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  1. SO THIS IS THE ROLEPLAY PAGE Obviously. I know you guys are smart enough to figure that out on your own. So just....rp here. Not much to say, honestly.

    • Champion: TBA
    • Elite Four #4: *claimed* (Dragon)
    • Elite Four #3: Tristan (Dark)
    • Elite Four #2: *claimed* (Ghost)
    • Elite Four #1: Wisteria (Psychic)

    • Rustboro Gym: *claimed* (Rock)
    • Dewford Gym: *undetermined* (Fighting)
    • Mauville Gym: Lily (Electric)
    • Lavaridge Gym: *claimed* (Fire)
    • Petalburg Gym: *claimed* (Normal)
    • Fortree Gym: *claimed* (Flying)
    • Mossdeep Gym: *claimed* (Poison)
    • Sootopolis Gym: Seaton (Water)

    Now run wild, you little scamps. XD
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  2. Lucas ran outside his house with his Caterpie, looking at the sun. ''Im so glad that i captured you Caterpie! You are such an awesome pokémon!'' ''Caterpieee! Prrriee!'' Lucas and Caterpie fell on the ground and layed in the grass. A couple feet away sprouted a tail out of the grass. It quickly moved towards Lucas and jumped out of the grass. ''Woah! Easy there buddy'' ''Squirt! Squirtleee! Squirt?'' ''What is it Squirtle? You want to keep moving? Well, i guess we should. We cant let that gym wait!'' Lucas put Caterpie in his pokeball and put him in his bag. Squirtle jumped on Lucas' shoulder and the three of them ran towards Route 101
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  3. ALEX AND MINNIE (OLDALE WILDERNESS) "A-Anne?" Pushing his way through the tall grass, the boy would pause and glance over his shoulder from time to time. The grass was pretty close to his height, and this was making it rather difficult for the young trainer to navigate through the patch and return to the beaten path out of Oldale. A patch of grass rustled to his right, an ominous noise coming from the nearby thicket. The Minun on Alex's shoulder barked back a reply, tiny sparks flying from the little creature's cheeks in an attempt to protect her beloved friend. "Min." She snapped, body tense and ready to spring. "Calm down, Minnie. None of the Pokemon out here can really hurt us..." As he said this, the fearful glance he gave the rustling clump of foliage gave away his lack of faith in his own words.
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  4. [​IMG]

    Avery was only 3 days into his adventure. Having just left his home in Petalburg city, he was still very new as a trainer, and wasn't really sure what he was supposed to be doing. Or where he was.

    Frowning to himself, he stared up at the treetops of Petalburg Woods, making sure to avoid the taller patches of grass as he walked. He was just trying to figure out where he'd wandered off to-- the last thing he needed was a battle. Sighing, he looked down towards the messenger bag that his Treecko, Tavi, was lazing about in. With the Wood Gecko being of Impish nature, all he got in return for his confused look was a nonchalant shrug.

    Groaning, he continued making his way by the masses of trees, looking for signs of an exit. He knew Tavi would know how to find the way out, but the brat never wanted to bother helping him. He wouldn't even battle! That was where Po came in. Po was his Poochyena, and the first and only Pokemon he'd ever caught. When he'd first met Po, he'd thought for sure that the wild dog was going to eat him. He'd been chased straight through patches of grass, around the beach, and into Petalburg Woods before Avery had worked up the courage to chuck a Pokeball at its head. It was pure luck that it had worked. Tavi certainly didn't plan to help.

    Po still didn't seem to like him much, but he was warming up. And he still caught the Poochyena nibbling at his leg sometimes, but it was kind of cute. By the second day he was lost in the Woods, he had brought out Po, hoping he could lead them out with his nose. Of course it didn't work out-- The first thing the Poochyena had done was pick a fight with a Shroomish.

    So, now Avery was stuck in a seemingly endless forest with a lazy Treecko, and an injured Poochyena, still recuperating from the Shroomish's natural poison.

    The young trainer had no idea what to do.​
  5. Lucas Route 101 Path Lucas ran along the path of Route 101. He didn't feel like battling, altough he knew his caterpie was still weak. He just wanted to get to Oldale Town as soon as possible. Thing is, the last couple parts of the path were filled with grass and trees. ''Great, lets just hope that i dont run into any wild pokemon'' Lucas slowly stepped in the grass and tip toed towards the end of the patch of grass. ''Come on, come on! So close!'' ''GROWL'' ''Oh no, is that what i think it is?'' Lucas slowly turned around as he tried to look where the noise came from. ''Zig...ZIG! ZaGOON!'' ''Oh no! Im not taking you on!'' Lucas grabbed Squirtle and ran for his life. As he ran he saw a sign saying 'Oldale Town; This way ->'
  6. ALEX AND MINNIE (ROUTE 102) As he was backing away from the violently shaking underbrush, a large shadow rocketed out of it with a fearsome roar. An earsplitting yell left the panicked young trainer as he was tackled by his attacker. As he fell to the ground, the surprised boy struggled against the wild Pokemon, only to find it....surprisingly light. And that it willingly got off of him after a few moments of frantic wrestling. Panting, Alex sat up and beheld this strange misshapen Pokemon, only to find....

