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  1. Rules and things:
    1. Even though you're a god, please make your character interesting and well-rounded.
    2. Even though everyone in the roleplay are gods, this isn't a contest. The point is in making an awesome world and story instead of seeing whose god is way cooler.
    3. When someone adds something to the world, don't immediately try to undo it, even if you really don't like it.
    4. Have fun and be creative (you knew this, probably.)
    5. In the real world, there was an ancient artifact that created a small pocket world that could be affected in any way the creator wanted. That technology was replicated and mass produced, so everyone has their own pocket world. This is an open pocket world that anyone can join.

    Jim was startled by the emptiness. This was the first time he'd entered a pocket world like this, and it was completely empty. He looked down and gasped, well, meant to, as he found himself without a body. Was he moving? He couldn't tell. There was nothing in here. Jim was starting to get worried. Was this even safe for human use? He was starting to get annoyed by the darkness.

    "I wish I had some light."

    And just like that, an intense globe of warm light appeared right in front of him. It shone like sunbeams reflecting off a water droplet. Jim was mesmerized by the tiny little speck. His first ever creation. Then he made it bigger and bigger, and brighter and brighter, until the little dot was a huge burning ball of white flame. The flames licked at Jim wherever he floated, and he could feel the little waves of energy following him. He felt ecstatic!

    Jim decided to make his world next. First rocks began to circle around each other out of nowhere, and they began to spiral around each other like a dance. The disk of rock was then covered by a rain of soil and mud. Some rocks stood out. Jim thought they looked like mountains. The disk began turning gently, with the orb of white circling overhead. Jim felt proud of his work, but he was taken off guard by an alert:

  2. An entity without a form entered the pocket world, it's presence made known only by a ripple in the space-time of the tiny universe.

    That, and the blaring alert that said he had entered.

    "Hello?" called the entity. "M'names Ian. Yours?"
  3. "My name's Jim. Nice to meet you!" Jim looked around. "Um, wherever you are?"

    Right, they needed to present themselves in this world. Jim tried to think of the coolest thing to make himself into, but all he came up with was his original appearance, with the exception of a spanking new beard. His limbs were long and scrawny, his torso was covered in a robe of silk, his teenage face heavily contrasted the snow white beard that trailed all the way down to his belly. His hair was brown and short, just like in real life, and didn't match with his beard at all.

    "Uh, ha ha, it's not the best, but it'll work for now."
  4. "Oh, yeah, we start without bodies. Forgot about that." Ian imagined the figure he had always wished he could get: A tall, dark-haired young man with pointed, elfish ears. The figure looked to still be adolescent, though. Adorning him here Green, red, and silver robes.

    "Alright, then. What do you have so far?" Ian asked, clapping his newly formed hands together.
  5. "Not much. I just got here a few minutes before you did. All I managed to do was make this little disk of rock and a mini-sun," Jim replied cheerfully. Jim turned and examined his creations. "Wait, it kind of looks different from a few minutes ago."

    The disk of earth seemed to have changed on its own: rocks broke off and fell, new mountains sprouted up from the ground, and the disk seemed to have grown a bit bigger.

    "I think the things we make change over time. And time passes more quickly here," Jim deduced. "And it's pretty easy to make stuff. Just think about it and it pops up!"
  6. "Hello." a dry voice suddenly rang out across the dark void. Gradually, a figure wearing a cloak and a hood appeared, the hood concealing its face.
    "My name is Trenton." He said, his eyes shifting over to the rock formation in the center.
    "And it appears you have already begun to form the world, that's good." His voice growing higher, perhaps in cheerfulness.
  7. A creature sat on a water disk as the figure watched from the sidelines, her feline bright icy blue eyes blinked a couple of times as she listened to the music that blasted in her ears from the headphones before they slid down her slender feline shoulders and spoke; her griffin tail swaying. " Yea nothing, but mountains." She laughed a bit with mew, her voice was mix of both male and female; like a young male not just yet hitting puberty. The animal jumped off her water disk making water droplets fall onto the new found land causing rain and soon making rivers and overflowing some areas making oceans and seas. Because of the rain water the green grass began to sprout some flowers here and there and other plants within the ground and mountains. The animal stood on all fours, silver black blue fur from muzzle to tail, a yellow halo swirl around her tail. Blue and pink colored futuristic hand phones hanged from her animal shoulders. "There we go." The feline like creature smiled.
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  8. Jim was surprised by the two newcomers. "Hello, Trenton!" he greeted the hooded figure.

