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  1. My character

    Name: Xavier
    Age: 17
    Gender: male
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Personality: He is overall a kind person....or at least he tries to be. He often second guesses himself and is afraid of people leaving him, thus why he can get very nervous around James. He is loyal though.....but clingy. He is not a huge fan of getting dirty or a lot of manual labor, which makes him not the best companion in an apocalypse, this adds another reason he thinks James will one day get fed up and leave him alone.
    Sexuality: straight
    Other : he has a Cross necklace he never takes off, he is very Religious (Roman Catholic)
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  2. Xavier woke up next to James on the floor of their home in only his boxers. During the night he had subconsciously snuggled up to the boy and was very close to him. There wasn't heating so at night it became very cold. Xavier was torn on what to do he didn't want James to think he was a creep, but it is so warm right here if I move all our shared body heat will be lost.

    ( Xavier isn't gay. It I thought it might be an interesting way to start the day haha, can't wait to see James's reaction)
  3. Unlike his friend, James kept his clothes on during the night in case of emergencies. It was easy to jump up and gather your things to bolt if need be, but adding in the time to find your shirt AND put it on, that was ridiculous.

    Through the cracks of the boards that covered the windows, a stream of sunlight hit the young man's face just enough to stir him from slumber. "Daaaaamn," he yawned, slinging his arm over his eyes to block the light and try to get himself back to sleep. There was something heavy pushed against his side though... He peaked beneath his arm, half expecting that the apocalypse was a dream and this was a pretty girl and half expecting some random dog to be curled up beside him. Neither of these expectancies came true though... It was just his friend, Xavier, squashed into the elder man's side.

    "Dude," he shook Xavier a bit with his other hand, "You're suffocating me man get up." A hearty chuckle escaped him at his friends nightly antics. This was a reoccurring thing and when James simply told Xavier to keep his clothes on, the other male just didn't want to listen.
  4. Hearing James tell him to move Xavier immediately moved and stood up facing James he mumbled "um sorry......I don't sleep well if I have a shirt and jeans on.....if it makes you feel uncomfortable I can suck it up though." Xavier was embarrassed for the past few nights he had snuggled up to better be careful Xavier, he'll get sick of you and ditch you he thought to himself before whispering barely audible "s-sorry for s-snuggling up to y-you."

    ( Xavier is scared James will ditch him haha)
  5. James cocked a quizzical eyebrow at his friend. "Don't be sorry man," he sat up himself, stretching his arms above his head to pop his joints and wake up his muscles. "You know I just tell you to wear clothes in case something happens during the night and we have to flee." He chuckled again and scratched his side where a sudden itch emerged. "Snuggle up to me all you want. It does get pretty cold in this dump so I understand."

    He stood, shaking off the thin sheet that didn't really help the nightly cold. He then grabbed Xavier's clothes from a nearby armchair before tossing them towards his friend. "We better have some breakfast before we go searching for supplies." James gave Xavier a reassuring smile so the boy knew that there was no issue with the cuddle fest that had been going on.
  6. Grabbing the jeans and shirt James had tossed to his Xavier started putting them on. Hearing James so the snuggle/cuddle thing was ok made Xavier feel a little better. "Thanks, yeah probably what's on the menu?" Xavier asked. James was clearly the leader of the two of them and Xavier was ok with that it was nice to have someone else do most of the worrying.

    Remembering James's comment about having to leave Xavier looked around at their "home" it wasn't much but it was all they had. It was slowly starting to feel like home though.
  7. James clapped his hands excitedly, "Squirrel!" He laughed once more (laughter was the best medicine) making his way towards the broken down kitchen that was right through the archway that separated the boy's sleeping quarters and the bathroom. The brunette began clamor ins around the kitchen, grabbing one of the many dead squirrels that littered the burnt-out fridge and some of these veggies the boys had found a few miles away in the woods.

    He got to work immediately, continuing a casual conversation with Xavier. There was honestly nothing wrong with a bit of snuggle time, but James was going to make jokes about it. "I think you owe me after you used me as a heater last night. You gotta set that piece of crap table today." He smiled, talking about the splintered table with a rug covering its top and two crappy plastic cheers sitting on either side. The thing had collapsed on them more times than they could count.
  8. Xavier chuckled a little.....squirrel was not his ideal choice of meat, but it was better than nothing. Xavier grabbed a couple of plates from the cupboard and set them in the table. Deciding to believe James truely didn't care if he snuggled up to him Xavier said jokingly "So I get my own personal heater and all I have to do is set the table, done...oh by the way your backside is colder than your front so if I have to all of this back breaking work for you I expect the best possible heat." The last part was said dramatically. But seriously if this is the deal he is really getting screwed haha.
  9. "Whatever you need Xavier dear," James continued to pick and prod at his companion. It was just too funny that the younger male was so big on cuddling. The brunette starting a small fire on the stove, thanking God that the gas had not been severed completely. He then took out an old cookie sheet from a nearby cupboard and began to cut open one of the dead squirrel on top of it with his handy dandy knife that was always kept in his gun holster that hung beside the back door. The stench eminating from the animal was excruciating, but James was swift with his work and soon all the important parts were moved onto an old skillet and placed over the fire.

    As the squirrel cooked, James began to cut up the array of veggies that had been collected before placing them in the skillet as well. "Chop chop darling, breakfast will be done in soooon~" he sang, trying to make himself look like the perfect housewife for Xavier. He chuckled a bit at his own jokes.
  10. James now sounded like a housewife which made Xavier laugh a little once the table was set he sat down on one side. "Finished sweetheart" Xavier said with a laugh. I hope he doesn't think I'm gay.....

