Poetry Challenge # 32 --Naani

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    For this week's challenge, I ask that you write a Naani! (click on link for information and examples!)
    one of Indian's most popular Telugu poems. Naani means an expression of one and all.
    This week's challenge also has a certain theme to it!
    I want you to write about a sunset!

    Here are some ideas to get you started:


    Have fun, and try using bbcodes to make your Naani look pretty!:)
  2. I'm playing around with my made-up language and thought it would be fun to do a Naani in it. x]

    Astra'na SuperarĂș

    Amor meu,
    Astra'na superarĂș
    P'ra te todocheri.

    My love
    I'll surpass the stars
    To reach you.
    Wait for me.

    An English One:


    This expansive cosmos
    Remains uncharted,
    Let's map it together,
    Wandering forever
  3. A day ends in beauty,
    In spite of its events.
    To give hope,
    For a bright tomorrow.
  4. I look at you
    Glowing opacity on a small screen
    That small shy smile with a wealth of feeling
  5. In Music

    Sound shimmers
    Echoing opalescent
    A melody unparalleled
    Striking chords of the soul
  6. I wouldn't call you crimson,
    Nor glory,
    Nor bright
    I would happily call you the beginning of the night.
  7. The light of day
    Fades within the night
    That last ray
    Its the last memorized
  8. As the sun is swallowed
    the sky bleeds red
    A colorful sacrifice
    which brings starry nights
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  9. Beautiful is the skies
    Lovely Looking at you . with no doubt in mind
    Understanding with no hate for you
    Elegant is the skies


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  10. Sunset

    Black horizon trimmed in red
    Rays of golden light
    Shine on technicolor clouds
    Sunset yields to night.
  11. The End

    As the sun goes down,
    I reflect on what has come to pass.
    Love, and now life,
    Gone, with her.​
  12. Hand in hand
    On the old weathered bench
    Two sit as oft they chose
    Together through another day's close