    Suddenly he saw tiny drops of water fall onto the disk of earth, causing plantation to grow from the soil and rock. Some areas of the disk flooded and made mini-oceans and lakes. The harbinger of all that water seemed to have come from a feline creature with silver-black-blue fur with blue and pink headphones around its shoulders.

    "Oh, hello there! I'm Jim, what's your name?"

    As he was greeting the new god, some plants already began growing quickly, making expanses of plains and forests and shrubs. Right at the center of the disk grew a magnificent tree that was so tall that it was nearly Jim's height.
  9. "Hello Jim." She looked at the others and spoke mentally hitting herself from forgetting to introduce rude of her. "I am called Jiang" She answered with a feline smile before looking a the plants grow quickly in front of their eyes. Soon when realization struck her she looked back at Jim for awhile and laughed at the beard then more seeing it didn't match his hair at all. "Such a wise looking wizard you are." Her paws hugged her stomach as she laughed and her ears went back.
  10. "Hello, Jiang. Hello, Jim" Trenton cut into the conversation, looking at Jiang curiously.
    Putting all thoughts aside, he cleared his throat.
    "My, I should try my hand at forming this land." He smirked, opening his palm.

    Deep valleys opened up in the land, creating with it deposits of minerals and rock. Along with this came volcanoes tall and magnificent; all in a miniature size, of course. He created the moon for the land, yet a perfectly rounded moon for it has not been struck by asteroid.

    "If I do say so myself, I think this is going to be an interesting planet."
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  11. Jim witnessed the birth of the volcanoes and ravines and the moon all around him. The world was starting to come together. For a first timer like jim, this was all spectacular!

    Jim laughed at the snide joke from Jiang the feline. "Yeah, it is pretty wise-looking. Well, if it matched the rest of me."

    Jim decided to put matters into his own hands, changing his appearance to match with his wise beard. He made his lanky adolescent body into a hardened old one with many strange tattoos and scars. His face became wrinkled and wizened. In the end, he ended up looking like this. He tried getting a feel for his new body, flexing his fingers and floating around in the pocket world. He also changed his voice to be deeper and more authoritative.

    "How do I look?" he asked the other three gods.

    Meanwhile, Jim noticed that some of the plants and trees have grown to be something different than the ones they have in the real world. Some of them can walk and interact with the world, though only basically. They acted like newborns and were small enough to fit in Jim's palm, but by the world's scale they were the size of redwood trees.
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  12. Slowly but surely she phased into existence. It was sort of like a dream, it was tranquil and pleasant, as if she were floating. She stretched her musles like she had just woken up or at least tried to until realizing that she had no body. A silvery voice floated around carrying that same dreamlike quality. "So we can create what we want huh?"

    The outline of a female body appeared, then the features began to fill in. Silver luminescent skin cloaked itself in silk sapphire robes. Glowing white eyes created ghostly trails that flowed into even darker hair. A smile was on her face. "I'm kind of big on fantasy." She took a closer look at the world, in short it was awesome.

    "I think another moon or two and some floating islands would give it a more... magical feel." Just as soon as she had sad it two moons appeared in the planets sky, one bigger and one smaller than the orginal in size. "Different cyles of course, makes it all the more breathtaking." Sections of the world rose from the ground and suspended themselves in the planets air. Waterfalls trailed off the sides, and the earth where the chunks had been taken began to sprout new growth to replenish its self.

    "Sorry I just couldn't help myself, my name is Ahria, nice to meet you guys." She had a big smile on her face.
  13. "Nice to meet you too, Ahria," Jim said to the newcomer. He whistled after seeing her floating islands. "That's pretty neat."

    Jim wanted to help life start in their new world. He took some of the walking trees from the core of the disk and spread them out among the islands floating around it. Jim taught them how to bend wood and rock and soil to create homes for themselves without hurting their environment. The tree-men could cause growth anywhere they wanted and survived off of good soil, water, and light from the orb Jim had made earlier. Some trees started living together in groups of five to six, growing big groves and glades to live in.

