Predator: Eyes of the Demon

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  1. Outer Rim of Earth, 2018

    The silence of space was interrupted by the lound hum of the appearing Yautja ship. On board were multiple hunters from the lowest to the highest ranking. More importantly, on board was Iron Side, a well trained youngblood predator being sent to leave his mark. But where was the question, or more likely, how?

    Iron Side was on board greeting the Elder Predator in his trophy room. The walls were lined with skulls of exotic beasts, humans, xenomorphs, and the rougue of their kind. Iron Side couldn't help but look around and admire the honorable hunts these trophies represented, the effort, the mastery put into them. Then the elder came
    in and Iron Side got down to one knee in respect. The Elder hit the bottom of his spear on the floor, of the room the clicked for Iron Side to rise. Iron Side obeyed his order and the recieved his mission. He was to go Earth's most humid and crime infested of domain, Louisiana. Baton Rouge to be exact, it'd would be during summer like every hunt.

    Iron Side bowed to his superior, then when for the armory of the ship. He grabbed his lpear, shurieken, his plasma caster, net launcher, and what he never took off, his wrist blades. Now he was armed, knew his mission, and was ready to drop.

    Iron Side:
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  2. Adrina, or just Adri, was sulking around her house. Two days into summer break and she was already on trouble. What exactly had happened? Well, as usual, she had decided to celebrate the start of summer by kicking back and relaxing. Which, amongst her group of friends, meant getting a slight buzz.

    As luck would have it, Adri's father caught her and grounded her. Honestly though, it wasn't as if she hadn't had enough influence of it throughout her life. That was a story for another day though. For now, all Adri knew was that she was being sent off to Baton Rouge with her grandparents.

    Adri's father shouted from outside, honking the horn of his car. "Get out here! You can spend all day in the house, but you'll get to Louisiana at some point."

    She sauntered out of the house, duffel bag in tow and with a stoic expression. "Let's go then," she muttered, getting into the car. It would be a long two hours before she was in her grandmother's house in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
  3. In the black of space, Iron Side was flying around in the ship still waiting to be deployed. But it required timing. If they immediately launched him into battle, his hunt would make him anonymous in seconds. The Yautja were people of honor and secrecy, so they had to wait before sending him in. Iron Side looked at the wrist blades on his right gauntlet feeling anxious. He quickly shook it off with a loud grr and went back to waiting. Then the hour came, Baton Rouge was under going a drug war, between corrupted cops, local thugs, and higher up crime bosses. Leaving the people to revel in the winners achievements. Some citizens lived to get high and die, while others merely got caught in the cross fire. This became a problem within the hunter's game, so Iron Side will be sent to take back their ground.

    And with his mission at hand, Iron Side's pod was launched from the ship. Inside his pod were extra weapons, like a spear gun and a dagger. His hunt was one of great importance, so his elder instructed him to be weary and be careful of hostiles. His drop was timed with a meteor shower that came through, allowing him to land behind an abandoned factory. His ship activated it's cloaking system and Iron Side exited into his knew playing ground.
  4. She glared at her father's car as it left and until it finally turned a corner, out of her sight. Adri turned to the house she had been dropped off at. Tall, a bright yellow, garden decorations. It looked exactly as it had the last time she had visited. "Adrina!" a cheery voice called. Her grandmother stepped out of the house, slowly.

    Adri walked to her, not wanting to wait for the little old lady to get to her. "Hey grandma," she greeted, forcing a smile. After the standard 'you're so big' speech, Adri was finally led into the house. Her grandfather was watching the news where latest news on the drug wars and such were being broadcast.

    "Hey kid, you're right on time," he said, smiling. -For what? To be killed in the crossfire of a shootout?- Adri wondered, though she didn't say it out loud. "There's a meteor shower scheduled for tonight." -Goody- she thought sarcastically, though she feigned excitedness.

