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    Hey.. Hey, you. Yeah! You, right there!​
    What are you doing?! Sleeping? At a time like this?!
    Get up! Rise and shine! How can you sleep when there is a huge World out there to explore?
    So many friends to be made! So many problems to be solved! So much around you!
    The trees, the air, the water, the caves, the mountains - There is far too much to search and discover!
    And YOU wanted to sleep? PAH. Just think of all the possibilities!

    The World out there is vast, you haven't a moment to spare!
    You are Powerful. You are Agile. You are Cunning. You are Strong.

    You are Pokemon.

    My friends, Welcome to your Destiny. . .
    This Is Kanto.

    The Journey of Life for you has begun.
    Whether you are brand new to this World, or are wise enough to know every corner of it,
    You are on the Journey that is your Story.
    At some points it may be perfect, and exactly what you may wish.
    At others it will turn into a chaotic disaster, and you might need to admit you cannot face this Journey alone.
    Either way, you are paving the path to your Future.
    Be confident along the way, be sure of yourself, do not miss any opportunities that cross you.
    But also be cautious..
    For you never can be too certain when catastrophes will occur.


    -Each Player may roleplay as ONE Pokemon to start with. Once we see how many people join, and how the storyline evolves, there is a possibility of adding more per Player, but not at the beginning.

    -No duplicates of Pokemon species. One Bulbasaur means only one Bulbasaur in the Game.

    -You are playing as Pokemon, not as humans, not as animals, not as inanimate objects. Pokemon.

    -Everyone must be Level 60 or below. Do not go past that level, please.

    -All Pokemon are valid EXCEPT: Porygon (and it's evolutions), Mewtwo, Missingno

    -No humans means no human built surroundings, no PokeCenters, PokeMarts, Gyms, etc. Pokemon, however, have the knowledge to build things if they wish to. They're not that dumb, clearly, and sometimes have the resources to do so.

    -There ARE still animals in the world. There also are Apricorns and Berries. And, you may come holding ONE item, if you want to have one at the start. Do your research on items though, and no making up any.

    -All Generations of Pokemon are allowed, even though we are set in the Kanto Region.

    -There will be NO evolving during the Game. You choose any Pokemon from the start, you stick with it. Let's say they are happy and dun wanna evolve.~

    -Really play as if you were that Pokemon! BE THE POKEMON.

    -No killing other Pokemon without their O.K. on their death. That is rude and godmodding. D:

    -No overpowered Pokemon, or Pokemon with moves or abilities that don't make sense to their type. Like, Pidgey cannot use Dig.. C'mon.~

    -Water type Pokemon CAN be on the ground. HOWEVER, this is a huge disadvantage for them, because they are naturals in the water. Thus, they are much slower, and not very graceful with moving, attacking, or defending. Keep this in mind. Same goes for Ground type in the water.

    -Conflicts! Friendship! Rivalries! Action! Drama! It is ALL wanted! Don't be afraid to be expressive while you write!


    Pokemon Name: (Like Bulbasaur, Pikachu, Mudkip, etc.)

    Level: (What Level they are limits the options for their possible Moves, so be careful on this one and look it up.)

    Gender: (Male, Female, Genderless. It depends on which Pokemon you are.)

    -Weak Against:
    -Strong Against:

    Appearance: (Find a pretty picture~ You can be a Shiny if you want. If there are markings on the Pokemon as well, describe that here.)

    Pokemon Nature: (This is basically their Personality)
    -Favorite Pastime:

    Moves: (FOUR moves only. You are stuck with these Moves for the entire Game. Research your Pokemon and think it through!)

    Ability: (Each Pokemon has one Ability that is unique to them. You will find it when you look up your Pokemon. Put it here, and also what it does for them.)

    (Optional) Item: (This would include any non Human made item that a Pokemon, YOUR Pokemon, is holding prior to the Game. Berries are included. You only can start with one.)

    Short History: (A little behind the past of your Pokemon! Goals in life, major changes to their lifestyle, etc.)

    Anything Extra: (Anything you may want to include. This is also the spot for saying if you knew another Player's Pokemon prior to the Game. Contact that Player if you are interested in intertwining your Pokemon Histories together!)

