INTEREST CHECK Pre-WWII historical fantasy, anyone?

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Which country are you interested in?

  1. Germany

    8 vote(s)
  2. Japan

    6 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Germany or Japan, c. 1925-1939
    Characters aged 12-20
    Themes: “Coming of Age”, “Through a Looking-Glass Darkly”

    The characters find themselves stepping sideways into a strange fantasyland where creatures of legend dwell, and yet which oddly mirrors their own. This land is ruled by a terrible prince and his cadre of faithful champions/enforcers. The characters are swept up into a web of intrigue and mystery as they waver between realities and try to escape the penalties of crossing boundaries not meant for mortals to cross, while dealing with the dark clouds gathering over their own world. Soon, lines begin to blur on both sides, and they develop unforeseen new talents.

    This RP would take place during the timeline of events leading up to World War II, and would be set either in Germany or Japan. (Feel free to note your preference.) Characters would be preteens, teenagers, or very young adults. It would involve a fantasy world influenced by the mythology of the chosen country AND the historical real world setting, complete with the relevant political climes. This could potentially be a jump-in roleplay, but I would like to get a dedicated group involved. NOTE: My current RP, Penumbra, is my main focus at present, and I do not intend to start this immediately. My best guess for E.T.A. of the OOC would be in two weeks.

    Let me know if this sounds interesting.
  2. Oh yay! We can watch Hitler's rise to power! That would be fun!
  3. It sounds interesting. I can't decide if I want to go with Germany or Japan though...
  4. sounds interesting :)
  5. I have interest and a vote for Japan being the country of origin!
  6. :D Japan. I think. Crap. I'm nuetral.
  7. Japan FTW :3
    I'm In :)
  8. KEWL, dude.
  9. I vote Japan as well.
  10. Ah. I'm concvinced. Japan.
  11. I'm interested in the German plot, but I'd love to be a Soviet from Estonia if that's possible! >_> (Even though Estonia was part of the Soviet Union at that point...)
  12. Poll added to make this a little easier.
  13. I said it before, I totally vote for Germany! I would love to be a Swing Kid during this time, or the complete opposite and be a Hitler Youth. :D
  14. I voted Germany.

    The fact of it being in Japan is just a complete turn off for me. D<
  15. Haha for me it doesn't matter but would prefer japan xD
  16. I know more about Japan than Germany, but I SUPPOSE research isn't entirely impossible. >_>
    I'll consider this more when the OOC comes out.
  17. Needs more Italy.
  18. I'm called Northern Italy in my group of friends in high school x3 (From Hetalia). As well as Chrona, and a lot of other characters.
  19. I don't like Italy. D:<

    Bulgaria is acceptable.