    Though, that night, Adrina did look out the window, wondering when the shower would start.
  5. Finally the shower began quickly after Iron Side's landing. He looked up as the streams of silver lighting passed down through the skies, passing up starts, gliding through the galaxy carrying the wishes of the innocent humans. Leaving behind the fact of showing someone, that they only have one chance at making a wish, and making it true. The lights reminded him of the lights of the hunt, all the while reminding him of his.

    The hunter lunged up to a rusted balcony and pulled himself up, then started scaling the rest of the building. When he reached the top, Iron Side took off his invisibility and looked at the streets swarming with civilians. His cloak turned back on and he jumped down into an alley.

    A few thugs started walking bye so Iron Side switched from thermal vision to neuro. His neuro vision would allow him to scan their brain, identify them by age, gender, and profession, as well as their gang. Come to learn, they are with the Cartel, a gang of hispanics notorious in the druig business. The two men got into a white cadilac 1997 and drove off. Iron Side switched back to his thermal, and began hunting.
  6. Adri sighed and sat down on her bed. "Useless, wishes on those things are useless," she muttered to herself. She looked around the small room, still decorated pink from when she was younger. It wasn't that late... Maybe she could just go out for a walk.

    She waited for her grandparents to say goodnight before she got out of bed and dressed quickly. Wearing simple jeans, a tank top, and converse, Adri slipped out of the window and into the night. She let the night air cool her before she started walking along the side-walk.
  7. The two thugs on the run soon came to a stop at an alley way. hidden behind an cajun resturant. Iron Side took his position on a fire escape and watched them exit from the back of the building. One was a common thug of the gang, and the other seemed to be a gang boss. The stopped for a moent and started having a chat. Iron Side zoomed in closer and started listening and scanning for names.

    "Is the shipment here yet?" asked the boss, cracking his knuckles at the subordinate. "Yes, sir!" he answered, "All the crack- cocaine you could ever snort. It'll last you and your business partners a life time, amigo. But listen, 'ese, you've got alot of enemies that'll kill for this shit. You got me?" The boss suddenly pinned the grunt against an alley wall and began to strangle him. "Watch what you say, pandejo!" he shouted then let him go.

    Iron Side watched as the two walked in seperate ways. The boss got back in the car, while the grunt walked the other way. He stayed quick on his feet and jumped down without a sound. He walked up behind him before he could turn around, then grabbed his neck and snapped it like a twig. Iron Side was smart enough to know that he had to hide his kills until further notice, so he dragged it off and hid it at the top of a building.

    He then made his way over to the edge of another building and saw the car passing bye, it must have been heading for the shipment down by the city docks if Iron Side was right.
  8. She walked aimlessly for a while before she ended up somewhere in the town. Adri started to think it was time to turn back, it was getting dark and this part of town didn't seem very friendly. Something kept her walking though. Maybe it was just her rebellious side though, not wanting to return to her grandparents' house.

    Adri kept walking, turning absentmindedly down a few streets. After a while, she knew that the docks were not that far from where she was. It was at that point that Adri decided it was time to head back. Though, she knew, it would take a little less time to get back if she walked through the docks, then cut across a few yards. Well... More than a few, but at that time of night, no one would really notice her. Anyway, she didn't want to have to back track the way she had come. She got a bad feeling from the area she had been in.
  9. It wasn't long for until the car lead Iron Side to his kill point. In fact, it was mere minutes before he hid himself at the top of a shipping container. His camo made him like a ghost, unseen and undetected bye the naked eye. He croutched himself low and watched from a distance. The eyes of his visor eyed from side to side listeniing close for the right time to strike.

    "Yo, you got the shipment , holmes?" asked the boss. And seconds after he did, ten more men showed up and started presenting kegs of cocaine.

    "Yeah, man, I've got all you need," replied the dealer.

    A moving truck came bye and opened it's back doors, thugs started loading up the barrels worth of coke in a hurry. Besides, who knew when the cops would show up? Or if a snitch came bye? Either way, Iron Side was to be their executioner.
  10. She noticed the movement by the docks, but disregarded it. After all, she didn't want to get involved in anything bad. She walked quicker and quieter, not wanting to attract attention to herself. Though, she was extremely curious as to what they were doing, but Adri continued walking.