    ANNE AND ADDIE (ROUTE 102) While Alex had sat up, Anne was a few feet away, curled up into a ball and holding her sides as she rolled on the ground, racked with laughter. So much for a fierce new Pokemon. It was just Alex's equally runty sister, which explained a lot of weird things about the 'Pokemon'. "You sounded like a little girl!" The Coordinator managed to choke out, trying to contain her giggling, and only managing to dim it down to a snicker. They might have either surrounded or agitated the nearby Pokemon, but in Anne's mind, it was totally worth it.
  7. A pale man, leaning on a crutch was having a peaceful walk though Petalburg Woods. His Ninetales, equally peaceful, followed him, paying attention only to if he fell. Suddenly the Ninetales became very alert and looked over at a particular direction. "What do you sense Taizai?" the man asked his partner. The fox glanced at him and he nodded, then they both went off the path and found a rather confused looking young trainer. "Excuse me young man, are you lost?"
  8. [​IMG]

    Avery spun around as he suddenly heard a voice behind him, immediately on the offensive at the mention of the word, 'lost'. "No! I'm not lost, I just---" Pausing, the child soon let his head drop as he momentarily dropped his pride. There was finally a chance to get out of the woods, and yelling at it certainly wouldn't help.

    "Yeaaa, I'm definitely lost.."
    He grumbled, clutching his bag closer to himself. It was only then that he took in the appearance of who was talking to him and the large Pokemon standing nearby. "--What is that?" He asked, his full attention caught by the Ninetales. He'd never seen one, before.​
  9. Ryan Jordan-Petalburg Forest
    Ryan looked around and sighed. He wondered how many shroomish there were in the forest, as it seemed the entire population he had encountered. Defeated perhaps, but not without all his pokemon being bruised up. "Okay...Scree you're up first. Your just going to tank everything, okay?"

    The Aron just looked at him with a blank look on his face, Ryan hadn't gotten him that long ago, he hadn't made a sound yet. Silence was all he got, and a few times Ryan had tripped over him. Which he was sure was on purpose, rather as a mischievous or sinister meaning, he didn't know. The exit had to be somewhere, he wasn't exactly keeping track to where he was. With all the Shroomish that decided to assault him. This "Rustboro" had to be somewhere...

    "Tch, I really should of brought a map...next time...Just have to find the exit. Can't be too far now I think..." Ryan looked towards Emily who seemed to be poking Scree, who himself seemed to have no feeling towards it. Ryan paused...He was going to headbutt a tree if he saw another shroomish.
  10. Razor enjoying a nice stroll through the woods, very much enjoying the peaceful air of the area, when he heard a rather loud scream coming form the nearby tall grass. Fenrir growled, but Razor quickly shushed him. He didn't want to antagonize whatever was making that noise. As he approached, he found not pokemon, but two children in the grass. One looked rather flustered while the other was busy laughing and holding her sides. It didn't take a genius to figure out what happened here.

    "You know it isn't nice to scare your siblings like that." He said with a small smile, easily guessing the two were twins due to how similar they were in both size and appearance. Fenrir moved to the grass and appeared behind the girl, sniffing her to make sure she wasn't a threat.
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  11. ANNE AND ADDIE (ROUTE 102) Well, that got her to stop laughing. It got her to stop really quickly, as a matter of fact. "Ahah...I was just playing. He shouldn't be so jumpy. It's not like we aren't a couple of yards away from a Pokemon Center..." Looking at the ground after the gentle reproach, Anne rubbed the back of her head with her hand. "We were out looking for our first actual Pokemon, and we got separated, then I found him and he was just right there." She tried to explain, grinning sheepishly. Her gaze flicked nervously toward the Mightyena, then back to the man. The Plusle peeking out of her bag looked subdued too, after she'd been making faces at Minnie.

    ALEX AND MINNIE (ROUTE 102) Grumbling under his breath after getting the daylights scared out of him by his sister, Alex looked up at the newcomer. "It's okay, she's not very nice. This shouldn't have been unsuspected." He tried to casually brush off his fright like it didn't happen. Granted, he and his sister got along perfectly well, when she wasn't pulling stupid stunts like this. Minnie smoothed down the fur on her head, trying to act casual as well, and turning her nose up at the embarrassed Plusle. Instead, the tiny Minun focused her attention on the large Pokemon behind her Trainer's sister.
  12. Fenrir, seeing that the two were alright, padded back to his Trainer. Razor stroked his back as he walked past, enjoying the feeling, before turning his attention to the two kids, a smile still on his face.

