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  1. All Alex could see was blurred trees and his head throbbed. He tried shaking it off to no avail. He then tried waiting it out. Still nope. The blurred vision soon became double vision making him feel nauseous and he vomited. After the last of the bile left Alex noticed something blue and small. And he was sitting atop of it.

    Alex jumped up even though his body screamed and his throbbing became worse. However, Alex weathered it and examined the thing, or creature, or monster, or whatever it was. Alex had no idea until it also jumped up. It spun around to face Alex and glared at him and went into a angry string of gibberish. Alex could only make out 'Rio' or 'Riolu' which confused him. The thing didn't match any animal he knew, being able to stand on two legs and was blue. Alex also made note of the yellow collar around the thing's neck and he wondered if it was apart of the creature. He made the mistake of reaching for it.

    The 'Riolu', he decided to call it, took a fearful step back and thrust one of its paws that made Alex sing a high note. He slumped over, but not before lashing out and hitting Riolu's eye. It howled in pain and the eye became swollen and soon the two were locked in combat. They traded each other blow after blow until both collapsed onto the ground breathing heavily and facing the sky.

    "Gezz, is that how you greet people?" Alex huffed as he took out his inhaler.

    The Riolu shoot him a look and Alex could imagine it saying,"Do you touch body parts when you greet people?"

    Alex laughed after taking a puff. The Riolu gave him a puzzled look, but went back to stare at the sky.

    "You know, you're not pretty bad in a fight. Heck, you handled me quite well when I punched so many wannabees in the face," Alex chuckled and a grin creept across Riolu's face," and you know where the heck we are?"

    No response.

    "Stupid. Animals don't talk nor can they understand you so why are you even wasting time with a animal?" Alex thought as he turned his back to Riolu who was pointing to the horizon. Surprised, Alex followed and saw what appeared to be a city of some short.

    As if energized by the sight Alex shot up and began jogging to there.

    "Thanks little bud!" Alex shouted as the Riolu also leaped up and began following him. Alex stopped giving a puzzled look at Riolu,"What? Want to come along?"

    It nodded. Alex shrugged and both were soon off.
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  2. "Hey.. Jess? What happened to my hair straightener?? Brad's taking me out and I need to look hot!"

    A small, bemused huff passed Jessabelle's lips at the call from her roommate, shaking her head. It wasn't worth having cheaper rent to put up with the spoiled, bratty, stereotypical dumb blonde she shared an apartment with.. But yet, here she was, anyways. "How the heck would I know? You know I wouldn't touch the thing with a ten-foot pole.. Besides, I'm sure you look just fine!"

    This earned only a groan of self-pity. "Oh, no... I'm gonna look monstrous!" she cried in response, but Jess wasn't capable of here it. Suddenly, the brunette lost focus on the book in her hands, everything blurring together... From the words she was reading to the whining she could no longer pick up on. What was happening..?

    Whatever it was, there was no time for her to piece it together before blacking out.

    That had been at 10:42 AM that morning.

    Now, the groggy young woman came to with a small groan of pain, too strained to so much as open her eyes. For what felt like hours(but was, in actuality, mere minutes), Jess laid there.. Trying to work up the motive to move. Her body felt like it'd been thrown in the Box and tossed about with little to no care, like Thomas from The Maze Runner. Which, didn't seem to be far from the truth; because when she opened her eyes... She was in the middle of nowhere.

    A frown settled on Jess's thin lips as she forced herself to sit up and look around, evidently not expecting what she saw. It seemed she'd somehow wound up in a patch of tall grass of some sort.. But the plant was unfamiliar; nothing like the girl had seen before. Where on Earth was she...? Sighing heavily, she leaned forward and put her head in her lap, eyebrows knit together with annoyance, pain, and confusion. Maybe I got transported into a book... she thought, hopefully. Wouldn't that be better than, say, being kidnapped and left for dead in some foreign country with no way of getting help?

    The whimsical thought was abruptly broken, however, when an odd sound caused Jess to break the recommended procedure of treating dizziness, making her sit straight up and look around with obvious confusion. Though, the source of the sound was much closer than expected, and Jess found herself face to face with...


    ..A fox-thing?

    The young woman blinked a couple times, before cracking a slight smile. "D'aw.. Dunno why I was scared. You're actually kinda cu-" the thought was painfully cut off when the fox growled slightly, huffing out a small portion of fire. Immediately, Jessabelle went into full-on panic.

    "Ah!" she exclaimed, scrambling backwards away from the creature as fast as possible. Though, this only resulted in pain.. And more panic. You see, the girl wasn't intimidated by the creature.. This wasn't the issue. But fire... Fire around her was a recipe for an instant panic attack, no matter the circumstances, due to traumatic past experience. The creature only seemed confused by the reaction, though; Jess's efforts were futile. She wasn't getting away from the creature anytime soon, so it seemed...

    Flat on her back and cowering in fear, breathing shallow and heart fast, Jess braced herself for what the onset of a panic attack always made her believe was inevitable and coming fast; death. However, she was astonished to find that the creature wasn't attacking... It just sat next to her, head tilted and staring as though she was crazy. Which, at this point, Jess would whole-heartedly believe; after all.. A fox breathing fire? Really? Nobody sane would see that...

    After a while of laying on the ground breathing hard, Jess finally managed a few choice words. "S-so... Y-you aren't going to kill m-me..?" she inquired, glancing at the fox. She'd finally started to calm down, and her heart rate and breathing pace were slowly returning to normal. Apparently, though, she was still stressed enough to believe this creature could actually understand her.

    Which.. Somehow, it seemed it did.

    Either that; or the small nod and 'Vul-pix!' it gave were completely coincidentally timed. Regardless.. This soothed Jessabelle's nerves a bit, and she gave a slight nod of her own. "Good... Hey, uh..Are you.. Are you hungry, or something?" she asked, awkwardly, not waiting for an answer before starting to dig around in her backpack. Triumphantly, she pulled out a couple of cheese sticks. Sheepishly, she unwrapped one, offering it to the fox. "It's not much, but.. It's all I've really got," she admitted, glad to see the Pokemon's positive response. As it began eating the offered snack, Jess opened her own, gladly eating now that she realized she was hungry.

    Not much later(after the two had finished their snacks), Jess climbed to her feet, feeling much better. She took a good look around, now that she could think clearly enough to process her surroundings, before pursing her lips. "Whaddya say we head towards that city-lookin' place, foxy?"

    The response garnished was positive, but... It seemed the Pokemon didn't like the nickname. "Huh. What should I call ya, then? Charcoal? Firefox? No, no.. I'm sure you aren't that slow.. Oh! I got it!" she snapped, face lighting up. "How about Baelfire?" she asked the creature, tilting her head as she started walking towards the city. There was a pause, before the creature chimed it's approval. "Once Upon A Time; best name source for twenty-fifteen!"​
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  3. "...Gaaahhhhhhhhhhhhddddd......." Rubbing his head, Oliver moved his hand down his face, massaging his temples. "Mom, I don't wanna go to school, it sucks, and Mrs. Lindhart is a-" With a sudden clarity, his eyes popped open. He remembered all at once what he was doing. "MOM! GET TO THE-......?" Looking around, Oliver made note of several things. One, this was not the inside of a car, two, this was probably not a dream. Pinching himself, he confirmed the second note. Still on the ground, he peeked to his right; a desolate looking city. "...Either I'm in a really awesome dream or a really terrible nightmare." Sitting up, he then realized that it was probably he latter. Monstrous creatures were moving all around the place; if he stuck around he might get eaten. Suddenly, the city looked very appealing.

    Taking off in a dead sprint, Oliver ran past many confused animals, finally passing into a small forest where he sought shelter. "Ugh. Okay. First thing to confirm....I'm not crazy...but I'm talking to myself...But this is kinda weird......" His head felt as heavy as his legs. Literally. His head felt very heavy. He made the mistake of looking up, straight into an orange face punctuated by a red, clown like nose. Both boy and pokemon observed each other in a surreal fashion. "AAAHHHH!!!" "WEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!" Both screamed simultaneously at each other, it was clear they had no idea what was going on. Reaching for his back, Oliver pulled out a plastic sword. "Stay back! This is carbon steel! I will not have eggs laid in me!" The thing promptly shrunk away. Closing his eyes, he gathered his senses about him, before starting to walk away. Before he could go far though, a light thump hit his left leg. Looking back, a small trail of string carried the bug mutant thing to him as he walked. "..." Overcoming his initial shock, he strode over to the thing. "....So.....can...you...talk? Like, that mutant dog from my comics?" The thing cocked it's head, not unlike a puppy. " Weedle." The boy contemplated this for a short time before replying, "Weedle? Is that...your name?" The thing shook it's head vigorously. A claw pointed to itself, and again it pronounced, "Weedle!" Oliver took another guess, "You ARE a Weedle?" This time the bug nodded.

    "Well, no!" The Weedle jumped back a bit, surprised at the sudden outburst. The boy wheeled around and around, surveying his surroundings, "This is like...an ancient, desolated world!" Suddenly, he felt free from the restrictions of his ordinary life. No grown ups were around to control him, and he could potentially have fun while the dream lasted. "Since this is like an ancient place....I'm naming you Octavius, after a Roman Emperor! How's that, little guy?" The Weedle shook it's head, looking a bit offended. "Oh! ...Uh, let's name you Julia, the wife of Octavius! Come on, Julia, let's go to the city!" Without waiting for a response, he wheeled around. The newly named Julia, in a panic, shot another string shot, catching his arm, and reeled itself in, eventually perching on his shoulder. Looking at it for a split second, Oliver grinned devilishly as he sprinted to the city, "Hang on tight! I don't intend to waste a second of this!" He was still in a bit of denial that this was real....mostly because he wouldn't let himself believe in it. If this was real, then the fun would dissipate very quickly.
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  4. The body lying in the forest stirred slowly, drawing the attention of a small pokemon wandering through. The body stirred more, locks of blond hair falling to the sides of his face as he moved. The pokemon, small, squat and teal, approached the body slowly, watching as the blond twitched and sniffled. Nudging the body, the blond rolled over to reveal not only a messenger bag under his body, protected from the elements, but also that despite the long blonde hair, it was clearly a young man, maybe a touch on the feminine side, but definitely male. The pokemon moved in closer, ignoring the bag before poking the boy's face with a claw. As the poking continued, the blond stirred even more, feebly swatting away the pokemon's poking. Instead of poking the blond, it caught the blond's hand in it's maw and bit down just hard enough to wake up the blond fully.


    Alex had been in the library, a handful of books in his arms as he made his way to one of the study rooms on the second floor of the library. There was a test the next week and he also had a paper due so it was imperative for him for get it all done in time. Slamming the books down on the table, he pulled out the chairs so he could access the wall plug for his laptop. Taking a seat, he put his bag up on the table before him and had only managed to open the flap before he blacked out.


    "YOW! WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR?!" he yelled, sitting up abruptly and yanking his hand out from the pokemon's mouth.

    Looking at his hand, he could see a few cuts that were starting to bleed. Pulling it up to his mouth, he sucked on them, the taste of his own blood clouding his mouth. Luckily, the wounds weren't very deep and stopped bleeding shortly after. Pulling his hand from his mouth, he looked down at the pokemon who was looking at him inquisitively. Instinctively, he pulled his bag close to him and shut it.

    "What...are you?" he asked.

    The pokemon gave a large toothy grin and bounced happily.

    "Yes, I see you have large teeth. You've already bitten me once."

    The pokemon bounced over and landed a playful but admonishing tap to the blond's cheek before settling down. It sniffed at the air for a second before it pounced on his bag, trying to get into it.

    "Hey, hey, hey, HEY!" Alex said, pulling the bag away. "What are you after?"

    "Gible!" the pokemon said, pointing to it's mouth.

    "What is Gible?" the blond asked with a raised eyebrow.


    The pokemon was now pointing to itself with the same toothy grin.

    "You're Gible?"

    "Gible," it said in affirmation.

    "So if you're Gible, what did you want?"

    "Gible!" the pokemon said, again pointing to it's mouth.

    "Food? You can smell the protein bars?"

    "Gible!" it said, again bouncing happily.

    Smiling, the blond reached into his bag and drew out a protein bar, prompting another round of happy bouncing. Opening the package, he broke it in half, giving one to the pokemon and taking the other for himself. Gible popped it into it's mouth and ate it in one bite while Alex ate his slowly and with amusement.

    "So apparently you like protein bars. Could be worse - you could like fast food. Not that you know what that is."


    "Of course not. Well, I don't suppose you know where we are?"


    "Aaaaaand I couldn't understand even if you did," he sighed. "Now what?"
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  5. Ken Marble
    It was just a normal night, Ken ate dinner. He said goodnite to his whole family. He went to his bed and prayed, he went to sleep. Nothing out of the ordinary. What he didn't expect was to wake up in a foreign place. Ken was half awoke, he felt a small pressure on his chest, expecting it to be his little brother or one of his other siblings. "Get off me, Charlie." SMACK! That woke Ken up, real quick. "Ouch, what the..." Ken saw a orange and blue, weasel...no otter, or something roll off of him.

    The thing had a yellow ring around it's neck, like a floaty or something. Ken was still half asleep, but his body hurt like hell. "What is going on?" Ken was groggy, he started to fix his hair. His bag was with him, which was unusual, he thought he had put it away. Then Ken felt cold, ice cold water hit his face. Ken jumped up like a cartoon action figure. "Hey, why did you do that!"

    Ken got a better look at the thing, he still didn't know what it was. It could shoot water...well dolphins could do that. Ken face was all wet now. "Thanks for that...what are you and where are we?" The animal just stood there. "Buizel!" The animal...Buizel, yelled it's name. "Ok...well, I'm Ken, Ken Marble." Ken didn't know what to make of this, he pinched his self, just to make sure he wasn't dreaming.

    The Buizel seeing what Ken did, he pinched Ken. "Ouch! Why did you do that?" The animal shrugged. "Buizel." Ken shook his head, which had water drops in it. "Buizel!" "What?" "Buizel, Buizel!" Ken didn't know what Buizel was talking about, then he looked at what it was pointing at. Some city. "This is getting weirder and weirder." "Buizel." "Yeah, what you said."

    Ken looked in his bag. "Yes! Oreos." "Buizel?" "Here, try it." Ken gave the Buizel an oreo, it started to hop around. "I knew you would like it." "Buizel!" "Come on, let's go." The Buizel jumped on Ken's back, he just grinned and started to walk. Maybe he was having some crazy mental break down or something, right now he didn't care.
  6. Alex and Riolu moved swiftly through the forest stopping only occasionally to rest or fend off a startled animal. Alex did also have to face reality accepting he was no longer on earth, but some bizarre, twisted world. Seriously, what kind of animal produces fire on its back and not get burnt. His mind even tried to make sense drawing upon basic elements which only made it ever so more hurtful. Thankfully, Alex's headache subsided allowing him to rest less often.

    "Ok, let us list what has happened here today. Got transported to a crazy world. Met a two legged, dog thing. Got in a fight with dog thing. Dog thing called Riolu. We take off. Met some wonderful residents and had to spend some time with them," Alex rubbed his temple while a flock of small, black birds nestled and observed them.

    Riolu seemed intent on fighting the birds all at once which made Alex shake his head,"Rio, you really need to take a chill pill and-"

    A distance sound of explosives resonated throughout the forest scattering the animals. Alex, however, pushed through determined to see what caused it. What made boom, boom could indicate people. People who could explain what in the world is going on and perhaps serve him some food because his stomach was growling at him. Riolu followed closely behind, but was visibly shaking.

    Alex then stumbled out of a bush and ducked as the heat from the electricity made his hair crisp. Bewildered, he looked up to see two of these creatures fighting... and two humans yelling out commands. One had a calm smile on while the other was shouting a string of profanity. The 'Angry Guy', Alex called him, went from a string to a profanity to a bundle of fury after one of the creatures fell down. He pulled out some kind of red and white thing and shouted,"RETURN!" A beam of red dashed through the air absorbing the little, yellow mouse before he stormed off. The other one was about to take off when he noticed Alex on the ground.

    "Hello there!" He waved, perhaps a little too enthusiastically," Don't you know not to stumble into a Pokemon battle?"

    Pokemon battle? The first word was strange and never having word of it he asked. The man's head cocked with a raised eyebrow.

    "You don't know what a Pokemon is? It's things like your Riolu there," The man pointed to Riolu just as it finsihed its battle with the brush," By the way, name's Jared. Yours?"

    "Alex, and who was that other guy?"

    "Some random challanger," Jared smiled. A small, brown cat-dog thing leaped onto Jared's shoulder and gave a delighted yelp which made Alex jumped,"Don't be scared. It is just my Eevee. As for a Pokemon Battle I can demostrate it if you want. I just need a wiling volunteer."

    Alex half-expected the angry challenger to appear and be that willing volunteer, but bit his lips when that didn't happen.
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  7. Both sides stood on opposite ends of the opening. Alex's nerves worked themselves into a fury and he sweated while Rio had assumed a fighting position. Jared remained calm, but calculating. Both waited for the other side to attack that never came.

    "Aren't you going to shout out an attack?"

    Alex threw his arms up in the air and Jared whipped out a device.

    "What's that?"

    "A Pokedex. It can tell you your Pokemon's basic info and current moveset," Jared then went on to list Rio's moves,"You go first since it's apparently your first time!"

    "Alright, I got a few to deal with," Alex thought and he pointed at the Eevee shouting,"Rio! Quick Attack!"

    Rio went on the attack, but swept its legs low making leaves flutter in the wind. Its aim was to hit the Eevee's legs and make sure it didn't have speed.
  8. Waking up, Jon rubbed his head. He opened his eyes and all he could see was bright light, which confused him. The last thing Jon remember, which was something he needed to stop doing, was saying "Hold my beer and watch this." The he remembered getting the battery out of his truck, some aluminum foil, and then BAM! That's all he could recall. If this was something like death he hoped he didn't kill anyone else in his stupidity.

    As the lights intensity faded Jon sat up, noticing something in the distance. He looked down noticing his bag which was strange. Without a second thought he jumped to his feet and got really light headed. Taking a deep breath he let blood fully circulate through his body. As he gained the blood back in his head, he looked around noticing a little fox like creature that was asleep beside him, "Awe how cute."

    The fox looked up, "Fennn?" Jon reached down and pet the creature, which seemed oddly warm. The fox thing walked around his ankles, "Fennekin!" It looked up at Jon.

    Shocked at the amount of personality in a creature like this, Jon scratched his head. "So your Fennekin huh?" Fennekin nodded, "I think i'm going to call you Tender." Tender jumped up and yelped happily. "Well hows about this, wanna go see if we can find some people?" Tender walked ahead of him and looked back. Pulling out a new pack of cigarettes, taking one out and lighting it and walking forward with Tender, starting to sing "Hold tight for this ride, We don't need no protection, Come alone, We don't need attention."
  9. After quite some time of walking, Jess was relieved to see the city drawing nearer. And nearer.. and nearer... And nearer. Soon enough, she'd reached the edge of the city, a thin line of sweat coating her skin. She felt burning hot, panting slightly with exhaustion. How long had she been walking for, now..? She supposed it didn't matter, but it felt like it'd been ages.

    The young woman gave her companion a glance, seeing that the newly-deemed 'Baelfire' was holding up much better than she. She sighed heavily, licking her lips. "Aren't you, like... Hot? I mean, I'm burning u-! ...Oh, wait...." There was a pause, and Jessabelle facepalmed, shaking her head. "Gah. I forgot. You're some weird fire beast. Of course you're hot.." she muttered. Then, abruptly, the young woman fell forward to the ground with a groan, wincing.

    Baelfire donned a worried look on his face, pawing at his new trainer's face. "Vulpix?" he asked, worry evident even in his tone. He continued pawing at her face when she didn't respond, worry increasing. Though, the only reaction earned was another small groan. However, after a few more prods and getting bitten on the face, Jess started with a yelp. "Ow! Wh-what was that for?" she whimpered, rubbing her offended cheek. The small fox only seemed interested in the fact she was moving again, though.

    Shaking her head slightly, she shakily reached for her backpack, rummaging through it desperately with her fox friend watching curiously. Soon enough, the female found what she was looking for. Desperately and hurriedly, she unscrewed the lid of the water bottle and gratefully gulped down it's contents, not faltering once. Soon enough, the girl felt much better, mind a bit clearer now that she'd started hydrating again. She noticed the creature at her side still seemed worried, and offered a small smile. "Hey.. It's okay. I'm alright," she assured, tentatively going to pet the creature. Though, he danced away from her touch.. Apparently, needing more reason to trust her.

    Sighing at this, Jess shook her head and reluctantly climbed to her feet, slowly; brushing herself off. "Alright, alright.. I get it. You don't trust me.. I understand that," she mused, giving the creature another small, tight smile. "..But thank you.. I appreciate you pushing me to get back up. I owe ya one," she stated, sheepishly, before starting towards the town again. Baelfire hadn't expected the past response, blinking owlishly at her words. Soon enough, he shook it off, following after the woman loyally.

    Soon after, the fox took off.

    Blinking with surprise, the girl gawked at the running creature. She froze up, trying to process why he'd be running.. Before finally processing that her only acquaintance in this odd world was running from her. Blinking a few more times, she finally gave chase, calling to the creature. "Hey..! Wait up! Where're ya goin', Baelfire?" she called. Now, it seemed the Pokemon wasn't running.. It kept pausing and looking back to make sure she was following. Was he leading her somewhere?

    It seemed so, when the Pokemon stopped abruptly by where Alex and Jared were fighting. "Woah.." she murmured, watching with wide-eyes. What were the two males doing??

    @Archwar @Anyone approaching the pokemon battle​
  10. Jamie Kirsch
    "Ugh..." Jamie wasn't sure whether her groans woke her up or the dull ache around her tummy area woke her up, but regardless it was definitely not the best way to wake up in her list. Out of habit, her mind was already forming exactly what she would post on her Timeline regarding this matter even before she had the chance to open her eyes.

    Then came the eye-opening realization.

    The tomboy jerked awake and then winced at the tightness of the restraints around her. The first thing she saw was trees; vegetation as green as a garbage truck. Then in the distance in the general direction of her vision range stood an ominous building which screamed ancient in her mind. Instinctively her hand tried to go for her pocket once more at the sight and failed. She looked down at her body - which was actually looking to the side since she was being carried horizontally - but she failed to see past her chest area as there was a giant black... thing in the way. Upon closer inspection she realized there were teeth-like spikes narrowly missing her body on that black thing. It also served as a dumbfounded explanation to why she couldn't move her hand; her arms were slapped straight next to her sides, and this black thing had more or less gripped the middle section of her body while carrying her.

    "Um. Hey." Jamie 'hey'ed. "What's going on? Anyone?"

    As if to answer her question, a face appeared in her vision. It was quite peculiar to explain who or what this face was; Jamie wasn't even sure if it was ugly or demented. Their skin was as yellow as a certain American TV show family with a comical nose. At least the eyes didn't hold the aura of a killer, Jamie commented to herself.

    "Maw?" The person(?) replied. The girl wasn't sure what to say back. Then the person(?) resumed their pace. That moment was when she saw that the black thing was actually attached to that person's(?) head and decided it wasn't a person after all.

    "Like, What's going on really?! Where are you taking me! Let me goooooo!" Jamie broke out suddenly as she struggled. She was quite confident in her physical abilities, but this grip was on another level. No matter how much she budged, she couldn't escape this black head-jaw thing. Then there was another 'Maw' from the creature, this time slightly sharper as if to say 'stop moving!' and then the grip on her tightened to a dangerous level. Jamie gasped at the growing pain and stopped, knowing that her life was in the hands of this weird creature. The grip loosened once more when she calmed down.

    Who knows how long it has been while Jamie was carried like this. She looked around aimlessly within the freedom of her neck, not that there were anything particularly interesting to see except plants and more plants. Occasionally she did catch glimpses of other creatures in the shadows and deduced that she was definitely not somewhere she was familiar with. At this point it wouldn't be strange to say she was in a different planet and was the sole person in the world.

    At least that was when she spotted another person.

    "H-Hey! You there, person! Like, help me out a bit here! Please?" While they were with one of those other creature thing, this was definitely a person, what with clothing and all. It mattered little to her whether they were friend or foe, as long as they were able to explain what's going on - or at the very least, give her back her freedom. And so she shouted desperately, trying to get their attention.

    [@Oliver, Alex, Ken or Jon; whoever wants to reply to this. Else it can be an NPC so no pressure~
    tl;dr You spy a person sandwiched in a Mawile's Jaw horizontally with their arms to the side, calling out! ]
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  11. Even if Alex couldn't understand what Gible was saying exactly, but the little pokemon seemed to know where it was going, having tugged on Alex's leg for a bit before the blond got up. He was glad he had a habit of comfort over fashion, having chosen his beat up Converses today...yesterday?...whenever when he got dressed. Perhaps the comfiest shoes he owned and he didn't have a problem with them getting dirty either. Gible seemed a bit hyper as well, running off ahead only to come scampering back to tug on the leg of Alex's skinny jeans to move faster.

    It was the fourth time that Gible did this that the blond reached down and scooped the little teal pokemon up. It squirmed for a few seconds before it met the blond's eyes.

    "Alright, Gible. We need to set a few rules. If you're gonna show me what's going on, then you need to stay with me. You're adorably hyper but I can keep up if you keep running off like you are. When we get to a point where I'm not completely lost, then we can go be hyper but right now, finding out where I am is important, alright?"

    "Gible Gi-Gible. Gible-ble, Gible Gib."

    The pokemon looked like it understood at least.

    "Also, I've been thinking. You're not the only one around, are you?"

    The dragon pokemon twisted it's entire body when it shook it's head.

    "Then I need a way to know that you're the Gible who's my friend. And the easiest way for that is to give you a name. Something that will set you apart... I'll call you Rhys. I doubt anyone will mistake then.

    The pokemon looked at Alex with a questioning look before nodding vigourously and shaking the blond's arms up and down. With a smile, he set the Gible down where it bounced happily.

    "Alright, now stay close."

    They continued on their way as they had been, though Rhys stayed closer to Alex, at least for awhile. He suddenly perked up, rushing up the next ridge before Alex could stop the pokemon. It was back down in a flash though, earnestly tugging at the blond's jeans with an urgency that Alex hadn't seen before. He followed after Rhys up the ridge and saw another odd creature with something massive and black hanging from it's head with sharp teeth that had a girl in... whatever it was.

    "Hey hey hey. You can't go dragging off someone," he called out as he ran down to help the girl, Rhys at his heels.
  12. Riolu just barely touched Eevee's leg once it shot up into the air and Jared yelled out an attack. Eevee then tackled head on Rio sending it across the clearing. Alex's legs moved, worried that Rio might have been harmed badly, but it threw itself back up. Alex smiled when he noticed Rio was shaking. The hit must have gave him a concussion or something so when Eevee went on the attack again Alex yelled out a warning.

    Rio tried shaking out of his dazed state and wasn't prepared for an attack. He didn't trust that human yet so he brushed off the warning. Then he felt something furry, likely the Eevee, pushed its head into his belly sending him to the ground. Rio would have to listen to the human more. The words 'quick attack' then entered Rio's mind and he charged forth feeling Eevee's skull connect with his. Everything went black at that point.

    Alex watched Rio and the Eevee dance in a daze before they both fell down. He was by Rio's side in no time and scooped up the thing. Jared, meanwhile, returned Eevee to its ball.

    "Wow. Didn't expect that to happen. Also, are you going to return Riolu to its Pokeball?"

    Alex felt a pang of panic not knowing what that was, but seeing the little strange orb he quickly thought of a lie,"I lost them?"

    Either Jared didn't notice the nervousness in Alex's tone or he ignored it,"We can always get more. The city isn't too far and-Who are you?"

    Jared turned to someone hiding in the bushes with a Vulpix.
  13. Jamie Kirsch
    Much to the tomboy's relief, the blond guy that she spotted noticed her and was coming to the rescue. Perhaps in another time and place she would not have even given a glimpse of interest to the guy, but at this moment in he was like her prince charming; in Jamie's vision there were sparkles dancing around him as he approached. The grotesque blue creature following in tow however she nonchalantly erased from her memory.

    "Yeah, you... you thing! Like, lemme down already!" She cried out to the Mawile in agreement to her rescuer's words. The Mawile stopped, observing Alex and Gible without any particular emotion surfacing its face. Having said that, it seemed reluctant to let go of the girl from its iron grip which no mere human could pry apart.

    "Mmmaw, mawile!" Soon it started addressing the Gible with its two-syllable vocabulary, making hand gestures to add on to its explanation as to why it was taking her. Occasionally it pointed towards the city in the distance, which Jamie assumed meant that was where the creature was taking her. The Mawile ended its sentence with a growl and a show of hostility to portray its aggression if it was stopped, which only lasted a second.

    "Ugh, what is it even doing? I don't get it." Jamie muttered to herself, then turned to the blond with a sigh as if resigning to her restrained fate. "Any chance you know what's going on? Where am I anyway?"

    Mawile tells Gible it is heading to the city! It had some business over there but it was too afraid to go alone.
    Mawile gave a warning to Gible! If Gible or Alex blocks its way, it will challenge them to a fight!
    Jamie asks Alex if they know what's going on and where they are.
  14. "...You see that?" Oliver turned to meet the gaze of Julia on his shoulder, where she gave a firm nod. Both of them took a pause in running after Oliver's feet got tired. At the moment he was leaning against a tree and watching one of the weirdest things he's seen in his life. Second weirdest, honestly. "Wow. ....Do you think it's gonna eat her?" The Weedle shook it's head violently, looking, again, offended. "What! Come on! I don't know anything about this odd dream place! Well, nightmare, really. I'll have to admit...normally nightmares stop when you can think lucidly and actually -OW- pinch yourself and not wake up. This is odd." Looking again, he did a double take, "Then again, what's even more weird is her hair. IT'S GREEN! Like, like, an avocado!" The Weedle looked at him tiredly; at this point she didn't care what he said, it was all gibberish. "Oh, don't give me that look! Speaking of looking, look at that one guy's pet! It looks like a shark..face... grafted onto a really fat chinchilla."

    Hopping down, Julia scrabbled furiously to regain her balance, finally finding purchase on his shoulder again. Looking at the.....rabbit with Venus Flytrap hair, Oliver thought of something. "Hey! You know that, silk thing you do? Is there anything else that's cool?" Julia nodded, letting a small barrage of purple pinpricks shoot into the air. "Huh. What's-" He barely had a second to finish his sentence before Julia pulled him away by grappling a tree with her String Shot and pulling them both away from the incoming shower of needles. The purple needles sank into the ground, and seemed to make the ground look even more dead. "...Oh." Looking back at the odd quad of people and monster things, he decided to pay them no mind; it wasn't gonna last long, he might as well get to the city where all the fun probably was.

    Whistling a small tune to himself, he walked past Avocado Hair, Flytrap Bunny, Blonde Guy, and Shark Chinchilla while Julia focused her eyes on the city. "....Hey, do you think they have anything good to eat? I'm starving. You starving?" Julia shook her head; apparently she had already eaten. "Okay, that's good, I hope they don't charge much...I have like, one dollar in my pocket right now." Forgetting all about the quad of life he walked past, he came to a terrible conclusion. Turning to Julia, he asked the decisive question, "Can all creatures here do things like you do? Like, they all have powers?" Nodding, Julia's response only confirmed his worst fears. "...If humans have no powers.....and you guys can defend yourselves...and I haven't seen any pigs...normal ones at that.....oh....oh no. This really is a nightmare....." The horrible truth was always there, but he had never thought about it. One of his childish fears had come to pass, though he never thought that fear would manifest itself it a dream. Oliver found himself in a world without bacon. Only five meters in front of the duo of people he walked past, Oliver collapsed. "NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!" Julia sighed, but her concern mounted when she realized that instead of bouncing to another subject, he was staying still.

    Inside of his head, he was rapidly processing other things. The sinking feeling in his heart grew stronger with every second that passed. The fact that he could smell the rotten air, feel the ground beneath him, all led to one thing. In truth, he was trying to comfort himself. Add in a bit of humor to relax himself. Focus on trivial things...lack of food....money....bacon...but it all led to one thing. He acutely felt the absence of it all, and he could feel that he was hungry. The NO wasn't just a childish call for seared pig flesh, it was also his way of acknowledging that the worst had come to pass. This wasn't a dream. He would probably never see his father again. And with these creatures around....he probably wouldn't see anyone or anything again, give or take a few days. All of this raced through his mind as he pensively stared at the ground, hands on his knees as Julia tried getting his attention. She failed to do so.
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  15. "Well, I don't know where we are. Definitely not where we were seeing as I was in a library. But..."

    Alex watched the two pokemon talk, the Mawile giving a very animated explanation. He did manage to catch the pokemon pointing in the distance. Looking out that way, the blond could see the tops of buildings past the treeline, probably the same place Rhys was taking him.

    "I can't be certain but I think Rhys was leading me to that city. And it looks like this one... Mawile I'm guessing based on it's speech pattern, was heading in the same direction. I couldn't tell you why though."

    A few moments later, Rhys turned to look at Alex, who squatted down to get on the level with the Gible. The little dragon went into it's own highly animated explanation of what Mawile had said, pointing vigourously first tot he Mawile, then the city, to Mawile again, to the girl, back to Mawile, the girl again, then to the city.

    "So Mawile was going to the city?"


    "And Mawile saw her?"


    "So Mawile is taking her there?"


    "Alright then..."

    The blond got in closer to the Mawile, waiting until he got the pokemon's attention before he spoke.

    "You're going to that city, right? Well, that's where I'm headed with Rhys, and if you had explained that to your friend, she might not be so against going. I think she might be just as lost as me. So if you let go of her, we can all go with you there. No need to drag her along."
  16. Ken Marble
    Ken and Buizel were making their way towards the city, when they spotted some guys. They were...fighting? No! The animals were fighting. "Buizel! Buizel!" Ken looked at Buizel, it seemed super excited to see the battle. "You wanna go watch it?" "Buizel!" Buizel started to run ahead of Ken. "Wait for me!"

    Ken started to run after Buizel. "Wo!" Ken didn't know that his shoes were untied, he fell face first into the dirt. "Ouch..." Ken rubbed his soar forehead, he dusted off his clothes and ran after Buizel. They made it over to the guys, but the battle seemed to be over by the time they got there.

    "Hey what were you guys doing! That was freaking awesome!" Ken started to jump around like a fool, he had never seen anything like that. He couldn't help himself. SMACK! Buizel smacked Ken back to earth...or whatever this place was. "Hey! Why did you do that?" Buizel just shrugged, they both went back to looking at the two guys and their animals.
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  17. He was sitting at one of the kidney tables in the library, a bottle of water beside his as he read over the first part of his Midterm thesis on Freud's theory of psycho-sexual development. Brandon's leg shaking in irregular intervals along with the tapping of his favourite blue pen. With a sigh he decided to take a break, placing his notebook in his messenger bag along with his pen before moving to go out side for a smoke. As he traversed through the library, he felt lightheaded as the edges of his vision clouded before tinging black. His limbs began to feel heavy and before he could fully react he was pulled into the inky darkness of unconsciousness.


    The raven haired man groaned at the bright speckles of light that assaulted his eyelids, causing a dull ache behind his eyes. His body twitching slightly due to the minor pain in his back and his inability to keep still. This small movement was enough to attract the attention of a medium sized weasel-shaped animal with tan and reddish pink fur. As it carefully stalked towards the man, it noticed his almost conscious state and poked his side questioningly. With an abrupt yelp Brandon was sitting up, his eyes comically wide as he held in a laugh at the action.

    "Mien mien?" 'You alright?'

    Turning toward the noise, the tall man couldn't help but look at it questioningly. He had no idea where he was aside from the fact that it was heavily wooded and had a strangely sweet scent that was tainted with the smell of smoke, but not the rich smoke of wood. The smell was acrid and foul and caused his face to morph into an expression of sincere distaste. The creature was strange, yet somehow beautifully elegant with its fierce eyes and almost comical colouring.

    "Hello, little one." He said, his voice rough from disuse and his habit of smoking.

    The 'weasel' looked at him oddly before slowly coming closer to look into his almost golden coloured eyes. It narrowed it's gaze at him before nodding with an almost shy "Mienfoo." 'I like'em.' Almost immediately after, It began tugging on his shirt, dragging him slightly in the direction of the smokey aroma.

    "You want me to follow you?" He asked in a slight daze.

    "Foo!" 'Yes!'

    "Alright." He muttered with a shrug before slowly getting to his feet. The creature, who seemed to be called a Mienfoo if its speech pattern was anything to go by, cowered slightly at his massive height before steeling itself and tugging on his leg.

    "This might be faster if I carried you." Brandon said while he wrapped his arms around the Mienfoo's waist and lifted her up.

    A surge of panic flashed through it as it slashed at his hand with its sharp claws, before realizing what it had done and shrank back on itself. The human winced and swore softly as he fought through the pain to keep his hold on the creature, but visibly stilled when the Mienfoo seemed to curl in on itself.

    "Hey now, it's alright. Just a little scratch." He whispered with a smile as he raised it to look into his eyes again.

    She, he noted, seemed to trust and understand his words and relaxed into his touch as he placed her onto his shoulder. As she latched onto his hair, Brandon chuckled lightly at the action before running in the direction she pointed.


    After running for a while, his long legs allowing for him to cover quite a distance, Brandon slowed to a walk as he heard the sounds of other people as well as loud thumps and grunts. Mienfoo seemed to get riled up as she silently urged him to go towards the commotion. It was then that the ravenette looked up to the female upon his shoulders and asked, "Would you mind if I gave you a nickname?"

    "Mien, mienfoo Foo." 'Sure, go ahead.' She said with a nod

    "How about...Ran Mao?"

    Her eyes seemed to brighten at the name, like it resonated with her some how as she began hopping up and down with the strength of her approving nods.

    "I'll take that as a yes!" he laughed as he continued toward the noise that had only recently quieted down. Not too long after he was greeted by the sight of a green haired girl being carried within a strange Venus Fly-trap like jaw with in a 'Rabbits' hair, a rather attractive blonde with a short, walking 'Shark' thing, and another attractive, if young brunette with a large bug.

    "Okay...Am I the only one who has no idea how I got here and why a strange animal had seemed to become attached to me?" He asked without thinking. Not even a second later he amended the comment with a look toward the Mienfoo on his shoulders and said, "No offence Ran Mao."
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  18. Jess watched the fight silently, jaw gaping and eyes wide. What the hell were these two doing?? She didn't know for sure, but definitely got the girl's heart hammering heavily in her chest. Was this some form of animal fighting..? Because that's what it looked like to her; which was why she started panicking. It was a shame she was so easily stressed, and didn't know this was a foreign technique of bonding..

    Admittedly, she was surprised to see that Baelfire seemed fond of the match going on, sitting and watching observantly, deep amber eyes glimmering with excitement. Why was he excited about this..? "Bael, what even-..?" before she could finish the thought, she realized that fight had passed and that she was being addressed.

    Cheeks burning red with immense embarrassment, the girl avoided meeting the male's eyes, clambering clumsily to her feet. She hadn't intended to end up in the bushes... She was just a total klutz. Sheepishly, she rubbed her neck, staring at the ground. "I, er.. I- I'm Jessabelle," she stammered an introduction, shyly. Evidently, the girl was timid and socially awkward. "And.. You are..?" she inquired softly, still avoiding eye contact altogether.

    The Vulpix only stared up at Jess with confusion and... Amusement? What seemed to be a smirk? This earned a small pout from his unofficial trainer. You sly little...

    @Prince Dragomir @Archwar
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  19. Alex had no idea how long she had been watching, but the red fox thing was...smirking? His mind ran wild trying to digest the information and he was about to ask 'Jessabelle' where she came from when Jared stepped foward, excitement in his eyes.

    "Name's Jared and you have a vulpix! How long ago did you catch it?" Jared was all over poor Baelfire.

    Alex raised an eyebrow at the jumping bug of a Jared, but he didn't respond. He took a step forward when he felt Rio stirring. Looking down, Alex saw the 'Pokemon's eye flutter open and Alex smiled. The smile earned him a low growl and Rio jumped off of Alex's arms. It then rotated its head as if looking for the Eevee or another opponent and when it saw the Vulpix its eyes narrowed. Rio then backpedaled into Alex which promoted it to cling to his leg.

    "Man this world just keeps getting weirder and weider." Alx thought as he tried shaking Rio off of his leg.
  20. Starting towards the structures he noticed earlier, motioned Tender to follow. It seemed like it was a long ways so Jon didn't get into a rush. After finishing his cigarette he wanted to see something. Looking down at the fox he asked, "You know any cool tricks?" Tender pounced forward and scratched. Jon smiled, "Anything else?"

    "Fenn!" Tender shouted as spit out a ball of orange flames that scorched the ground in front of him and Jon.

    Jumping back Jon looked amazed , Tender gave a happy yelp. "Now thats a neat trick." Jon knelt down and pet Tender. "So now we know what to do if we get in a bind, so lets go find others." Standing up Jon and tender continued onto the structures, looking for someone else.

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