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  1. So, for those of you not familar with me, I am Wildpelt of Shadowclan, the only warrior turned medicine cat of my own era. I welcome you to this one thread, and I hope to see many rps in my future!

    I like to be my own fandom Warrior cat character A LOT. So don't message me without expecting me to write somthing in his perspective. Sorry, that is how it is! ^^

    So I have a few things I want you to know: (I'm not trying to be narcissistic, but it seems I must say it or I'll get hit hard for it:)

    1) I get online 4:45 EST, and generally stay here until Midnight. I will break for other things, but the faster the posts, the faster it moves along. I will stay online at night until A- I fall asleep or B- the person I rp with leaves.

    2) I like doing long posts, which is about three paragraphs. I prefer doing 2-3 sentence posts so it saves me time, for I manage a lot of threads on another site.

    3) I'm open to any rps. If there is a * that means we can go mature.

    4) Um...let me see. Yeah, that is about it. Sometimes I may be gone, and I'll try and PM you then. So, now that I am done with my ranting, shall we get onto the rps I like to do?



    -Warriors: Not warrior human, warrior CATS. These are the ones I'll do:
    ~Old Forest Before Firestar
    ~Rouges and Loners

    -Eragon: Saphira!!!! My favortie dragon ever that got me into fantasy!

    -Bionicle: If you know what that is I will hug you!

    Genral Rps

    ~Sorta a plot with them, that is always up to the partner

    ~Fief war
    ~Elves, humans, dwarves
    ~Searching for relics
    ~Magic weilders gone crazy
    ~ Freelance knights stumble upon plots to kill a castle!

    Romantic Rps*
    ~MxF or FxF *
    ~Arragned Marriage
    ~High School Romance*

    Random Ideas
    ~Rebel allance attacks government.
    ~Two mutant kids break out and attack the world.
    ~Vampire rp in general
    ~And I'm open to a lot more ideas!

    This list is tentative, and I really really want to do some of these! So, if you like any of these, please write the name of the ~ you like here and then PM me about it! If you are under 18, anything with an * can be mature. Any questions?
  2. Bionicles?!?!? Haven't built one of those in years o: