Poetry Challenge #8 - Cats

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Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Superpowers, Drama. Also, romance is required with me because I will get bored without it.

This challenge is simply to write a poem about anything to do with cats. It can be any sort of style, as long or short as you want, and write as many as you wish. I encourage you to use BBcodes to make your poem look pretty.

If you have a cat for a pet, feel free to write a poem about his/her personality, or perhaps a habit of theirs that annoys you, if not makes you smile. I'd enjoy seeing a picture of them included with the poem, too!

I'll even write a poem dedicated to my own kitty cat in a separate post. I want to see some other members' poems before I do that, though. ;3
Mynona is a kitty
and she isn't very smart.
I'd say it was a pity
but her fur is fashion art.

If you throw a tiny mouse
she'll run and fetch it fast.
She'll be the terror of your house
and no curtain will ever last.

I really love my furry beast,
she's as soft as a cat can be.
I couldn't hate her in the least,
she is the right cat for me!
Cat's grace.

Silent, supple, dodging through the rain
long furred legs stretch out to find
precarious footholds on the roof,
Or in the basement, amongst the shelves.

Yellow eyes flare up
the only thing to see
Where the cat once was
There is nothing now.

Until you find it,
spread out near the hearth
hiding all the signs
of cat's grace.

(S'not much...but I thought I should give it a shot.)

Ember is a dorky cat
her antics are the best
She likes sleeping on the bathroom mat
which makes her quite a pest

She mewls everyday
for her bowl of Fancy Feast
This feline always gets her way
else she turns into a beast

I'm scarred from head to toe
because of her evil nails
Even when I tell her "NO!"
resisting bloodshed fails

I call this cat my daughter
I know that's very strange
She even has a loving Father
who hopes she'll never change

Ember only wants to play
At night, she cuddles me
All I have to say
is my cat is very silly
[RAINBOW]An Ode To My Beautiful Boys :)[/RAINBOW]

[RAINBOW]Merlin and Miles [/RAINBOW]
[RAINBOW]What can i say?[/RAINBOW]
[RAINBOW]They never fail to make me smile[/RAINBOW]
[RAINBOW]And can always brighten my day.[/RAINBOW]
[RAINBOW]Miles is an old soul[/RAINBOW]
[RAINBOW]He spends most of his time sleeping [/RAINBOW]
[RAINBOW]Although he rarely roams from his food bowl [/RAINBOW]
[RAINBOW]He keeps a paw wrapped around it for safekeeping [/RAINBOW]
[RAINBOW]He's a sweet cat [/RAINBOW]
[RAINBOW]Always seeking attention [/RAINBOW]
[RAINBOW]Right off the bat [/RAINBOW]
[RAINBOW]He's after your affection[/RAINBOW]
[RAINBOW]Merlin is a playful little thing [/RAINBOW]
[RAINBOW]He can never sit still[/RAINBOW]
[RAINBOW]Such a bundle of fun he makes me want to sing [/RAINBOW]
[RAINBOW]Even against my will[/RAINBOW]
[RAINBOW]He loves to bite and scratch [/RAINBOW]
[RAINBOW]But its just a game [/RAINBOW]
[RAINBOW]Just don't challenge him to a match [/RAINBOW]
[RAINBOW]Or you'll be walking away lame[/RAINBOW]
[RAINBOW]So what can I say? [/RAINBOW]
[RAINBOW]I love my boys [/RAINBOW]
[RAINBOW]They chase my blues away [/RAINBOW]
[RAINBOW]Even if they never stop making noise [/RAINBOW]
[RAINBOW]Its Dreadful, i know :P[/RAINBOW]​
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You somehow managed to double post in a single post, I think...unless the repetition was intentional?
No its not >:( Im' trying to use the Rainbow BB code but every time i do it deletes everything ,so i tried blink instead but its double posted. And when i go to edit there is no repeat GRRRR!
Maybe make a mention of it in the bug thread, so Diana can have a look at it.
It's a wonderful poem, nonetheless. n___n

Sorry that the code's being a 'tard. Hrrrrm.
Ha Ha! Never mind its working now :)

I'm Glad you like it Fluffy, even though its pretty pathetic XD
The moon lit marauder
Awaken at dusk
Stalking with claws in the night

Eye's glowing yellow
Tail kept tucked
Waiting for the time to strike

By dawns early light
Shes captured her kill
teeth clenched, it fell to her bite

Dedicated to my cat KoKo, who hunts at night and leaves me dead creatures in the morning.
Sharp claws
Fearsome bite
Soft paws
They won't go down without a fight
They follow their own laws
And always think they're right

^.^ Kittehs
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From the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail,
My Snowball is as black as night,
Except for a few minor details:

His belly has patches of white.
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White cat fur shining
Eyes so bright full of wonder
Paws silent as death

My attempt for a haiku...
When you think that I'm just cute,
I'm actually ordering you,
To do whatever I want,
As soon as you come home from that car.
You must pet me very often,
Or I'll run you into the wall.
When you use the bathroom,
Your hands are doing nothing at all.
Pick up that little device,
And let me chase the dot.
It's for my amusement, not yours,
So why must you laugh a lot?
When I claw your feet,
It's only just for me.
I don't care for the exclamations,
It's time to get petting!
Despite being your master,
There's one thing I must admit.
I never had someone like you,
You're such a lovely pet.

~Oliver (wait, what?)
Healer of a loneliness deep and true,
With a soul and a mind I know she loves me too.
The one I can trust will always be there
Her and I make one hell of a pair.
Day and night she will always be loyal
Even if sometimes she thinks she is royal.
My Bella my beautiful
My Bella my beau.
Her gentle purrs
Her soft nuzzles
Her golden stares
Her rough kisses
Her playful scratches
Her unending love
Her undying spirit
Her silky fur
Her hairless belly
Her shrinking frame
Her final mews
"Mom, I'm comfortable. Why'd you have to move?
I want to sleep in your arms because I love you."
Goodbye my darling
Goodbye my precious
Goodbye my princess
Goodbye my baby
I'm sorry we didn't have more time
A little poem from my cat, Bitty's point of view.


Sometimes when I look outdoors,
I get a little lonely.
All I know is a loud little dog,
high walls and shiny floors.

Once I was an outside cat,
A good hunter of mice.
But I used to hunt other things;
Once I brought a rat.

But then my Daddy died.
I saw him; It was awful.
I went to warn him of the car,
but it was too late. I tried...

Then my brother followed Dad.
The same way he died.
I tried, I really tried,
But I was scared. I was bad.

Now I'm stuck indoors,
staring through a window.
Occasionally I remember
The lack of walls and shiny floors.
My dearest Phantom,
Though your fur may turn grey,
You I'll not forget.
I once had a cat named Smoke
His long hair often made him choke
He was aloof and disdainful most of the time
But that fur was the softest, oh so sublime
We were his staff, that was clear to see
He would stand at the door and look at us like, "Excuse me."
He would meow to one who passed by
If they did not heed then he would cry
Horrible and pathetic was that wail
Accompanied by a vicious swish of his tail
And often once he was let out
You could almost see a punishing pout
And he'd turn and swish that tail at you
As if to say "I poo adieu!"