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  1. Welcome to my very first interest check - please understand this is the bare bones and that while interest checking has begun I am already working on the OOC information and will be posting my updates in the next post! Alrighty then now for the pitch!


    Far across the misty seas of the world of Pokemon is a Region somewhat lost in time called Odeka. If you were to ever visit this place you would realize soon that the pokemon are no such gentle creatures as they are on the rest of the world. No these pokemon are savage animals - creatures of their natures and hard to train. Another thing you would find out soon after stepping across it's sandy shores - is that this Region is ruled by Ninja Trainers who protect and fight for their Clans, keeping neighboring Clansmen and Pokemon in check. Would you want to visit such a place? Would you like to have grown up in such a place?

    In this land there are 12 Clans, each holding a vast area of land and each having their own special abilities that they use to protect their way of life and the citizens within. Specialty skills are developed by each and a deep hatred boils just under the veil of an uneasy truce. Newcomers have recently come to this land supporting Evo-Guns and hoping to take this land for their own have bribed 2 of the 12 Clans into joining there cause and now strike out against other Clans in hopes of starting and all out war.

    Enter the Younglings (who we'll be playing as)- barely 19 years of age - they are set out on a great task to claim their rightful rank in their own clan. Go out and battle 11 Sage Ninja and their Pokemon to claim badges from each of the Clan's neighbors. Will they survive? Will they stay together? Or will these young warriors perish along the way? When the road is long and winding, filled with wild pokemon and crazed new comers only You can determine their fate!

    - - - - Explaination - - - -​

    So if you haven't guessed yet I'm taking a little from Naruto and influencing my own region in the World of Pokemon. There will be special gifts for each of the 12 Clans and lots of fun to be had once I get it all set up. I plan on making Pokemon MUCH more realistic as in like the animals they are - they won't be so easily tamed either just because you get them in a ball doesn't mean you have to play them all friendly like! Ninja Skills such as Taijustu, Ninjitsu, and Genjutsu will be crafted and pulled together by the whole (though Taijutsu will more than likely be dedicated samples of actual martial arts and so forth ^.^;) the Sage Techniques however will be able to turn into Gijinka (anthros) of their Closest Companion ! So if this interests you PLEASE Post below after my WORK IN PROGRESS Post!

    Looking for anywhere between 3 and 5 members but willing to go up to 11 (making 12 total all in all!)
    Posts will not have to be done swiftly or be all that lengthy so long as you get a paragraph in! If you decide to join plan on at least a post every couple of days! If you decide to vanish and not advise me I will poke you once in pm form then if no answer still I will kick you from the group and have your character offed some how.​

    See below for further explanations and a work in progress of things to come!​
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    Things to Come / Building the OOC already and will transfer things once i get enough interest!

    Rules :
    Group Up or Go it Alone! / Leveling Up + Evolving Processes /

    Members Joined :

    About the Regions (Powers / Techniques / Common Found PKMNS) :
    Ninjitsu and Genjutsu Explained
    FÅ«injutsu Clan Leader's Techniques (allows them to summon into Legendary Gijinkas)

    Bad Guys and Evo Guns : NPCs

    Character Skeleton : Won't be to long! Images Preferred (anime / art)

    If you haven't guessed i'm new to group making and sorta collecting all that I will need for this before I actually start crafting it!

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  3. Definitely want to join!
  4. A little too intriguing to pass on. I'll keep my eyes peeled.

    With these taming rules, I'm thinking of starting off with some basic form 'mons.
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