    "What should we call the little guys?" Jim asked the other gods, though if they scaled the tree-men to the real world, they'd be quite tall.
  14. She nodded, noting the other male's name as she calmed her laughing fits. She took a breather and put her paws in front of her as she sat there listening to the other and glanced down at the growing land, she watched as the land opened up deep valleys along with more minerals and rocks. She watched in awe at the site. Volcanoes form with help of some the mountains, soon she seen the planet grew dark, but was illuminated by the perfect silver virgin moon. Her ears perked up hearing the other, Jim was it? She bad with names, and a smirk appeared on her lips listening to the boy. She watched as his body changed into an actually old wise man that looked as if he use to be a native woodlander warrior from a fantasy world. "Not bad! Not bad at all, pretty cool like some old woodlander from dnd or something." She answered him before going back to the land when she heard noises, like cracking of tearing tree roots. She watched as her trees moved about, but not the greatest, though pretty good.

    Soon the night world was lighten more by two more moons that were a different shape from the first one. Her brow raised in question until she heard a female voice coming from behind them. She looked at the fantasy looking woman. "Nice." She complimented before introducing herself to the woman after Jim. "The names Jiang."

    "Hmmmm." She began to think going back to the world and naming the tree men. Her tail tapped on the ground before sliding on the world's skies messing with clouds. "Woodrows? " She finally spoke with a thought. A small stone rubble appeared in front of her, floating before letting it drop down the ground. The stone dived into the ground cause a deep burial in the clean earth on the other side behind the one of the Volcanoes. Soon rock like monsters pulled itself out of the ground like the Treemen, and shook the dirt off before starting walk around. Next thing she knew they began to build things minutes later which was probably months later in that world. "And these littles could be called Golems. " She said.
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  15. Eyes narrowing, Trenton took a closer look at the world.

    "Maybe these things could use more intelligence? Sure, they can already build things, but there should be more." He furrowed his brow, waving his hand over the creatures. Bits of light fell on the creatures, creating illumination before briefly disappearing into their bodies. Moments later, the first fire was being created by the Golems, though they seemed to be dumbfounded.
    He smirked, tugging at a piece of strong on his hood.

    "Perhaps they'll worship us one day, wouldn't that be great?" His smirk fainted into a shadow of a smile, before completely turning into a frown.

    "Though, they may also fight about it too, just like our religions did too..." He shook his head, starlight bouncing off him.
    He regained his composure, before peering at the world just like he did before.

    "Its amazing this technology though, I mean, how did they perfect something like this?" He asked, trailing his hand through the clouds.
    He sighed, his head tilting back.
  16. "I know, right? It's like we're entering a new era!" Jim tried to remember the news relating to the pocket worlds. "I don't know what the original machine was called, but they found it six months ago in the arctic circle. They managed to reverse engineer it and create these pocket worlds, though some scientists speculate that these retail worlds are only around one percent of the original machine's capabilities."

    Jim watched with intrigue as the little golems created fire. Everything was starting to come together now. Jim thought that the tree-men would start making fire as well, but it struck him that that would be counter-intuitive. The tree-men were cautious about fire and their new neighbors, sticking inside their hidden groves, biding their time and letting their roots grow older and deeper. Trenton mentioned something about worship earlier. Jim wasn't sure how he felt about being worshiped. On one hand, it'd be really cool to be considered a god. On the other, it'd be pretty weird. Plus, if fights started happening, everything they made would be undone.

    Since they had rock creatures and wood creatures, Jim decided to create something based on water. He gave some water life, and the water began swirling against the currents and moving on its own. It could go on land, for some time, but it felt most at home in water, where they would be inseparable. They varied in size, too. Some were just a few droplets, while others could rival the size of golems and tree-men. They lived in lakes, rivers, seas and oceans. The waterlings, as Jim called them, began moving rapidly in the oceans and seas, creating waves and tides.
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  17. Ahria smiled at Jiang and nodded at Jim's greeting grinning at the floating islands. She watched as he spread his treelike creations onto the changed earth. Then as Stone creatures sprung from the earth. Golems. It was amazing. She had never thought of the idea of possibly being worshipped as a God by their creations, it seemed unreal. Another element sprung to life, this one being water. The creatures were already progressing in their short time learning and adapting, they were rather intelligent. Then she got a bright idea.

    "Well there seems to be two main elements left, fire and wind. I think I'll take wind. What about creatures composed of wind." Swirls of air combined together to make creature that resembled animals from Tigers to eagle sized birds yet they had no solid form. "Since wind changes and take new forms, when it reaches a certain point in its life-maturation perhaps- it must decide what element it will belong to permanently, whether it is your Treemen, Golems, or the waterlings. Then like the wind cycle when it's course is finish or coming to an end it will return to the beginning as wind. I think they should be called Avi."

