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  1. RalewayQuicksandOswaldRoboto; Merienda; Euphoria Script; Fjalla One;
    Welcome to my Playground!

    Hi there! This is where I abuse play with bbcodes for fun. I'm a weird person who uses coding on Iwaku as a stress reliever :'D

    Please do not post on my thread (unless you have my permission to); you can always just create your own test thread. It's free. You wont get in trouble for having your own. Accidentally posting on my thread is fine, I won't chew you out for it or anything (I actually find it kinda funny when someone accidentally posts here cause y'all know what that would likely mean xD)

    Please do credit me if you use my codes. I don't really mind if you use my codes without my permission (though it is preferable if you do ask for my permission first), just please credit me. Coding may be a stress reliever for me, but I still do work hard on my codes and spend quite a bit of time on each of them. Even the simpler ones take at least an hour.

    Not all my works are mobile friendly.
    Some of my older works aren't mobile friendly at all, but majority, if not all, of my recent works are mobile friendly. Someday I'll rework my older ones to make them readable on mobile. I usually put a note at the top of my post saying whether or not it's mobile friendly, but if there's none, it's probably mobile friendly and I was just too lazy to add it in.

    //columns to be changed to accordions

    18 / 12 / 17 - Temporarily locking my test thread to prevent stealing of shop request while user has not yet received / claimed it.

    Finished Works

    Aureole Scriven - CS
    Asher Fay - CSIC1IC2
    Izabella Zielinski - CSIC
    Gareth Himura - CS IC
    Ren Griffin - CSIC
    Fujimoto Nanami - CSIC
    Nikandros Volkov - CS
    Zedekiah Blackbourne - CSIC
    Carina Fang - CS
    Zoe Sinclair - CS
    Han Seo-Hyeon - CS
    Lucas - CS

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  2. I should really really really update this

    DIV Tags & CSS Properties: A Guide to Understanding Them
    * under construction *
    ( I feel like I'm writing a thesis paper )

    See those tables I have down there? Yea. I'm not using an actual table. I'm making them. Out of divs. Why? Cause I don't like using tables.
    todo (for me): change the values; you forgot that auto / inherit / initial / etc. was a thing


    * What is CSS? What is it used for?
    CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet. Basically, it's used to make fancy shit.

    * What are div tags?
    A div tag is basically a customisable container. It starts out plain, like it's not even there, but when you add CSS into the mix then it has the potential to be something bootiful. CSS + div = <3

    * Can I use CSS for every tag on Iwaku?
    No, I don't think you can. As far as I know (and tried), these only work when appended to the glorious div tag.

    * What can I do with these?
    Make fancy cses, posts and whatnot? :'D Here's some examples of what I've made [1] [2] [3].

    Well, I'm not good at teaching, which is why I'm making this instead. Now, whenever someone wants my help with coding, I'll just dump this thread at them :'D I'm just kidding. Not really. If anyone has any questions regarding div codes on Iwaku (just divs, I'm no expert on accordions and tabs just yet) feel free to message me and I'll try to help as much as I can <3


    Iwaku is rather ... fragile? when it comes to codes. I've found that for the code to work properly and not fck everything up, the opening tag (ex: [div]) and the closing tag (ex: [/div]) must be of the same formatting style. For example, if the opening tag is in italics, the closing tag must be in italics as well. If they don't match, there's a tendency for everything to explode and break.

    Personally, to make things easier for me and my soul, I usually just select my tags and remove any formatting done to them using the handy little button on the top left corner of Iwaku's text editor. I recommend that people do the same as well. Save yourselves the heartbreak and frustration of potentially ruining everything.


    This guide assumes that the person reading it already knows how to use a div tag on Iwaku. If you are currently reading this and do not know how, please head on to Iwaku's bbcode list page and familiarise yourself with how to use a div tag before proceeding with this guide.


    * Units
    There are two kinds of units: absolute and relative. Absolute units are, as the name states, absolute--it is fixed. Under no circumstances would they change. Relative on the other hand, changes depending on the device / browser size you are viewing the page containing the element from. Here's an example to illustrate what I mean.

    The purple box below has a width of 500px (pixel) and the green box has a width of 80% (percent). Pixel (px) is an absolute unit, percent (%) is relative.

    If you're on a pc, try resizing your browser size. You'll see that while the green box adjusts, the purple one doesn't.

    Here are some of the commonly used units (or at least, those that I mostly use--and some others):


    1px = 1/96 of 1in

    Makes object occupy __% of the screen.

    Personally, I mainly use it for font sizing.




    Relative to the font-size of the element; w3schools provides a good example of this in action so I'm just going to link it here [link]

    There are other units, but like I said before, these are the ones I commonly use (well, except for the cm mm and in. I don't really use those). If you want to know what the other units are, you may head on over to w3schools. Just keep in mind that not all browsers / browser versions support all of these units. Pick one that is supported by majority of the popular browsers. w3schools included a table on which browser supports which and from which version of the browser onward.

    * Values - WIP
    Not all properties can be set with the same type of value. For example, a the width property cannot contain a value that you would normally use for a color; saying width:red; does not make any sense whatsoever and the browser will agree with me.
    → auto
    → inherit
    → initial
    → length

    * Width & Height; Max & Min
    As the property name implies, width and height allow for you to set the respective width and height of your div.

    Max and min (max-height, min-height, etc.), on the other hand--as their name implies--set's the maximum / minimum height / width that your div can be. This is mostly done such that they adjust to the viewport size that you are on. To show you what I mean, here's an example:

    The purple box you see below has a width of 500px.

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Pellentesque eget dictum nisl. Ut sollicitudin lacus nisl, eu vestibulum velit bibendum vitae. Integer ac risus vitae elit viverra sodales ornare nec risus. Nullam lobortis et lacus id tempus. Ut fermentum consequat mi eget bibendum. Ut vel arcu vel orci auctor luctus. Aliquam malesuada hendrerit risus ac commodo. Maecenas commodo libero sit amet lacus luctus, vel laoreet tortor aliquet. Praesent vel elit id turpis cursus mollis. Curabitur nulla mi, pulvinar eu ligula dictum, laoreet convallis ligula. Suspendisse elementum hendrerit nisi, nec consectetur nisl tincidunt elementum.

    Integer fermentum nibh ac risus ultricies tristique. Vivamus vestibulum egestas tempor. Curabitur efficitur, purus sit amet feugiat egestas, lacus lacus tristique lectus, vitae vulputate justo orci aliquet felis. Suspendisse ligula lectus, tempus eu orci id, mattis volutpat lacus. In malesuada vitae dui eget facilisis. Ut ac luctus ex. Quisque magna metus, malesuada at massa quis, egestas porttitor nunc. Vestibulum tempus rhoncus interdum. Mauris ligula tortor, tincidunt non consequat eget, elementum sollicitudin eros. In hac habitasse platea dictumst. Praesent aliquet egestas lacus non vehicula.

    Try shrinking your browser's width to about 1/4 of your screen's width. do you see what happens? The box adjusts it's width to fit the space. This is what max-width does. It's like telling it to, as much as possible, occupy up to 500 pixels. This is very useful for when you want make sure that what you made looks alright on both the desktop and mobile version.

    Min-width / min-height works in a similar fashion, except it defines the minimum width/height that your container can have. To illustrate, check out the box below. I've set it to have a min-width of 500px.

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Pellentesque eget dictum nisl. Ut sollicitudin lacus nisl, eu vestibulum velit bibendum vitae. Integer ac risus vitae elit viverra sodales ornare nec risus. Nullam lobortis et lacus id tempus. Ut fermentum consequat mi eget bibendum. Ut vel arcu vel orci auctor luctus. Aliquam malesuada hendrerit risus ac commodo. Maecenas commodo libero sit amet lacus luctus, vel laoreet tortor aliquet. Praesent vel elit id turpis cursus mollis. Curabitur nulla mi, pulvinar eu ligula dictum, laoreet convallis ligula. Suspendisse elementum hendrerit nisi, nec consectetur nisl tincidunt elementum.

