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    (Banner made by @firejay1)
    As the first jets arrived, Lieutenant Ryan Scott stood on the balcony above the landing port. The six foot blonde man stared down coldly at the children who exited the plane and immediately realized that they were not there for school. Lt. Scott wondered if it was the lineup of soldiers or the lack of 'welcome to Sandy Wood' banners that clued them in. Either way the horrified, angry and bewildered looks on their faces was priceless and he allowed himself a small chuckle. A few kids quickly adopted a steeled visage and the man knew that they would be the hardest to break, but also the most amusing. The children weren't the only ones that caught his eye, their living 'plushies' drew his attention as well. He knew that some of them were probably thinking of trying to attack him, but he would soon make them aware that if anyone stepped out of line....BAM! His soldiers were going to make the sky rain stuffing.

    He gave the children and toys a moment to stop bitching and crying before he descended from the balcony, and stood in front of them in army lineup position in front of the line of soldiers.

    "Alright listen up and listen good kiddos!" He started, being sure to glare at each and everyone one of them. "I'm Lt. Ryan Scott and for the next ten years, you are my bitches. Ehm, excuse me. I mean, charges." He said with a sadistic grin. "St. Matthew's Island will be your home as well as your school. Here you will learn to protect your country--And for those of you who are from different countries, you will learn to protect the United States of America. You get free citizenship too, so don't bitch."

    "Now then, let's go over a few guidelines in this place, 'kay?"

    “ Follow these FACILITY RULES and I won’t kick your ass.”
    “Go to class. “
    “Go to sleep on time.”
    “Try to run away and I will find you and shoot the head off your damn plushie with a rifle and feed it’s cottony guts to you.”
    “Girls stay on your side of the hall, boys stay on the other. If I find you mingling at any time other than class and feeding times, I will neuter you all.”

    “This is the SCHEDULE listen up, I won’t say it again fuckers.”
    Roll Call - Basically stand in a line in the hall and wait for Private Miriam to call your name.”
    Breakfast - A juice pack, and porridge. Shut the hell up this aint the ritz.”
    History of Warfare - A history of every war ever.”
    Sparring - Plushies and Handlers fighting other Plushies and Handlers.”
    Plushie-Handler Connection - Learning to work together and all that shite.”
    Lunch - A sandwich, bottled water and a fruit.”
    Free Time - Self explanatory, don’t let me catch you screwing around.”
    Sparring - I won’t repeat this.”
    Scavenger Simulation - My own little treat, Handlers and their plushies divided into teams of four and made to look for an object of my choice. Could be something of yours could be something of mine. Got a problem?”
    Dinner - Soup and bread. Winner of the Scavenger Simulation gets a sweet treat.”
    Rec Time - Play in the rec room with that ninny Dennis or read whatever.”
    Light’s out - Go the fuck to sleep.”

    "Now that we've clarified those little issues, the first thing we will do as a class, will be to march the five miles all the way to the facility. Behave or I'll sic the hounds on you." He took a moment to point at a shadowy corner of the airport where a line of six large kennels sat. "You see those cuties over there? Those are my babies. Blitzkrieg, D-Day, Bang-Bang, Mustang, Crusher and Lucy. If you try to run away, I will radio to that soldier over there," He pointed to a young man with frizzy hair and a splash of freckles on his face "and he will push that big button over there,"He pointed to a large red button near the last kennel. "and my babies will hunt you down like rabbits. Got it? Alright then, MARCH!" Lt. Scott roared and his soldiers lined up next to the children, forcing them into a tight group with Lt. Scott at the head.

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    Mi-Cha was devastated. All throughout the flight to the 'school', she had imagined making lots of friends and having a blast with Mr. Classy and now that she was at the airport and the truth was revealed, all she wanted to do was burst into tears. There was no way her parents had agreed to this! The Americans must have tricked them! That was the only reasonable answer! But it wasn't like she could do anything! These people had guns and big ugly bloodthirsty dogs, and where would she even go? The jet was gone!

    "Keep your head up, silly girl!" A snobbish voice hissed at her and Mi-Cha looked down to see Mr. Classy perched on her bag in his regular form. "And do stop crying!" He snapped, and Mi-Cha tried her best to wipe away the tears as they marched on. Even though she absolutely hated being in this situation, she was happy that she wasn't alone and that Mr. Classy was there to encourage her.

    As soon as she arrived at the airport, Tara had a glower and a scowl etched onto her face. She glared at the soldiers who 'escorted' her off the jet and when she yanked her bags out of the arm of one of the soldiers she 'accidentally' stomped on his foot. And all throughout the Lieutenants speech, Tara just imagined how when she got out of this place she was going to get her revenge on her father for sending her here.

    When they started to march, Sheriff grew to his larger form and nudged Tara's bags until she put them on his back. "Thanks, dude." She murmured, patting his side. The moose plushie only nodded and continued to walk on. As they walked Tara glanced around them to get the general demographic of their group. From what she could tell most of these kids looked a hell of a lot younger than her and that made her even more upset. These kids shouldn't even be away from their parents at this age! And how the hell were they supposed to keep up with this pace?
  3. Alissa scowled at the man with the abusive tongue. What a dick! There were children here. Viola growled on her shoulder where she had decided to linger.

    "Arrogant human!" She hissed into the brunette's ear, paw digging at the girls shoulder. "Just let me give him one good....."

    "Absolutely not." Alissa's tone broke no argument even as her hand lifted and covered the small plushie's head as blue eyes darted and gave the guns a wry look. "I rather like you alive." She added, voice softer, dropping the commanding tone it'd just had. Viola grumbled and and stomped her small foot but didn't argue, instead she sat, much like how a cat would and stared at the loud man with a death glare.

    Alissa looked around as they walked and her eyes grew sad as she took in all of the faces around her. How could anyone do this to a bunch of kids? When a particularly small child stumbled, ignoring the soldier prodding at her, she bent down and scooped them up into her arms just like she would for any of her younger siblings at home and continued marching, darting a disapproving stare at the soldier. The same one her own mom gave. Viola shifted her position and jumped down into Alissa backpack so that the younger human had a place to grab without knocking her off from her handler's shoulder.
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  4. [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Fritz Jonsson and Leeloo
    Fritz had spent the entire flight to St. Matthew's Island talking softly to Leeloo and rubbing him behind his flop ear. Leeloo had been less-than-thrilled by the prospect of being in a small jet for more than five seconds, so the journey of ten hours had felt more like one hundred. He had completely ignored any sideways glances received from any other students from Europe, knowing in his heart that they probably wouldn't understand. Nonetheless, the plane's arrival at their destination had been welcomed by boy and pig alike.
    Then there were soldiers.

    Fritz instinctively pulled Leeloo close in his arms at the sight of the soldiers and did his best to remain stoic in front of the armed men. It was weird to see so many guns. It almost felt like they hadn't landed in America, but on Svalbard instead. The only thing that clued him in otherwise was the complete lack of polar bears. He took note of everything he saw, from the caged dogs to the vast numbers of younger children who were also present. Fritz listened closely as Lieutenant Scott spoke, giving them a rather icy welcome. Leeloo sighed derisively both at the man's words and at the fidgeting that Fritz was starting to do with one of his wings. He knew that Fritz was getting edgy, standing in one spot for so long and the prospect of a five mile hike was a relief. The pig snorted softly when he heard a scolding voice, turning his head to see a young girl being told off by her octopus.
    "Look tither, Fritz." Leeloo commented, prompting his boy to look at the crying Asian girl.
    "Poor kid." Fritz said before walking over to the little Asian.
    He offered her a smile and a wave before speaking up.
    "It's okay, kiddo! Hikes are good!" The Norwegian said, perhaps a little too cheerfully for the situation.
    Still, if he could get her to stop crying and make a friend during the hike, he'd be happy. Leeloo probably wouldn't, but he'd deal with that later.

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    A little ginger-haired girl thought back to her trip in the plane on her way over. It hadn't been half as worrying as the situation to come. Why she had to take a plane to school, she didn't know. Putting a school on a random tiny island didn't make sense to her. However, since it was surrounded with water, the girl wondered if it would be much like Ireland, which she didn't have much of a recollection of in the first place. She sat still in her seat as she stroked her stuffed animal's not-so-soft fur.

    "Well, Syon," she said, "What do you think it'll be like?" As usual, the plushie did not give any response. The girl, being used to this treatment, didn't react sourly. She simply continued petting her fox and mumbling words of affection to him through the whole flight. Before she knew it, she'd arrived and grouped together with the others to listen to whatever people had to say.

