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  1. So, having been a member on Iwaku now for more than 3 months, I know for a fact I'm sticking around. I love the site, I love the members, I love my roleplay partners, and the groups I belong to. I've made a couple of amazing friends on here and developed my writing a little, and it's definitely keeping my creativity levels higher than normal.

    Over the past week or so, I've seen some pretty negative stuff on here, people complaining, others ranting about one another, and I guess I have a question.

    What I try to do is to remain positive, sometimes I'll be granted, I have a bad day and my friends will see a status asking for hugs or something but generally I try and stay up beat.

    I guess what I'm asking is during your time on here, are you negative or positive and what do you respond to mostly.
    Are you glass half empty or half full?

    If you spot someone in need who's ranting, do you stop and help or rant back at them?

    My belief is what we put in we get back, but hey that's just me.
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  2. I try to stick out of petty squabbles wherever I happen to be, but every forum goes through it's ups and downs. I've been here for probably around half a year now and so far, this seems like mostly a positive community. Few rough edges here and there, but like I said, it happens everywhere.
  3. I feel that the best way to be in a cohesive community is to stay positive. There's more than enough negativity on the web at large to feel the need to bring it here. Of course people are going to get frustrated, of course people are going to have bad days and not everyone is going to get along; but that doesn't mean that we need to come from a negative space in dealing with anything. And I feel that Iwaku does a pretty good job about promoting that positive atmosphere.

    From how moderators deal with conflict, to how people speak to each other: Iwaku is the kind of place that wants to treat you like an adult and gives you the opportunity to be one. That said, there are indeed systems in place which promote that healthy interaction. When you look at the ways that you can rate posts, there's nothing that is overtly negative. A system of positive reinforcement is key to keeping a place like Iwaku as awesome, warm and accepting as it is. As I see it, everyone has a space to be themselves here and everyone has a space to make mistakes.

    We all grow, write and joke together. Should something go down, try and talk them down if it is your place to do so. The last thing we need is a fire.
  4. I'm usually cheery and upbeat, but all of us have those days. Usually when I'm having a bad day, I will not make any posts on Iwaku, but I will interact with other members in the Cbox. Everyone has their own way of coping. Mine is usually talking to close friends about it. While others will post for everyone to see. Not necessarily for attention,(although some do) but to simply get advice.

    Now onto the threads that people make to complain about another member. I personally think it's a much better idea to just message the member in private and discuss your problem with them, and be mature about it. Don't get me wrong, we've all gossiped about people, but that doesn't mean it's okay.

    The thing is, especially in a site as big as this one, there will always be whiny members. There will always be trolls. There will always be members that just...get under your skin. The thing we must do, is be the better person and not fuel members who are looking to start something. Iwaku is a great community filled with great members. It's best not to focus on the handful of members who cause trouble. ^-^
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  5. This place has a much larger community now than it did way back in our days on ProBoards. This comes with benefits and downsides.

    On one hand, bigger community means more members to interact with, more interesting games and a better chance to find people with similar styles to game with.

    On the other, more people means, statistically, more assholes. It's just part and parcel of growth: you can't have the good without the bad.

    Luckily, the good far outweighs the bad on Iwaku.
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  6. Completely agree Grumpy- I was trying to put a spin on people helping one another.

    Now we're like an apartment complex. Or an assisted living center.

    Or maybe a college dormitory?

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  8. Family?

    Bitch please, I hated everybody then as well. >;[
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  9. Grumpy by name, grumpy by nature- ha ha. Just kidding.
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  10. I'm totally a negative arse who loves bringing the mood down

    - said no one ever.

    I try to be positive, but I've been known to snark when I feel it's called for
  11. I don't mind being the stick in the mud. too much positivity can lead to bad choices. I like to think myself at times a voice of reason, at times an angry old lady, and at times a super excited child.
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  12. I've noticed that I have been significantly more sarcastic of late, especially with certain individuals who have begun to stretch the strings of many's good humours. Whether this can be considered negative or not depends on your outlook.

    However, I am by nature unwilling to actively hate people. If I find someone's actions annoying, I attempt to push them in the right direction as subtly and ineffectively as possible. And if I do realize I've started to become an asshole, I try to go full-on submissive or avoid posting for a while.

    This is, of course, outside of debates. I can get very passionate in a debate.
  13. I never get into the squabbles or the complaining about another member. If I have a problem with someone I try to talk it out. If that doesn't work I just let it go; pride is a dangerous thing but one can still retain it by letting shit go. I give what advice i have whether it is useful or not, put my say in and tend to ignore the people who look for fights. *shrugs*
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  14. Hmmmm. Well for me, I think it has more to do with respect than being positive or negative. I think the reason why people feel the need to stay positive is because people forget to respect each other when they have disagreements. I mean, I think the worst thing that could happen would be for someone to suffer in silence. I'd much rather someone tell me directly how they are feeling. I just hope that when they do, all those positive things don't suddenly vanish too. There is a lot to respect in each other because everyone here has such a diverse background. So, I guess what I'm trying to say is that more often than not, it isn't negativity that is the issue, but an unwillingness or inability to see people for all they are. It is a lot harder to hurt someone when you understand their feelings.

    If two people are having a fight, I think it means that they either don't understand each other or they have conflicting goals. I think finding out which reason it is usually helps determine if it is something that can be resolved, or if some sort of compromise needs to be reached.
  15. "She said, 'Hatred is too strong an emotion to waste on someone you don't like.'" - Clara Oswald
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  16. I'm just an egotistical prick on the outside. When you look on the inside, there's a soft, gushy bit of guts, followed up with stomach contents.

    Although in all seriousness? It depends on the mood. If someone appears to be in pain and is looking for help, I offer at least some degree of empathy. If someone is behaving like a trollop, I'll give em' a whollop. (A moderator friendly whollop of course. Don't look at me like that @Grumpy we both know I'm not that cynical.)

    Mostly though, just measure the mood and respond appropriately. If it's a serious discussion I'll give my two pence, if it's a dumb thread full of in-jokes I'll throw a jest or two out and be on my merry way. If you want more happy threads, make them. I'll respond accordingly. :ferret:
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  17. I've been here for a year now or so...for the most part I remain positive. The remainder I remain quiet because no one wants to hear what I really what to say on certain topics.
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  18. I should probably add to my previous answer, I always try to stay positive and get along with people.

    The only people online that I 'dislike' is honestly more of an annoyance.
    And it's annoyance (usually) caused strictly by one's insistence on carrying on grudges and bitter feelings, rather than being peaceful and creating a more positive community.

    Now, that might sometimes not appear to be the case though.
    Since I am a rather big fan of debate threads, I like debating and challenging ideas.
    And sometimes people take "Challenging Ideas = Insulting/attacking ones self" rather than "Challenging ideas = Fun mind exercise meant to benefit and enlighten both parties".

    But yea, I am always trying to get along with people and create a more positive atmosphere for whatever community I'm in.
    I just sometimes show/express that differently, and at the same time if the desire for a positive atmosphere isn't returned I don't just sit around and let the others beat me up over it.
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  19. That should probably actually be attributed to Jamie Mathieson, who wrote that episode, and not the fictional character he wrote to say it. (or the actress who simply received the script)

    But yeah, I'm of the related opinion that hate is too energy taxing and I refuse to be bothered to do it by someone who's not worth my headspace.
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  20. Probably.
    But people generally relate to it better if it's from the characters mouth.

    Unless if said author/writer is really popular.
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