    "Hmm, I see. No matter, what's done is done and all we have left is to learn from our experiences and mistakes. I am currently undergoing what I believe is called the 'League Challenge', for I believe it will be a very enlightening experience. I'm from Kalos however and have gotten myself rather lost in heading to the site of the first gym. If you children would be so kind, would you please point me in the direction of Rustboro City, as I believe that is my destination."

    As he spoke, a little beep went off from his watch, prompting to look at it. "Ahhh, it appears it's time for my pokemon to get their daily walk in." He reached for the pokeballs on his waist and released the pokemon inside. Alucard(a Noibat) and Ace(a flecthling) immediately went up high, flying at each other in a mock dogfight, while Umbra(a Zorua), Ragnar(a Bagon), and William(a Treecko), went over to look at the to twins. Umbra was the first and the most eager, quickly shifting to look like Anne and giving Alex a hug and a lick. She was almost a perfect replica of the girl, except her eyes were red and she had a Zorua's ears and tail. William and Ragnar were more conservative, going over to Anne in a slow tenative manner. Arondight(a honedge), or Aron for short, was staying behind Razor's leg, nervously looking at the unfamiliar people and pokemon. Fenrir had to pick the small Sword pokemon up in his mouth and place him over to the others. Their he stood, making sure that none of the other pokemon got out of hand, and considering whether he should give Umbra a nip to get her to stop bothering the human.
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  13. ALEX AND MINNIE (ROUTE 102) Alex flinches at the lick, trying to struggle away from the hug, finding it awkward. When he gets away from the embrace, he stares at the Pokemon, wide-eyed. He doesn't say anything, just continues to stare at the (mostly) bizarre Pokemon. "S-sure." He finally responded to the request, not looking at the man and instead keeping his eyes on the Pokemon. Minnie, bolder than her trainer, hopped down from her perch and tried to land on the second Anne, snuffling at the added ears. Anne smelled like Pokemon, but not like Anne. The Minun tips her head to the side and studied the girl hugging her trainer.

    ALEX AND MINNIE (ROUTE 102) Anne on the other hand had no issue with her words. "Why are some of your Pokemon so weird?" Since Mauville wasn't a port city, the duo rarely saw visitors from other regions, even though they knew others existed, with different variations of Pokemon. Most of the visitors to the Mauville Gym were from Kanto and Johto, and even then, by the time they had reached the Dynamo Badge, they'd had plenty of opportunity to catch some more native Pokemon to add to their lists. In fact, they'd only recently started hearing about this "Kalos" region far away, so this was an interesting encounter for the young children. "...and we can do better than give you directions, Mister. We can lead you there, if you want? Alex is in the Pokemon League too." She added, wanting to see more of his Pokemon.

    LILY AND MONIQUE (MAUVILLE) Humming to herself, Lily was browsing through the magazines on a stand outside of a kiosk, Monique punching her ears at thin air and trying not to hit any bystanders. Glancing up in a halfhearted attempt to tell the Lopunny to be careful, her gaze falls onto something more interesting to her. "Krabby face! What made you decide to crawl out of your little shell?" She questioned loudly, strutting toward a blue haired man in the nearby store, a mischievous smirk evident on her face.
  14. SEATON AND KIT-KAT Seaton pursed his lips, cursing his rotten, rotten luck -- he knew that irritating voice, and it always meant trouble. He refused to turn around, simply guiding Kit-Kat along and praying that his Delcatty didn't lose her temper and run away as he continued shopping. She would be extremely difficult to find among the crowd, and Seaton cringed thinking about it. "It's none of your business," He replied stiffly, glancing at some fancy potions stored on the shelves.
  15. LILY AND MONIQUE (MAUVILLE) "Awwh, Krabby-face, don't be like that. I'm just curious, is all. You decided to come all the way from Sootopolis to Mauville - which, by the way, is no easy journey for someone with no flying Pokemon - and you expect me not to ask?" No Lily, you're just nosy. Monique made a small noise before investigating the Delcatty. Of course, the Lopunny was very familiar with her arch-nemesis, but couldn't help rubbing her presence in this intruder's face. After all, Mauville was Monique's home turf, not Kit-Kat's, and she wanted to make sure Kit-Kat remembered that. The Mauville Gym Leader kept an eye out for her partner, tensing as she saw her precious Pokemon trying to fight another Pokemon, one with powers far stronger than the humans that Monique usually played and sparred with. "So what's the deal?" She pressed, not going to leave the Sootopolis Gym Leader alone until she got an answer.
  16. SEATON AND KIT-KAT Kit-Kat was not usually one to go picking fights, like her Trainer, but something about Monique made her blood boil. Why couldn't Lily just leave Seaton alone? It wasn't like he was asking for trouble or anything. Kit-Kat bared her teeth at the Lopunny, lowering herself into a stance that was meant to be intimidating for the rather feminine Pokemon. Seaton sighed, his thoughts running along the same lines as his usually peaceful Delcatty's. "The deal is, I can't go shopping for my team without being rudely interrupted," He frowned, eyeing Kit-Kat carefully, preparing himself to stop her of she tried anything.
  17. The man with the broken leg smiled at the youngster swallowing his pride.
    "This is Taizai, my Ninetails." Taizai gave the new trainer a pleasant look and appeared to smile. "And I," something seemed to disturb the man, as if he didn't like to say his name, "I am Crim, former Gym Leader of Lavaridge town." He looked at the kid expectantly, preparing for the barrage of questions. His leaving was all over the news, he couldn't do anywhere without being hounded by gym leaders calling him a coward and trainers wanting answers. "And you are?"
  18. Razor smiled, what nice children he happened to meet. He was glad that he ran into them, or else he feared he might have gone off in the wrong direction. But first, he had to deal with Umbra. He grabbed her by the back of her, causing her to revert into her original form. The small fox like pokemon gave a growl of annoyance, as she had wanted to play some more. he made sure to catch the strange little pokemon that was on top of her head, then made sure to let it go back to it's trainer.

