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    Welcome to my Playground!

    Hi there! This is where I abuse play with bbcodes for fun. I'm a weird person who uses coding on Iwaku as a stress reliever :'D

    Please do not post on my thread (unless you have my permission to); you can always just create your own test thread. It's free. You wont get in trouble for having your own. Accidentally posting on my thread is fine, I won't chew you out for it or anything (I actually find it kinda funny when someone accidentally posts here cause y'all know what that would likely mean xD)

    Please do credit me if you use my codes. I don't really mind if you use my codes without my permission (though it is preferable if you do ask for my permission first), just please credit me. Coding may be a stress reliever for me, but I still do work hard on my codes and spend quite a bit of time on each of them. Even the simpler ones take at least an hour.

    Not all my works are mobile friendly.
    Some of my older works aren't mobile friendly at all, but majority, if not all, of my recent works are mobile friendly. Someday I'll rework my older ones to make them readable on mobile. I usually put a note at the top of my post saying whether or not it's mobile friendly, but if there's none, it's probably mobile friendly and I was just too lazy to add it in.

    //columns to be changed to accordions

    Finished Works

    Aureole Scriven - CS
    Asher Fay - CSIC1IC2
    Izabella Zielinski - CSIC
    Gareth Himura - CS IC
    Ren Griffin - CSIC
    Fujimoto Nanami - CSIC
    Nikandros Volkov - CS
    Zedekiah Blackbourne - CSIC
    Carina Fang - CS
    Zoe Sinclair - CS
    Han Seo-Hyeon - CS
    Lucas - CS

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    WARNING !!

    This is a resizable box.
    Does not work on mobile tho. rip
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  3. Gonna be coding on mobile in an effort to try and make a mobile friendly slider cheat.
    rip me

    Edit: this is as mobile friendly as I can get it

    « »
    Slide 1
    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Suspendisse ac lorem tortor. Vestibulum commodo ante ac erat mattis, at fringilla neque elementum. Quisque accumsan magna ornare, auctor augue quis, blandit odio. Aenean eu elit eu enim vehicula ultrices. Aenean aliquet nunc sed orci pharetra finibus. Mauris semper a ligula ut porttitor. Nunc sit amet ante urna. Mauris et augue magna. Quisque ullamcorper consectetur nisl. In et dignissim lectus. Morbi non mi magna. Donec pulvinar, diam non efficitur consequat, nunc lectus placerat metus, in accumsan libero lectus eu nulla. Donec vitae euismod leo, a scelerisque nibh. Nunc et mattis neque, sed tincidunt libero. Nunc tristique euismod turpis, at sagittis ipsum venenatis ac.
    Slide 2

    Slider notes:
    Example slider size set : 410 x 410

    Slider size generated : 420 x 447 //includes buttons
    padding : 5px 5px 32px 5px //needs to be removed
    content : 410 x 410

    Slide size : 314 x 414
    margin : 0 48px //needs to be removed
    border : 2px //needs to be removed
    content : 310 x 410

    Content slide : 296 x 390
    padding : 15px //needs to be removed
    margin : 7px //needs to be removed
    content : 266 x 360

    Slider width = <desired width> + 144px
    Slider height = <desired height> + 50px

    Now what?
    We cut away the fats, that's what.

    right / left : 5 + 50 + 22 = 77
    top : 5 + 2 + 22 = 29
    bottom : 32 + 2 + 22 = 56 //not needed if using height to cut off fat from bottom

    margin: -29px 0 0 -77px;

    Add negative margin to left side for mobile (same value as right margin).
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  4. Meddon;Montserrat
    Zedekiah Blackbourne