    Her legs were starting to hurt now, after having walked so much. Adri had subconciously slowed down, now walking at a slow, leisurely pace. She still walked quietly, but it would take her a longer while to get back home.

    Adri looked up at the sky. It was still a pitch black, so she assumed she had a lot of time before the sun would start rising. As Adri stared at the sky, she didn't notice the rock in her path. Kicking it, the rock flew forward, making clacking and thudding noises. "Ah f..." Adri muttered. She hurried forward, ducking behind some crates that sat nearby.
  11. It was quiet for a moment, but Iron Side was brought from the silence by the sound of a rock. But he wasn't the only one to notice it, the thugs did too. About three of them dropped everything and went to go check it out, while the others stayed behind and continued work. One searched over to the left looking around through dumpsters, the others looked down alleys and in old windows, while the third came across a girl.

    "Eh amigos, look what I've found," he shouted as he reached out and snagged her by the hair. Iron Side watched as the man dragged her over to the group, while their boss approached to confront her.

    "Well look at 'dis, we've got spy boys. " he mumbled leaning closer to her ear. "You know what we do with spys little girl?" he asked sinisterly.

    Iron Side got up to his feet and activated his wrist blades. He was going to make this hunt a quick one, and if possible, painfull.

    "Take her to storage room, I'll deal with her later."
  12. Adri gasped as she was dragged off. "Woah woah woah, wait a minute," she said, smiling nervously. "Me? A spy? Do I look old enough to be a spy? I was just walking past and I tripped one a rock," she tried explaining. "Look, I promise I won't tell anyone. As a matter of fact, I didn't even see or hear anything until now."

    That was the truth, but obviously the men didn't believe her. She was dragged off to a storage room. "Aw come on!" Adri complained as she was thrown inside. The door closed and she was left in the dark room.
  13. The shipment was loaded up, the thugs went inside to revel in their capture, and in their rake in of drugs. The truck probably would be moving out in the morning, so Iron Side would have to strike now. Especially thanks to the new addition to his mission. A girl on a stroll gets herself captured by a group of murderous thugs, to be saved by what her people would call, a demon.

    The door to the factory they kept her in was guarded by a single man. Thanks to Iron Side's thermal vision, he could see them before they'd see him. He took care of the first man basically like any other. He copied his companians voice and called him towards him, when he took the baid, he leaped from the building and crushed the man beneath his feet.

    After that, Iron Side knew running inside would probably get him noticed quickly, especially if the lights were on. He climbed his way patiently to the topp of the building and came across a sky light for the front room. From what he could tell there was a entrance, a hallway, then the storage room. But how to get in with caution? Iron Side turned his vision to tech vision, and located a power line the was for the circuit breaker of the building. if he busted that, the lights will go right out.

    Iron Side quickly dispatched of the breaker and the lights went out in seconds. The thugs started freaking out and sent a man outside to check it out. When he did he saw two slash marks across the hull of it, then was lifted off the ground and had his spine ripped out. Making a loud scream as it happened.

    "Carlos?" called one of his friends, tip toeing over to the door.

    Before he could reach it, Iron Side opened up the door and stuck someone to the wall with his shurieken, then dashed to the left and stabbed another in the back with his wrist blades and lifting him in the air. Iron Side then tossed him aside and threw his spear into the next one, sending flying across the room and pinned to a wall. Iron Side then uncloaked for the rest to see and continued on with the slaughter.
  14. Adri was thinking she was doomed. "Ah great, why does bad stuff happen to... Me?" she asked, sitting on the floor. "Now I'm going to die!"

    Upon the sound of screaming she stiffened. It wasn't angry screaming, it was horrified-death screaming. She covered her ears and curled up in the corner of the room. "What's going on now?" she whispered.
  15. It wasn't long before Iron Side reduced them to just one man left. The final adversary was covered in his men's own blood, it was the boss. Iron Side was always trained to make the most valued kill into a game, make the moment last, fill them with limitless fear, then strike. But the man had seen him, so fear would have to be through stealth, and with that thought in mind Iron Side turned invisible and flashed his visor at that man.

