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  1. Evelina stared at herself in the mirror. She was sure that she had never donned a dress so beautiful or well designed before. The gold thread lined a deep V at her neck as well as trailed a low corset down her back. The dress itself was a vibrant blue colour, apparently a favourite of the Prince. Her translucent wings poked out from the back, but were mainly covered by her long, waist-length waves of strawberry blonde hair.
    She sighed at herself and fixed a few pins into her hair, pulling it from her face. The young fairy just had to remind herself that this was for the best. When the Prince was married to his wife and became King, she would be free - and with a handsome payment from the current King, as well. Evelina was merely a woman he could try his charms on, essentially practice his love making skills. The thought made her shiver a bit, to be used in such a way, but the light at the end of this dark tunnel beckoned her.
  2. Ibitico's long black hair was being 'fixed' by one of the maids. And by fixed, it meant being pulled and shaped in random directions, trying to make him look more 'presentable' for his new mistress.

    "Woman if you make another attempt to rip out my hair!" Ibitico's rage rose as his red skin darkened with his fury. His large, fully black eyes had grown in size as he turned to face his attacker. The maid, already knowing of Ibitico's temper had dropped the comb on the floor and walked away in silence.

    Groaning in disappointment, Ibitico knew he would have to apologize later if he wanted to keep his maid this time. He didn't mean to yell, but it was so hard to contain his anger. Especially, especially, when the damned women of the castle tried to fix his unruly hair. None of them knew what they were doing when they tried to tame his wild, busy hair. They all thought the best approach was to comb through the thick mess dry, and they apparently all became deaf whenever he gave a complaint from the pain.

    "Send her in." Ibitico called out from behind his closed bedroom door, knowing there was a guard behind it to take orders. When he heard his guard leave, he began to finish preparations for the first meeting on his own. Luckily mostly everything was set up for him. His king-sized bed with all black sheets was already washed with an array of floral scents and sprinkled with rose petals from the garden outside. All he had to do now was light a few candles, dim the lights, and make sure he was presentable.

    "Yikes..." Ibitico caught a glance of his wild hair in the mirror, and immediately regretted pissing the maid off. With a defeated sigh, he put his hair into a simple ponytail, controlling most of the unkempt look in a matter of seconds. After everything else was taken care of, he laid in the center of his bed naked, waiting patiently for his mistress to arrive.
  3. Evelina sighed softly to herself as she was pulled through the corridor by a large man in linen and had a musky, foul odour to him. Evelina just had to remind herself that soon, this would all be over. She had heard that the prince was not the most pleasant of creatures but then again, she was meant to have sex with him and then leave. That didn't leave much time for him to show his personality, and for that the young woman was thankful.

    "You will only leave when he tells you," the dirty man took her, grabbing the door knob and suddenly thrusting the young girl into the room. She stumbled a bit, and when she lifted her gaze to stare around the room, her eyes were immediately trapped by the sight of a tall man, laying naked on the giant canopy bed. For a moment Evelina just stared, and then her cheeks flushed and all thoughts left her mind. She clasped her hands behind her back and sighed, "hello..."
  4. When his mistress finally came, Ibitico perked up on his bed. At last he would finally see the woman he prepared for since the start of the day! When the guard opened the door and let her in, a wide smile spread across Ibitico's lips, he was genuinely happy to see her.


    Her greeting was meek, which had shaken Ibitico a bit. He wasn't sure if she was nervous or not, but she certainly wasn't as happy or as eager as he was. He had hoped that her attitude would soon change, or else the evening would be more boring than what he had imagined.

    "Hello, my lady of the night." Ibitico smiled as he tried to perk up the woman at his door. He took the opportunity to get a good look at her while she was fixated on his naked body. Her dress was beautiful in color and design and it honestly took a few moments for him to soak it all in. He didn't see to anything besides his presence in this whole ordeal, so he didn't know what to expect when the woman walked through his door. The maids of the castle surely knew his tastes, because the woman was just as lovely as the dress she donned. Seeing her beauty had reignited his confidence in the night and his smile had widened, showing off his large, square teeth.

    "Prince Ibitico. Why don't you come here so we can talk face to face?"

    Ibitico stroked the space next to him on the bed, getting bored of simply staring at each other. She was beautiful, but his money didn't go towards eye candy. The sooner the woman relaxed and became comfortable in her setting, the sooner they could enjoy each other.
  5. Evelina carefully approached the bed and watched Ibitico. He was handsome, his body hard and perfect muscles were etched into his skin, creating a plethora of lines and indents. Evelina was glad that he was at least good looking, and younger, too. She had been given no real details about the man to bed her, and thus she had been walking in blindly. At least she was pleasantly surprised.

    "My name is Evelina," she told him.

    Of course, Evelina was not naive and knew that Ibitico didn't just want her to sit and get to know him. He and the King had paid a handsome price for her services and she imagined he would want to get started immediately. She Evelina reached down and slowly removed her dress; the garment was tight and uncomfortable anyways, so she was even happy to take it off. Her underwear and bra were next to go, exposing her body to the warm spring air and his curious gaze. Finally Evelina sat in the bed, taking note of the dark silk sheets and comfy mattress. Well, at least she knew that she would be comfortable.

    Evelina primly clasped her hands in her lap and murmured, "I imagine you will want to get started right away... I am alright with that. No need to engage in pleasantries, Prince Ibitico."
  6. For the first time, Ibitico noticed that the woman had wings on her back. It had surprised him a little, even threw him off from his previous thoughts of sex. Would he damage the wings if he was top? Should she ride him? Would her wings feel like an insect's? They certainly looked as fragile as one. So many concerns had risen from this new finding that it almost made Ibitico miss the woman's name. Thankfully he caught it and kept it in his mind, because in the next few moments, he was captivated with the woman as she undressed herself.

    He wished he had spoken up, ask her to undress slowly so he could really take it all in, but he was too caught up in the scene that he found his tongue heavy and thick. When she sat near him, he was able to take in the wonderful scents that she had bathed in, and took a deep breath to fully intake every last aroma that attacked his nostrils. How lovely this woman was!

    When she stated that she was ready to begin, Ibitico could barely contain himself. With a hurry that wasn't at all prince-like, Ibitico grabbed Evelina and set her on his lap. When she was steadily sitting on his exposed lap, he went to embrace her. He wanted to remember this night, as it was already off to a good start. Ibitico may have been a hot-tempered warrior, but he had a soft heart. This meeting would be more emotional for him than sexual, and though it didn't have to mean that much to Evelina, he wanted to indulge in everything that was offered to him.

    "I'm glad that you are ready to start." Ibitico murmured as his arms gently wrapped over her thin wings and brought the woman close to his chest. The softness of her skin and wings was comforting to him, and though her wings didn't seem as fragile through touch, he still was cautious with them. When he ended the hug, he planted a soft kiss on her lips, trying to feel them for their texture as well as express his gratitude for her being there.
  7. Evelina was rather surprised by his forwardness but was glad that he had taken the lead. She really had little to no sexual experience and thus was unsure how to proceed. Of course the entire was simple - the man's item inside the woman, moving until they met their ends - but thinking of it was certainly than actually doing it.
    The young lady could feel his hardness up on her inner thigh and she sighed softly, searching Ibitico's face. The closer they were, it seemed the more handsome he got. A squared jaw and large, black eyes; he was the picture of masculinity and a true Prince. Evelina could see why so many men were trying to set their young daughters up with him. Evelina wondered if he had chosen a wife yet, but knew that it was none of her business. She was just a silly fairy from an unknown family; it wasn't like she could be any more than his "practice" wife.

    Biting gently on her bottom lip, Evelina's face flushed. She could feel her body reacting to his, breasts perking slightly and rosy peaks jutting out. The apex of her thighs was warm, and she reddened at the realization.
    "I... I am not going to lie, my Prince," she whispered, "I am very nervous. I am still unsure why they chose me, as I have little to teach about pleasing a woman."
  8. "That's great, as I would not want to be taught. I'd rather we explore on our own." Ibitico murmured before taking Evelina's lips once more with his own. He found that Evelina's lips were just as lovely as she was, and he sought to capture them whenever he could. Again, he made a mental note to apologize to his maids. They knew him incredibly well to have picked out this woman for him.

    After Ibitico had given Evelina a flurry of kisses, he went to explore her body further with his mouth. He ran a trail of kisses down her neck, breathing drunkenly as he inhaled the deeply ingrained perfumes coating her warm skin. As he grew excited with this, he carefully set Evelina on her back, allowing his mouth to comfortably explore her exposed body. Taking another step, Ibitico's large hands grabbed the small of Evelina's thighs and lifted her legs up to support themselves, giving him better access to her crotch.

