POTW: To Lose a Sense

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Which ability would you give up if you had to?

  1. Seeing

  2. Hearing

  3. Tasting

  4. Smelling

  5. Speaking

  6. Touching


Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I am now a week in to being horribly sick and I have not been this sick forever. t___t In my brief moments of consciousness I just greet newbies and post silly topics like this.

    The woooorst part has been losing my voice and my hearing. D:< I couldn't talk for a couple days, and right now my ears are so stopped up I feel like I am in a muffled bubble. I keep trying to scream "WHAT?" at people when I can't hear them - but my throat is still all icky so I can't scream. >:[ DIANA SMASH.

    Which brings me to my totally awesome poll topic this week!

    If you had to lose one of your senses, which one would you be okay with giving up?

    And what sense could you NEVER give up?
  2. I would most certainly give up taste. Most of taste comes through smell anyways, and as much as I love food, I'd just make things that smell nice. My second would probably be smell, and my third speech.

    I am far too dependent on both sight and hearing to willingly give up either, although I do have a friend who is mostly blind. It is really interesting to speak with her, and makes me feel all the more lucky to still be able to see.

    But, honestly, I'd give up my hearing before I'd give up my sense of touch. Mainly because it is incredibly, incredibly dangerous to not be able to feel anything. I habitually bite the inside of my mouth and my lips, bite my fingers, trip and fall, scratch at my face, run into things, etc. and without my sense of touch I would never know whether or not I had just hurt myself. And that scares the crap out of me!

    Taste is a very small price to pay for my safety.
  3. I actually remember saying that when I go old, I see myself becoming blind. I want to make a career as an artist, so that's a perfect way to enter retirement. Wake up a few days after my 78th birthday and realize I still can't see after opening my eyes. Just smile and remember that I sort of asked for this. Wake up my husband/wife (whichever) and be all "I think I need to retire. Can you help me to the phone?"
  4. I could let go of smelling...the one sense I could never give up is the sense of touching. Feeling is something I consider to be essential to teaching compassion and at the same time self defense.
  5. The only one I could think about giving up is smelling, it's better that way since I'm super sensitive towards perfumes, shampoos, some strong smelling foods etc. even flowers... FLOWERS!!! So yeah, I'll throw away my sense of smell. xD

    I would never want my voice to disappear. I'm a singer, that would be the worst thing ever. And my hearing is pretty important too for singing and music. I would hate to loose my eyes since I wouldn't be able to read :( And I love to taste things.. But I can live without that if I have too. As long as I can keep hearing, speaking and seeing, then I'll be a happy little monkey. :3
  6. Speaking for sure. I'm pretty quiet to begin with.

    I'd take smelling, but then food would taste like poop, and what's the point in that?
  7. I think smell would be the easiest to part with, though yeah, it would make food not be as fun, and I'm a big fan of food (and fun).

    Hearing would be second in line for me. I could live online in the world of text.
  8. Aww but you didn't list any of them. Boo!
  9. Blind people can read. They use audio books or text-to-speech programs.
  10. Since I am more than likely going to lose my sense of sight (so I am told by my doctors that it is a great possibility), that doesn't scare me because I'm getting classes on how to do things when you cannot see. The only reason i see this is because of medicine I take and screen enhancements. And that is just on a good day, I misread quite a bit (much to my roleplayer's disdain).

    Don't get me wrong, I'd rather not go blind. But that's what I might face. Life is shitty sometimes.

    What I am afraid of losing is more than physical, but mental. I am afraid that after all that happens in life that I'll lose who I am and become jaded. I can live without my hearing, eyesight, touch, but i don't like the idea of becoming an emotional vegetable.

    Spock is a buzzkill at parties.
  11. Yeah, I'd much rather become blind than contract Alzheimer's or Dementia.
  12. I could give up speech. There are so many other ways to communicate I think I'd be fine with that.

    I would not want to give up touch.
  13. If you cant smell, you also can't taste.......

  14. I'd give up speaking. I hardly ever speak IRL anyway. Got no one to talk to *emo fais*
  15. I could give up smelling or tasting. Without smell, taste doesn't really matter, so I'd rather give up tasting. Give up all the sugary shit because it doesn't taste like anything!

    I think the one sense I couldn't live without, of the ones listed, is hearing. Without being able to hear, I'd feel very isolated and cut off from the world. Communication is difficult enough as it is to interoperate, but not being able to hear the tone of someone's voice, the differences in pitch when someone's making a jokeā€¦ It'd be like experiencing life through a text message. More difficult to tell what the intent of someone's words.
  16. I could never let go of smell and taste, because I love food and wine. I could never let go of sight and hearing, because I love you. I could never let go of touch, because I love you ;). And I could never let go of speaking, because I love myself. So...

    You'll never take me alive! But then, if you are gonna take all of my life, then please... do spare hers.
  17. I'd be okay with being blind. I want to be able to taste and smell what I cook. (Yes, I'd still try to cook even though I can't see.) I actually thought this through and have a list of reasons why losing my eyes would be more beneficial than not, but I'm keeping that list private. >>;

    Anyway. Losing any of my other senses would be far too devastating. I imagine life would be harder to live without being able to see, so being the competitive sort... I say "Challenge accepted."
  18. Taste and or smell. SHOCKING.
  19. Speaking. I'd have an excuse not to deal with people.
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