    Integer fermentum nibh ac risus ultricies tristique. Vivamus vestibulum egestas tempor. Curabitur efficitur, purus sit amet feugiat egestas, lacus lacus tristique lectus, vitae vulputate justo orci aliquet felis. Suspendisse ligula lectus, tempus eu orci id, mattis volutpat lacus. In malesuada vitae dui eget facilisis. Ut ac luctus ex. Quisque magna metus, malesuada at massa quis, egestas porttitor nunc. Vestibulum tempus rhoncus interdum. Mauris ligula tortor, tincidunt non consequat eget, elementum sollicitudin eros. In hac habitasse platea dictumst. Praesent aliquet egestas lacus non vehicula.

    Try shrinking your browser's width again. At some point, you'll begin to see that the box will stop getting smaller and kinda go past the post itself. Here's a screenshot to illustrate what I mean


    Sets the width
    width: <number + unit>;
    width: 300px;

    Sets the height
    height: <number + unit>;
    width: 300px;

    Sets the maximum width the div can have
    max-width: <number + unit>;
    max-width: 300px;

    Sets the maximum height the div can have
    max-height: <number + unit>;
    max-height: 300px;

    Sets the minimum width the div can have
    min-width: <number + unit>;
    min-width: 300px;

    Sets the minimum height the div can have
    min-height: <number + unit>;
    min-height: 300px;

    Before I end this section, there is something else I have to tell you guys about the max-width. With the way Iwaku parses the div tag, it automatically adds in a max-width:100%; and a position:relative!important; I'll explain more on positioning in a later section. This means that no matter what you do if you go [div=max-width:100px;], it will not work due to the max-width:100%; that's also there. Don't fret, there is a way to override that max-width of 100% with our own defined max-width (if it weren't possible, then how would I have created that example above). To do this, we're going to have to use !important which I will explain more about in the next section.

    * I am !important
    The use of !important is something that's not recommended among the dev community due to a lot of reasons, but but BUT! We're not exactly devs here--well, I am, but we're not exactly developing a website or something; we're simply making our posts fancy.

    Anyway, !important is used to make a defined css property be unchangeable. In the case wherein you define a div to have... let's say, width:300px; If you add !important to it like so: width:300px!important; even if you add in a width of:400px later on, the width of 300px will be the one applied rather than the width of 400px. !important is essentially for overriding.

    You may be wondering, why in God's name would I set two different values for the same property? And my answer to that is, you wont--doing that would be silly. Why am I explaining this then? It's cause of the max-width and positiong. As I've mentioned previously, here on iwaku, any div you made automatically has a max-width:100%; and a positioning:relative !important; Don't ask me why, that's just how it parses the div bbcode. As you can see, the max-width doesn't have the !important so you can still change that to whatever you want by defining your own max-width and appending !important to it. As you can see as well, the positioning has a !important attached to it. This means that no matter what you do, you cannot alter it.


    Signals importance / priority
    Append at the end of property (before the semi-colon) to be given priority
    max-width:100px !important;

    * Margins, borders, and paddings; what's the difference?
    Imagine a square. This square is going to be your div container.

    Now, imagine the square having a black solid outline. That outline is what is known as the border. The border is basically the edges of the square. Margin is the space outside the square; not the entire area of course. It's the gap between the border and the rest of the elements inside the div. Padding is similar to the margin, except it's found inside the div. The space between the border and the rest of the elements inside the div.

    You know what, I think it'd be better if I show you guys an illustration.


    The blue box in the middle is your div container (please ignore the number inside it for now, I screenshotted this from the box-model representation of this page I'm on). The rest are labelled as they are; dark grey is the border area, yellow is the margin area and purple is the padding area. As you can see from the numbers, there's no margin and border for container, but there is a padding of 39 for the top of it.
    Note on padding: It should be noted that adding a padding will not lessen the size of your container. For example, if your div container has a size of 500px x 300px, the space you have inside will remain the same, however, your overall div will grow. This is pretty confusing so here's an example of what I mean:


    As you can see from the box model, the red rectangle has a width of 500, a height of 300, and a padding of 3 on all sides. However, when you hover an inspection tool over the red rectangle ...


    It says that the red box has a dimension of 506 in width and 306 in height. This is because of the padding. Since there is a padding of three on all sides, both the width and the height of the element is affected. The width is computed as such: displayed width = defined box width + right padding + left padding; and the height is computed in a similar fashion: displayed height = defined box height + top padding + bottom padding.

    You may be wondering why I'm going through such lengths to explain this. That's because sometimes you want to be precise about things, and knowing this would help with achieving this precision.

    * Using shorthand - Margin & Padding
    It's possible to set different margins / paddings for all the sides in one go--sorry guys, you can't really do this with borders. This allows lesser code and makes shit easier for all of us. It's called shorthand. There are four cases when it comes to margin and padding: one value, two values, three values and four values.

    In the case of one value (e.g. padding: 20px; margin: 20px;), it'll set the margin/padding for all sides of the box.

    If it's two values, it'll set the padding for the top / bottom and right / left accordingly; first value is will be the margin / padding for the top and bottom, and the second will be the value for the right and left. For example, when we say "padding: 20px 30px;" we are essentially setting the box to have a top padding of 20px, a right padding of 30px, a bottom padding of 20px and left padding of 30px.

    For three values, it'll set the padding for the top, right / left and bottom accordingly; first value will be for the top, second value for the right and left and the third value for the bottom. With that said, having "padding: 30px 20px 10px;" will result into a top padding of 30px, a right padding of 20px, a bottom padding of 10px, and a left padding of 20px.

    Lastly, in the case of four values, the padding will a clockwise fashion. This means the first value is for the top, the second value is for the right, the third value is for the bottom, and the last value is for the left. I believe you get it by now, but just in case here's an example: "padding: 5px 3px 4px 6px;" will result in a padding of 5px for the top, 3px for the right, 4px for the bottom and 6px for the left.

    If you ever find yourself confused with which value is which in the shorthand, just remember that it's set clockwise.




    // Note: T = top; R = right; B = bottom; L = left


    Sets the padding for all sides in one go
    padding: <value + unit>;
    padding: 20px;

    Sets individual padding for top, right/left, and bottom in one go
    padding: <value for T + unit> <value for R&L + unit> <value for R;
    padding: 20px 10px;

    Sets individual padding for top/bottom and right/left in one go
    padding: <value for T&B + unit> <value for R&L + unit>;
    padding: 20px 10px;

    Sets individual padding for the sides in one go
    padding: <value for T + unit> <value for R + unit> <value for B + unit> <value for L + unit>;
    padding: 20px 15px 10px 5px;

    Sets padding for the top only
    padding-top: <value + unit>;
    padding-top: 20px;

    Sets padding for the right only
    padding-right: <value + unit>;
    padding-right: 20px;

    Sets padding for the bottom only
    padding-bottom: <value + unit>;
    padding-bottom: 20px;

    Sets padding for the left only
    padding-left: <value + unit>;
    padding-left: 20px;

    Sets the margin for all sides in one go
    margin: <value + unit>;
    margin: 20px;

    Sets individual margin for top, right/left, and bottom in one go
    margin: <value for T + unit> <value for R&L + unit> <value for R;
    margin: 20px 10px;

    Sets individual margin for top/bottom and right/left in one go
    margin: <value for T&B + unit> <value for R&L + unit>;
    margin: 20px 10px;

    Sets individual margin for the sides in one go
    margin: <value for T + unit> <value for R + unit> <value for B + unit> <value for L + unit>;
    margin: 20px 15px 10px 5px;

    Sets margin for the top only
    margin-top: <value + unit>;
    margin-top: 20px;

    Sets margin for the right only
    margin-right: <value + unit>;
    margin-right: 20px;

    Sets margin for the bottom only
    margin-bottom: <value + unit>;
    margin-bottom: 20px;

    Sets margin for the left only
    margin-left: <value + unit>;
    margin-left: 20px;

    * More on borders
    → thickness? I forgot the exact property
    → style: solid, dotted, groove? I can't remember rn
    → colour