    "I hope you don't mind a little foreplay Evelina." Ibitico looked into his mistress's eyes as one of his hands roamed up her inner thigh. He rubbed the outside of her core gently, testing the idea to Evelina before he began his work.
  9. Evelina gasped softly when he began to roam the lower half of her body. Part of her was just expecting him to get in and get out; that was how it was usually done, right? But it seemed that Prince Ibitico was more insistent on doing other things... things that made his mistress blush and heat up significantly. She had never felt a man's hand there because and was surprised when a burning need for him to touch her there filled her up. She raised her hips a little, a silent plead, and then whimpered. Was it possible to want something you had never ever tried before?

    The young woman slowly rested on her elbows, looking down at the Prince and sighed softly, biting at her lip. Was he really going to touch her there, or was it all just a grand tease in order for her to be distracted when he actually put his member in? Evelina wasn't sure, but knew she had little say in the matter; this was to gauge her reaction to his touch, after all.
  10. When Evelina didn't say anything at first, Ibitico was wary about continuing. But after hearing her whimper and seeing her hips raise to his touch, Ibitico understood her silence then as a yes. He wanted to start off slow, so he put a single digit inside of her, slowly moving it around to explore her cavern. She was incredibly warm inside, heating up his lone digit by several degrees the moment he entered. He enjoyed the heat, and clung closer to Evelina because of it.

    "Is this alright?" Ibitico gave Evelina a kiss on one of her exposed nipples, giving it a small lick before he raised his head to return his attention to her face. When he felt that Evelina was ready, he spread her further with another finger, moving the two fingers in opposite directions as he strove to go deeper inside of her. But even as he pressed and squirmed through her, he wasn't sure if he would continue. Pain couldn't be an option. At least not with Ibitico, who he himself had little tolerance of.

    "Should I continue?" Ibitico asked as he calmly nipped at Evelina's neck while his two occupied fingers went wild inside of her.
  11. Pain was the absolute last thing that Evelina felt. Though he had to press gently to get instead of her to wiggle around, it was only a brief amount of pain that was soon masked by immense pleasure. No man had ever touched her in this way but she was definitely getting used to it quickly. His fingers long and slender, and moved in a way that made Evelina squirm slightly and pleasure to build inside of her belly. Her mouth parted in a faint moan and she closed her eyes as he began to forge himself a little further into her.

    "Y-Yes," she whimpered to his question, eyes still closed, "'s good."

    She sighed softly and mewled as he began to push further into her, and then withdrew, slowly beginning to pump his fingers deep into her. Evelina couldn't suppress the sounds that left her mouth. Little moans and faint whimpers; she tried to bite her lip but the faster he moved inside of her the louder and more frequent they came.
    Evelina gripped onto Ibitico's bicep with one hand and the silk sheets with the other. Her eyes closed again and she moaned, "that... it... it feels really"
  12. Evelina's erotic sounds had given Ibitico newfound vigor. As she held on to one of his arms for support, Ibitico leaned forward to capture one her nipples again in his mouth, occupying more functions to keep himself busy. He began to nip and suck at her knob of flesh, finding the experience more engrossing than what was expected.

    His mouth switched occasionally from nipple to nipple, sucking and nibbling before leaving it bare to return to it's twin. And while he had his mouth busy, his deft fingers were still pressing into Evelina. Seemingly expert from their short applause of moans from Evelina, Ibitico allowed himself to explore deeper inside of her, pushing a few more inches of his digits to fully envelop them in Evelina's trapping heat. He loved that they were now coated with liquid, as it made it easier for him to move even faster inside of her.

    "You feel wonderful, Evelina." Ibitico managed to slip a sentence through in his oral interrogation of Evelina's breasts. He loved being so occupied with her, it stopped him from being bored and was thoroughly encouraged with Evelina's moans.
  13. Evelina jerked slightly when his hot mouth came to cut her nipples, which were poking out, asking immodestly for attention. She gasped when he bit down slightly on the tip of her, and then moaned when he lapped at the skin tenderly. She really wondered why he required "practice" at this sort of thing; he seemed to know exactly how to please a woman without having to gauge her reaction. But of course, Evelina was in so position to be arguing against it. Not only would she be compensated well for this service, but she was actually enjoying it, too. Her womanhood was getting slick and wet, an indication of her body's positive reaction.

    Without even seeming to notice it his big thumb was rubbing against her sensitive nub as he moved his fingers around inside of her, and Evelina whimpered, the pleasure being to mount. She knew that she was going to climax soon if he didn't stop, and yet she wasn't able to stop it. Her body grappled for the release, wanting to feel that tingle in her toes and her nerves on fire.

