Pokemon Red?

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  1. The RP will be based off Pokemon Special manga/Pokemon Red,blue,green,yellow. We all start at Pallet town, to choose a starter pokemon of either Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle or Pikachu (You can pick other pokemon as starter if you want, as long as its one of the 151 pokemon in Red). Then we journey throughout the Kanto region catching pokemon & challenge Gym Leaders ~ Along the way, there's an evil organization known as Team Rocket, who experiments/kidnaps on pokemon & using it for evil, and we will be facing them sooner or later~

    So, anybody interested in this? O_O
  2. So basically Vanilla Pokemon RP? do you plan this to be a huge or small rp group?
  3. Yeahh, its basically that, planning this to be a small RP group since I can't handle a huge one~
  4. Cool~ then I'll watch this and wait if anyone interest in this rp
  5. My knowledge of Pokémon is quite limited, but I am more familiar with the Idigo League. I only got to watch the show. I was never able to get my hands on a game. But consider this my interest.
  6. I'd be down. Are you looking for original characters or could we play existing ones? If existing, then I'd like to claim Red before re RP starts if that's alright.

    Grew up on the original Pokemon, it's honestly my favourite generation (aside from Gen 5, otherwise known as Black and White and their sequels)
  7. @Noodles there's 2 more people that are interested in this rp, are you going to do it?
  8. Yeahh, you can use existing characters if you want~

    Also, glad to see some interest here, took a long time to familiarize myself with the new thread system of roleplay, and accidentally double posted there XD . Ima make my char sheet shortly after, tomorrow at most~

    Link: OPEN SIGNUPS - Pokemon Red | IwakuRoleplay.com
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