    She hugged her 3-inch-tall fox plushie to herself as the Lt. barked out what he needed everyone to hear. He was louder than her whole family when they were all together on drinking nights, and she was pretty intimidated. She averted her gaze to the ground and tried to remember everything he'd said. When he mentioned his dogs, she could tell he liked them. She wasn't sure what she was going to do with this information, but she kept it in mind in any case. Then they were ordered to get moving. When he roared the word 'march', Ailis didn't so much march as run for her life.
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  6. [​IMG]

    Leaving home was a bitter sweet occasion. There wasn’t much to look forward to in Horace, North Dakota – leaving for an academy was a wonderful opportunity for her. On her grandmother’s strict persistence, Sera left with her bags in tow and Busby tucked away with only his head and neck sticking out of her backpack. However, upon landing, it was made very clear that she and the other kids were not going to a prestigious academy. Sera kept a tight hold of her backpack straps when she felt Busby strain to peer over her shoulder at the guy.

    D-did he say 10 years?” She whispered, not breaking her hard stare with the guy barking directions at them. She couldn’t be absent for ten whole years! She needed to be available in case her grandmother fell ill and her parents weren’t around to help. Sera’s gaze was icy as she gritted her teeth; “They can’t do this… There’s no way any of these kids’ parents agreed to this.” Well… maybe hers, but looking around made her think that most of these kids had parents that would definitely object to this. Man, this guy had a foul mouth... she kind of wanted to knock his teeth in. But the threats were stacked really high against her so she kept her mouth shut and didn't let on how intimidated she was.

    He mentioned something about fighting; he’s making us fight?” Busby muttered to her, adding to his handler's thoughts. She shifted her hold on her backpack so that she could bring it around front and help him out. Once she set him on the ground he grew to his full size and walked with her. Although he wasn’t any bigger than his girl, at his height he was at least able to observe the other kids better than from the ground. He noticed a girl stop in her march to suddenly pick up a staggering child. Upon seeing the soldiers’ expressions, Busby nudged his girl and nod in the other girls’ direction.

    Maybe we should help her, just in case those men lose their patience?

    Sera glanced in the direction of the helpful chick but shrugged. Her eyes were set on the girl in green with her huge moose plushie. In a situation like this, Sera figured that making friends with the stronger people around would be a far better idea. “Go ahead and help her out if you want,” she said before pushing ahead to catch up to the other girl and her moose. Once she was practically shoulder to shoulder with the other girl, she spoke up quietly, “Hey there, I’m uh… Sera Fukui. Pretty crazy situation, huh?” Smooth. This was an awkward start but, honestly, how do you introduce yourself in a setting like this?

    Busby, at a loss with his handler, watched on with exasperation. They should be sticking together; why was she not bothered by the literal line of men with rapid fire machinery and vicious dogs? He shook his head and picked carefully through the crowd in order to stand beside the girl he’d seen before so that he was between her and the soldiers; if Sera was aware of this, she’d be anxious as hell. “Do you n-need any help?” He offered, sounding kind but a little shaky as he eyed the men with their guns. This was not a safe day to be made of stuffing.

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  7. [​IMG]

    Mi-Cha looked up from where she had been staring forlornly at her shoes and trying to fight the tears, to see a blonde haired boy. She didn't say anything for a second due to her thinking he was American, and at the moment an American was the last person she wanted to interact with. However, she'd seen American TV shows like How I Met Your Mother and Heroes, and he sounded nothing like them, so she figured he must have been from another country. Which one however, she didn't know, but she was happy he seemed to want to cheer her up.

    "I like hiking, I just don't want to do it here with these people." She whimpered, gesturing subtly at the soldiers and then jerking her chin in the direction of Lt. Scott. From her shoulder Mr Classy huffed in annoyance. "Do move along, boy and porcine creature. We are not in need of assistance." He snapped. The octopus was a proud cephalopod who abhorred many things in life, but he hated getting handouts and being pitied the most. And how dare Mi-Cha vent to this--this--Stranger! If she was worried she could tell him!

    "I'm Mi-Cha Park, from Seoul, Korea. And you?" Mi-Cha introduced herself ignoring the outraged sounds that her plushie was emitting.

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    Tara was deep in her thoughts when someone approached her. Sheriff immediately went on guard but upon seeing that it was simply another kid, he relaxed a little bit. Tara gave the other girl a wry smile, and couldn't help but notice that the girl wasn't accompanied by any sort of toy. Maybe its in her bags. She thought before replying to the other girl.

