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  1. I would like to create a plot-driven Roleplay. I will give you a plot, and you need to follow the plot. Simple. BUT, the outcome of the plot, how you do it, and what will happen after the plot is entirely UP TO YOU ALL. There are few rules
    1. Respect every people decision
    3. NO INVINCIBILITY. I don't want people who avoid every attack and dodge every attack just because THEY CAN
    4. Don't say that your character is already strong. You all started as a student of Keyblade School with the same amount of power.
    5. THERE IS CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. So, every choices, every act, and every training will give you a reward. You can ask me for the Character Development and I will think about it whether I agree or not
    6. I will act as the moderator if this roleplay. So I won't take part in the roleplay
    7. You all started as friends. No enemy whatsoever (unless you request a plot where you will betray them)
    8. You can request a plot, or a character development to me via PM.

    So how's this kind of roleplay sounds? I'm willing to do a fantasy one. If there is enough interest, then I'll be sure to create this Roleplay
  2. I can betray people!? Count me in!
  3. YOU BET!! Invite your friends!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.