Pokemon: Disillusioned Version

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  1. Southside City – a bustling metropolis, built on fishing, mining, and shipping off unique delicacies that never tasted the same anywhere else. At least, it was – but nothing lasts forever.

    The waters had become polluted. Divers struggled to find any sunken treasures or trinkets in the sickly murk of the rivers and lakes outside the city, if they even agreed to go in in the first place – the water was polluted enough to be carcinogenic, by some people’s reckoning. Certainly, the pokémon that came up out of the water didn’t look too healthy. That was excluding the numerous pieces of litter, which injured and killed those unfortunate enough to be affected by it.

    On land, it wasn’t much better. The mines had been picked clean of coal, and people had to dig in deeper than was safe for any metals or gems to be unearthed. Good men – family men, most of the time – had died in there, whether down to gas poisoning, tunnel collapses, or any of the other hundred and one things that could go wrong in the poorly-funded mining project.

    The stench of pollution hung about the air, and though it permeated into every place imaginable, the residents were so used to it, that they didn’t even seem to notice. Or care. It wasn’t bad enough to warrant smog, but it was still unpleasant. Then, there was the matter of the lack of green, the park now neglected and debilitated beyond repair. All manners of scum roamed the streets at night, while all manners of hate-filled humans wandered the streets in the day.

    The buildings, uniform in their size and shape, all seemed to be rectangular boxes filled with people whose lives were as dull as one could imagine. Even the criminals were run-of-the-mill – from the thieves to the people who exploited pokémon for more than just cheap labour, everyone was just going about their lives. The city was stagnant, and the politicians seemed to have given up on it, allowing the place to fester in its own squalor.

    It was, quite simply, a place hit by the harsh reality of life – more specifically, what time, neglect and overworking did to a place.
  2. Christi's warm brown gaze settled upon the bipedal creature which stood beside her. The products of mutations and imbreeding seemed nothing new to the particular town she entered. Not a single soul had glanced in their direction, the peculiar woman taking her synthetically altered Hypno out for a morning stroll. The very genes of the creature were spliced with many other Pokemon, awakening within it the abilities that particular Pokemon wouldn't usually have.

    The darkening clouds had obscured most of the sunlight, although a few rays filtered through the overcast heavens. The environment had always reacted adversely to her baneful presence, creating a chill to the air, and gloomy skies. Her waist length hair, resembling fresh rivulets of blood, became upswept in the icy breeze. She made her way down the heavily trafficked path, toward the Poke' Center. Once she entered large building, the gossip of the populace had run rampant throughout the town.

    "I heard that her Hypno possesses the greater traits of Gengar." "Well, -I- heard that one look from her Hypno can render one to stone." The blatant chatter of the individuals found its way to her ear. She turned to oggle them with a twisted smile upon her face. "She's Christi Mass!"A tow headed youth exclaimed, fleeing from the hospital that was designed to treat Pokemon of all types.

  3. A lone male meandered into the supposed place of healing, his face in its perpetual state of neutrality and general tiredness. With eyes haggard like an old man's, and a mind that had aged far too quickly for his body, one would not blame him for feeling lethargic as he sat down, his pained grunt the only sound made by him. He had a pokemon at home, but he was not officially allowed to train it - not that he would, anyway. The family Zigzagoon was barely able to stand, let alone fight. To venture out into the wild would kill it. But, the centre couldn't fix him. His problems were far too deep for a mere machine, and no medical tests had proved conclusive. At his age, he knew he should have started his journey, but given the lack of available pokemon, such a notion was scoffed at by many. So many children, their dreams shot down without mercy.

    Still, he did not particularly care for flights of fancy, and was more focussed on getting a real job. One that relied on brainpower, not some creature's muscle. His dad's pokemon had plenty of it, and as he was out of a job, it wasn't as if he needed it. His father was never really attached to it, but it had grown fond of the boy, the only person who'd had the time to play with it. Nevertheless, it would not likely be able to do much in battle, having only ever experienced physical labour as a means of physical exertion, and maybe playtime.
    Jason Smith coughed a little, and cleared his throat, purely on a whim.
  4. She spied Jason Smith having entered the infirmary, and greeted him afar with a wave. Her crystal staff bounced upon her back with the motion, as her malicious demeanor faded and she became excited at his arrival. The staff was crowned with a glass orb, and a small steel blade protruded from its bottom. She kept that part incognito most of the time, the weapon was nuzzled in its sheath.Her strange rendering of a Hypno bounced up and down, its paws meeting one another in a series of claps.

    "Flipno. You seem to be quite energetic all of a sudden." Her brow quirked, as he seemed to parrot her own movements. She trained this thing well, for battle and private purposes. Christi would lay a hand upon his head, her palm moving down his sleek, mottled fur. Most of the other customers had vacated the edifice by now, not wishing to become involved in battle in any way, or to receive a look from her. She wasn't acquainted with Jason in actually having met him, but she carried a scroll with his picture printed upon it in lively hues. It gave her some information about him, and she familiarized herself with it before entering South Side. She paraded the creature designed of her own whim openly.
  5. Raising his own hand in a half-hearted greeting, Jason moved to greet her, having nothing better to do that day. He'd heard tales about her, rumours, but nothing remotely concrete. Being the kind of person he was, he never bothered to keep up with current events anyway, outside of politics and anything that would actually influence his life. One could excuse him, then, for knowing so little about the person before him, the one he surveyed with not even feigned interest.
    "Sorry, do I know you from somewhere?" he asked, his tone flat and neutral. Such was his manner of speaking - he did not take to 'beating about the bush,' as it were, and preferred to just get to the point and end things as soon as possible. This aaside, his question was genuine - he had no idea who he was speaking to. Vague recollections, but nothing that could be considered even remotely useful.

    Had he brought his father's Metang with him, he would have felt marginally safer. However, given a Hypno's reputation while unaltered, he did not feel that it would be much good anyway. Regardless, if there was to be a battle, he would not be able to partake in it, nor would he feel like it. His mind would be suited to it, but his heart was never in anything. He never felt passion for most activities - they rarely warranted it.
  6. "No."Christi confessed with a soft smile. "But I know of you." Flipno was playing with his trademark pendulum, not necessarily seeking to use it against the newcomer."Oh, I have some prior engagements I must attend to. If you stick around, I'm sure we'd be bound to meet up again!" She left hurriedly, in the direction of the Poke' Mart. Her swift movements had loosened the parchment she had hastily tucked away, and she was oblivious to have lost possession of it. The masses fanned out, leaving her plenty of space to pass through. "That thing is simply undesirable." An elderly woman croaked, shaking her head.

    The youthful, pale countenance of the female had belied her age by a good number of years. She perused the various merchandise, letting her hand roam over the differing types of Poke' Balls.She seemed indecisive, uncertain of which one to choose. The store owner fidgeted behind the counter, wishing that she'd just settle upon a product, and leave. He was contemplating letting her leave without purchasing it, but his register contained only a scanty amount of coins. His tea colored gaze never left her, and his lips wouldn't dare spill any remarks about her royal blue and scarlet attire.
  7. Blinking incoherently, Jason decided to ignore the fact that she sounded - and looked - like a stalker. He supposed it wasn't a wise decision, but a lot of things he did in life would be ineligible for the term "wise." Irrespective of poor life choices, he supposed that flipping through a newspaper was harmless enough, and would pass a few minutes while this strange stranger finished whatever business she had decided to engage herself in. What she did was no concern of his, but the fact that she displayed interest in him was something he was particularly wary about. And curious.

    The articles, as ever, were the same as they always were. Murders, assaults, robbery, corrupt politicians, delusional journalists, someone is having an affair with a waitress... The list went on, and so did the two-bit journalists. Still, it was the only thing he had to pass the time, without a pokemon to confide his feelings of bemusement to. He knew there would be time for it later, but the girl made him feel uneasy. Granted, she was making a lot of people uneasy. But that was besides the point.
  8. She made her purchases, which lightened a few coin of her purse, and pushed the door open in time to see a freckle faced youth run by a woman and cut the straps to the sack, wrenching it free of her possession. "My Umbreon! My Cheribi! Oh, Seudowoodo!" She sobbed, watching him make a beeline toward the dock.

    To make matters worse, the crimson headed character started to approach, her reputation of being unpredictable in nature was an aspect familiar to all throughout the region. She was famed for her evil exploits, however rarely she was known to be guided by a streak of kindness as well. Always the one searching for a challenge, she took off, but not before sending a hearty shove which had knocked the ill fortunate woman off balance. "I will battle the boy as to retrieve your stock!" Along with 'Flipno', Christi had the abilities of Gengar, Darkrai, Heatron, Espeon at her arsenal.

    "Cease and desist, you pernicious poppet! I've witnessed you've come into these new Pokemon by false means, now you will have to battle me to keep them!" A smirked quirked the corner of her lips. "Let us battle Pokemon for Pokemon, and as to up the ante I will include my beloved Flipno." His steps brought him to a halt, since she had him cornered and there was nowhere to go but to dive into contaminated channel infested with mutated Gyrados and Sharpedo.

    The ginger headed boy closed his sparkling green eyes, his posture becoming rigid upon hearing her step closer. "So, what's it to be? A watery grave, or battling to retain the rights to your Pokemon?" She tapped the toe of her right boot upon the brick in impatience, waiting a moment longer for his answer, before she would become bored and decide to feed him to the sharks.
  9. Just who in the blue blazes is she?

    The thought did not come from him being amazed - rather, it gradually arose from him being bemused by her strange mannerisms, stranger dressing, and just flat-out creepy pokemon. Shaking his head disapprovingly, the boy hauled himself reluctantly from the seat, against reason. He knew he could have just walked away. He knew that he could just leave the girl be, hopefully making her search for him again - which would, in turn, hopefully only be a wild goose chase. But, he knew that his luck would not allow for such a convenient series of events. Thus, when he stepped outside, what greeted him did not shock him in the least.

    Leaning nonchalantly against a wall, Jason attempted to process the situation so far, not making a great deal of sense out of what was happening. Eventually, he just decided to just watch and observe, not bothering to even try any more. He was used to the banal and the uneventful - for her to come swaggering in and to then declare that she knew him, was something he considered out of the ordinary. And, when humans are faced with the abnormal, they usually do one of two things - move away from it, or investigate. The latter seemed to be applied.
  10. "I...don't want to battle!"The boy wailed, discarding the sack to the street. The Poke' Ball which she assumed to contain a Seudowoodo rolled out of the small opening, lingering dangerously close to the very brink of the channel. A decent draft of chilled air could send it tumbling into the water, becoming unretrievable in the murky depths. Christi had risen her peculiar staff, seeking to penetrate it with the spear head. If successful, it would siphon the traits of that particular Pokemon into the weapon and the creature would perish.

    Her would be contestant fled the scene, leaving the strange female to convulse with laughter. The Pokemon's energies were spent, and she launched a kick at the two toned orb. The broken ball landed across the way, becoming hidden from view by the thorny shrubbery. Her cackling had died upon her lips, and she continued South of the encounter.

    What of Jason? Her orders were to thwart him in all of his endeavors. What Pokemon did he own? Certainly nothing which could contend with the altered species which accompanied her. If hers were somehow defeated by a lucky shot, the staff would become a medium as to bestow upon her the reserved energies of slaughtered Pokemon.
  11. Fists now raised slightly and a defensive stance taken, Jason was ready to stand his ground if need be. His experience with martial arts was largely forgotten, but what he did remember stuck like glue. And, given that he would likely be caught in ten seconds flat, he decided that the most viable course of action would be to stand his ground. He had nothing to fight back with, and given his physical condition, it was quite possible that he would perish, should he fight her. However, it was purely an instinctive reaction - he had no idea of who she was, or what her motives were, but he didn't fancy finding out.

    The fact that he had no pokemon did not really say much, other than that he was essentially defenceless. Bystanders would likely remain so, and not even think to assist him in fending off this - quite frankly, alarming - person.
    "Who are you. What do you want with me."
  12. His voice had stolen her from her contemplation, and she turned on heel as to face him. "Why so defensive?" A light chuckle rolled about in her mouth. "You really ought to relax." She ogled him longer, realizing he wasn't to heed her advice. "I am Christi Mass, and I have no qualms with you. I come at the behest of Professor Oak, or..his ..other half, that is.I don't suppose you've heard about his horrible accident." She waited a mere few seconds, not even long enough for him to utter a 'Yay' or 'Nay' about the event she was referring to.

    "It seems good ol' Professor was doing some experimentation with sick and dying Pokemon, as to restore youth to their species and.." Her hands married in a thunderous clap. "Boom! The less than pleasant part of his personality, which had lain dormant prior to the concussive blast, was summoned forth as a force all its own onto the material plane." She would move nearer to Jason, however in a non threatening manner. "Tell me, do you like his work?" Christi smiled widely, revealing a mouth of glistening, slivered teeth, momentarily forgetting her guard of their bizarre appearance. "Oh my. I hope I didn't put you off of eating for a while."
  13. Jason did not respond to the taunts - he rarely responded to any, but had made sure not to fall prey to her little quips. Instead, he maintained his current demeanour, and moved back slightly. It was understandable how he felt so uncomfortable around her, and now that she was speaking, there was little he could do to quell his unease.

    If he was honest, Jason did not quite know who Oak was.He'd heard of the man, to an extent, but that was essentially it. Though, given by how he was being spoken of, he gathered he must be of at least minor significance. Nevertheless, more pressing matters were at hand. For example, the fact that she had explained who she was, but had explained nothing of why she was there - bar that she had been sent to him. Tone as neutral as he could keep it, and eyes as hard and focussed as he could make them, he asked again.
    "What are you doing here? You came for me. So what do you want?"
  14. As if suffering some sort of computational error, her body began to tremble violently, eyelids exposing and shutting her sight from the world rapidly. Her lips quivered as if to form words, but no sound would animate any speech. Her ghostly countenence became pigmented with twin streaks of blood which had welled up in her eyes like sanguine tears.

    Never once in her convulsive state would she fumble with the staff, her grasp was unyielding. A sudden eruption of unnerving laughter had painted the atmosphere around them with dread, and she was then draped in a cloak of calm. "Oh, what do I want with you? I'm just here to accompany you in your travels, so that we could encounter very elusive Pokemon." She shrugged, and wiped away the bothersome bloody semblance of tears without so much as becoming alarmed at having cried them.

    "There are many which borderline upon extinction, I'm afraid. Oak wants to study them, place them in an environment of which they could be safe of disease and other horrible atrocities. He wishes them to reproduce in a Utopia of his design. If you are to go with me, you can encounter many of the amazing Pokemon this world has to offer!" She batted her eyes flirtatiously, in such a way that if he didn't find her words tempting, perhaps he be enticed by her. Christi was obvious to the fact that Jason might have spied her slaying of the Seudowoodo.
  15. Stepping back with no small measure of caution, a look of blatant distrust plastered itself across Jason's face, his teeth gritted as he moved away from this strange excuse for a person, attempting to find some way to beat her into a bloody pulp if he had to. While he feared it would gain him a reputation as a woman beater, he was sure not dying was a far better option than having to endure snide whispers. Nothing sprang to mind, and in light of this, he simply stood his ground. Defiant and unyielding, he looked Christi square in the eyes.

    "And if I don't come with you?" He asked, his voice a steadfast growl. Her efforts to persuade and/or seduce him had little effect - he was, by nature, an extremely cynical person, always seeing the worst in whoever he met. It had little to do with personal experience, he was just born naturally hateful. He didn't dare to turn and run - sudden movements were always a bad idea when someone like the person in front was concerned. Regardless, he would refuse to come with her - he was sure it was a trap. He wasn't quite sure what kind of trap, but this didn't stop his suspicions.
  16. "Oh, it's not a life or death situation for you to join. Lightning will not smite you, nor will the seas rise up and carry you away. Just.. you may never be able to become a Pokemon Master, if you do not accompany me." She smiled pleasantly, this time, her lips never parting. "Certainly you'd wish to obtain strong, elusive Pokemon, to have the various strong suits in your arsenal. But, if you wish not.. I shall turn and walk away." Christi turned away from him, raising a hand as if to hail something she could only see.

    "I'm a busy gal... places to go, people to see." She spun about as if to resemble performing a pirouette, with forefinger at a rigid point in his direction. "But, if you so choose, we shall scour the lands seeking boon and glory!" She slowly departed his company, heading back to the Poke' Mart, as if she'd forgotten to buy something. "Shall we meet again? You only hold the cards to that answer." A low, metallic grind followed her words.

    Christi smelled the food which was specifically made for the strange, monster like species of the world. Her stomach rumbled, her mouth salivating. Perhaps she could simply ignore the ambrosial substance she was craving, she tried to practice self restraint, to keep herself from snatching a handful.
  17. Power. The power to dominate, to stand tall above all else, to be able to crush those who challenged him, to be able to grind them into dust. She had struck a chord with him. While some people wished for the ability to do more, there was something that caused the boy to turn on himself at times. Something that turned him momentarily insane, something that would give him delusions of grandeur. He wanted power, and not just the kind that had people follow his orders. He wished for complete submission to his will. A legion of people and pokemon who would bend to his every will. And now, she was offering him the path to glory on a silver platter. Granted, it was likely a trap - but then again, now that he thought about it, he didn't really have much to lose. He wagered that nobody would really notice him issing, and that his boredom with life had reached a point where death was just another event.

    "Power. Will I be granted power?"
    He spoke to her, not with curiosity, but as if he was demanding her to answer. He was demanding an answer, as it happened. He stood, not with a defensive stance, but with one that tried to make him seem naturally bigger than he was. "Tell me - will I become strong? Far stronger than any who dare to oppose me? Strong enough to crush people beneath my boot, to destroy them so thoroughly they would not dare to speak within a hundred-foot vicinity of me?"
  18. She yearned for just a taste of the Poke food, but she knew that it wouldn't be enough to satiate her empty stomach. If he hadn't found her at this moment, she would become ravenous, leaping upon the display in an act of reckless abandon as to feed upon the generous amount of vittles the quaint store had to offer. His firm voice made the feeling subside for a while, and she moved away from the bait which had allured her into a frenzy,to risk exposing what she truly was.

    "Yes. The end to the long and perilous journey shall indeed grant reality to your desires. It shall bestow upon you untold power, it will purchase you the victories of any battles you were to wage. You shall become a God to this wrinkle of existence, all you have to do is journey across the horizon along side of me. All the things you covet -will- be yours!"

    Christi would advance toward him, a strange, inexplicable draft would rustle her sanguineous strands. She seemed to produce the airy aura, gentle winds enveloping her petite form, toying with bits of fabric to her royal blue and crimson garb. Her clothing seemed more befitting for an overgrown doll, and it had also risen suspicions of the obviously foreign visitor to these lands.
  19. "Then take me with you. Show me the path to glory. Show me how I may attain such power. I will have my name written in the blood of my foes, and you shall be there to show me how."
    Moving forward with an alarmingly confident demeanour, the defensive little boy was gone. In his place, was someone far different - someone whose confidence bordered on arrogance, whose state of mind bordered on insanity, whose desire for power was so great that it bordered on obsession. He had found the means - she was it. And, once he was done with her, he would toss her aside. If she could show him the way, then she would be too powerful to leave alive. He knew that, at best, she seemed capricious. In this light, he knew disposing of her would be a good idea.

    Not that he was a murderous person - he probably couldn't even lay a rodent trap without feeling some small semblance of guilt. However, when it came to breaking people's minds, he saw no harm in it. He wasn't killing them, so he thought, only changing them. Thus, he concluded, forcing them into an inactive state was something he felt would be cceptable, if he was to deal with threats.
  20. "Splendid. Now that we have that settled, and pleasantries were exchanged...you should probably pack for a lengthy trek. I will be with you momentarily, there are still a few.."She tried to eye the Poke food in a covert fashion, so that she didn't make his senses start tingling to her being a Pokemon in the guise of an already unusual woman."...provisions I need." She figured she would meet him at the threshold of the city, sack filled to capacity with a number of things, some petty little things which had no particular purpose of being included with her belongings.

    "What selective Pokemon are you after? which ones do you desire most? There are the trio of Regi's, Darkrai, Shaman, Celibi, Groudon, and the list goes on. Many have ventured as to obtain these Pokemon, and purchased such defeat with their lives. You won't fail miserably, will you?" Tilting her head to the right, she rose a hand as if to warn him. "If you are conquered by the terrain, you will never be one of those to have looked upon these Legendaries. If you do somehow overcome adversity enough to find them, you might not return with your life once you engage these magnificent creatures. You can always turn back now, tis not too late." Her shoulders bobbed slightly in a shrug. "You will walk away with your life, but will be haunted by the shame of your inadequacies for the rest of your days."