    The other elements would not have to worry about population loss and it seemed like it would be a link between species. She watched as the young Avi moved about, some already building bonds and attaching them selves to the groups of creatures they would soon join if they chose.
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  18. "The arctic circle? How old is this technology?" Trenton asked, watching as the new Avi moved around the world.
    All the creatures seemed to be living in harmony, although without the final elemental creature it was a bit unbalanced.
    He raised his eyebrow as he looked at the creatures playing.
    "I can create the fire creatures." He put his fingers together and shot at the volcanoes, hot creatures of molten lava emerging. They bore shells of hardened magma, their insides the flames of the earth below.
    "They are named: Eithne".
    Trenton put his arms up almost in parody of celebration, a smile on his face.
    "They will live deep in the recesses of the land, in the crevices, anywhere humid and fiery. They shall be brave, aggressive, but humble. They are the distant relatives of Golems, as they both share the same point of origin; the ground." Trenton paused his speech, glancing around at the other gods before continuing.
    "And they shall be the final step in perfecting harmony on this land, and then all life will grow intelligent." He closed his eyes and sighed, a small smirk playing upon his lips. The Eithne began to move about underground, and every god was aware of this, even though they could not be seen.
    "Hopefully peace continues. If not... I cannot imagine the consequences." Trenton turned away and strode off to the side of the small universe, deciding to watch the planet for the time being.
  19. "This is amazing!" Jim exclaimed as their world was finally falling into place. Everything was in harmony; all the elemental mortals were connected by the Avi, and when the elemental creatures died, they returned to being Avi and the cycle continued. "Nice thinking, Ahria."

    Jim followed Trenton and decided to watch their world from there. The mortal races were growing and developing on their own, it seemed. The golems continued shaping the earth, building less crude shelters and more elaborate structures, starting to resemble fortresses and castles. A circle of golems seemed to have moved to a mountain range and created a colossal fortress there, looming over the lower ground. The golems could finely shape the earth now, unlike previously where they would smash boulders together and make loud noises.

    He decided to populate the new world with random animals: birds of all sizes, even a gigantic eagle. Some herbivores also dotted the landscape, from tiny sheep-like creatures to giant buffaloes that were half the size of a mountain. To balance it out, predators also began roaming the land, ranging from packs of tiny wolves to a giant predatory cat that preyed on the buffaloes. For the oceans, he added innumerable scores of tiny fish that swarmed the vast sea, whales that dwarfed everything that lived, and other strange aquatic creatures.

    The tree-men, or ents as Jim began calling them, started to herd animals that lived nearby, namely the giant buffaloes. The buffaloes were at a height with the ents, perhaps a bit taller and definitely bigger, but the ents fashioned large walls made of wood and vine to keep the penned. They used the buffaloes for milk and fur to eat and clothe themselves with. The ents spent their time grazing their buffaloes and playing music by blowing wind through the leaves and vines.
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  20. The small feline like griffin creature laid there having her feet curled under her as she listened to the other Gods. Her ears twitched at their words as she watched their created world changing in front of eyes. It was interesting seeing how much their people learned the abilities to survive for each other and adapt to the new power they was giving. She let a chuckle watching they gotten the fire power. It was quite funny for the Treemen to have it as well. She watched as the stayed in their territory before her attention went to Trenton's words. 'Worshipped as a God?..hhmmm.' She thought to herself before speaking. "Well wouldn't that be interesting, ya?" She glanced over to Jim at words about it too and nodded in agreement before going back to Trenton and gave a shrug about the bad that could happening worshipped like the wars in the real world.

    Her brow raised at the talk of the pocket world now interested as well on how they can make such a wonderful gachet. Soon more creatures were made, Aquatic ones, which was named Waterlings, then later Wind like ones as well, that was named Avis. Jiang laughed at Trenton's little celebration of the last creatures name, Eithne, they were the fire creatures which made from the volcano's' lava. She watched as the formed a body from igneous rocks and lava. Her perked up straight listening to Trenton when he continued on his words. Was he making a speech of his newly created creatures? A smirk appeared on her feline lips. This people were growing more interesting by the minute. Her head turned the Ents' that began to make beautiful music with winds and leafs she began to think what it was called, ah! Leaflute!

    Her tail swayed with the calming music before she flecked her tail. She watched as small dots fall down the soil ground and watched as this crawled or digged deeper into the ground. She made composed animals and insects, can't have dead things laying around dirting up the new world. "There we go..." She whispered to herself as she watched the abnormal insect, mid side maggots, flies like creatures and etc, large vultures.