Pokemon Gijinka Challenge

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  1. I can't believe I'm stupid enough to convince myself to make a challenge for myself to draw the whole Pokemon Roster as a Gijinka.

    Note to people: I can't draw, I barely can draw stickman so prepare to get your eyes hurt.

    -There's no time limit but I must finish the whole 700++ gijinkas

    -No Chibi and I must color my drawing full body

    -I can't draw shiny pokemon

    Want to join?:
    -requirement to join is to draw stickman, if you can draw a stickman, you're pass

    -Claim the number before draw your gijinkas

    -You have a month to finish it or else spot will back open

    -Have fun drawing ^,^

    One more thing, there aren't any theme for gijinka so feel free to draw fantasy or modern fantasy themed clothing

    Rules of posting:
    -Criticize are allowed but bashing aren't allowed

    -Feel free to post a comment below ^,^

    GEN 1: (ongoing)

    GEN 2:

    GEN 3:

    GEN 4:

    GEN 5:

    GEN 6:

    Current Status: drawing Eeveelution gen 1 + Eevee
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  2. Oh, I'd love to draw #153(Bayleef), #245(Suicune), and maybe #038(Ninetails).

    Although I'll probably just start with Suicune. And if anyone else wants any of those three, that's cool, too. :D
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  3. Got it~!
  4. I fail this challenge I think (open)

    set of bulbas.png
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  5. Almost don with Suicune. This is a super quick sketch, so it's pretty dang sloppy. o_o
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    Suicune (open)
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  7. it's still cool though~! really love it~!
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  8. Thank you! ^_^

    By the way, I like your Bulbasaur! I totally forgot to mention that. o_o Anyways, my only advice would be(if you desire, since it already looks good as is) is that a bit more detail could be cool, or a front profile so that one can see all the features. :3

    Personally, though, I've got to admit - I'm bad with adding detail after finishing something. Mainly because I end up screwing up and making it worse. XD
  9. Thanks for the advice~ ^o^~!

    Yeah I also feel that way~! I'm like... - Adding color and texture...- "Shoot! I think it's need more! wait no that one XD~!"
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  10. No problem!

    Oh my gosh, exactly! Good to know I'm not the only one that's like that. XD
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