    The boss ran for his life busting back through the door to the hall way, shooting at anything he thought was moving. Iron SIde merely jumped up through the sky light and stalked the man the whole way on the roof tops. He then entered the room with the girl, making paniced sounds and shaking like crazy. As if he could feel the predator breathing down the back of his neck constantly.

    He felt around the walls and found an emergency power switch, then flipped it on. But seconds after, the light bult blew a fuse and stated swinging back and forth, flickering on and off. Then Iron Side found this as the perfect chance and jumped through the sky light and landed behind the boss. The drug lord quickly turned to the sound and was stabbed in his stomach by Iron's wrist blades, then slowly lifted off the ground as he uncloaked to show himself to him. And just has he did, the light went back to normal and shined brighter than a new lamp.
  16. Adri had squeezed her eyes shut, her ears still covered. "Aw man, don't kill me!" she shouted, shivering. She didn't dare look up, not even when she felt glass shattering down as the sky-light was broken. She felt a tear stream down her cheek as she heard the man scream. She could feel another presence in the room, and she could only pray that it was a "good-guy".

    She repeated a continuous string of swears under breath. After a few moments, she began a new phrase. "I need the cops," she said, repeating it over and over again.
  17. Iron Side had done it, his first kill of his mission was accomplished. Though the cartel were no push over gang, word would spread quickly after tongiht. Other gangs would rise to the occasion to take over, putting more people in jeopardy, jst like the girl. It almost slipped off the hunter's mind that she was here but she never looked up. Iron Side took a few minutes to take the head of the drug lord, then mounted it on his belt. He then walked over to the girl and crotched in front of her, performing a neuro scan on her to decide whether to kill or spare her.

    The visor of his screen formed a green triangle, letting him know she was innocent, and a dishonorable kill. Taking her life would shaming the Yautja name of pride. He was leaning in close enough to where the sound of his clicking was a undrownable sound.

    Iron Side just hoped she didn't look up.
  18. She opened her eyes, looking down at the cold, stone floor. "What's that sound?" she whispered to herself. "Aw, I just want to go home. I won't do bad things anymore."

    Slowly, Adri looked up. Her eyes widened at the sight of Iron Side. She pressed herself up against the wall, her voice catching in her throat. She couldn't speak or scream, so she simply sat there, staring at the being before her.
  19. And minutes later, he spoke way too soon for her not to see him. He was right there in plain sight for her and impossible for her to forget after such a close look. He stood back up to his feet and noticed how she kept so quiet. Obvisously she was being frantic on the inside, but was so frightened she couldn't speak words for the life of herself. Or maybe she could and he didn't know, either way he'd been seen. Most likely, she'll never forget seeing a 8 foot creature standing in front of her armed to the teeth.

    After about three more minutes of looking at her, he heard sirens coming. Which meant someone around the area heard the screams. Iron Side couldn't stay any longer, otherwise he'd be more made than he already was.

    He sprinted back into the front room and retrieved his spear and shurieken. Leaving behind weapons was another way to become discovered, as well jeapoardize his mission. Iron Side placed his spear on his back and the shurieken back on his belt. But what of the girl, if he left her here she'd be framed for the deaths. His only choice was to bring her along with and maybe convince her it's a dream. He went back to her room and held out his clawed hand to her, waiting for her choice.
  20. The sirens and motions of the creature brought her back to her senses. Adri stood up, sliding up along the wall. "Good lord..." she gasped. "I'm going insane. No wonder my dad doesn't want me..."

    The being came back with more weapons and Adri pressed herself against the wall. It held out is hand and she looked at it for a few moments. "This night couldn't possibly get crazier," she muttered, putting her hand in Iron Side's. "Hell, this is better than getting caught in a warehouse with dead guys."