    Pokemon Sheet (open)
    Pokemon Name:



    -Weak Against:
    -Strong Against:


    Pokemon Nature:
    -Favorite Pasttime:




    Short History:

    Anything Extra:

    {And their Players}
    [[I am not taking any more Players. Those who have talked to me about joining and aren't listed, talk to me again if you ARE planning on jumping in. Anyone else, applications are closed. Thank you.~]]

    Absol - Alarice
    Arcanine - Eight Gates
    Bulbasaur - Ichigo
    Haunter - Orion
    Latias - Ossochanter
    Latios - Vay
    Lucario - OverCast
    Lugia - Iliana
    Luxray - Shisuji Mishima
    Marowak - Grandmaster Karsikan
    Mew - Stacisaur
    Ninetails - Kitti
    Piplup - Zypher
    Suicune - Chet Manly

    {The random colors in the Pokemon names are related to their type, by the way. And you're welcome for the alphabetical order. ;D }

    And so,
    your Journey begins.
    You don't know for certain where it shall take you,
    nor what might happen,
    or who you shall meet along the way.
    It is Your Story, your Legacy.

    This is

    Pokemon Forever.

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    This is an AWESOME place to gather information on your Pokemon:


    Just type your Pokemon in the search area, and there you are.~
    I'm using it for mine. >:D You're welcome to other sources. But, that is pretty darn spiffy.
    So, yes.
    Private Message me if you have any questions or anything. This should be more for the profiles at first, and then once the Game is up and running, ideas and chat in here.~ Kays?
    The Game won't be up for a long while still. So just chill. ^^~ <3


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    Pokemon Name: Bulbasaur

    Level: 27

    Type: Grass-Poison
    -Weak Against: Electric, Fighting, Grass, Water
    -Strong Against: Fire, Flying, Ice, Psychic

    Female (top row (open)

    Pokemon Nature:
    -Likes: Playing in fields, food, and other pokemon
    -Dislikes: Super sweet foods and extremely dark places
    -Favorite Pastime: Exploring and discovering new things

    Moves: Vine Whip, Magical Leaf, Frenzy Plant, Giga Drain

    Ability: Overgrow-when Bulbasaur's HP Gets Low, its Grass type attack's power is multiplied by 1.5

    Item: Miracle Seed

    Short History: (wip)

    Anything Extra: (wip)
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    Pokemon Name: Latias

    Level: 35


    Type: Dragon/Psychic
    -Weak Against: Bug, Ghost, Ice, Dragon, Dark
    -Strong Against: Ground, Fighting, Fire, Water, Grass, Electric, Psychic

    Appearance: A pretty red and white Pokemon with a blue
    Δ triangle on her chest and golden eyes. She wears her Soul Dew around her neck on a cord made of braided tall grass.

    Pokemon Nature: Impish
    Latios, Mew, Lugia, helping sick/injured Pokemon, playing, sunshine, water, Leppa berries, Iapapa berries, Razz berries, Cheri berries, singing, exploring.
    -Dislikes: Fighting,
    Wiki berries, getting lost, when her friends cry, cold.
    -Favorite Pastime: Finding new places to play!

    Moves: Wish, Dragon Meteor, Mist Ball, Fly

    Ability: Levitate

    Soul Dew

    Short History:
    Latias hatched from an egg atop Mt. Pyre in the Hoenn region. Without any parents, she wandered awkwardly around the mountain island until Lugia passed by on an ocean current and invited the young Pokemon to swim with it. Essentially, the Guardian of the Sea raised her.

    In her early years, she encountered
    Mew and rescued the fellow legendary from a swarm of ill-tempered Zubats in Digglett's Cave. The two became fast friends and have since gone exploring together many times.

    In her travels,
    Latias finally encountered a true counterpart in Latios. For the last four months, the pair have gone everywhere together.

    Anything Extra: s Latios. Best friends with
    Mew. She regards Lugia as an older sibling figure.

    Latias's Theme (open)
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    Pokemon Name: Latios

    Level: 38

    Gender: Male

    -Weak Against: Bug, Ghost, Ice, Dragon, Dark
    -Strong Against: Ground, Fighting, Fire, Water, Grass, Electric], Psychic

    Appearance (open)

    Pokemon Nature: Protective
    -Likes: Latias, Flying, Lying in the sun, Blue berries, Hollowing in water.
    -Dislikes: Fighting, Rain, Overly loud and unnecessary noise, Jigglypuffs.
    -Favorite Pastime: Playing hide and seek.

    Moves: Teleport, Twister, Dragon Rush, Fly.

    Ability: Levitate


    Short History:

    Latios was a loner with no home, wherever he stopped he slept and where he went he was free. He had been that way since he was young and his spirit reveled int he freedom even as it pined for companionship. He wanted to go everywhere, see everything. Th world was his and his.. alone.

    His life changed four months ago, when breaking though a cloud layer the white mist rolling off of his body when he came face to face with another pokemon. For a second they stared before Latias dove away rolling in a teasing fashion to look back at him as the cloud enveloped her. The game was on, hide and seek. Before that he had been a wondering docile loner and now he was locked in the first of many games with another like him.