    ( sorry for the short post)
  11. James shook his head, a smile playing on his face as he brought the skillet to the middle of the table and took his own seat in the opposite chair. "Dig in buddy," he rubbed his hands together before taking a few pieces of meat that would satisfy his belly. It was very game-y tasting, but the two men needed their strength so James wasnt going to complain. "I was thinking we'd head over to that drug store in town to check for more medicine." He took some veggies off the skillet, careful not to burn himself, and shoved the into his mouth in an unruly way.
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  12. Grabbing some of the squirrel and veggies and putting them on his plate he responded "yeah that's probably a good idea, incase on of us gets sick." He started eating the squirrel which tasted better than one would think. The veggies had been grown not processed so they weren't to bad either.
  13. "We will simply take the road agin until we hit town. We'll have to be more careful than last time though," James was referring to the slight skirmish a week ago, which occurred just in town when a band of jackasses thought they were the next generation of Law Enforcement. Xavier and James had barely scraped out of there alive. He finished off his meat, wiping his hands on his dirt-covered jeans before picking off a few more veggies to scarf down. He then stood, walking to the stove to make sure the fire was out and to take the cookie sheet and throw it in the sink with the rest of their dirty dishes. He would have to remember to take the bucket from outside and fill it with river water to wash these puppies down. "We'll leave as soon as you're done mate." He nodded to himself, walking off into them Irving room where his weapons were stored.

    (Would you mind finishing up your CS for me? I want to include Xavier's looks in some of my post, but I don't know what he looks like. Also, knowing his personality would help a lot. Thank you.)
  14. Scarfing down his food he put his dishes in the sink. Putting on his once white tennis shoes "yeah definitely, I still have marks on me from last week," he said. Xavier remembered the fight, he had been little to no help making James do most of the fighting. You're just holding him back he could have accomplished so mush with this place if you hadn't held him back.... James had been slightly injured during the fight, but Xavier had scratches on his chest, stomach and back. He would have made it out of that fight without as catch on him if he had been alone.

    ( I updated the personality, sorry it isn't as in depth as James, I have a picture I use for most of my RP's but I am on my ipad right now, I will do it tomorrow when I am on a computer sorry. He has brown hair if that helps :/)
  15. "I'm sure we'll be fine." James shrugged, putting his dark black boots on and tying them before putting all his weapons in his pockets. There were two knives: one smaller than the other and used as a tool, the other was larger and more susceptible to be used in battle. His rifle and the few bullets he had left were slung over his shoulder as he took his third weapon in hand. It had been the one he grabbed when this whole mess started. A stainless steel bat. It was clean and shiny from the many washes in the river, but James would be lying if he said it had never drawn blood.

    He turned to look at Xavier, swinging the bat lightly in his hand, "The bruises around my ribs have subsided, but that nasty cut across my shoulder still itches." As he spoke his hand instinctively crossed to his left shoulder to rub gently around the upraised set of stitched that kept his skin together. "But I hadn't brawled in awhile so that was fun," he grinned at the memory.

    (No that's perfect! I just needed a little something. Xavier seems very shy and one to flee before fighting. Thank you! :3)
  16. "We'll find some cream for it today" Xavier said to the older male. Xavier decided not to tell James the full extent of his injuries, he's more valuable than I am, any medical supplies we get should go to him....."my wounds are healing fine" he lied not wanting to know about all of the scratches and cuts on his abdomen. I can't look weak or he'll ditch me! Xavier thought to himself worriedly.

    ( yeah in a fight or flight situation he is going run haha)
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  17. "Nah," he shrugged, letting his hand drop back to his side. James watched his friend for a second, an eyebrow raised as a smal suspicious grasped him. "The wound hasn't omitted any pus or blood, which means it's healing nicely. We gotta save supplies for the people that jump into thorn bushes after getting pushed around for awhile." He tried to make a joke out of their situation last week, but he was still angered at the way those donkeys had ganged up on Xavier. He thinks letting half them go with sustainable injuries just wasn't enough. Should have killed them all... "You sure your okay man?" He walked closer to Xavier, kneeling down to help him finish tying his other shoes so they could be on their way. "If you need anything ya know I can help ya. Extra supplies, extra food. The town is pretty baron so I can make trips at lunchtime for random stuff while you stay behind."
  18. "Thanks man it means a lot, but I'm the one who should be doing things for you, you saved my butt last time, so let me do a favor for you anything just ask," Xavier said. He felt embarrassed that the boy had helped him tie his shoes. Will he actually ask for something or so we're even.....I need to prove myself to him!

    Walking towards the exit to their home he peaked out the door searching for anyone who was watching. Seeing no one was outside he opened the door and exited the building. Turning to James he repeated his question "so what do you want me to do for you?"
  19. James stood when the other boy did, following him to the door with a puzzled expression. He honestly didn't need anything, but Xavier seem determined to help. Or was he trying to prove himself? It was apparent that James was the rock of the two; fighting off bad-guys, scavenging buildings, and treating wounds, but James hadn't once felt like he was being mistreated or under appreciated. His friendship with Xavier was just enough.

    He thought for a second and then a wide smile crossed his face. He slapped the other boy on the shoulder, walking past him into the wooded area that surrounded the crappy shack. "Why don't I be look out today and you try your hand at scavenging." He began to walk, hoping the other would follow. "I'll tell you how to do it. It's real easy."
  20. "Yeah sure I'd love to" Xavier said following the older boy. I'm helping but by scavenging I won't really be doing something I don't know special for James. "Are you sure that's all you want?" He asked wanting to do something nice for James not just by scavenging.

    He followed James into the wooded area near their home. He had never been the scavenger and he was nervous. We won't be getting much today.....does James really know what he's doing letting me be scavenger?
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