Pokemon Apocalypse

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  1. Here we go!!!!!!!!

    Xavier entered what used to be Kanto's safari zone Angelo and Angel on his shoulders. I need to find more pokemon he thought. Just then he heard a rustling in the bushes next to him, excited Angel and Angelo jumped off his shoulders at the chance to battle a pokemon in the hopes Xavier would capture it and they would have a new family member. Xavier tossed some bait toward the bushes and waited....
  2. Stepping out of the bushes, holding a piece of bait thrown at her. She didn't ask anything as her bagon behind her and her buneary on her shoulder. Looking directly towards the male before him. "..." she didn't say a word, but gave a look of disapproval at him.
  3. "Uh...sorry miss" Xavier said sheepishly staring at the ground. You are such an idiot he thought to himself. Angelo stepped forward toward the bagon extending his left hand as a greeting, Angel grabbed Xavier's leg and he picked her up and held her waiting for the girl so say something
  4. (Oh I forgot to say where he was currently, just wrote hometown. Well I'm gonna say he's where Xavier is for conveinience lol)

    Lee looked around the area keeping an eye out for any interesting looking for any interesting pokemon, or people. Then when he skipped through a shrub as he usually did he got hit in the head with some bait... what the? Melancholy swooped down and sniffed it but decided it wasn't up to the right value for her. Kuro just floated there quietly and Pyro came jumping out like an idiot. This was nothing like sinnoh's Marshlands, it was different in a good way though he guessed. The Chimchar ran around Xavier like a maniac and then started messing with Angel and Angelo poking their chheks "Char!" Lee facepalmed "Sorry about that..."
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    Angelo and Angel started chasing the chimchar around Xavier. "Um, that's ok, Angel, Angelo stop" he said as he picked the two blue, red and yellow togepi's up and held them. Glancing at the girl from earlier he replied to the trainer with the chimchar. "I'm Xavier and these two are Angelo and Angel" as he gestured to each togepi I turn.
  6. She didn't speak to the male, merely turned her head and picked up her bagon, carrying it in her arms. The buneary then began to talk in english. "Sorry..pleinair's not so talkative.. i usually talk in her place." the buneary said.
  7. Xavier whipped his head around staring at the bunary "y-you can speak English?" He had heard of tainers being able to communicate with their pokemon as he could with his but he had never heard of a pokemon speaking Enlgish before.
  8. "Pleinair taught me how to. It took a good year though." it said calmly while pleinair nodded in response. "We ended up here some time ago, i'm surprised we didn't meet up before." Pleinair snickered lightly while her buneary did all the talking.
  9. "Ugh....ok" Xavier said still shocked the binary could talk. I thought I was the only Fushia City Resident left? Xavier thought to himself. "N-nice to meet you" he said softly.
  10. Melancholy looked at the Buneary, that was impressive she spoke in her pokemon language "Teach Me!, Teach Me!" she already communicated through psychic means but that was cool she wanted to speak human too!
  11. Xavier was really starting to get creeped out by the girl and her bunary so he slowing started backing up wanting to get away from the girl and her talking bunary. The bunary isn't that creepy Angelo said telepathically talking to his trainer. Agreed Angell said or rather thought.

    (Pokemon can communicate with their trainers telepathically even if they aren't a psychic type, or they could just learn to speak English haha)
  12. Can we go home she scares me? Angel said to Xavier telepathically. Be nice Angelo said. We'll go home soon I promise just keep quiet ok? Xavier telepathically told them.
  13. Pleinair sighed, noticing the tiny movements on Xavier showing he was getting tensed. The buneary noticed pleinair's sigh and spoke in turn for her. "Sorry, we're disturbing you aren't we? We'll be going now." it said, while pleinair turned on her heel and started heading off to a different part of the safari zone, a saddened look on her face.
  14. "W-wait, I-I'm sorry......it's just it's been so long since I've seen another human" Xavier said. Well it's true Xavier thought.
  15. Grabbing hold on her bagon slightly tighter she started to head off at a faster rate, to avoid the conversation as she felt she was still a disturbance, once was enough to set gears off in her mind. She'd most likely attempt to avoid him as much as possible from this point on. The buneary lightly patting pleinair's head in reconsile.
  16. "Wait please!" Xavier called hoping she would come back. Way to go Xavier the first girl you've seem in months and you scar her off, although she was a little young the young man thought to himself.
  17. Assuming the girl wasn't coming back he turned to the boy with the chimchar. "Um anyways, do you live in Fushia City, I though I was the only resident left? Xavier said. I know he wasn't one of my neighbors Xavier thought to himself
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    It's silence as always , there were no sound nor footstep on the street, "...." as the wind went through Green, finally he started his move. It was seems like yesterday but it has been years since the region has fallen to the hands of devious villains. Green ran as fast as he can out of his city which packed with team rocket and of course his partner rook, came along with him. "Hey Rook faster! they're coming!" Green shouted as the rockets chased them, "ROOK USE Phantom force!!!" Rook began to emit a midst of purple fog and hit all of Rocket's grunt pokemon. "ALMOST THERE!!!" Green were gasping as he out of steam just when he almost at the entrance of Route 1.
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    Lee saw he was being ignored and shrugged, he looked to Pyro and then moved to the girl giggling playfully he smiled at her "Wanna play a game?, it's a fun game"
  20. Hearing the promise of a game, her eyes lit up and she turned on point to stare at them with glitter in them practically. "oooh she's interested~ Pleianir loves games. What do you have in mind?" the buneary asked with a chuckle. The bagon was getting excited too as it wiggled about excitedly in pleinair's arms.