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  1. I thought this was pretty damn neat. Katee Sackhoff <3
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  2. Meh. Tries to hard to be grim and gritty.
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  3. i love how the fight choreography is actually on the level of the 1st and 2nd season MMPR american fights. i just love how fanfilms are now capable of achieving these things.
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  4. one day! we will have!

    live action RWBY fights!

    on the level of mounty oum (may he rest in peace and be revived as a zombie along with bruce lee.....ALL HALE THE KING IN THE VALE!)
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  5. I agree with Hellis, this tried too hard to be mature and dark.

    Though I can honestly see an older themed power rangers movie working.
    Though I think it'd work better if they focused on a new team, rather than try to resurrect any of the old ones.

    However, for those who want to see something close now.
    Friends of mine have claimed a show called Kamen Rider is basically power rangers for adults.
    I haven't seen it myself yet though mind you.
  6. Better than the old versions.
  7. In all honesty this fan film seems to try too hard to be mature and dark.
    Like to the point it reminds me of the emo goths from High School that go "I wear black, cut myself and wear satanic synbol's. I am so edgy!".

    That being said though?
    I do honestly see good potential in a mature themed power rangers movie or theory.
    But they need to be mature with the maturity and not simply do it for the sake of it.

    In the mean time friends of mine have praised a show called Kamen Rider which they claim to basically be power rangers for adults.
    I have yet to watch it myself though so I can't vouch for or against it personally.
  8. It does seem to try hard on that, I'll admit to this.
    However it seems like they're taking it from the angle of "still trapped in a young mentality" kind of state. Then again, I can imagine if this were a surefire reboot eventually, it's target audience would probably be male angst ridden teens who feel they identify with a sense of overbearing burden at a young age in an advanced culture, as that was a sub-plot in the original series, in spite of the cheesy bright colors, crazy camera angles and terrible voice acting of the 1990's. But I'm sure if the project were financed by a major company, other writers would come in and clean it up a little bit.

    That and I was laughing because I'm sure that's Starbuck. (Katee Sackhoff) Just checked, it is.
  9. I just watched this earlier today heh.
  10. the fight choreography is actually pretty decent and i am amazed they did it as a fan film

    i notice in the sword fight at the end the nice callbacks to excessive use of sparks in the show

    i like the costume designs but not so much the hologram green ranger armor. bring back the original Shield!

    i did notice a lot of little shoutouts to little known factoids about the show and the cast, too
  11. Kotaku is shit. Should've just linked us Youtube.

    I'm with @Gwazi Magnum on this. Trying way too hard to be grim and dark when Super Sentai has always been about fairly light-hearted fun and goofy monsters.

    Seeing something mature and more grim would be kind of neat for a spin-off. But somehow I don't see it working for their target audience of young kids. Then again, if you go after the original audience (24+ years old) who grew up on the originals. It may get a small cult following.

    • Rita looked silly and was psychic?
    • No cool whacky weapons or dinosaurs?
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  12. Was initially annoyed by so many "this is so much better reactions," even if it is their prerogative to think so.

    Reading an interview with the creators seems to suggest it was both part affectionate parody or Power Rangers and a deliberately over-the-top parody of "dark and gritty reboot"-ing.

    I warmed up to it more afterward.

    I AM interested in seeing some quality-crafted deconstructions and reconstructions of sentai, especially in live-action. I just don't want this to be THE ONE and that's it.

    @Raz: Yeah, I liked the little callbacks and mythology gags. And I am a fight choreo nut, so I was pleasantly impressed. It's like the perfect counterpoint to how when I tuned back in during the Disney era for a bit to see that the fight choreography had more spectacle and intricacy but all these awesome moves were neutered by deliberately dissonant weak foley work.
  13. We're getting there. Heck, I take Casshern(early in the film, before it decides its afraid of undermining its message of peace), Goemon, The Matrix: Reloaded, Scott Pilgrim vs the World, the ridiculous horse-to-a-sea-battle scene from 300:Rise of an Empire, and Captain America:The Winter Soldier(for spectacle), and the Raid 2 and Kingsman:the Secret Service(for prolonged, hyperkinetic, multi-level choreography) as steps in the right direction. I also wish more wirework resembled some of the leaping in Detective Dee where a non-slow-mo jump is neither floaty nor like someone being yanked in a direction but rather like what one might expect if a human could really jump well over their own body height with the speed and movement suggestive of a quick hop.

    The main barrier I see to live-action fights of that level is the mentality that "fights must be 'realistic'" for several values of "realistic." People who don't appreciate choreography complaining about the length, attention to detail, and exaggerated physicality. People who do appreciate fight choreography but like everything to either be grounded to whatever they feel like they could pull off on their best day or else their idea of a dolled up instructional video. And executives who either are these people or are afraid enough of not appealing to these people to put pressure on someone bold and skilled enough to make or push towards what you and I are waiting on.
  14. It's a SATIRE/PARODY, of course it's suppose to look like it's "trying too hard" to be gritty and dark. o______o It's a play on turning cheesy childhood favorites in to serious gritty adult movies and poking fun at it.


    Oh James Vander Beek. I want to marry you.
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  15. That's the target audience I would suggest too, not for kids.

    Because I've seen what power rangers has turned into now because it targets little children...

    It's not good.

    7:55 to 8:15
    9:55 to 10:10

    18:15 to 18:50

    Now granted, I never watched it as a whole.
    So it might actually be decent, but it's definitely child pandering.
    More so than other ones.
  16. Kamen rider is not Power rangers for adults. Power Rangers is originally a japanese series called SupeR Sentai. All the robot fight scenes come from it.

    Kamen Rider still panders to younger audiences, selling merch (each new kamen riders a gimmicked belt that he or she uses.) The show is still colorfull and painfully japanese with all the lovely poor CGI you can ever want. But I still say give it a shot. ITs pretty gloriusly hammy in the best of ways.
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  17. Kamen Rider was actually brought and adapted to the US as Masked Rider, which was pretty much along the same vein as Power Rangers. It's not meant to be more mature or anything like that. They even had a crossover episode. Iirc Power Rangers actually crossed over with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles at one point as well?

    Anyway, this is just a fanfilm. Take it for what it is.

    Katee Sackhoff <3
  18. Apparently Saban had the video yanked off Vimeo. Better watch it on Youtube... WHILE YOU STILL CAN! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Also, it's not really a parody/satire of Power Rangers, but rather other gritty reboots like the Bayformers films. If you go in expecting the former, then the disappointment is understandable. That's the way I see it, 'cause it utterly fails otherwise. ._. I still didn't care for it, but at least it makes sense to me now.
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