    « »
    Name Zedekiah Blackbourne
    Nickname(s) Zed

    Age 17 years old
    Date of Birth December 20, 1958
    Gender Male

    Species Wizard
    Blood Status Pureblood

    House & Year Gryffindor / 7th year

    « »
    That Reckless Idiot
    As much as Zed complains how the sorting hat made a mistake and that he should be with his brother in Slytherin, deep down he knows why the sorting hat placed him in Gryffindor: his courage. Zed is a brave person who likes to face things head on. This however doesn't mean that he is completely fearless. There are still things that scare him, such as the thought of a family member's death--or death in general. Unfortunately, Zed can be a little too brave. He's not exactly one to think things through and often just charges at something without an actual plan. Zed has the tendency to tango with death; thankfully he hasn't gotten himself killed ... yet. His reckless attitude makes him a regular of Madame Pomfrey's, much to the mediwitch's dismay.
    Next »
    A Softie at Heart
    Zed also has a soft side in him which could be seen mostly when he's interacting with his family and close friends. He loves both sides of his family, Blackbournes and Sinclairs; though he is definitely closer to his father's side of the family, rather than the latter. Most people may hate family gatherings but Zed enjoys them greatly. Being with his family gives him a warm feeling, it makes him happy. Zed refuses to hurt them in any way and would go to the ends of the earth for them--specially for his brother. He is a rather sentimental person who greatly values time spent with loved ones. Anyone who knows him can easily see this in the way he interacts with his childhood friends.
    Next »
    Honest and Quite Naive
    Although he isn't one to have his beliefs be easily shaken, he can be a rather naive person. It doesn't take much to convince Zed of some lie about something, especially if the delivery of which sounded so factual and convincing. Though he finds it harder to believe things that the impure say, words from purebloods are something he immediately latches on as truth. Zed doesn't trust everyone, his trust is something that has to be earned by half-bloods and the likes, but for purebloods it is something that he immediately gives. He believes in honesty and doesn't really suspect people to be lie to him--or at least, he doesn't suspect purebloods to lie to him. Zed doesn't see any reason to lie to people--except, of course, when he wants to cause mischief and prank someone. He likes to give his honest opinion on things, especially when it came to blood purity.
    Next »
    Surprisingly Reliable
    Strong will is another Gryffindor trait that he possesses. Once a task has been placed upon him, you can rest assured that he'd stop at nothing--maybe except potential and possible death--to accomplish said task. It makes him a rather reliable person, much to people's disbelief. His determination isn't something that people should underestimate. As reliable as he is, however, Zed isn't some lap dog who obeys every command handed out to him. He knows how to say no and doesn't accept every single favour that's thrown at him. Zed picks and does what he wishes to do.
    Next »
    Mind Full of Mischief
    Zed has a penchant for mischief. Pranks were nothing new to him. A certified troublemaker who loves to poke fun on the impure. He once turned bully back during his first year, accidentally crossing the threshold separating bully and prankster. However, he's realised since then that a bully is not what he wants to be and has gone back to simply being a fun loving prankster. His grandfather has warned him about conducting too much mischief as it may tarnish the proud family name somehow, but pranks were just his guilty pleasure. Zed tries to keep his grandfathers words in mind however and will think twice about what he's about to do... when he remembers to do so at least. Unfortunately, it almost always ends with him deciding to push through anyway.

    « »
    Born into the Blackbourne pureblood family, Zedekiah "Zed" Blackbourne is the firstborn son of Natasha and Amos Blackbourne coming into the world merely minutes before his twin brother Alistair was born. Unlike most purebloods, Amo and Natasha were not pureblood supremacists. The couple were raised in supremacists households, yet despite this their way of thinking was different. Their marriage was an arranged one, but they ended up finding solace in one another upon finding out that they shared the same views when it came to blood purity. They wanted to raise their children with the same mentality, however, Perseus knew about beliefs and did what he could to prevent their parents from 'brainwashing' their children. In the end, both Amos and Natasha decided that having their children share the same beliefs as the rest of the pureblood community would be for the best, that it'll help keep them safe. Thus, the twins grew to adopt their grandfather's beliefs in blood purity.

    Although Natasha and Amos have decided not to push their beliefs onto their children, they still openly show--at least at home, around them--what they truly believe in, with small hope that their children would understand their beliefs. Unfortunately, Perseus simply had a bigger influence on the twins. Du ing their childhood, Zed and Alistair often visited their grandfather. Every time the twins visited him, Perseus would teach them the importance of blood purity. The twins soaked up their grandfather's teachings like sponges.

    Despite sharing a different belief from his parents, Zed still grew up to be a kid who loved them regardless. He may not agree with their beliefs and think that they are in the wrong, but they're still his parents and to him that is more important. Family mattered to Zed, even if he felt somewhat neglected from time to time. In Zed's eyes, both his parents and even his grandfather, loved Alistair more. They focused on him more. Zed grew up in his shadow. He didn't hate Ali though, he could never hate his twin. Zed never blamed him either. Instead, he did what he could--or at least, tried to--to garner praise from both his parents and grandfather, but mostly from Perseus. This continued to persist even as the twins entered Hogwarts.
    Next »
    Entering Hogwarts was one of the things that Zed greatly looked forward to when he was younger. He'd dreamed of rooming with his brother, playing on the same quidditch team as his brother, and lots of other stuff; but that all came shattering down when the Sorting Hat yelled Gryffindor instead of Slytherin. For the longest time, he was in denial, claiming that he should've been placed into Slytherin.

    Zed's first year in Hogwarts was... quite a mess. He's always been a prankster, always one to tease people, to make jokes; but during his first year he went from quite harmless prankster, to full on bully. During his first year, he had shared a room with a pureblood and a half-blood with a pureblood father and a muggle mother. Zed got along quite well with the pureblood boy he shared rooms with. Unfortunately, the half-blood wasn't as fortunate. It started with calling the poor kid names, then came the harmless pranks, which soon escalated to downright bullying. Zed wasn't aware that what he was doing was wrong. He thought it was right simply because his pureblood roomie told him it was right. It took the help of his twin brother and childhood friends to get Zed to understand that what he did was completely wrong.

    The following year, the pureblood roommate that they had transfered to Durmstang. Zed didn't know why, and honestly he was happy he was gone. The half-blood on the other hand, was still there. As much as he hated doing so, Zed knew he had to apologise to the kid and so he did. They came into an agreement to stay out of each other's business and that's exactly what happened.
    Next »
    During the summer of their 5th year, Zed started noticing that Ali's presence around the house was dwindling. He was barely at home anymore. However, despite beginning to notice it, Zed didn't refused to acknowledge it. It started years ago, but it wasn't until that year that Zed noticed.

    When the summer of their sixth year came along, he could no longer ignore it; Ali declared that he would be living with their grandfather from now on. Part of Zed knew this was coming, but it still shocked him nonetheless. He told Ali to stay, but just as he expected, Ali refused. Instead, his twin invited him to join him in moving in with Perseus. Truthfully, Zed was more than tempted to take up his offer, but he refused. He thought about their parents and how they would be like if both their sons left them.

    « »
    Czeslaw the Siamese Cat
    As a cat lover, Zed only felt it'd be right if he had a cat--much to his brother's annoyance. It was one of the aspects wherein they had different opinions. While Ali disliked cats, Zed loves them. He always wanted one, but he never asked his parents nor granddad for a cat in fear that he wasn't responsible enough to take care of one. But then his parents just had to get him one as a gift. Zed couldn't refuse and decided to keep the pet. He named him Czeslaw, a name he always found to have a nice ring to. The boy is very fond of his pet and refused to leave it at home when his Hogwarts years started.

    Czeslaw gets along very well with Jasper, the cat owned by Zed's childhood friend, Madison Van Reeden. The two cats are practically like best friends. Zed believes that when he's away, Czes runs off to play with Jasper, though it is something that he has yet to prove; not that it was a big deal anyway. Czes could do whatever he wished with his free time, in fact, Zed is happy that Czes can find company in the pets of others. It was originally one of his worries that Czes would feel lonely during the times when Zed is in class or somewhere else wherein he could not bring him along. Now, he can rest assured thatCzes would not feel lonely.

    « »
    Perseus Blackbourne Granddad (Father's side)
    Dearest, dearest grandfather Perseus. Zed endearingly calls him Percy, which his grandfather finds annoying and revolting. He loves the twins greatly and and they both love him as well. However, granddad always had a bias towards Alistair--he passed on a wand to Ali and gave Zed nothing but a piece of paper telling him where to get his wand made. Despite this, Zed never felt any form of resent towards the old man. He could never bring himself to hate a family member or grow spiteful of them. Perseus was the biggest influence in the twin's life being the one who taught them about blood purity. He passed onto them his supremacist attitude--much to the dismay of their parents. When Zed was sorted into Gryffindor instead of Slytherin, he noticed that granddad became stricter toward him and the bias towards Alistair became more evident. Nonetheless, Zed remained the same; no resent for the old man, just familial love and respect.
    Alistair Blackbourne »
    Alistair Blackbourne Twin Brother
    Ali is one of the closest people that Zed has in his life. It was unfortunate that the two were separated by the sorting hat into separate classes. Regardless of this, the two still remain close--even if one was up in a tower and the other the dungeons; they make it work somehow. Needless to say Zed loves his brother unconditionally and quite honestly, he is greatly influenced by his brother's views. Zed would do anything for his brother, just as long as it doesn't clash with his own values. While Ali is a great influence to him (be it good or bad), Zed is still his own person and has his own opinion on certain matters. Underneath all the brotherly love he has for Ali, however, is a small seed of jealousy that Zed has constantly ignored for years. Zed has always seen himself as the inferior twin, mainly because of how their grandfather had always praised Ali and never him despite the achievements that he gets.
    Melinda Geralds »
    Melinda Geralds Childhood Friend
    asdfghjkl; wip
    Name »
    Message me for relationships :>