    "Yup," She said popping the 'p'. "But hey, it's the American way." She said sarcastically giving one of the soldiers a dirty look. Said woman simply grunted at her and Tara resisted the urge to punch her in the face. If none of the soldiers were packing, Tara would have definitely tried to escape already, bloodthirsty dogs or not. She hated being forced into anything. "It's nice to meet you, Sera. I'm Tara Jakes, this is Sheriff." She said returning the introduction. Sheriff turned his head to look at the girl for a moment before turning away again. "He's not very chatty. How 'bout yours?" She asked. At that moment Tara's attention was caught by a younger girl with blue eyes who was moving at an extremely fast pace. Normally Tara would keep to herself but she didn't want to see what would happen if someone got tired out and lagged behind. "Hey kid, you keep running like that and you're gonna get tired out real fast." She called. The kid didn't have to listen to her, but Tara's conscience would be clear either way for warning her.

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    Fritz Jonsson and Leeloo
    Fritz had already heard a snort from Leeloo, who had persisted in muttering some not-so-nice things in Norwegian. It had been under the pig's breath, but the boy still understood him well enough. He smiled when the girl replied to him, talking about how she just didn't want to hike with the soldiers. The Norwegian couldn't blame her there, he wasn't too fond of the gun-toting guys either. He chuckled when the octopus scolded him, sounding like some obscure British actor. Leeloo, however, was not amused.
    "Hush thee, monocled cephalapod!" The pig snapped, his front legs flailing a bit as he tried to get out of Fritz's arms. "Thou art not receiving a handout from the boy."
    His handler, however, knew better than to let go.

    "I don't blame you, kiddo." Fritz replied to the Korean girl. "I'm not a fan of the gun-guys either."
    He received a glare from a passing soldier at the comment, to which he simply replied by sticking out his tongue. The boy knew he was going to be getting into trouble at least a couple of times a month, but he didn't care. He was just glad that the girl next to him had introduced herself.
    "I'm Fritz Jonsson. From Oslo, Norway." He said, returning the same courtesy the girl had given him. "This is Leeloo."
    The pig gave an indignant snort at being introduced, his proverbial feathers still ruffled by the octopus.

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    When someone seemed to be directing their words at her, the little twelve-year-old froze in place. Grasping for some small means of comfort, she presumed that the words of this girl were meant to protect her, or somehow help her, and in her weakened mental state, she would be quick to form extreme opinions. The extreme opinion she formed for this somewhat dark-complexioned girl was that she was trustworthy and probably someone to be admired.

    She stayed, unmoving, until she and the other kid made it the few yards between where she'd sprinted and where they'd been walking, letting them catch up to her. Then, when Tara was one step ahead, the smaller girl moved in to follow behind her.

    "I'm Ailis," she introduced, muttering loud enough to be heard, but not loud enough to seem at all confident. She took note of the stuffed animal that was accompanying the other girl, and spoke up a little to ask a question. "What are all you guys's names?"

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  10. Charles & Rosea
    Charles blinked owlishly at the sight that greeted him as he hopped off of the plane. A quick scanning of his surroundings and he began to wonder if he had gotten on the wrong plane. It sounded like something that only he could accomplish. His train of thought was interrupted as he was nudged to join all of the others. Frowning, he reluctantly obeyed, wiggling into the group of children. Being as short as he was, he wasn't able to see what was going on, so he relied upon his hearing, eyes downcasted. The young male immediately didn't like the sound of Lt. Ryan Scott. He was vulgar, loud, and intimidating, which should be normal for him since he's Irish. But it wasn't. He shook slightly as he tried his best to remember everything that they were being told, or yelled.

    A nudge to his cheek caused Charles to shift his focus to his cotton candy pink, stuffed penguin, Rosea. She looked at him with reassuring eyes, causing Charles to smile and hold her closer to his chest. Rosea always found a way to cheer him up with the simplest of actions. He was snapped out of his reverie when the word 'march' was bellowed out and they all began to move. Startled, Charles began to move quickly, trying not to stand out to the scary soldiers who marched with them. He had missed how long they were suppose to march and could only hope that it wasn't too long.

    Somewhere along the line, Charles seemed to have lost his balance, stumbling over...something that he couldn't recognize. Maybe it was air, or a rock, or his own feet. Whatever it was, it had him flinging his arms out in front of him to break his fall, eyes screwed shut. An 'oof' escaped his lips as he made contact with the ground, soft groaning followed afterward. He was getting ready to scramble back to his feet when he felt himself being scooped up. Eyes wide, the twelve year old immediately wrapped his free arm around his savior's neck, the other cuddling Rosea, who made a face of pain since she was apart of the little tumble. "Uh, t-thank you," Charles stuttered out with a bright smile, his Irish accent strong.

