Poetry Challenge #8 - Cats

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Ol' Scratch is the name of the devil,
and the devil I brought home with me.
For I took mercy upon him you see,
unaware of the terror to come.

Things started off less than well,
for the dog treed him up on the fridge,
and the cat's hair stood up in a ridge
down his back as he spit and hissed.

This must have been the start of the end,
because he hid in the office all day,
and though the dog wanted to play,
Ol' Scratch would have none of that.

For all his vitriol against the hound,
he loved me and the husband completely,
laying in my lap so sweetly,
as I worked in the office he called his own.

But every other animal he saw
was an offense that he could not allow,
from the budgies to the hound to our chicken Cow,
he hated them equally as only a cat can do.

So the husband and I decided then that this was no way to live,
for he was locked in the office where he slept in the closet,
and despite everything that we tossed it,
Ol'Scratch would not suffer any but himself.

So we found us a friend who wanted a buddy, a brother to his current Tom,
and we gave him Ol' Scratch with our blessing,
crossing our fingers knowing we were testing
the limits of Scratch's love for his own.

As it turns out other Toms are on his list of those he will not tolerate
though he loved on his new owner with fervor and affection,
our dear friend found himself in a predilection
seeing as his Mooka played well not at all with the devil.

Once again the devil changed hands with another,
and we two gave a long sight of relief
that we wouldn't have to suffer the grief,
of having the devil within our home.