    With Latias he met mew and the two would compete to outmaneuver each other in areal displays and at the end of the day, tired out, thirst and hung, but happy as the night's chill enveloped him he tasted companionship fir what seemed like the first time. Since then he had been inseparable from the group except for the odd excursion alone to see on sight or another or searching for blueberries, his favorite food.

    Anything Extra:

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    Pokemon Name:




    -Weak Against:
    Bug, Ghost, Dark

    -Strong Against:
    Fighting, Psychic

    Mew~ (open)

    Pokemon Nature:

    Playing with everyone and anyone that will play with It,Latias, Lucario, lullabies, shiny objects, swimming, exploring, Lum berries, and those with a pure heart.~

    Bullies, tight spaces, unnecessary battle, complete darkness, sharp objects and seeing others in pain.

    -Favorite Pastime:
    Playing with Latias, watching the sunrise and floating amongst the clouds.~

    Mew's body glows multicolored, then it transforms into any Pokémon.

    A damaging attack that focuses psychic energy onto a target, inflicting them pain, and potentially lowering their Special Defense.

    Protects the user from all effects of moves that target it during the turn it is used, including damage.

    Metronome randomly selects a move and fully executes the attack.

    Synchronize passes on status problems to the opponent that caused the problem.

    Short History:
    Kinda long~ (open)

    Mew is quite the mystery to those It comes across. No matter how close they may become to the little pink cat-like Pokemon, they never really can become too sure of Mew's origin, or past life. Mew will not share this with anyone at all, because It believes The Past, before friends and loved ones, is insignificant to The Future, and The Present. Besides, Mew is too playful and distracted to sit still and explain It's history to another. Really, how can one expect that of It?

    An enthusiast of exploring the Regions all around, Mew has traveled great lengths throughout It's existence, thus far. From the dark, clustered trees of Viridian Forest, to the towering boulders of Mt. Moon, the sharp, shadowy corners of Cerulean Cave, to the beautiful, ever glistening Seafoam Islands, Mew has encountered them all. Most of It's expeditions has been without any companions by It's side, which can become a rather sad fact sometimes. However, it has all paid off for It, with how many Pokemon Mew has met along the way.

    There has been a certain Pokemon Mew has known for years, and has always came back to after It's explorations. Latias came into Mew's life around Level 5, rather heroically, as a matter of fact. Upon taking It's first courageous steps into Diglett's Cave as a youngster, Mew was harassed by a cluster of Zubats. Flying in and flapping their wings against It's ears, nipping at It's tail, laughing with a squealing noise that sent painful vibrations against Mew's head, it was all a little too much to take in. Curling up into a ball, ready to give up and accept It's fate, Mew had let all hope diminish, trapped and frightened.
    And then She showed up.

    While cowering inside the see-through, pinkish bubble Mew had formed around Itself, It barely noticed through the little slits of It's eyelids a flash of white and red coming out of nowhere. Standing in front of It, a Pokemon was agile enough, quick enough to fend off to Zubats. Eventually, the pesty Flying types scattered off, and all was safe. From that moment on, Mew felt a special attachment to Latias. This was from clearly being Mew's savior, but also noticing the genuine heart Latias held; She was a true gentle soul, and one that could not be ignored!
    A best friend was made and kept for life.

    Mew would often bring Latias along with It on It's adventures, unless It had the feeling to go alone, not wanting to ever bring a friend into danger. Memories of scary Pokemon intimidating the heck out of It, adorable Pokemon luring It over with a simple glance, boring Pokemon that made Mew want to leave (if It wasn't so polite to stay instead), and many more are kept within It's heart and mind. Mew has grown up along with each Level, gaining experience physically, but more so experience mentally, and emotionally. Each relationship made, whether important or not, has transformed who Mew is on the inside, and has always made a difference along It's lifetime.

    Still, Mew is not done with It's adventuring. It shall never be quite finished! Besides finding objects to play around with on It's spare time, Mew plans on taking along whomever would like to join It to new destinations, new Regions and areas. There is too much that has been unseen to let go to waste. The sky is the limit, and sometimes Mew even feels It could break through that barrier as well!
    So, It comes along the paths of other Pokemon daily, gets to know them, and listens to It's feeling of if the Pokemon in particular might be interested in this expedition of a lifetime. Because if they show interest, well, Mew will just bug them until they agree to join It.~

    Anything Extra:
    Best friends with Latias. Likes to become invisible often and sneak up on others. May Transform into other Pokemon just to play tricks on innocent nearby bodies. Can become rather fascinated with colorful, bright objects easily, and lose focus on important matters at hand. Is EXTREMELY curious, which can not always be such a good thing..