    « »
    "The seal patronus is one that shows a playful soul, that seeks excitement in all of it’s ventures. These are not studious individuals, as they are too busy trying to feel as free as they can. They have the ability to light up a room, and they know it, and like to use it to the best of their ability. They are never ones to let their feelings get the best of them, because they are too wrapped up in everything else to care very much about what other people think of them. They would much rather be busy exploring life." (source)

    « »
    As sappy as it may sound, Zed couldn't imagine life without Ali as his brother. Who would he count on to be there? Sure there were his family whom he knows will always be there for him--or at least, he was sure mum and dad would always be there for him; Zed wasn't quite confident that their granddad wouldn't disown him if he did something stupid. Zed fears being completely alone, without Czes, without granddad, without mum and dad, and most specially without Ali. His boggart manifests in the form of his family members, the people he cares most about, leaving him.

    « »
    A wand made of only the finest materials (some even quite rare). This wand was passed down from his mother's family, the Sinclais. It used to belong to his mother's older sister, his aunt, Ophelia
    Sinclair. Ophelia inherited the wand after their father's death (Zed and Ali's grandfather from the Sinclair side) but was never really able to use it and thus decided to give it to her little sister Natasha. Unfortunately, Natasha was had difficulties with using the wand and ultimately decided to stop using it and get herself a different one. With no one left to pass it onto, Natasha kept hold of it. When the twins were born, she hoped that at least one of them would be able to use the wand.

    Initially, she saw Alistair as possibly being able to use the wand. But when Alistair received a wand from Perseus and was able to properly use it, Natasha decided to give the wand to Zed instead. She was afraid the wand wouldn't work in his hands but was pleasantly surprised when it did. While it saddened Zed that he only received the wand because his brother already received one from their grandfather, over time he has learned to appreciate the wand. He eventually found comfort in using the wand.
    Core »

    Wyvern Skin
    ( core )

    "Those who are stubborn, proud, arrogant, short-tempered, strong-willed, fiery, mischievous, quick-witted, conniving and cunning will have this wand core. Having such a wand core suggests that you have a stubborn, volatile energy, unable to yield or to be controlled by most. However, once you have been put in your place (usually through a physical approach), you make for a powerful and loyal friend. In some cases, this core makes for a powerful and superior core to use in wand dueling when compared to other exotic type cores, due to its fiery and stubborn nature. You will defend your friends and family to the bitter end, even to the point where you are willing to sacrifice yourself for the greater good. This core works particularly well in The Dark Arts, but also works well in Potions, Transfiguration, Jinxes, Curses and Duelling Magic. It is a wand core predominantly found among those of House Slytherin, but can sometimes be found among some of those in House Gryffindor and House Ravenclaw."

    Wood »

    ( wood )

    "Wand-quality aspen wood is white and fine-grained, and highly prized by all wand-makers for its stylish resemblance to ivory and its usually outstanding charmwork. The proper owner of the aspen wand is often an accomplished duellist, or destined to be so, for the aspen wand is one of those particularly suited to martial magic. An infamous and secretive eighteenth-century duelling club, which called itself The Silver Spears, was reputed to admit only those who owned aspen wands. In my experience, aspen wand owners are generally strong-minded and determined, more likely than most to be attracted by quests and new orders; this is a wand for revolutionaries."

    Length & Flexibility »

    ( flexibility )

    10 2/3 Inches
    ( Length )

    "A wand with this flexibility may not be too loyal to its owner and may switch loyalties at a moment’s notice. It is particularly good at charms. Owners that are matched with wands of this flexibility may be very sociable and fun-loving with a penchant for some mischief-making."

    « »
    Being Alistair's identical twin, Zed looks a lot like his brother. He shares the same characteristic raven black hair and piercing silver eyes as his brother. Despite being twins, it was fairly easy to tell them apart. While Ali kept his hair long and elegant, Zed kept his hair trimmed to a certain length. They didn't always have different hair styles, however. The twins used to have their hairs the same, which Zed absolutely loved. He found it amusing when people mistook him for his brother and vice versa. Unfortunately, his brother didn't feel the same and wanted to differentiate himself from his brother. When Ali started to grow out his hair, Zed started to as well but was stopped by his brother. After a discussion with Ali, it was decided that Zed keeps his hair shorter than his brother's. Zed normally kept his hair to a length just long enough to cover his ears. However, recently, he's neglected getting his hair trimmed and has let it grow a bit longer than normal.