    → shorthand for borders
    → radius
    //this is gonna be a lot

    * Setting the background
    → colour
    → image
    → repeat


    * Fonts: size, colour and family
    → size
    → colour
    → family

    * More on text
    → letter-spacing
    → word-wrap
    → font-variant

    * Making it scrollable: the overflow property
    → overflow
    → overflow-x
    → overflow-y

    font-family - sets font family
         usage: font-family: fontName;
         ex: font-family: Century Gothic;

    font-size - sets font size; em and px both work
         usage: font-size: number px/%;
         ex: font-size: 12px;
             font-size: 2em;

    background - sets background colour / image (use url)
         usage: background: colourName/colourHexCode/url
         ex: background: red;
             background: url(something.png);
             background: #000000;

    border - bounding edge of the box
         usage: border: size/thickness style colourName/colourHexCode
         ex: border: 1px solid black;
             border: 1px solid;
             border: 1px;
         styles: solid, dashed, dotted, double, groove, ridge, inset, outset

    border-right / border-left / border-top / border-bottom - side specific border
         usage: //same as border

    border-radius - how rounded the border's corner should be
         usage: border-radius: number px;
         ex: border-radius: 10px;

    * Altering the opacity


    → Layouting : Columns, rows, etc.
    //explain wth that and why it makes things easier
    //Mention the golden rule: never layout using tables
    //explain why it is bad practice
    //mention that unfortunately Iwaku doesn't have rows columns thing
    //but, there's still a way to layout without having to resort to using tables: divs

    → Layers : How to make things overlap
    → Masking : TBA (I'm not really sure if it's possible here) //update: possible, but it's very finicky + I learned that it's not compatible with all browsers *cough*firefox*cough*
    → Positioning : Getting shit in the exact place you want them to be


    → Inspect Element
    → Using calc() ?? Maybe. Idk yet.

    wip. maybe. idk.
    → Using unicode characters / symbols

    → Commenting
    I don't know about you guys, but sometimes (a lot of times) when I'm coding I go, "What if I remove this properly? Would that be better?" and so I proceed to remove it to find out and then continue on working. Then later on, I find that it was better when that property was there, but now it's such a pain to retype it. Sometimes I've completely forgotten what value I placed on the property and have to make an educated guess and go back to trial and error. Maybe I'm just a lazy butt, but I find that to be so tedious. Thankfully, I discovered that you can actually comment out certain properties. Simply surround the property in /* and */ and viola! The next time you run the code, it'll act as if the property wasn't there. Like I mentioned before, this can be very usefull when you're simply testing out what properly will make your work look good.

    Please please pleaseee for the love of all that is good, please do not forget that not everyone is on the same screen resolution as you. Try to keep in mind the mobile users and how your code would look on their end. As much as possible, it is ideal that at the very least, the content of your post is readable on mobile. Even if it doesn't look as good as it does on desktop, the important part is that people can read it. ALSO, please don't forget about the bigger screens as well. My laptop's screen resolution is higher than most? I'm not sure what the norm is these days tbh, but it certainly feels like mine isn't the norm. I've seen a lot of posts here on Iwaku that I'm certain would look great on a slightly smaller screen, but unfortunately looks weird on screens such as mine. Like, there'd be a lot of white space that I feel isn't intentional (I know cause when I resize my browser width by just a bit it looks good).

    tl;dr: Take into consideration ho your code would look like across different screen sizes.


    * Unicode symbols:
    * Lorem ipsum generator:
    * For your fancy text banner needs:
    * Online photo editors (with layers): sumopaint , pixlr

    //verdict: sumopaint runs slower for me (cause I'm on a shitty desktop whenever I use it) but I feel like I can do more with it. It's closer to what I'm used to which is photoshop. pixlr on the other hand, runs smoother for me in comparison to sumopaint, but I find myself scratching my head on how to do this and that since it's quite different than what I normally use. They're both good get the job done tho. Both of them get fonts that are installed in your system which is pretty nice. Here's a sample of what I've made on sumopaint and on pixlr. They're both pretty simple. For the second one I had to change the eye colour and hair colour a bit to match my character. I'll make a pro con table for the two later on (if and when I feel like doing so).

    * Browser : Firefox Developer Edition & Chrome
    It depends on what pc I'm on. When I'm on my laptop or using a pc at school, I use Google chrome. When I'm on the desktop in my mom's office, I use Firefox's developer edition because direct downloads on chrome causes a bsod (blue screen of death)--IDK why, probably going to reformat this thing one day after my mum backs up all their files onto a cloud service or something. Oh wait. There's another one. There's this one labat our school where I use regular firefox (cause of proxies that can't be set on chrome cause admin privileges needed and all that shizz). But anyway, as for which of the two I really prefer I would have to say--well, old me would've said chrome without a doubt, but I'm now that I've been using Firefox dev for a while now I'm in conflict between the two. So yeah, I like chrome cause it's... chrome; it's what I've grown used to. I like Firefox dev cause of the tools I have at my disposal when I press F12. My favourite is the built in colour picker that allows me to pick off a colour out of any pixel on the page I'm viewing. I feel like chrome has something like that as well, but I'm too lazy to find out how to make it available for use... or something like that. Words. Help. Blargh.

    * Photo Editing Software : Photoshop CS6 & Sumopaint
    I use sumopaint when I'm being a lazy butt to open photoshop. PS eats up quite a lot of memory when running, and the desktop in my mom's office isn't that powerful so it has the tendency to lag when photoshop is open (there's a certain zoom level where it lags like crazy). Photoshop is what I'm accustomed to. I prefer using either CS6 or CS4, I do not like CS5 for some reason, even back when it was new. In fact, I believe I preferred CS3 over CS5 :'D Sumopaint is an online tool, it's a bit similar to photoshop. It's not as powerful, of course, but it has layers and really that's super duper helpful.

    * Iwaku Theme : Thunder Grey Dusk
    Ever since I first joined Iwaku, I've always liked Thunder grey the most. I find it to be just the right level of dark. The only thing that made me steer clear of it at first was this [​IMG]. I didn't like how it was grey as well so I switched to the dark / black theme. But now I'm back on the dark grey theme and I've learned to live with it. My codes cater to all themes though, I don't discriminate :'D pfft. But seriously though, I make stuff that can be viewed and read through properly on all themes available on the site. If you ever see one of my works which isn't friendly on a certain theme, please let me know--I'm only human, I make mistakes as well. c:

    edit: Post Iwaku update that added the 'ad styler', Dusk is now my choice of theme. It's the closest to what Thunder Grey was--actually, I can't tell if they're actually the same just with a different name. //shrug.
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  3. i am not in a writing mood rn. wip. I have too many wips


    This is an extension of the guide above and covers the use of divs in other Iwaku bbcodes such as accordions, tabs, stabs, and sliders. Like above, preliminary knowledge of how to use the basic codes are required. Please familiarise yourself with how to use iwaku's bbcodes here before proceeding.

    margin: -10px; padding: 10px;

    A commonality between accordions, stabs and sliders is that they make use of the slave tags {slide}. This allows us to actually insert code in the tags itself. I suck at explaining things, so here's an example of what I mean.


    This means that we can use the div tags and manipulate things around a bit more.

    With the help of div tags, we can alter how blah blah blah

    margin: -7px; padding:7px;

    (warning: complex shit ahead. If you don't have the patience, then I suggest clicking away. You might get a headache if you proceed)
    Alright, so the warning made it sound bad, but it's not really that hard.

    button z-index 30
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    [div=max-width:<desired width> !important; overflow:hidden; height:<desired height>;][div=margin:-29px -77px 0 -77px; max-width:<desired width + 144px> !important;][slider=<desired width + 144>x<desired height + 50>]
    {slide}[div=width:<desired width>; height:<desired width> background:purple; overflow-y:auto; box-sizing:border-box; padding:10px; overflow-y:auto;]Slide 1
    {slide}[div=<desired width>; height:<desired width> background:red; box-sizing:border-box; overflow-y:auto; padding:10px;]Slide 2[/div]{/slide}

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  5. Code shop requests
    This is where I'll be working on those requests I get from my code shop.

