball would combust into bright lights the naked eye couldn't even see. His unnaturally amethyst colored eyes looked over at Serenity. "My ankle is feeling a tad weak from yesterday's basketball match I had with Adyn," he mentioned lightly. He surely loved playing sports of almost any kind. Volleyball, basketball, tennis, football, baseball. He was good at practically every sport. He considered *that* a gift, not his infamous powers. 

    "So what're you doing out in the park on this lovely day? Your mom should be coming soon to scold you for being near me," he attempted to tease her. Everyone knew how stern Serenity's mother was. She had tight lines that sprayed faintly near the edges of her dark eyes. Her lips a thin line of stern, and her aura read that she must have her way. Demetri remembered when Serenity was bubbly, energetic and overall fun. Now, she was quiet, and moved with the shadows as if no one would see. Well, her mission failed, because Demetri always glanced her way for years.
  7. That one dimple caught her eye. It was so cute. As he spoke she couldn't help but glance at his lips for a split second. For a moment she focused on the game. It switched from football to soccer. How she longed to play soccer. Her heart was in it, but her mind kept her seated. Serenity couldn't risk allowing her shadows to slip out. She didn't know what consequences were to be had if anyone knew what was contained inside of her. Forever it would be her secret and hers alone.

    "Nope she let her leash out a bit," Serenity smirked. "I haven't been in trouble for awhile." Even though she knew she wasn't going to be in trouble, she stilled glanced over her shoulder to see if her mom was barging out the door. She was relieved to see that everything was quiet. Demetri had seen her being scolded several times. There is nothing more embarrassing than being chewed out in front of everyone in the neighborhood then again her mom probably felt the same way when every neighbor came out to see why police lights were flashing in the street. Boy, was that a fun night.

    Serenity knew Demetri has his eye on her every so often. Her on an off friend Shae would tell her so, but Serenity always pushed the thought to the back of her mind. He probably only looked at her cause she was weird looking anyway, or he was secretly judging her in his mind but sitting next to him now made her doubt all that. Maybe it was because he was attractive, or maybe it was because he actually talked to her in a way that made her feel human. All she knew was his voice was lovely, and she didn't want him to stop talking. "Is it hard having so many siblings?"
  8. A smile played with Demetri's lips, glad that her mom loosened the leash on her. His dimple fully blown out, and probing his cheek. "Well, I'm glad. Haven't seen you in a while," he told lightly. Demetri didn't look twice at the soccer game going on with them, ever since Serenity came and sat down. He was intrigued by her, always has. Demetri couldn't help but notice how her fingertips almost seemed to reach out toward the field. However, she stayed her ground. He was glad she did, because he wasn't through talking with her. Seemed like she wasn't done talking to him either. He's been waiting God knows how long to even have a full conversation with her. It just seemed like he was always too shy to talk to her.

    Demetri remembered the night when she came home, in a cop car. He wasn't able to sleep that night, as if his body yearned for the Sun to reappear. He always lost sleep, his body and powers keeping him up to wait for the Sun. Adyn was the same way as well, hardly getting a full five hour sleep. Once he saw the flashing blue and red lights, his heart went into his stomach. He didn't know if they came for him, or his family. But when the car stopped in front of Serenity's home, his heart sunk even lower. Why did she have a run-in with the cops? How could she? She just never seemed like the type to get into trouble, until she had started smoking. He knew, he could tell how she'd come to school a bit too relaxed, or the redness in her eyes. Sometimes her clothes would faintly smell of cigarettes.

    Hm, he's never been asked that question. How it is to have so many siblings. He had to think about it at first. Finally he answered, "It's fun, most of the time. Never get any privacy, or quiet time. I mean...I don't even remember being alone ever. I was born a twin," he replied. "What's it like, only having a sister? I don't know what it's like," he asked her, a bit embarrassed. He never had a normal life, with or without his curse. He felt worse for his siblings, none of them able to live a full normal life. They could only live half of a normal life. Demetri looked over at Serenity, waiting for her response. He just couldn't get his eyes off of her. She was different, in a bewitching way. Her gray eyes enticed him to know more about her, and her...aura pulled him in. She made him feel normal, which he's never felt before until now.
  9. His dimples were so cute. Part of her just wanted to reach out and touch them, or maybe she just wanted to touch him. "Yeah, it has been awhile," She said softly. The last time she ever really hung out with him was during lunch one day at school. That was a lovely day, until her mom came barging and pulled her out because someone had snitched to the principal about cigarettes in her purse. From that moment on life seemed to have just spiraled downhill.