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  11. [​IMG]

    When the other girl motioned to the soldiers, she couldn’t help but agree with her. This kind of military extravagance certainly was very much in the style of American shenanigans. She let out an exasperated breath and nodded her agreement; “yeah, this is pretty… excessive.” Sera looked to Sheriff as she was introduced to him and gave him a little wave before he looked away.

    Oh, mine’s name is Busby. He kind of wandered off- oh, uh there he is,” she sort of floundered a bit upon noticing how her friend had placed himself between a girl and the soldiers. She chewed on her lip a little, wanting to yell across for him to move his stuffed tush away from the soldiers with guns, but that would bring attention to her and everyone around them. So she kept her mouth shut in favor of turning her attention to the new kid.

    She was carrying what appeared to be a little fox with her – it was a wonder just how many kids there were with sentient plushies. She supposed it was because they were all afraid of getting thrown into a place like this. Still, you'd think there would be some sort of news broadcast about this kind of thing. How did these guys even find all these kids anyway? The thought of being on some sort of government watch list made her uneasy.

    Turning to halfway face the new girl, she started; “My name's Sera,” she repeated before thrusting a thumb over her shoulder to gesture at her friend, “The tall guy over there is my plush, Busby. He wandered off but if he was right here he'd be excited to see your knit little friend.” She added with a casual shrug. Busby was the type to get excited over handmade crafts, despite her lack of enthusiasm for that sort of thing.

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  12. [BCOLOR=#ffffff]Eugene[/BCOLOR] and [BCOLOR=#ffffff]Andil[/BCOLOR]

    As soon as the truth was revealed in front of the kids, Eugene began feeling faint. He had spent the whole time, from receiving his invitation till this very moment, imagining all the wonderful things that awaited him at Sandy Wood Academy and now, as all these imaginings crumbled, the boy couldn't help but feel heart-broken, especially due to the fact that he chose to come on his own accord. If only he had listened to his parents and stayed back in Toronto...

    While his legs trembled and became weak, Eugene's head flooded with horrible thoughts that drowned all outside disturbances. At one point he wasn't even paying attention to what... that man, Lt. Ryan Scott, was saying. He had more important things to occupy him, which however pushed him back to the days of his self-loathing and pitying. His heartbeat ringing in his ears, making his head pond in a horrible rhythm, the boy realized that he was about to blackout any second now. Certainly that would have happened, if not for a sudden touch at the back of his head. Well, it was more like a "soft punch", if such a thing can even exist.

    Of course, such a "caress" could belong to no other than Andil - Eugene's plushie and faithful companion. The little bat had been able to climb out of his owners's messengers bag and then onto his head, in the process snapping the sorrowful boy back to reality. As Andil still rested on Eugene's head, a second push came, making the Canadian realize that the plushie wanted to bring his attention to something. And that "something" were the lieutenant's words... [BCOLOR=#ffffff]"March!?[/BCOLOR]" the boy said out of the blue a little louder than he should have wished. As his stomach began to hurt with anxiety, he thought [BCOLOR=#ffffff]"I have a tough time even walking with these eyes of mine... How can they expect this from me? From anyone, as a matter of fact!?"[/BCOLOR]

    However, there was no more time for contemplating as Andil gave out a low grunt. It was high time to start marching... Well, in the very least Eugene had his plushie there to help him. Despite the bat not talking, or possibly refusing to talk, the two had developed a method of communication. It wasn't perfect and sometimes misunderstandings occurred, yet, through sound, Andil was able to guide the boy, aid him in his orientation. Thus, with one unsure step at a time, Eugene walked on together with the others, albeit while lagging behind.

    At the time he didn't know how many more unfortunate souls had been tricked in a similar fashion to him, yet the sounds around him showed that, no matter the number, all were unhappy with the turn of events. And it was all that man's fault. In spite of not being able to see Lt. Scott, Eugene knew by the man's voice that he was ugly, in the very least on the inside... Sensing tension once again, Andil, took to snuggling into his handle's neck. Smiling for the first time since the unfortunate arrival, Eugene returned the gesture.
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  13. Nardack.jpg

    Michelle kept her composure as Lt. Ryan Scott barked his rules and ordered them to take a march. She was feeling a bit sorry for the little girl crying, but she doesn't want to associate herself with them. Afterall, she is an introvert.