    Currently working on: None

    Requested colours: silver, blue, black, grey, white
    Requested font style: none





    Rise of the
    Fallen Empire

    The power of Europe is divided between two great empires. To the south, encompassing parts of Africa and up through Italy and France is the Atlantean Empire. A land ruled from the island kingdom of Atlantis, this power has outlasted all those who wished to overthrow it. In the cold north from Greenland and Iceland down through England, Scotland and Ireland, is the vast Brittania Empire. This power came into control late, uniting the cultures of the Norsemen and the Celts. Slowly, both Empires have set their sights on the independent countries between them.

    During the reign of the dower Empress Victoria, it happened. Atlantis sank beneath the waves. No one knows what really happened. Rumor has it, a civil war between the king and his brother and the resulting conflict caused a secret weapon to explode and sink the island. The sudden vacuum has caused turmoil in the lands as Brittania and the various small countries try to swallow up the lands of Atlantis, and the loyal people of Atlantis wait for the day their kingdom will rise again.

    There were a few survivors of the sinking. Among them were the infant prince and princess. Whisked away to the Americas, which is torn between the sudden loss of Atlantis. The northern coast is loyal to Brittania, and the southern coast is loyal to Atlantis. The prince was saved by people loyal to Atlantis and brought to the south of the Americas and raised him with the knowledge that he will someday travel to Atlantis, raise it from the waves and retake control. Without knowing his twin sister is still alive, they raise him on stories of how cruelly his family was killed.

    The little princess is adopted by a family loyal to Brittania and raised in the north of the Americas. Without the knowledge of what she really is, her only clue is a ring that her family has tried hard to keep from her. Like her twin brother, she has the power to raise Altlantis.

    Twenty years after the fall of Atlantis and the lands are still in on the brink of war. The few surviving nobility of Atlantis sank their claws into the surrounding land, unwilling to let it go. Brittania has slowly taken control while the various country-states have as well. Each year, Atlantis shrinks as their military forces dwindle. Their only hope lies in the twins and should one of them raise Atlantis.

    And so, the race begins. Which royal member will reach Atlantis first? What will they do once they raise Atlantis from the waves? Are they strong enough to hold on to Atlantis once it's raised, or will another steal that glory? The other powers involved want to control the destiny of Atlantis, be it raised up and steal the power, or destroy those with the power to raise it.

    So, who are you? Are you a loyal Atlantean who wishes to see your chosen royalty on the throne? Are you a spy from Brittania who wishes to steal the power of Atlantis for your empress, or yourself? Are you from one of the smaller countries that lie between Atlantis and Brittania, and need that power to finally wrestle yourself from the cloud of oppression that threatens from both north and south? Or are you acting on your own, and want to just steal that power for yourself?

    Rise of the
    Fallen Empire

    Princess of Atlantis ~ Claimed
    Prince of Atlantis ~ Open

    Rise of the
    Fallen Empire

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec tempus ligula sit amet scelerisque pharetra. Etiam porttitor, odio at vehicula suscipit, ligula dui efficitur eros, sed feugiat ipsum enim et nisl. Nunc ultrices lectus metus, id viverra lectus mollis a. Nullam nulla felis, bibendum id viverra non, viverra quis sapien. Ut urna elit, maximus at auctor ut, sagittis sit amet nisi. Sed eu risus vitae massa lobortis viverra. Nunc at tortor nisl. Suspendisse accumsan sodales tristique. Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas.

    Vestibulum efficitur vel dolor a euismod. Donec lobortis sit amet enim eget congue. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aliquam ultricies orci in purus efficitur, eget maximus lacus sollicitudin. Nulla ut mi et odio feugiat tristique ut vel felis. Maecenas eros metus, blandit ut metus in, semper pretium neque. Maecenas ac orci at eros mollis tincidunt vel vel purus. Class aptent taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per conubia nostra, per inceptos himenaeos. Nulla sollicitudin condimentum sapien, a ultricies diam finibus at. Mauris sed sollicitudin nisi, eu dictum libero. Suspendisse purus quam, porta eu imperdiet id, venenatis tempus mi. Ut luctus, erat sed egestas pretium, nisl lacus placerat arcu, sed sagittis nulla nisl id leo. Sed ex dolor, tincidunt malesuada lacus et, tincidunt elementum ante. Suspendisse potenti. Nullam rutrum imperdiet porta.

    Morbi porttitor gravida laoreet. Nam eget sagittis nisl. Ut tempus tempor enim, ut vehicula sapien pulvinar eget. Curabitur ex nisi, sagittis at ultrices nec, tincidunt ut lectus. Vestibulum laoreet sem vitae tellus venenatis, sed consequat orci suscipit. Proin euismod purus id nulla fermentum, nec gravida arcu commodo. Cras imperdiet quis libero quis convallis. Integer finibus massa a tortor dignissim accumsan. Phasellus venenatis turpis sed commodo scelerisque. Morbi mattis quam at dolor auctor tempus.

    Rise of the
    Fallen Empire

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec tempus ligula sit amet scelerisque pharetra. Etiam porttitor, odio at vehicula suscipit, ligula dui efficitur eros, sed feugiat ipsum enim et nisl. Nunc ultrices lectus metus, id viverra lectus mollis a. Nullam nulla felis, bibendum id viverra non, viverra quis sapien. Ut urna elit, maximus at auctor ut, sagittis sit amet nisi. Sed eu risus vitae massa lobortis viverra. Nunc at tortor nisl. Suspendisse accumsan sodales tristique. Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas.

    Vestibulum efficitur vel dolor a euismod. Donec lobortis sit amet enim eget congue. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aliquam ultricies orci in purus efficitur, eget maximus lacus sollicitudin. Nulla ut mi et odio feugiat tristique ut vel felis. Maecenas eros metus, blandit ut metus in, semper pretium neque. Maecenas ac orci at eros mollis tincidunt vel vel purus. Class aptent taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per conubia nostra, per inceptos himenaeos. Nulla sollicitudin condimentum sapien, a ultricies diam finibus at. Mauris sed sollicitudin nisi, eu dictum libero. Suspendisse purus quam, porta eu imperdiet id, venenatis tempus mi. Ut luctus, erat sed egestas pretium, nisl lacus placerat arcu, sed sagittis nulla nisl id leo. Sed ex dolor, tincidunt malesuada lacus et, tincidunt elementum ante. Suspendisse potenti. Nullam rutrum imperdiet porta.

    Morbi porttitor gravida laoreet. Nam eget sagittis nisl. Ut tempus tempor enim, ut vehicula sapien pulvinar eget. Curabitur ex nisi, sagittis at ultrices nec, tincidunt ut lectus. Vestibulum laoreet sem vitae tellus venenatis, sed consequat orci suscipit. Proin euismod purus id nulla fermentum, nec gravida arcu commodo. Cras imperdiet quis libero quis convallis. Integer finibus massa a tortor dignissim accumsan. Phasellus venenatis turpis sed commodo scelerisque. Morbi mattis quam at dolor auctor tempus.