    "Umm," she moaned as he began to pick up the pace a little bit. Evelina bucked her hips up against his hand, encouraging him to go faster, to bring her to her climax. She was sure that she had never wanted something so much in her life. Tipping her head back, Evelina moaned, "I... I... Prince Ib-Ibitico... I'm... I'm going to..."
  14. Seeing Evelina's hips respond so lewdly to his touch, Ibitico increased the speed of his penetration. Ibitico didn't know why, but he loved Evelina's small reactions; The moans, the stutter of speech... Oh his wife had to be just like this! Now that he had tasted the thrill of seeing a woman reach her peak because of his actions, he wouldn't be able to get enough of it. He couldn't settle for less, he demanded the best possible control; the control given willingly.

    With a husky sigh, Ibitico's black eyes closed momentarily in his second-hand pleasure. He doubled the speed and power in his finger's miniature thrusts, taking in Evelina's sexual groans slowly like fine wine. His eyes snapped open and returned to Evelina's face, watching her intently as his dominant hand worked on her lower end. His deep voice filled the room with his following command,

    "Finish, Evelina. I want to see."
  15. Evelina's hips jerked up against his hip, her body begging him for more and her mind growing fuzzy. She could only faintly hear Ibitico's soft words, commanding her to finish what he had started. Her heart hit wildly against the wall of her chest, and Evelina gripped at the bedsheets, closing her eyes and giving into the wonderful tingles that flowed through her. She could feel the inside of her body jerking and spasming, and she imagined that the Prince could feel it around his fingers.
    However, there was little time for shy or sheepishness. The Prince knew how to send her over the edge and worked his fingers rapidly inside of her. It was only a mere few seconds after his command that Evelina felt herself release around him. She let out a sharp, high pitched moan and closed her eyes, hips suddenly going limp on the mattress. Pleasure coursed through her, and the blood rushed to the apex of her thighs. Evelina felt like she was floating on a cloud, her body on fire but at peace.

    "P-Prince...," she whispered as she began to come down from her climax. It had lasted longer than she could have ever anticipated, and her toes tingled as she finally began to open her eyes.
    Suddenly he was resting over her, and Evelina reached up to stroke the dark hair from in front of his eyes. Her own gaze was just in little, lusty slits, her breathing still ragged and her chest heaving. "Mmm...," she moaned breathlessly. She could feel his manhood pressing against her slit and her eyes opened a little more, his tip teasing her wetness. "Ummm...," she whispered.
  16. (OOC: Since you wanted to hurry through, I just added in the parts where she said 'Mmm..' from your post)

    Feeling Evelina clench and shake around Ibitico's fingers didn't incite mercy from him. He continued to let his fingers have their free roam of her insides until she had finally orgasmed. And Ibitico was close as well. As he watched her face contort and release in her wave of pleasure, he was softly stroking himself. She was stiffening him with her moans to the point where he almost couldn't bear it. But luckily he found it in himself to stop stroking and prepare the two for the next phase of their night. He took one of Evelina's limp legs over his shoulder and positioned himself right at the entrance of her opening.

    At first, he teased her, dousing himself with her wetness as he used it to stroke around her. If he was asked to justify himself, he would have said that it was lubricant, but it was much more than that. It more about soaking in his accomplishments, feeding his ego from Evelina's pleasure. When he felt that it was enough, he pushed lightly into her, stopping to confirm with Evelina.

    "Ready to begin?" Ibitico waited for Evelina's approval and was answered immediately with a lust-filled gaze. He hadn't expected such a look from her, and it had only fed his growing ego even further. When she moaned for him, he finally entered, deciding to completely sheath himself inside of her so she could stretch to his girth all at once.

    For the first few seconds, Ibitico paused. He wanted Evelina to get used to his size, but he also wanted to control his urge to roughly thrust into her gratifying heat. He was given oral sex before, and he knew how difficult it was to restrain himself from finishing too fast from the pressure and temperature of a woman's mouth, but this was different. This took pure will-power.

    With a rough bite into Evelina's neck to ease his growing sexual aggression, Ibitico allowed himself to thrust into her. Though he didn't go as slowly as planned, it was slower than what he wanted to begin with.
  17. The young woman's eyes widened significantly as Prince Ibitico entered her in one smooth thrust. No trying to forge himself into her, not even slow. Just one moment of his hips and he stretched her both to accommodate size. And Evelina had not fully realized how large and long the Prince was until he had filled her completely; he stretched her significantly, and she was sure he was touching the very back of her with the tip of his manhood. His member touched all the spots that drove her crazy, and she mewled softly once more, allowing him to take her easily.