    What's it like having one sister? Would she tell him the honest answer, or sugar coat it a bit? With a sigh, she decided it was better to be honest. "It's a burden," She murmured and looked away from Demetri. "I don't want her being like me. She just turned ten, and I know that soon enough she will probably end up looking up to me. I'm not much to look up to." Serenity shrugged and forced a smile. Having a family like Demetri had seemed so much more appealing, so much easier... so safe.

    A shout from his brothers caught her attention. Apparently a goal had just been scored. The game looked so fun but Demetri's attention was what she wanted. What she really wanted was to have him smile again. Those dimples just did something for her. Serenity smiled at the thought. Sure it was a random smile, but it definitely was genuine. "Don't be such a stranger anymore." She leaned against him slightly. "Don't worry about my mom."
  10. Demetri chewed the inside of his cheek, nodding in agreement. "Trying to change your image for her? I see what you mean, I had all of them look up to me at was terrifying, I thought they were going to end up horribly. Luckily, they turned out okay and all different from each other," Demetri said with a soft smile. Her smile was cute, and genuine just like he imagined. Better, even. Once she leaned against him, his stomach fluttered once again for the umpteenth time today. Something told him that it wouldn't be the last. He didn't mind it at all, he loved the mere thrill of her touching him and his body's reactions to them.

    Demetri never worried about her mother, she didn't really intimidate him. What he was worried about scaring her away with his 'gift', or just...messing everything up. She had a rough patch, he remembered all of the times she came to school, high or too relaxed. All the images flashed in his mind once more today, and it saddened him. If he wouldn't have been such a coward he probably could have helped her through it. That's what his problem was, having the dire need to help someone. Anyone, just because he couldn't help himself or his siblings. He glanced over as his brothers and one sister played the soccer game. Cloud was doing pretty well blocking kicks, while Lukas was taking the ball away from everyone.

    He looked over to Serenity then, wishing to see her smile one more time. "So after they finished this game we're planning to go back to the house and have lunch. Would you like to come with us? I...I'd really enjoy you coming," he murmured quietly. He wasn't so confident just in case she turned him down. He didn't know how he would handle it, but he'd work it out somehow...eventually.
  11. Everything was going fine, then he invited her to his house. What should she say? She hasn't ever been to someone's else.. well.. not in awhile. "Yeah." She nodded a bit then her smiled widened. "Yeah i'd like that. I need to ask my mom." Serenity sighed before standing up. "Come with me?" She stretched her hand out for him to take.

    How would her mom react about her asking to go over to Demetri's? It would sure be a surprise if she said okay. Maybe that's why serenity asked him to come. With him there maybe there was more of a chance to get a yes, or maybe it was the fact that she felt normal around him. He treated her like a friend would treat another. Not like some angsty rebellious teenager. Serenity looked over at him and smiled a bit. What was it about him?

    Soon she began wondering if he could be trusted to know her secret. He had been around her whole life, maybe not in the spotlight but around the edges. Maybe he is different. From that moment she promised herself she would tell him. Not today, not tomorrow, but she would tell him.
  12. Demetri was surprised that she even said she'd like to come with him. Now she was asking for his hand so he could go with her to ask? This was all too much for him! He nodded silently, not able to trust his voice. He knew his brothers and sister would be okay without him for all of five minutes. "I thought your mom didn't like me?" he asked her quietly as he took her hand and walked with her. He wasn't sure if he should still hold her hand, but let go. His heart sunk a bit back into place once he let go of her hand. He wished that he just would have held her hand, and walked with her hand in hand to her home. He knew it wouldn't help the case walking so close to him, but he didn't move from her side at all as they walked to her home. He was actually starting to get nervous as they got closer to her home.

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  13. When he let go Serenity glanced over at him. It sort of felt as if some of her courage had faded. Finally, the got to the door and she walked in, motioning him in as well. "Mom, I have a question," she said rather sweetly. "What do you want?" Her mom came around the corner then put on a smile noticing her daughter had a friend. "Mom, I was wondering if I could hang out at his house with him and his siblings?" Serenity said all nice hoping that maybe her mom would would say yes. The room was silent for a few moments "You better not be lying to me Serenity Nicole. Go ahead." She waved them off.

    Serenity squealed with happiness once they got outside and wrapped her arms around Demetri's neck in pure excitement. She felt so free, so trusted. Maybe she should be nice more often. It's freeing, and her mom allows her to go out. Maybe being a good kid isn't that bad. Could Demetri be her way of changing. "Thank you for coming."