    Journey - Atlantis the Lost Empire

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  6. Hide dis shit

    [BCOLOR=transparent][/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent][/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] :[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] B[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]A[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]SICS[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Name[/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=transparent]Nicholas Aulis Vanhanen[/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=transparent] [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent] Nic[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Age[/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=transparent]19 years old[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Gender[/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=transparent]Male[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]Sexuality[/BCOLOR] [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]Heterosexual[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]Face Claim Johnny Allen[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]Colour #3d83a6[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent][/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent][/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=transparent]:[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] PERSON[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]A[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]LITY[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Nic is a very[/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=transparent]honest[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] person. The chances of him lying straight to your face is practically close to zero. Needless to say, he hates liars. There's nothing he loathes more than a person blatantly lying to his face. Those kinds of people are automatically placed into his 'list of people to avoid'. He is also rather [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]loyal[/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=transparent]and will stick by your side no matter what happens--unless of course, you did something unforgivable such as betraying him. If there's anything Nic hates more than a liar, it's a traitor.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Apart from that, Nic is also a rather[/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=transparent]silent[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] person. People always comment on how his silence was deafening. They would do their best to try and engage him in small talk, but most of the time, their efforts are in vain. Nic simply doesn't like speaking when he finds that it isn't necessary; he does like silence after all. This also shows just how [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]tolerant[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] and [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]patient[/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=transparent]Nicholas is. If he weren't, Nicholas would probably have flipped off a bunch of people and would've made a ton more enemies, as well as, have a lot more people who hate him by now. This doesn't necessarily mean that he hates the company of others. While he does prefer solitude, he doesn't mind having people around him. When people are conversing with him, he doesn't tune them out; he listens to them and provides input when necessary.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]He is a rather[/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=transparent]passive[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] person. Unless there was a need for him to act, Nic will not do anything. This is another trait of his that a lot of people greatly dislike about him. Nic was never the type of person who would volunteer to do stuff, he was the type to stand in the sidelines and watch other people do it. One would have to tell him what to do before he starts acting or helping around--which is ironic since his second name, Aulis, means "willing" or "helpful" in Finnish. Yet, despite this, if he finds that the action would benefit him in the end, Nic will act without having to be told to do so. These moments are unfortunately rare though. Unfortunately as well, because of this, some people have come to see Nic as a selfish person.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent][/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent][/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=transparent]:[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] BIOGR[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]A[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]PHY[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]When Nic was only five years old, his father left him and his mother for another woman. Despite this, his mother didn't hate his father, in fact she respected him for having enough courage to follow his heart. Her mother's reasoning has taught Nic not to hold a grudge against his father for leaving. Besides, he sent them financial help every now and then so he didn't completely abandon them. Of course, back then, he was too young to understand this; but his mother wasn't and she was grateful to her husband. Nic was an only child and with the money that his father sent them every now and then, plus the fact that his mother had been working even before his father left, they had no trouble financially. Nic was happy and content with what he had.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]One evening however, the peace in their small household vanished. Nicholas was around nine years old when a psychopath managed to sneak his way into their house and killed his mother. He knew he was about to die as well, but the police arrived just in time and managed to save him. As soon as he was rescued though he fainted. The next thing he knew he was at a hospital with no recollection of what happened during the traumatic experience. However, the memories of that evening weren't the only ones that vanished from his memory. Those of the past years vanished as well. After hearing the unfortunate news, his father took him in to live with his new family.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]It was hard at first, having to adjust not knowing anything or anyone. He didn't recognise his father at first. The first week, Nic was fidgety and jumpy. He didn't trust anyone. Why should he? They were all strangers to him after all. After the first week however, a memory managed to return to Nic. It was a memory with his father. Having recalled who he was, the mask of the stranger was lifted and slowly Nic began to open up to his father as well as his new family.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]It's been ten years since then. Nic has managed to recover whatever memory he had with his father, but surprisingly none of his mother--his birth mother. He is blissfully unaware that the woman he considers to be his mother is in fact, not his birth mother. His father never told him. He'd been waiting for the right time; he'd been waiting for Nic to remember something--anything--about his real mother, but none came forth. Eventually, he decided it was best to keep it a secret. There was a reason why Nic locked up the memories of his birth mother. His father was afraid that opening 'Pandora's box' would cause his son grief and thus, avoided telling him.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]The past ten years have been pretty uneventful for Nic. He got along well enough with his mother and younger sister.While it sometimes bother him how there are holes in his memory, Nic tries not to think about it too much. Years have passed since. He knew it was best to move forward than to dwell on the past. Besides, as a student of Princeton, there were other things that demanded his attention.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent][/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent][/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] :[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] APPE[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]A[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]RANCE[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Height[/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=transparent]5'8"[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Weight[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] 130 lbs[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Eye Color[/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=transparent]Blue-grey[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Hair Color[/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=transparent]Dark brown[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Nic's hair is of a dark shade of brown, the type of shade that can easily be mistaken for black under low lighting. He keeps his hair long out of preference, but not too long though. There's only a certain length up to which he allows for his hair to grow, once it surpasses that point, he immediately takes a visit to the local barber shop to have the excess chopped off. Nic didn't always keep his hair long though. Back when he was younger, he kept it short just like most people did. At one point, his sister remarked that he should try growing his hair out; she thinks that it'll suit him. So he did. Nic ended up liking it and thus continued to keep it at such length.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Build[/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=transparent]Ectomorph; he is a skinny person with barely any fat on him. This is all thanks to his naturally fast metabolism. Nic's metabolism has always been a point of envy for his sister, but to Nic it was more of a curse. People would always ask him if he was sick, meanwhile relatives would often comment that he's gotten thinner from the last time they've seen him. Quite frankly, Nic is sick of hearing it and has been trying in vain to put weight on himself through eating. At some point, he realised that it wasn't working at all and stopped stuffing himself with more than he can handle.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Style[/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=transparent]Nic is a simple guy and this reflects well in his clothing style. He isn't one to dress up fancily and often throws on the first thing he sees in his closet, which is mostly filled with t-shirts. He prefers jeans over shorts but he does own a couple of the latter and throws them on whenever he happens to grab them out of his closet. Majority of his clothes are of dark shades, a personal preference of his. He does own a couple of pastel shirts though, all of which are gifts from his beloved sister; he's fairly certain she gave them to him just to annoy him.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent][/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]: MISCEL[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]L[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]A[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]NEOUS[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Likes[/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=transparent]Silence, Animals (specifically dogs), Writing, Reading, Books, Coffee[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Dislikes[/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=transparent]Noise, Loud and boisterous people, Being called 'Nicole', Strawberries, Religious figures / statues, Beaches, Sports[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]* Solitude[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] - Despite liking silence a lot, Nicholas fears being alone. It is why he tolerates the people around him despite them clashing with what he is and are actually what he greatly dislikes.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]* Death[/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=transparent]- Much like most people, Nicholas is afraid of death. However, the reason for this is connected to his fear of solitude. Nicholas does not know whether or not there is an afterlife, and if there was, he was afraid of being alone then.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Home[/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=transparent]Nic lives with his parents in a simple modern abode. He and his sister have their own rooms at the expense of the guest room. Thus, whenever a relative of their decides to stay overnight, Aila would be evacuated to Nic's room. The siblings don't mind sharing the room though despite what Aila would say. Nic likes to keep his room tidy.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]* [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Nic is 1/2 Finnish, 1/4 French, and 1/4 English. His Finnish blood comes from his father (thus, the Finnish name), and his French blood comes from his birth mother who was half French. However, this doesn't mean that he automatically knows the respective languages. Nic isn't bilingual; he can only speak English--though he does know a few Finnish swear words, courtesy of his father's occasional 'slip of a tongue.'[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]* [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]His sister sometimes call him Nicole to annoy him. She simply loves to annoy her older half-sibling.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent][/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] [/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=transparent]: REL[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]A[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]TIONSHIPS[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Clara Fontaine ([/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=transparent]Birth mother[/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=transparent])[/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=transparent]Nic has forgotten all about her after the incident. Prior to it, however, they were extremely close. Nic loved his mother a lot and vice versa. Clara never viewed her son as a constant reminder of the man who left her for another woman, but instead she saw nothing but her precious little child. She would do anything and would willingly give out her life for the boy--which, she actually did. The night that she died, she tried her best to protect her little boy. A voice in the back Nic's mind is nagging him.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Erik Vanhanen ( [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Father[/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=transparent])[/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=transparent]Prior to him leaving when Nic was five, he and his son didn't have as close a relationship as Nic had with his mother. He would take his son out every now and then, but other than that, there was not much to remember. During the four years before the incident, Nic and his father had exchanged emails and met up a couple of times. Erik has made it a point that despite leaving to be with a woman he loved, Erik had no wish nor will to cut off his own son from his life. Like before, he would take Nic out when he can. He tried to be as much as a father he could be for his son. After the incident which resulted in Nic's memory loss, Erik took his son under his custody. It was only right for him to do so, plus, he wanted to help his son--he was his flesh and blood after all. Over time, the father and son grew closer to each other. Erik became protective of his boy and chose not to reveal anything about his birth mother believing that Nic's memories of her are locked for a reason.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Julia Vanhanen ( [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Mother[/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=transparent]) [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]After the incident, Nic grew up knowing no other mother other than Julia. She did her best to care for him, treat him as if he were her own son. But there's a certain hesitation that she feels in the knowledge that Nic wasn't her son--that he was the first woman's son. Nic could feel this hesitation and has always felt confused by it. He never asked though and Julia never explained. She felt that it wasn't her place to be the one to tell him that she was not his real mother. Julia constantly Erik to tell Nic the truth about his mother--of course, Nic has no knowledge of this.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Jennifer Aila Vanhanen ( [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Younger Sister[/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=transparent])[/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=transparent]Despite all their teasing (mainly from Aila), Nic and his sister get along swimmingly well. Nic was the older the brother yet Aila is just about as tall as him and acts like the older sibling. While Nic isn't aware that they were only half siblings, Aila was fully aware of the fact that Nic was his half-brother but didn't let that knowledge affect how she views him. To her she's her brother and to Nic she was her annoyingly loving sister.[/BCOLOR]
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    Curr CS: Kassandra Claire Castilo | RP: Hoggy
    errthing is a wip