    Zed stands at approximately the same height as his twin brother who is a 5'10". He isn't very muscular, but he also isn't lanky either; Zed was just average, but leaning a bit more towards the lean side due to being an active person in general. His mischievous side keeps him active either by having him run away to escape trouble, or having him carry heavy things for an elaborate prank. Due to being quite sensitive to the cold weather, Zed would often be seen with a scarf around his neck sporting his house colours of red and gold.
    Image »

    « »
    Blood Purity
    Thanks to granddad, blood purity has become a very big deal for Zed. Much like his brother and grandfather, Zed believes that being pure-blooded is the best and anything else is nothing but garbage; some garbage worse than others (i.e. half-breeds). Zed refuses to associate himself with anything and anyone who isn't a pure-blood. Unfortunately, not everyone includes their blood status in their introductions. While Zed usually asks almost immediately, there are those people whom he doesn't know what to think of simply because he isn't aware of what their blood status is. Zed isn't really good at telling whether or not someone is a pure-blood unless otherwise stated; he's confused muggle-borns for pure-bloods before. His rule: if they have a regal (or arrogant and snobby) air around them, they're probably a pure-blood.
    Next »
    He may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but Zed still manages to perform quite decently regards to his studies. Amongst his subjects, he excels in Charms and DADA, even managing to snag perfect scores during exams. History of Magic is his worst subject. He found it to be boring and unnecessary. Transfiguration is another subject he still has difficulty in, despite being good with spells.
    Next »
    Flying & Quidditch
    Zed excels in flying; it was his best class back in their first year. Although he hated how much colder it was up, he loved the feeling of having his feet off the ground. Unfortunately, the proceeding years didn't have any flying classes, but that didn't stop him from mounting a broom. During the summer vacations when they were at home, Zed and his brother would take their brooms--which were gifts from their granddad--and play quidditch with their father.

    During his second year, he tried out for the Gryffindor quidditch team, and he managed to get in, but unfortunately he didn't last long and was removed due to insubordination. The captain was some half-blood and Zed being himself, often argued with the captain which one day led to him getting kicked out. Despite this, he still watched every match Gryffindor had. He hoped to one day get back in the team. If that did ever happen he swore to try and be more cooperative with the half-bloods and muggleborns.

    Come sixth year, when he found out that the captain was then none other than a fellow pure-blood and childhood friend, Zed saw it as an opportunity to rejoin the team. He immediately grabbed the chance and became Gryffindor keeper. Truthfully, all he had been waiting was for the captain of the team to change. Zed knew that the former captain would hold a grudge against him and make his life a living hell. As much as Zed loved quidditch, he didn't want to fall into an underdog position, especially with the alpha being someone so impure.

    Now in his seventh year, Zed continues with his position as keeper.
    Next »
    Ever since he was young, Zed had always been intrigued by the concept of duelling. He found it interesting. When he learned that Hogwarts had a duelling club, Zed immediately jumped at the opportunity and signed himself up for it. It was one of the few things that Zed greatly excelled at. He believes that duelling was the one thing that he was better at than his brother. Though that belief of his was squashed when Ali became the duelling club captain for Slytherin during their sixth year. Meanwhile, during then, Zed was still only a mere member.

    While Zed is normally a mischievous and reckless person, when it comes to duelling it's a whole different story. Instead of playing offensively, Zed mostly plays defensively. His style is to tire out his opponent by deflecting their shots and occasionally reflecting some of them back. All he needed was patience and stamina. His style hasn't always been as such. Zed used to play rather aggressively and lived up to his reckless side. He never used any defensive shield spells before. His style only changed after the realisation that offence was just not enough, and that realisation came in the form of a bitter defeat at the hands of a muggleborn of all people. Since that defeat, Zed had made it a point to learn when to use defence spells to prevent himself from taking so much damage. It was then that he slowly formulated his current defensive style. Zed gradually transitioned to offensive play, to a balance between the two, and now to defensive play. Needless to say, Zed spent a lot of his spare time practising his spells and still continues to do so.

    He worked hard, and he was rewarded. He's now the captain for the Gryffindor duelling club, which is something he prided himself in.
    Next »
    Former Gryffindor Prefect
    What in Merlin's name where they thinking when they made him prefect during their sixth year, Zed will never know. It certainly came as a shock to him, to his parents, to his brother, and most especially to his grandfather. He's always been aware how he wasn't granddad Percy's favourite grandchild, but when the old man sent Zed a gift to congratulate him, the Gryffindor couldn't help but feel an extreme happiness. For once, the old man had noticed him. This made Zed determined to be a good prefect and even made him want to aim for Head Boy. Needless to say, Zed took his prefect duties rather seriously. Unfortunately, he didn't get to become Head Boy, a rather disappointing outcome for his grandfather; the fact that Ali became head boy for Slytherin just made it worse. While he is happy for his brother, he can't help but feel somewhat jealous, after all, Ali wasn't even a prefect before.

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