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  1. I was sitting here, playing Pokémon on my gameboy (old school~) And I got an idea for a nice little Pokémon rp.

    I'd have it be a Jump-in, but I also want people to play Gym Leaders and bad guys (like... Team Rocket, or a new team... Hm...) Maybe I can make two? A jump-in with no set plot and a OOC one with a set plot. *contemplative expression*

    Anyone want to help in plots and stuff~? ^^
  2. Right-o! Any ideas? ^O^
  3. I...--OOH -clicks your eggies- (sorry, remembrance of GPX happened =w=~ -shot-)


    ...Actually....that could make to be a good idea. And then have a pokemon farm...
  4. That would be a good idea! (Thanks for the click :D)
  5. I'd love to play as an antagonist of some sort. Pokemon RPs are a guilty pleasure of mine, especially if I get to be a villain. >__>; Or I can play a gym leader if you want. Whatevs.

    Let me know what region this will take place in and I'll see what I can come up with. I don't know any Pokemon, cities or items beyond Ruby/Sapphire, though. I'm getting too old and cranky to care about these new things. >:[
  6. Yes, play a villain~! That would be great! :D

    I was thinking this could take place in the good-old Kanto region~ ^^ *nostalgia*
  7. Oh gawds, yes. ;__; I heart you.

    *begins brainstorming* I'll PM you ideas if you'd like. I'm private when I'm plotting, because I like there to be surprises for the other players.
  8. Certainly, the element of surprise is always nice~ >:3
  9. Oooh surprises ouo~

    Also yes Kanto Region <33

    I also had this idea...I had made a whole new region that has all the pokemon from gens 1-5 :U maybe they could make a villain team and decide what they want to do?
  10. That would be good too, and having all those pokemon in one region would certainly be interesting! Any ideas for a villain team name?
  11. Oh yay! And im not sure about the team name....i think they'd be based on weather though...
  12. Team... Thunder!

    Just kidding I'm no good at team names >.<
  13. Lol its ok xDD im not either x___x most I came up with was team element or something
  14. It could be... Team Blue Thunder! (Lol, whaaaat? That was a weird, random name xD)
  15. I.... WANT.... TO.... PLAY..... (Takes in deep breath) ...EEEEEHHHHHH. How bout the one with a set plot is in a new region, 1st - 5th gen, new team, awesome chars, and awesome gym leaders. I don't have a plot yet. Anyway, tell me what you think. I have pokemon white, and if anyone wants to play, pm me your pal code and I'll send mine.
  16. I'd be down. Cuz. You know. It's me, were talking about.

    the details are vague still to me. o wo
    I will lurk and try to understand.
  17. Here's what me thinks:

    I could make a Jump-in RP that would be set in Kanto (for teh nostalgia~) and have Team Rocket, maybe the same gym leaders from the games/shows... Hm...

    BUT I also think we should make an all new region with the 1st-5th gen pokemon. We could have a select few double up as Gym Leaders (I call Fire! >:3) and/or Elite Four people~ Of course, this would take a whole lot of planning... Like bad-guy team name (because we need a team of bad guys~) City names... Region name... All that good stuff

    I feel a new group coming on~ (Lol, just kidding. I'm seriously thinking of starting a group for this though, but not until everything's all set)
  18. I call an elite four, 4th one. I would also lime to be a strong main character with clockwork. I could come up with name for the bad guys and region.
  19. Alrighty~

    Well, we still don't have a set plot, but most of the people who sign-up would be main character sorts of people~

    Maybe we could all (or most) come up with names and stuff then have a vote? Let's make this a team effort~ >:)