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  14. It's fine, don't worry about it. (:
    Demetri was surprised when Serenity wrapped her arms around his neck, that he froze a bit. He then relaxed, as he got used to it. He even hugged her back softly squeezing her. He chuckled quietly, and nodded, "You're welcome, anytime I'm happy to help," he told her softly. He took her hand, and walked off back to the park to get the others. "C'mon guys, lunch time," he yelled. It was funny how they all paused, and grabbed their things and ran off to the house. Demetri stayed behind with Serenity, wanting to slowly walk to the house, loving the time they spent alone.

    "So, what're your plans for the rest of the day?" he asked her nonchalantly.

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  15. It almost felt too soon to be acting like this with Demetri. Serenity was a bit eager about because no had ever paid her much attention, and Demetri made her feel normal.. well as normal as she could get. There was just something about him that called to her. Everyone had secrets in their past, so maybe he had one as well?

    "Well, I don't really have any," she said softly with a shrug. "I'm going to hang out with you.. then probably go home. That's about all I do." Serenity giggles and looks up at the sky. Tonight would be a good night to sneak out. Maybe that's what she would do. Find a way out of the house and look up at the sky. Stars are always so nice. Plus, in the dark no one could see the shadows that kept her safe.

    She knew it was foolish to use her power outside of her house. Part of her did it for the danger, but another part did it because she wanted to be found out. Serenity grew tired of keeping a secret from the world. What could happen if she was found out? She could be run out of town or sent off to be tested... be tested, that's a funny thought.

    "Sneak out with me tonight?" Serenity asked boldly.
  16. Demetri was appalled by her outburst, of wanting him to sneak out with her. "Actually, I was going to ask you that," he told her with a shy chuckle, as they made it to his front porch. He sat down on the first step, and beckoned her to take a seat right next to him. "Where were you planning to take me ?" he asked her in a different tone of voice. Somewhat flirty, but shy at the same time because he didn't want to seem so forward.

    Serenity made his true color shine through, no matter how hard he didn't want to show her how flirty, out-going, and amazing he was. He bit his lip, as he waited for her response. At night, he was more safe because the Sun wasn't there to taunt him, to use his powers. However, the night also taunted him too. He was a bit...intimidated by the night, as if it wanted to fight with Demetri. Sometimes, he swore he was slowly slipping into insanity when it came to things like that.
  17. "I was probably just going to take you to the park." Serenity nodded then motioned up. "I love the stars. There is something comforting about the shadow." Her voice faded as she looked down at her hands. She felt the power of the shadow beneath her skin. Part of her wanted to release her shadow. It feels relaxing when she is letting all that built up energy, but she couldn't do it now. Not in front of him.

    The notion that someone was flirting with her was new. She had always been the freak of the class and the school. A guy never took a shine to her. Not until now, and she didn't want to lose that. Serenity leaned closer to him and looked up at him with soft grey eyes. "I'm glad you wanna sneak out with me tonight," she said softly and placed a soft kiss on his cheek. That move may have been too bold. Who knows?
  18. "Ah, you love the night, don't you?" Demetri asked her with an eyebrow raised in wonder. He noticed how she was having an internal fight within herself, as if she wanted to do something. It was more noticeable then when they were at the park, and she wanted to play soccer. He knew that look, he got like that...when he didn't use his powers after a while. It was as if so much energy was in you. Like you were an overfilled cup, waiting to just knock over to spill all your contents as far as it could go.

    He blinked slowly, shocked that she kissed his cheek. He was happy, and content with what just happened. His body relaxed, and he gave her a big smile. "I'm glad you asked me, can't wait for tonight," he murmured to her with a soft smile on his lips, as he looked down at her.
  19. Serenity never really enjoyed the feeling of the built up power. She always wanted to find a way to release it in public. In school she would sneak off to the bathroom and hide in a stall as she played around with her shadows. "Yes, I love the night. It's easier to blend in. It's comforting." Serenity smiled and rubbed her hands together trying to appease the pulsing power within. Sometimes just expelling in little bit of energy helps, sometimes it doesn't.

    "I'm glad you wanted to come tonight." She nodded. His smile was absolutely heart melting. This guy was different. She was going to hold onto him. "So your parents don't mind you being alone with a girl?" Her mom would flip. At the moment she thought that Serenity was inside with the whole family being watched. What she doesn't know won't hurt her.
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