    "Why thank you, that is a very generous offer. I would be delighted. I suppose I should introduce myself and my pokemon. My name is He Who Walks Not The Path of Madness For It Is Razor-Thin and Brings Naught But Despair, but only other from my order call me that. To others, I simply go by Razor, and this little scamp," He said with a wave to the pokemon in his hand, "Is Umbra, a Zorua that I brought with me from my home region. As you can see she is rather friendly and energetic. The two flying in the air are Alucard, a Noibat that so far has only been found in Kalos, and Ace, a flecthing another Kalos exclusive pokemon. Those two have a bit of a rivalry going on at the moment, but it's all in good fun I suppose. Then their is Aron, a Honedge and Kalos exclusive as well, and William and Ragnar, the Treecko and Bagon, are two whom you should be somewhat familiar with."

    He pointed towards each pokemon in turn, then gestured towards Fenrir, who was making sure that Aron wouldn't run away to hide behind Razor again. "And last, but not least, is Fenrir, my Mightyena, and close companion since childhood. Sadly, he suffered a severe injury a couple years ago that prevents him from battling any more, so now he just follows me around, provides moral support,and generally plays Den mother to the little ones to help me keep them in line." He sat down by the Mightyena, placing Umbra down so that she could play with the others. The Zorua immediately tackled William, and the two began to get into a little tussle, with William trying to get Umbra off, and Unbra not doing so without a fight. This caused Razor to laugh a little at the their mischief, before turning his attention to the two children who had offered to guide him to Rustboro. "If you don't mind my asking, what are you names, as well as the names of the two pokemon you have out at the moment."
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  19. ALEX AND MINNIE; ANNE AND ADDIE (ROUTE 102) During this explanation, the two had paid rapt attention to his explanation of his strange Pokemon, nodding toward the familar Treecko, Bagon, and Mightyena. When Razor explained the reason for his Mightyena not being an actual battling Pokemon, Anne held her Plusle close and hesitantly asked, "So it's dangerous, being a strong Pokemon?" Alex elbowed her slightly, and she backtracked. "You can call us Anne and Alex, and these are Addie and Minnie, a Plusle and Minun. They're just found here, I think. But is it dangerous?" She repeated the question after a brief explanation. "Your order?" Alex had his own question to ask, after the introduction of such a strange name, although he pressed it less than his sibling.

    LILY AND MONIQUE (MAUVILLE) "You're not being harassed. I just want to know. It's just weird running into you here." Lily shot back, crossing her arms and glaring at her rival. It wasn't like she was asking him to leave, the stupid man. She just wanted to know why he was here. Jerk. Her attention was still divided between he and Monique, but edging more toward Seaton's presence. After all, it was unlikely that the Delcatty and Monique would just flat out start brawling in the middle of Mauville.
  20. SEATON AND KIT-KAT "Well, now you know," Seaton responded calmly, continuing to avoid looking at Lily at all costs. He figured ignoring her glares would be the most efficient way to get her to leave him alone. "Kit-Kat," He warned, shooting his Pokemon a look that begged her not to do anything to her arch-nemesis. The Delcatty obediently took a half a step away from the Lopunny, but the irritated look on her face was still there.
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