    "What do you have in mind, ma chérie?" Mr. Snuggles, her bear plushie asked, looking up at her as he stood beside her like a normal human. Mr. Snuggles decided to ease Michelle's jet lag by being beside her. Michelle was carrying her all through the flight which made him smile but he do needed to stretch his legs.

    "That kid won't last long unless she finds someone to depend to besides her plushie" Michelle answered bluntly, not caring if the girl heard her or not.

    Not long did someone approached the crying girl and comforted her. The first one was a cheerful guy who seemed like a Norwegian. Interesting. I wonder how long he can stay cheery when the real training begins she thought to herself before analyzing the rest of the kids she's with. "It seems like we're a mix of nationalities. The US government really planned this, huh?" she spoke up with a french accent, eyeing the dogs and the soldiers around them. It's not a good idea to escape this place, not that she's planning to. As long as Mr. Snuggles is beside her, she's fine wherever she is.

    Mr. Snuggles just nodded, eyeing the kids as well before clutching Michelle's skirt and dragging her towards the crying girl. "You should socialize yourself, ma chérie. It's not good to isolate yourself... Even now that you'll be with these kids for 10 years"

    "lâcher!" Let go! Michelle retorted with a blush, not liking the idea of introducing herself to the group. She may be a lady, but her socializing skills are not up to par and she's not really used to talking to other people except Mr. Snuggles. "Je ne veux pas m'embarrasser!" I don't want to embarrass myself!

    Mr. Snuggles ignored her complaints and dragged her to the crying girl and cleared his throat, Michelle blushing madly. "Pardon ne moi mademoiselle, monsieur" Mr. Snuggles greeted, tipping his hat at the humans and the plushies. "Mademoiselle Michelle thinks the three of you looks interesting."

    Michelle then glared at Mr. Snuggles, her cool and collected facade slightly cracking as she faced the trio. She was so nervous on the inside that she spoke in french, not realizing it. "Pardonner à M. Snuggles de quatre vous interrompre. Je suis Michelle Dubois de la France. Puis-je demander à ce que vos noms sont et d'où venez-vous?"

    Mr. Snuggles then sighed, looking at Michelle with disbelief before looking at the trio with a smile. "Sérieusement, ma chérie, essaie de parler en anglais. Ces quatre pourraient ne pas savoir français bien" Seriously, my dear, try to speak in English. These four might not know french well.

    Now realizing what she had done, she smiled awkwardly at the three, trying her best to ignore her nervousness and speaks up "Forgive Mr. Snuggles for interrupting you four. I'm Michelle Dubois of France. May I ask what your names are and where are you from?"
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    "Busby and Sera," Ailis parroted, attempting to lock in these names. Another extreme opinion was formed. Sera was very nice and friendly and it was probably safe to stick with her.

    She scratched behind her plushie's ear with her index finger, and the fox imperceptibly moved to display he thought that felt pretty good. "This is Sion-Sion, and he's my boyfriend," Ailis continued. There was no response from the plushie to either confirm or deny this.

    "So, um, what's your name?" she then whispered to the girl who had not yet answered.

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  15. [​IMG]
    As another girl approached the steadily growing group, Mr Classy became increasingly annoyed. Particularly with the porcine creature and it had nothing to do with the fact that the thing seemed to have a vocabulary and classy air on par with his. No, of course not. "How dare you order me to be silenced, swine!" He snarled, something that looked very comical as he had no mouth but only a mustache that wiggled when he 'spoke'. Mi-Cha cringed, "Shh! Mr Classy, shh!" She squeaked glancing warily at the soldiers and fearing that Fritz and Leelo might be insulted and leave her. "I will most certainly not, shh!" The octopus griped, but did get a little quieter. As much as he despised handouts he didn't want his silly girl to be isolated or shot because he couldn't use his 'inside' voice.

    "It's very nice to meet you, even though it would have been nicer to meet you through a pen pal system and not something like this." Mi-Cha said with a sad smile. Just then they were reluctantly approached--and she assumed reluctantly because it looked like this new girl's toy was dragging her towards them--by a very nicely dressed girl. Mi-Cha panicked for a moment when the girl and the toy bear began speaking in French, but then thankfully the girl switched to English. Even if the girl hadn't proven to know English, Mi-Cha wouldn't have ignored her, it just would have been easier if they spoke the same language. Thankfully they all did.

    "Nice to meet you, Michelle," Mi-Cha responded, "I'm Mi-Cha Park, from Seoul, Korea and this is Mr Classy." She said pointing to the octopus plushie on her shoulder. Said plushie glanced down at the bear with a reserved air then muttered quietly, "At least you seem to have a sense of proper attire. Lovely hat you have there, I must say."
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    Tara wasn't the most social person in the world, but she was kind of happy that she was already forming friends, or at least alliances. She raised an eyebrow at the fact that the Sera seemed comfortable with having Busby away from her, but she figured that not all plushies and their partners were codependent like she was with Sheriff.

    "Nice to meet you both. I'm Tara Jakes, and this is Sheriff." The moose plushie once again looked over at the newcomers and gave a nod but this time before turning away he gave Rilette's bags a nudge. "He's offering to carry your bags for you." She translated, not the least bit surprised. Sheriff tended to do the whole 'look out for the small' spiel, until they seemed ready to care for themselves. She didn't know why he hadn't offered to do the same for Sera, but seeing that her plushie was a giraffe she figured that he thought he didn't need to.

    Hearing what Ailis just said, Tara did a double take. "He's your what?" She asked, a little surprised. She knew that some kids were close with their toys but really, her boyfriend?
  16. "Uh t-thank you." Alissa gave the boy in her arms a sweet smile.

    “You’re very welcome.” Alissa responded, adjusting the boy in her arms a little bit so she could better hold him as she walked. Something inside of her grew a little sadder. She recognized his accent and he certainly wasn’t American. The Lieutenant’s words from earlier came back. Had the U.S. government really kidnapped children from other countries to? Shame welled up in her breast for a moment. She was distracted by her dark thoughts when an adorable giraffe, already in his larger form saddled up between her and the armed men closest to her. The brunette blinked, looking around for his handler immediately and finding none.

    Do you n-need any help?” The giraffe stuttered at her, Alissa blushed a little bit. It was so cute! She barely swallowed her excitement over seeing it.

    I’m alright.” She responded, smile on her lips. “But you should probably not be so close to them.” She nodded her head at the men with the guns. “They threatened to blow head’s off of ya’ll. I don’t think they’ll blow mine off.” Viola would burn anyone who tried to a crisp. And she wouldn’t stop until they managed to kill her. Rampaging dragons, apparently the trademark fire breathing and temper carried over to plushie variants of the species.
    Said fleece dragon peeked out and glared at all of the men surrounding them, as if daring anyone to be fool enough to attempt hurting her handler. A quiet growl emitted from the knapsack.

    I’m Alissa, what’re ya’lls names?” She asked the boy in her arms and the two plushies. “The growling is Viola.” She added on.
  17. [​IMG][​IMG]
    Fritz Jonsson and Leeloo
    Fritz struggled to keep a hold on Leeloo after the octopus had another outburst. The pig was clearly unhappy and his boy counted their lucky stars that the wings didn't support him. Still, Leeloo did flap them exasperatedly as Fritz kept a grip on his back left leg.​
    "Hvordan våger du, blekksprut-boy?!" Leeloo squealed, prompting Fritz to grab his head with his free hand and bring him close.
    Mi-cha was already scolding Mr. Classy, which made Fritz a little relieved. He was glad that he wasn't the only one with an unruly plushie.
    "Leeloo, hold kjeft." He said firmly, eliciting a startled oink from the pig.
    The Norwegian sighed, hating that he'd probably have to keep using Norwegian to keep his pig in line. He opened his mouth to apologize to Mi-cha and Mr. Classy, but before he could another girl approached them. This one had a bear and when the two got to talking, he recognized that they were speaking French. However, as he hadn't taken French as his language elective, he didn't have the foggiest idea of what they were saying. Happily, they quickly switched to English and introduced themselves. This greeting was followed in turn by one from Mi-Cha and Mr. Classy.
    "Hallo! I'm Fritz Jonsson and this is Leeloo." He greeted the pair.
    "We hail from the capital of Norge." The pig added.
    "He means we're from Oslo, Norway." Fritz clarified as he gestured for the other four to keep moving.

    Translation: How dare you, squid boy?!
    Leeloo, shut up.
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    A&S"Tara and Sheriff," Ailis again repeated, nodding her head. So, It was Tara, Sheriff, and... oh, she'd already forgotten the first girl's name! Busby and... and... oh, right. Sera. She juggled the four names in her head, attempting to lock them in her memory before they got away. Tara-Sera-Busby-Sheriff. She tried to think of mnemonic devices to remember them by.

    Then Tara commented on her and Sion-Sion's relationship. "My boyfriend," she said again, starting to be a little less afraid of the situation now that she had someone to talk to. She looked between Tara and Sera with a sly little grin. She leaned a little closer in their direction and whispered, "At least, that's what I keep telling my parents so they'll stay away." Her parents tended to bring lots of alcohol on their visits. It was strong Irish booze, and they had a tendency to forget their daughter's intolerance -- the whole reason for their separation.

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  19. [​IMG]
    #24eaea #41d76c

    Boyfriend? Sera’s confusion with the term was about on par with Tara’s. “Whoa, wait so this little guy scares off your parents? Or do you just tell them that he’s some sort of… big buff man with 12 kinds of rifles? Because that’d definitely scare me off,” Sera admitted with a light-hearted laugh. Once she had some sort of groove of conversation going, she tended to relax a little more. Well, about as much as she could while in this situation.

    There was a quiet hum of chatter around them; they weren’t the only ones trying to make allies in this situation. Amongst the crowd, she noticed a boy lagging behind them. He seemed to be struggling so she gently nudged Tara’s shoulder to bring the other two girls’ attention to him. “Think we should help him?” She muttered, taking a quick inventory of the soldier’s expressions to see how risky it would be if they backtracked enough to help the kid.

    When his attention was brought back to the threat, Busby gave a sideways glance to the soldiers. Maybe if he didn’t make eye contact he’d bring less attention to his tall, brightly colored, thread covered body of fluff. This obviously wasn’t helping his anxiety.

    So he simply offered the girl a smile spoke up again, his voice breaking, “O-Oh, I don’t think they’d really shoot me for helping out – I hope. Besides, shooting me would only cause everyone else to panic and they can’t be having that kind of chaos on the first day, can they?” He certainly hoped not.

    Attempting to lighten the conversation, Busby lowered his head so that he could peer at the boy in her arms as well as the little dragon in her backpack. He noticed that she looked handmade but he wasn’t sure if that would be a good conversation to start with; for all he knew, she could be bothered by that fact. So he turned his gaze to the children, “It’s nice to meet you, Alissa and Viola. My name is Busby, my handler is Sera.

    He nodded in the direction of his girl; “She’s the blond haired one with the star on her backpack.” Directing his attention to the boy and his plush, he lowered his head even further past Alissa’s shoulder. “Is your foot okay? I saw that you tripped,” he fussed, unable to mask his concern for the kid.

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    A&SAilis let out a small giggle that vaguely resembled a single chime of a bell, letting Sheriff carry her pack and giving him a 'thanks'. She could see how these others and their plushies wouldn't get it. She figured they'd already grown accustomed to the fact that a lot of plushies could move, like she had on the jet on her way over. Perhaps they had forgotten how surprising it was (or at least must have been) when their plushies came to life. She put together her sentences in her head before she said anything.

    "Well, Syon doesn't usually move or talk much," she began. She fiddled with her hair as she cradled her plushie close to her with her other hand. "He was trying to hide that he was alive from me, I dunno why. In fact, he still tries. But anyway, I think he must have come to life in front of them and said something scary, 'cause after I left the room and came back, they told me to get rid of him. Then I claimed he was my boyfriend." She paused to re-organize her thoughts, which had been scattered just a bit. Then she took a breath and continued. "Um, yeah. And then Mam and Daidi thought I was crazy. Except they also suspected they'd gone crazy. So they were a little stressed out, and they figured they'd better distance themselves for a while."

    She was pretty much at the end of her explanation, but she needed to pause one more time. "And then..." She thought. Then, she opened her mouth to finish her explanation. "Well, I liked them not coming over. They couldn't really bug me when they were in a different country. So, I'd send them mails from time to time telling them about Sion-Sion and how cool he was. They couldn't cope with the thought that he was alive, but they knew they couldn't get rid of him or I'd be mad at them, and so I was able to scare them away."

    Then Sera noticed something. Ailis turned to see what the matter was. Someone was having trouble? She glanced between Sera and Tara again. She tried to figure out why Sera was hesitating. In her opinion, if he needed help, they should help. "Let's do something about it," she recommended. Except that she wasn't exactly what that 'something' would be.

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