    colours : #c29878 #744835 #896f5f
    new palette 1 : (browns) #ba7242 #a24921 #6f2d17 ; (blues) #1d3446 #345a6f
    new palette 2 : #f4f3f1 #d4a675 #eac398 #64a295 #458283

    used : (bg main) #345a6f ; (bg side) #744835 ; (text) #c29878 ; (accent) #1d3446 #d78f67


    16 years old
    Date of Birth
    May 16

    Filipino (Tagalog)

    Blood Status



    Ever since she could remember, Kass has always asked a lot of questions and demanded a lot of answers. Back when she still lived with her birth parents, she would often ask them silly little questions that suddenly popped into her head such as 'Why am I brown?', 'What does this do?', 'Why is the sky blue?' She's always had a seemingly unquenchable thrist for knowledge. Kass simply loves to learn new things. She's always an eager beaver when it comes to new knowledge she can aquire.

    Her curiosity was heightened when she was given a proper introduction to the wizarding world. Kassandra never stopped bothering her aunt and uncle with all sorts of questions about magic. She was never the garrulous type, but when it came to seeking answers, it was like she would never stop.

    Extremely Competitive
    Apart from books and sweets (and of course her family and friends) there's something else that Kass loves, and that is a good competition. Kass rarely backs down from any challenge presented to her, but only when it's about academics and whatnot. She loved a good puzzle and would pour hours and hours in trying to solve one that is presented to her. Physical challenges, on the other hand, were a whole different matter. Kass doesn't losingand will do everything she could to win, however, she draws the line at cheating. If there's anything that Kass absolutely hates, it's a cheater.

    Competitive she may be, she isn't a sore loser. Kass is a very humble person, never boasting around what she has and most certainly never make a fuss about losing. She knows that there'll always be others better than her. Just as much as she hates a cheater, she also hates a sore loser. A loss will hurt her, but she will never badmouth or blame anyone apart from herself for her loss. Losing motivates her to work harder and hopefully do better the next time around.

    Indecisiveness is something that Kass possesses but many does not seem to be aware of. Only those who're constantly around her with would likely notice and know about this. Decision making has always been a difficult task for Kass. For others, the choice may be as clear as day, but for Kass it never is. It puts her mind in turmoil and makes her feel anxious, specially when it's regarding something important. Even simple decisions such as deciding what to eat, pancakes or waffles, takes her quite some time before she could makes a final decision.

    Despite this, however, she somehow manages to look calm and composed--as if everything was alright in her when it really isn't. When asked to make an important decision , Kass would often say 'Let me get back to you in a while', fluidly and with a smile. Never does she give the impression that she was having a hard time making a decision. Her outward calmness has made her look like "a mature person who doesn't let pressure affect her and calmly weighs her options"--that's what she's been told so. She suspects this to be one of the reasons why she was chosen to be a prefect and now Head Girl for Ravenclaaw. If only they knew what was really going on inside her mind.


    Kassandra was never a confident person.


    By the Book ?
    Kass isn't the creative type. She doesn't think outside the box too often. She does things by the book. While it helps her excel in academics, it makes her quite weak against things she knows nothing about--such as social drama and the likes. She lived a fairly pampered life after leaving her birth country. When she gets into a situation where no book can help her, Kass tends to panic. Whatever calmness she can project despite her indecisiveness immediately dissipates.







    A bird that is quite commonly found almost everywhere in the Philippines. The origin of the animal, or at least where it is found most common, shows that some of Kass' fondest and happiest memories was those of when she was still in her birth country. These are mainly memories of her playing with DJ and Rachel - both of which she misses dearly; and the loving care she received from her mother, despite the latter's attempt on her life. Kass never knew why, but she was also quite fond of the small creature back when she was still residing in the Philippines despite it being common. Just like the animal it mimicked, Kass's patronus is also quite small.


    Fear • Schizophrenia
    Knowing that she was born from a mother with the condition, Kassandra has often wondered if she'd contract the illness one day. She would read up about schizophrenia during her free time to find out more about the illness. During her studies, she finds out that the disease is possibly genetic. The thought of becoming like her mother both scares her at the same time it makes her curious. Apart from whether or not she'll one day become schizophrenic herself, she also wondered what went on in the minds of schizophrenics; what was it that they saw in their delusions. What if schizophrenics weren't even really delusional? What if they were the ones who saw the truth that everyone else failed to see? Such questions circulated the mind of the young girl. However, her fear of it greatly overweights her curiosity. For once Kass wouldn't do everything in her power to find out the answer to her question. Every night, she prays dearly to the Lord that she doesn't become schizophrenic.

    Manifestation • Her Schizophrenic Self
    Her fear manifests itself in the form of well... herself. However, it isn't exactly her but rather a schizophrenic version of herself. As a schizophrenic person, Kassandra imagines herself to look exactly how her mother Katherine looked like the night she made an attempt on Kassandra's life; crazed wide eyes, a creepy loopy grin on her face, and lastly a sharp knife in hand. The image of her mother in such a state was something she could never forget. It made her wonder why her fear didn't manifest in the form of her mother, but she figured that it may have been because she wasn't truly afraid of her, but rather it was her condition that she feared.


    Kass used to have a pet, a fennec fox named Nina. She got it upon Ashley's suggestion that she bring one along with her to Hogwarts so that she wont feel lonely. However, after her first year she learned just how much of a chore it was to have a pet. It took time to feed them, to bathe them, to make sure they stay out of trouble; time which she could've instead invested on studying. Thus, the next year she decided to leave the fennec behind under Ashley's care, much to the woman's dismay. Over time however, Ashley has bonded with the fennec and has grown fond of it. Kass would sometimes teach her about bringing the pet along with her to Hogwarts for the year to which Ashley could only scoff at.


    Core Griffin Feather
    "Those who are true, skillful, stubborn, protective, strong-willed, logical, observant, perceptive and witty would have this wand core. Having such a wand core suggests that you have a strong will as well as a strong heart. You are clever and witty, as well as observant, able to observe and perceive things that others would otherwise overlook or would not comprehend or see the connection to. Having such a strong will makes this wand core one of the best to use in high impact and blunt force magic, such as Dueling Magic. But this wand core also works well with those who are skilled in DADA, Elemental Magic (particularly Air Spells and Fire Spells), Occlumency, Legilimency and magic that involves allot of strategy, mind over matter, thinking and planning. The owners of such wand cores tend to be skillful in all magic, including The Dark Arts. However, due to the stubborn, volatile nature of this wand core, few wizards and witches are able to control it by itself, which is why it is normally paired up with a softer, gentler wand core such as Unicorn Hair, which often tames the more volatile core. But for the few that can control this core by itself, it makes for a very powerful core indeed. But it should be noted that Griffin Feather cores by themselves do not work well with all types of wands, which is why only certain wand types will have Griffin Feather cores. This wand core is often seen among those of House Gryffindor and House Ravenclaw, but it will sometimes bond well with a few of House Slytherin from time to time. "

    Wood Reed
    "Reed is always delicate, and a difficult wand to work with. However, its wisdom and intelligence make it sought-after by some. It is almost solely a Ravenclaw wandwood."