    Stats & Info (open)

    Mew's Theme (open)

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    I shall finish this soon!

    Pokemon Name:





    -Weak Against:


    -Strong Against:




    Pokemon Nature:

    Quiet. Absol is a loner


    Nature; freedom


    Being trapped; being afraid to do something

    -Favorite Pasttime:

    Observing other Pokemon and nature; staring at the clouds

    Double Team
    Razor Wind
    Quick Attack

    Super Luck - heightens the critical hit ratio of moves


    Lum Berry

    Short History:
    Absol has been on her own for as long as she can remember. She's travelling the land, seeking to learn more about herself and others. She is a loner and awkward when face to face with Pokemon but she'll help out whenever she sees a Pokemon in need.

    Anything Extra:
    One of Absol's favorite places to relax happens to be under the shade of a Lum tree.
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    Pokemon Name: Lugia

    Level: 49

    Gender: Genderless

    Type: Psychic/Flying

    Weak Against: Dark, Electric, Ghost, Ice, Rock

    Strong Against: Fire, Water, Grass, Psychic, Fighting, Bug

    Guardian of the Sea (open)

    Pokemon Nature: Passive Aggressive. Only in troubled times will Lugia give assistance.

    Likes: Water, Solitude, Flying

    Dislikes: Disturbances in the sea, Loud Noises, Anything Toxic

    Favorite Past time: Sleeping in an underwater trench.

    Moves: Aeroblast, Whirlwind, Hydropump, Echoed Voice

    Ability: Telepathy


    Short History: Lugia is the leader of the three legendary bird: Moltrez, Zapados, Articuno. Lugia mainly quells all of the territorial disputes they may have. Lugia usually spends its time underwater, sleeping or watching over the deep underwater seas. If the weather is at all affected, or something seems amiss in the world, it would appear in the sky, taking flight around the skies, although Ho-Oh is known as Guardian of the Skies.

    Anything Extra: Lugia folds its wings to fly faster. It is also said that if Lugia flaps its wings, it causes a 40 day storm.

    Lugia's Song. (open)
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    Legend has it that Ninetales came into being when nine wizards possessing sacred powers merged into one. This Pokémon is highly intelligent - it can understand human speech.

    Pokemon Name: Ninetales

    Level: 25
    Gender: Female

    Type: Fire
    -Weak Against: Water; Ground; Rock
    -Strong Against: Fire; Grass; Bug; Ice; Steel

    Ninetales (open)

    Pokemon Nature: Impish - Ninetales just loves causing mischief!
    -Likes: Nighttime, Aspear berries, playful pokemon, teasing her friends, and blazing fires.
    -Dislikes: Swimming, rainstorms, chesto berries, and walking underground in caves or tunnels.
    -Favorite Pasttime:
    Exploring places or just look around at everything happening around her.
    • Flame Burst
    • Fire Spin
    • Confuse Ray
    • Quick Attack

    Flash Fire:
    It powers up Fire-type moves if it's hit by one.

    Short History:
    Ninetales hatched from her egg as a Vulpix, as all Ninetales do. When she hatched, she found herself buried in the hot sands of a hotspring. She lingered, happy with the warmth, but soon felt the pangs of hunger gnawing at her stomach. She wandered away in search of food and came upon some berry trees. After nibbling them, Vulpix curled up in the warm sun and fell asleep. She was woken shortly, however, by a little Poliwag who accidentally stepped on her while trying to eat some berries.

    Vulpix and Poliwag became friends and wandered around together. They helped one another grow stronger, playing in the grasses and battling other pokemon. One day, Poliwag told Vulpix about a new adventure to be had across the sea. Letting Vulpix ride on its back, Poliwag and Vulpix traveled to a new land to explore.

    For a while, things were fun, but Poliwag told Vulpix that it wanted to learn how to evolve and for that, it needed to find its own kind. Vulpix wandered on her own for a time, but while exploring a cave one day, she stumbled across a fire stone and evolved.
    Anything Extra:

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    Oh can i join, this seems very interesting :P
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    ​Don't ask. :D Just go.~
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    Ok, thanks :P
    Oh and i want a glaceon nobody steal it from me :D
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    Arcanine is known for its high speed. It is said to be capable of running over 6,200 miles in a single day and night. The fire that blazes wildly within this Pokémon's body is its source of power.


    The fire which enlightens is the same fire which consumes.

    Pokemon Name: Arcanine
    Level: 27
    Gender: Male

    Type: Fire
    -Weak Against: Ground, Rock & Water types
    -Strong Against: Bug, Grass, Steel & Ice types

    Pokemon Nature:
    Pecha Berries, Oran Berries, Salac Berries, Pasho Berries
    Swimming, Rain, Bug & Flying Types
    -Favorite Pastime:
    Scavenging for wild Berries, Hiding Berries in his mane, Digging, Sun-bathing, Eating in general, Any kind of Physical Activity


    - Flamethrower
    - Dig
    - Sunny Day
    - Wild Charge

    Ability: Flash Fire

    Items: Pasho Berry

    Short History:

    Agile, Cunning and Powerful: Arcanine is a full fledged Fire Type--and a prideful one at that. Since the day of his birth said Pokemon has made a pact with the sun--to worship it and all sources of fire which emit said heating waves and thus his life began. Through out his Poke life, Arcanine only goal has been omitted to the worship of the sun and loathing of the sea, he must stick to one--and only one. His heart belongs to himself and his prideful fur--one who he bows that whoever dares to tarnish it will weep to his grave. Arcanine is a form who adores the company of others, solitude is not his game and it will never be. To run--to hunt-- is Arcanine's blissful life.

    Anything Extra:

    - His fur and mane are one of his most prideful features, he can be seen combing it frequently
    - Has a tendency to change the weather to Sunny whenever it rains--he fears the water will ruin his fur and cut down his powers.
    - Arcanine is a food hoarder. Through out the day, he can be sen
    e picking at his mane in search of stored Berries.
    - Has a frequent paranoia that Bug & Flying types are out to steal his food.
    - Adores the company of any other Fire Type.

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    I adore these profiles so far.<3<3
    > w<!!
    You guys make me so proud and happyface. Q ^Q
    I shall finish my short history section and be done once I figure it out..~

    Thank you so far to everyone who is making this possible! ^^
    The Game won't be up for a while. o.x
    And I am going to probably make a Group so things are easier to navigate around, and then also we can brainstorm plot ideas to roll with.~

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    Pokemon Name: Lucario
    Level: 45
    Weak Against:
    Fighting, Ground, Fire
    Strong Against:
    Pokemon Nature:
    Lucario are considered to be prideful creatures, and are extremely loyal to their trainers. Lucario also seem to have a natural sense of justice.
    Mew, Marowak, Fighting
    Haunter, Glaceon, Cold
    Favorite Pastime:

    Close Combat
    Force Palm
    Giga Imapact
    Flash Cannon

    Aura - Ability to sense aura's of things.


    After Lucario entered the wild on his own, he was subject to bullying and beat downs by other Pokemon. He worked to gain power and learned many great moves, defeating the bully Pokemon. His goal in life is to become the best fighter in the world.


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    Really old but never ceases to amaze me.


    For those who thought Pokemon couldn't be GANGZTAAH.


    Also, have you guys heard of the 'Ash is in a Coma' Pokemon Theory? I heard back around midst of last year--and it freakin' made a bit of sense, lol. I literally thought to myself "MAH CHILDHOOD IS A LIEEE".
    I couldn't (actually I was just too lazy too) find the original text I read but here's a link to a similar one. YAH'll should read it.

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    I liked the second song the best.
    The first one made me ' T ^T ' grosss in the beginning.
    But the ending was fun.

    You guys should read Mew's History, especially the end. ;D It might have something to do with how I'm thinking of moving this roleplay along eventually.~
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    Well the first one IS the Bird and The Bee's technically. I just put it up because I get flabbergasted by it every time, in a way I always think "Wow... That is one dirty minded genius of a man" . I'm really sorry if it bothered you, don't take it offensively just think of it as comedy.
    You should honestly read the Pokemon theory link that I posted if you haven't read it elsewhere. Your mouth will be like:

    . O .
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    Pokemon Name:


    Level: 32

    Gender: Male

    Type: Ground
    -Weak Against:Grass, Flying, Water, Ice
    -Strong Against: Fire, Electric, Rock, Poison, steel


    Pokemon Nature:
    -Likes: Hanging out, Relaxing on the beach, Playing gituar
    -Dislikes: Doods getting in his face, getting angry, people who pick on the little guy, asparagus
    -Favorite Pastime: Playing gituar,

    Moves: Bonemerang, Rage, Bone Club, Hidden Power

    Ability: Rock Head, Immune to recoil damage

    (Optional) Item: Thick Club

    Short History: (WIP)

    Anything Extra: This particular Marowak carries around an electric guitar fashioned from bone that is attached to a magnemite on his back via a cable.
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    Oh yeah, the old coma theory. I've read a few other crazy ones like that. Let me see...

    For one, Gary Oak was the Good Guy.

    And actually, I just found a link to a site that has most of the other ones and more! Here.