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  1. Ok this will be confusing so hear me out.

    I know I can post rps in the One x One, but can I just post the idea, story, and profile layout on it? Or do I only post the RP if I already have a partner doing the RP with me?

    I ask because I got so many RP ideas that I just want to post the story, rules, and profile layout and have it be a 'first come, first serve' thing, rather than asking random people to RP with me (I know some people are ok doing that, but I am not ><')
  2. I don't know about the 1x1s, but there's a section in the Group RP area for jump-ins if you'd like to try that out? Just choose the title prefix 'Bio and Jump-in' when you make the in-character (or OOC) thread.
  3. I know Group Rps you can do that. But I always prefer doing 1 x 1's since it's easier to maintain (my exceptions is the multi-crossover RP that I am interested in)

    So that's why I ask if it's ok to just 'Post the story' and wait for whoever wants to join the 1 x 1.
  4. I believe that's what the "first response" prefix in the 1x1 section is for. Whoever replies first becomes your partner for that RP.
  5. Ok, so I can just post the story. Thanks (And if I can't, I'll probably get someone let me know).
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.