    Length 11 inches


    Christian (Christianity). During the seven years of her life, Kassandra was greatly bathed in the religion due to her birth mother, Katherine, being a very religious person. Kath was the one who taught Kass, the bible, the Lord, and everything else she needed to know about Christianity. As taught by her mother, Kass read a passage in the bible everyday. She remembered to pray upon waking up, before having a meal, and before she goes to bed. Sunday mass was never a thing she missed; she and her family were always in attendance. In fact, the priest already knew them personally. Kass wore a rosary necklace around her neck, often tucked underneath her clothes, wherever she went. This all changed when she moved to the UK.

    Ashley wasn't as religious as Kass' family was. In fact, she didn't have a religion. With no one to influence her to continue such religious acts, as well as the fact that Kass started to busy herself with learning about the wizarding world from Ashley; she started to stop doing some of her former practices. Kass no longer wore a rosary around her neck wherever she went, instead it now sits inside her bag and she would sometimes neglect to bring it with her; She no longer reads the bible everyday, but instead she reads the different wizarding and history books that Ashley has in her library; She no longer prays as often as she forgets to do so; and lastly, Kass no longer visits the church to attend mass during Sundays, nor on any day for that matter.

    Despite not being able to actively practice these Christian activities that have been taught to her, Kass still stands by the Christian belief of God's existence.

    Ever since Kassandra learned from Leon about how Ashley was a legilimens as well as what legilimency was, she wanted to learn the art as well. After much pestering, begging, and convincing; Kass eventually managed to get Ashley to teach her legilimency near the end of the summer of her third year as a Hogwarts student. However, since they were outside the school, Ashley only agreed to teach her how it is performed. The woman forbade Kass from practising it while she was home for the summer. Kass was forced to wait until she was back at Hogwarts to practice the spell. The spell gave her great difficulty, especially since she didn't want anyone to know and thus had to practice it in secret. By the end of her fourth year, Kass had managed to learn legilimency albeit she can't perform it non-verbally and requires the incantation.

    Kass' grades have consistently been good for the past years. Despite being coached by Ashley in Charms and Leon in Potions, neither the two are where Kass excels at the most. Kass' strength lies in Transfiguration. The only core class where she has the most difficulty in is Herbology; mainly because she finds it to be the least interesting of them all and hence is not all that motivated to study it. The only class she could think of that may be less interesting than Herbology is Care for Magical Creatures. Hence when asked to pick an elective during third year, Kass made sure not to pick Care for Magical Creatures. Divination was another class that Kass didn't appeal to her and thus didn't take. The rest of the electives (Arithmancy, Ancient Runes, and Muggle Studies) she took. People question why she took Muggle Studies despite living amongst muggles during her childhood, she often answers them with a shrug and claims that she thought it'd be interesting to have a different perspective on muggles. Amongst her electives, she found Arithmancy to be the most interesting.

    Sweet Tooth
    If there's anything this girl loves more than her books, it's sweets. After getting a taste of Honeydukes sweets during the train ride to Hogwarts during her first year, Kass immediately got addicted to them and often wrote letters to Ashley and Leon to ask for them to send her sweets from Honeydukes. Leon always delivered, meanwhile Ashley would only do so on occasion; usually Ashley would only respond with a letter telling her that she shouldn't eat too many sweets and also that she already knew that Leon just sent her some. When they were finally allowed to visit Hogsmeade during her third year, the first place she went to was Honeydukes. Since then, trips to Hogsmeade would often be spent with Kass getting her candy rations from Honeydukes. Cauldron cakes are her favourite as the taste reminded her of the cupcakes her birth mother baked on occasion, usually in celebration of something (e.g. when Kass gets a high grade at school).

    Early Bird
    To put it simple, Kass is a morning person. She's most productive during the mornings and claims that it is when her mind is more active. Kass is the type of person who'd wake up at 6 am feeling refreshed and ready for the day. It contrasts greatly with her guardian, Ashley, who is a night owl. During the first few months of Kass living with Ashley, the latter had difficulty with providing the former with breakfast since Kass would always, always, wake up earlier than her. As a remedy to this problem, Kass learned how to fix a meal on her own and has been placed on breakfast duty making food for both of them to eat. Since it is during the mornings when her mind is most active, one of the first things that Kass does upon waking up is to read a book; any book. Usually it's the book she was reading the night before, the book that she more than likely fell asleep. She does this as she eats breakfast. Kass claims that it further refreshes her mind and gets herself mentally prepared for the day.

    Prefect → Head Girl
    Kassandra has been assigned as the Ravenclaw prefect which has become a source of stress for her as it meant that the chances of her becoming head girl were set. Although she's aware that non-prefects could become heads, Kass believes that the chances of a prefect were higher. She also stressed about how she was expected to make certain decisions on things; something she is definitely not a fan of due to her indecisiveness. Kass often wonders why she was chosen due to this. But then she recalls how people have always thought of her when it comes to making decisions: mature, calm, and rational. She figures that this may have been the reason; If only they knew.


    Kassandra's hair is naturally straight and of a dark brown colour, though some argue that it's really chocolate brown. It's one of qualities that she's inherited from her birth mother. She keeps it loose and untied majority of the time. Kassandra maintains it at a long length with the tips reaching just a bit above her waist. Back when she was younger however, due to living in a tropical country, Kassandra kept her hair just up to her shoulders and would always be tied tightly in a ponytail behind her. This caused a wave in her hair where she tied it. It was only when she moved to the UK when she started growing out her hair and leaving it untied. As for the use of hair dyes and bleaching, Kassandra has thought about it once but never really acted upon it. She wanted to try becoming a blonde like Ashley, but in the end she couldn't bring herself to change her naturally brown hair.

    Face & Body
    While her mother's genes determined her hair colour, it was her father's that won the colour of her eyes. Kassandra has a pair of light brown eyes that turn lighter, sometimes even appearing to be amber, under the light. Her skin was what Filipinos called kayumanggi. It was tan yet not in the bronze way. This was something she inherited from neither her parents for their skin was a tone or two lighter. Kassandra had the same skin tone as her grandmother from her father's side. She's approximately 5'1 ft tall. Kass is considered to be a small girl, especially when compared to her peers in the UK. She weight at 93 lbs, neither underweight nor overweight.

    Clean, neat, and simple - these were the three words that best described how Kass often dresse. Her clothes, while simple and looked inexpensive in appearance, were actually far from cheap. Majority of her clothes, courtesy of Ashley who came from a rich background, are of known and major labels globally. She doesn't openly say this information since she deemed it wasn't something she should be bragging about, mostly because it wasn't her own hard earned money that got her the clothes. White and cream were dominant in her closest. She liked how the colour contrasted with the rest of her (brown). Kassandra doesn't enjoy jewellery as most girls do. Unless the occasion deemed it to be a necessity, Kassandra wouldn't wear any jewellery except for a thin silver bracelet that her father sent as a gift during her first Christmas in the UK with Ashley.
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    Rejected skelly dump for LHC.

    by Shattered

    Tyler Sanchez

    The Marionette



    Gustavo "Gus" Alejandro Hector Ramirez

    ★Stage Name★


    April 20th (Aries/Taurus)

    Puerto Rican


    ★Sexual Orientation★



    Manipulative: Gustavo has a way about him that just screams manipulative and user. He doesn't seem to care about how others feel when he tricks them into a false sense of security when he's around. Gustavo has been known to trick his "friends" into lending him money or things... and he never pays them back, they usually never see or hear from him again.

    Secretive: Gustavo has learned that he shouldn't trust everyone with his whole life story. He always keeps at least one secret or two from everyone. Even if he likes someone enough, they will still never know everything single thing about him. He believes that secrets are what make people strong, since telling everyone everything will make a person vulnerable and weak.

    Aggressive: Gustavo doesn't know the meaning of violence is never the answer, he believes that violence is always the answer. He tries not to be as violent as he was when he was younger, but his anger and aggression tends to take over and he tends to becomes a bull who sees everything in red. He will raise hell if angered to high levels.

    Seductive: Gustavo is insecure about his body, but he knows that other's love it, so he uses his looks and body to get his way when his mind and manipulation doesn't work. He loves to make people all hot and bothered, just to walk away from them. He is a seductive tease, loving to control how others feel about him.

    Daring: Gustavo will try anything once, he just never knows when to say no to anything. He likes to try new things and hates when something is done over and over and over again. If you dare Gustavo to do something, he won't even think twice about doing it. He loves to be that wild guy that never backs down when challenged.

    Dramatic: When you think of someone over exaggerating everything single little thing, you should think of Gustavo. He can be super dramatic over the smallest of things, he'll scream bloody murder if he sees a bug, a freaking bug. He will cuss you out just because you didn't say he looked nice today, he has issues but don't go and say that to him.

    Selfish: Everything is Gustavo's and that's how it should be, or so he thinks it should be. Gustavo isn't known for being generous and caring, he is the total opposite. He takes and take and takes, and rarely gives back. Gustavo doesn't understand why people give things away so easily, he would never give away anything without being forced to do it.

    Guarded: Gustavo has always had a giant wall around his body and heart, he hasn't let anyone in for a very long time. It takes a very special and determined person to get into the cold and dark heart of Gustavo's. He rarely ever shows emotions that aren't scary or annoying to others.

    Gustavo Ramirez was born to Julius and Rosie Ramirez in Bronx, New York. His parents were low-middle class hardworking people. Gustavo is an only child, or was an only child rather.

    When Gustavo turned nine is when his sick father started to touch and rub on his body, calling him beautiful and precious. When Gustavo cried to his mother, she didn't believe him. Her letting it happen to him was the thing that set Gustavo's hatred towards others (especially women) off. That was when he became cold and disconnected from the world.

    Gustavo would go to school with bruises all over his body from his father not only touching him, but the man would also slap him around and bite him. He would lie and say he fell down the stairs or was playing outside and got hurt. The teachers never looked into the bruises, just thinking boys will be boys.

    Gustavo would be molested and touched for another five years, and no one did anything to help him. He would cry himself to sleep every night, even while his father would touch him. He would try to fight the man off, but of course at the time Gustavo was just a little boy.

    One night, Gustavo had enough and ran out of the house, jumping out of his window... never looking back. He was only fourteen, where could he actually go? If by a miracle or something, a nice couple spotted Gustavo near the highway and, oddly enough they took him into their home. When they would ask about his parents... he would just shake his head and get violent. They wanted to find his parents and bring him back, but he would just try to run away everytime they talked about it. Eventually they just gave in and adopted him... since no one knew who his parents were, and no one ever came to the police about a missing Latino Boy.

    Gustavo's life with his new family was okay, but he still acted up and was getting horrible grades. His adoptive parents wanted the best for him... but he didn't care. They wanted to know why he was this way, but Gustavo never told them about what his birth father did to him. Gustavo would act up for the next three years, until he ran away from his new family at the age of seventeen.

    This time when Gustavo ran away, he had a few friends that let him sleep on their couches for a few weeks. He would use them and lie to them, saying he would get a job and pay them back soon, and he would never do that. Gustavo would leave their houses or apartments in the middle of the night and when they would wake up, most of their smaller but expensive stuff would be gone. Gustavo would steal from anyone, just to make enough money to live off for the week or so.

    Around the time Gustavo was sleeping at friends' houses, was the same time some of his friends were talking about this place called The Lonely Hearts Club, and how loaded The Mistress was. Hearing about a woman that had loads of money to burn, Gustavo had to get to know her and manipulate her.

    Gustavo didn't know what he had gotten himself into... he borrowed way more money than he would ever be able to pay back to The Mistress. Gustavo would have usually just left in the night, but he knew that The Mistress wasn't the type to just let him get away soo easily.

    Now Gustavo is stuck being The Mistress' Sex Slave or whatever, he wants to leave and he wants The Mistress to just die. There is some kind of light or whatever in the darkness when it comes to Lorenzo, a man that Gustavo can take his anger out on when he's pissed off at The Mistress, which is most of the time.



    ★Hair Color: Dark Chocolate
    ★Hairstyle: Gustavo's hair is nice and fluffy. He has it in a smooth and nice look. He loves to keep it looking nice and perfect, since everything else about him is nowhere near perfect.
    ★Eye Color: Dark Brown
    ★Height: 5'10"
    ★Weight: 187 Pounds (Gustavo is a skinny boy)
    ★Body Build: Gustavo has a lean but athletic body, he doesn't workout a lot, it must just be genetics.
    ★Markings: Gustavo has a few scars and bruises all over his body, his younger years were rough, and his present life is rough as well.
    ★Notable Feature(s): Gustavo's most notable feature is his striking and intense eyes. His eyes tell his emotions before anything else.
    ★Skin Tone & Texture: Gustavo has that beautiful Kiss-By-The-Sun skin. He was blessed with a beautiful look and soft and perfect skin.
    ★Clothing Style: Gustavo doesn't have a set style, he just likes to mix things up and make them his own. Even though he doesn't have a specific style of his own, most people think his outfits are just original and unique. Gustavo just never takes his outfits too serious and likes to mix things up every now and then.

    The Mistress

    HA! Gustavo fucking hates the bitch! He literally hates her more than his pervert of a fucking father. Gustavo only sees red when she's around him. He knows he owes her a huge amount of money... but fuck her is how he feels, and he wants her to just drop dead one of these days.
    (More can and will be added after more details)

    The Chaperone
    Another fucker Gustavo wishes would just drop dead. The man is just one of The Mistress' puppet, even if he's higher on her list of "important" people. Gustavo tries to stay far away from him, since all he wants to do to the Master Puppet is rip his face off.
    (More can and will be added after more details)

    The Gentleman
    The only one in the Club that Gustavo has some form of feelings for, even if most of his feelings are negative, Gustavo still sees the male as the only guy that he can actually talk to. He does beat on the male a lot, but he just doesn't know how to handle his real feelings when it comes to people he really likes.
    (More can and will be added after more details)

    The Debauchee
    Gustavo wishes that the wannabe snitch would get ran over by a bus. He can't believe the rat was actually going to try and blackmail him, he was not going to let that go down. Gustavo watches him closely, making sure the guy doesn't try to grow some big cojones and rat him and Lorenzo out.
    (More can and will be added after more details)

    The Sponsor
    Gustavo actually feels sort of bad for the hopeless woman, more like he pities her for actually thinking that Lorenzo would ever love her. He laughs at her behind her back, calling her hopeless and pathetic on a few occasions.
    (More can and will be added after more details)

    The Journalist
    Gustavo doesn't really know the man, but he still doesn't trust him. Gustavo tends to try and not say one word to the guy, he's sketchy and Gustavo can feel it in his bones.
    (More can and will be added after more details)

    Control, Mountain Dew, Jackets, Hoodies, Weed, Money, Getting his way, Dolphins, Food, R&B, Dancing, Speaking Spanish, Feeling Wanted, Cars, Nike, Oreos, Horror Movies, Beaches, Comedies, People weaker than him, Boxing, Feeling Loved, Drugs, Fighting, Hitting, Slapping, His Look, His Hair, Knives, Fire, Blood, Vampires, Supernatural Movies & Shows, Pirates, Boats

    Feeling Weak, Owing Others, Idiots, Getting Abused, Showing Emotions, Backstabbers, His secrets coming out, