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  1. So, simple plot:

    Group of friends (teenagers/young adult preffered) ; friendship put to the test s they're hurled into a class/role system world through means of some board game or forbidden D&D book or something round those lines. They travel through fantasy kingdoms and towns, face hardships and possibly have some friends die.

    Anyone interested? Just hope we have at least 3 players to get this going.
  2. Sounds like it could be interesting~
  3. Sounds neat. Wouldn't mind joining that ^.^
  4. We sail the endless oceans
    we sail the raging seas
    our quest is never ending
    it is our Destiny
  5. Alrighty then. Feel free to post your character sheets. And get them ideas rolling an such

    There's really not much restrictions, just keep in mind they'll be tossed into a completely new universe. I'll have the actual role play up soon
  6. Could there possibly be room for one more?
  7. Yea, also, seems like we're not the character sheet type of people o.O...

    Lol I'll just start start it today for sure
  8. I'll make a CS lol I just didn't want to post one if there wasn't room
  9. Oh, shoot, I just forgot to watch the thread XD I'll make my CS and have it posted as soon as I can. Sorry =P
  10. Name: Dolores Mary Walsh, although she is usually addressed by her nickname, Lola.

    Age: 21 (I can always change that if it's too old or young.)

    Gender: Female


    Average height for her age. Skinny, but not too skinny with very pale skin and average length black hair with bangs covering her forehead. Green brown eyes that change color in the light. Pretty. Usually wears a lot of makeup, and her clothes - very outlandish in style - depend on her mood. If she's happy, she'll wear a really bright dress, when she's sad, she'll wear a mourning veil, etc.


    Personality: A very dramatic girl who tends to blow things completely out of proportion. Fancies herself as a socialite one day, and a rockstar the next, always having fantasies about becoming famous one day, or at least being popular with the people she knows. Quirky. Considered weird by most people she meets because of the way she dresses. Can be very sarcastic and snide at times, as well as a bit unapproachable. Far more socially accepted in her fantasies than in reality, and lives out most of her life in her own dream world. Doesn't talk much at first, but eventually warms up to people. Considers herself to be a lady of high stature. Very erratic behavior, but she shows a level of consistency among friends. Pretty odd.

    Interests: Makes a lot of the clothes in her wardrobe. Likes dressing fancy. Writes songs even if she can't sing. Plays guitar. Writing in general. Drawing. Cats. Matchmaking. Acting. Movies. TV. Enjoys playing video games and submerging herself in another world for awhile. Cosplaying. Fashion designing. Reading. Listening to music.

    Extras: Lola usually did well in school. She is a naturally smart person, so she tended to get As and Bs on her report card - and the occasional C - but she isn't entirely focused on education. Works at a fabric store. Was in a bad (but thankfully non lethal) car accident a couple years back, damaging her legs. She now walks with a limp, and occasionally uses a cane or crutches.Has a cat named Symphony that looks like her (black fur and green brown eyes), and she considers the cat to be her soul animal. Only eats food that match her clothes.
  11. Alright, guess I'll put mine here now o.o

    Name: Isaac Wilcox
    age: 22
    Tall, slender, meak with a goofy atmosphere about him. He sports some thick framed prescription glasses, that made him appear pretty smart, but is actually more of a video game/tabletop roleplay geek. Often has messy hair because how he woke up was how he wore his hair dark thick hair. He wears randomized outfits that mix a variety of blacks and greys with a color here and there dominated by black, picked from a pile of clothes that he probably had sitting there for a week from last time he washed.

    Show Spoiler

    Personality: Not really an organized man, manages to maintain a retail job that he hates, mainly because his boss likes to treat the word "Part-time" as "On-Call" (we'll call this company 'Best Guys'. lol), but overall, looking past his lack of focus, he's a well mannered, patient man that can actually pull of being charming every now and then. He likes to browse thrift shops or garage sales for priceless items, often looking for retro gaming stuff like atari, roleplay books like D&D, or games when they were still made in cartridges.
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  13. Name: Katrina "Kat" Morgan

    Age: 22

    Usually wears a variety of clothes that can be found at Hot Topic and thrift stores. Her hair is usually worn down, unless she's gaming (usually Xbox or dungeons and dragons) in which case, usually a ponytail, occasionally the glasses she's supposed to wear. ) Her wardrobe and especially her accessories reflect her style, along with her geeky side.

    Personality: Kat's Usually very shy with people she doesn't know, but is especially sarcastic with the people she's comfortable with. Very easily excited when anything nerdy is mentioned near her, and easily irritated when she knows something said is wrong if she's paying enough attention. She works part time at a comic book/gaming accessory store, and was recently hired on part time at Hot Topic, due to her first job not having much business lately. Kat met Isaac back in high school, and after learning of some mutual interests in freshman year, things have gone on since then. He was really her first friend there, so she never missed an opportunity to hang out, especially if it may involve dice.

    Extras: Kat loves cats, and usually names her pets something from a game she's played, and taught herself to play several different types of ocarinas due to her love from the Legend of Zelda games. She is currently taking lessons in archery to be more effective when she cosplays or LARPs.
  14. @HappyJinglez
    yes feel free to join any time soon, you can make a quick post on the rp first or the character sheet, whatever comes first o.o

    Also... feel free to help me out with the names and the towns.

    Like for example, what the name of the town we will be placed in will be called and a little about its history and what kinda quest we have to do to move on.

    definately need a better title :P:deadhorse:
  15. I apologize! I've been super busy the past week, but I'll have a cs for you either tonight or tomorrow as well as a post in the thread!
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  16. Its ok busy lives and such :blacksmith:
  17. where'd everyone go ;-;
  18. Name: Aria Vandagraph
    Age: 20
    Personality: Aria is generally a very happy go lucky person. She is always looking on the bright side of things, but, she is also very much ruled by her emotions. If someone has done her wrong, she generally will hold a grudge until said person addresses the situation and apologizes. With that in mind, however, Aria goes out of her way to help others, regardless of their past actions against her or someone else. She enjoys hanging with her friends and family and having a good time. However, she holds a dark secret that sometimes weighs heavily on her mind. She never lets her worries be openly seen, but someone who truly knows Aria would be able to tell.
    extras: Aria had gone to school to study history, but eventually dropped out to pursue a career in acting. That's how she met the people she hangs with. Aria had seen an add for a DnD group and she figured that would be a great way to act on a regular basis.
  19. Name: Jayke Smith
    Appearance: 6'1, skinny, kinda buff, wears casual clothes in an awkward manner (ex: solid red with solid gray shorts) likes wearing black and/or blue, wears blue framed glasses, black hair, likes it styled pretty much like your typical anime character (couldn't find a picture)
    Personality: Jayke is the ULTIMATE GEEK. He's smart at everything, loves correcting people, has lots of nerdy friends, will play any geekish game, as long as it isn't dirty, he loves anime, and will he will be nice to you as long as you just don't pester him. He's able to remember deep into his past, holds grudges, and sometimes his sense of humor gets him in big trouble, as he sometimes adds a big hint of sarcasm if he feels like it, since he's kind of rude. He's gone to many cons for a person like him, and when he wakes up, he straight up looks like Spock.
    Extras: In college for computers and game designing; has great ambitions, and is the most hardcore hacker of all hackers; was Anonymous for a while, great at swordplay, he's working at a Microsoft store for the moment.
  20. Jayke

    thats cool. I was thinking, to prevent having to go through constant "Hello, good to see you again"s you can start your character off as if he had been there the whole and unfortunate blackout while he was in the bathroom, or running to the liquor store for more booze or the piza store for pizza...i dunno, something along those lines
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