    Evelina stretched her arms over her head, gripping onto the edge of the pillow and the silken sheets. Her breasts were exposed but she didn't mind; instead, she merely encouraged him to pay attention to the sensitive, rounded peeks.

    "I.... oh...," she whimpered, feeling every stretching inch of him inside, squeezing inside of her small body. She could tell that he was holding back his power from her, trying to take it slow. His muscles were taut and tense, his biceps bulging as he gripped onto her leg, stretched above his broad shoulder and allowing him to penetrate her deeper. She appreciated his care for her body, but knew it would not be long before that aggression came out in their love making. "Mmm... that feels... you feel... r-really good... my Prince," she whispered, closing her eyes and relishing in the feel of him inside. She gripped a little harder onto the pillowcase, extending her shoulders and grappling for something to grab onto while he pleasured them both.
  18. When Ibitico felt that he had calmed down enough, he released his hold on Evelina's neck, paying no mind to the large mark he left on her skin. He kept his thrust at a regular pace, enjoying the freedom he was slowly gaining inside of her as she stretched to accomodate him. When Ibitico noticed the exposure of her breasts, he went to seize Evelina's nipples immediately after realizing that they haven't received their torture for awhile.

    Ibitico kept one hand on Evelina's hips and used the other to steady her breasts as he leaned down to gnaw at the knobs of flesh. He never bit completely into them, it was more of a rough sucking with a little teeth. His hot and wet mouth had coated Evelina's nipples in no time from his constant harassment of them. And for a while, he kept at it.

    Sucking. Biting. Thrusting.

    It was good that Ibitico was kept so occupied, because he feared that he would get bored if he didn't, but he couldn't keep it up this way. If he wanted to thrust faster, and Evelina had better believe that he did, he would have to angle himself properly. So with a reluctant pop from his last nipple interrogation, Ibitico raised up from Evelina's chest and took her other leg over his shoulder, giving him even more access to her opening.

    When he was settled in, he thrusted faster inside of Evelina, relishing in the slapping sound of flesh he created with the force of his movements. He took notice that his mistress was struggling for something to grab onto under the force of his thrusts, and beamed internally. She was going to struggle even more when he sped up.

    "Why don't you hold on to me Evelina?" Ibitico suggested as he looked down at her bouncing body. "You won't have to worry about hurting me." Ibitico encouraged the offer by increasing the intensity of his thrusts, simultaneously increasing the smacking sounds filling the room and the rotation of Evelina's unrestrained breasts.
  19. There was no time for embarrassment or shyness. Prince Ibitico knew what he wanted and did it well; Evelina once again found herself wondering why a man like him needed a mistress. it was clear that he knew how to please himself and her. Of course, again, she would not question why he needed her. If it was just for his own pleasures, that was fine with her... at least she got something out of it, as well. And boy, did Evelina get a lot! He knew how to pleasure her well, and as he began to thrust, the young fairy felt as though she had died and gone to the high heaven.

    He requested that she grip onto his body and at first, Evelina was a little afraid to touch him. He was impossibly large and muscular, almost godly. But she obliged nonetheless, touching his chest and eventually drawing herself closer to him, wrapping her fingers around his neck. She was rather flexible and so folding when her legs were over her shoulders was not much of an issue.

    Her big blue eyes stared up into him and eventually her little hips began to meet his, thrusting upwards and against him. He went deep and hard into her, filling every inch and milking her for everything that she was worth. Despite just climaxing, Evelina could feel it beginning to surface again. She wasn't ready to come yet, though, and really wanted to indulge in the moment and the feeling he sent through her. As she closed her eyes and suppressed her orgasm, Evelina gripped his neck a little harder, encouraging his thrusts with little bucks of her own body. Her nicely sized breasts were bouncing up and down, now free to roam now that his mouth had left her chest. One of Evelina's hands left his neck to tweak her hardened nipple slightly, sending a tingle right to her thighs and causing her to squeal slightly.
  20. Amazed at Evelina's flexibility, Ibitico adjusted himself once again to get a better angle inside of Evelina. He sat upright and brought Evelina's hips straight down on him, impaling her at an almost 90 degree angle. Encouraged by the pleasure of being so deep inside of Evelina, Ibitico pushed her down in order to sheath him to the hilt, giving a light groan at the foreign and pleasurable position.

    Feeling himself nearing, Ibitico picked up the pace. He drove his hips upwards while forcing Evelina back down to meet him in deep, forceful thrusts.

    "Evelina..." A light moan of her name escaped Ibitico before he roughly bit into her collarbone. He continued to grasp her hips tightly, making sure she was allowed as little movement as possible from his constant ramming.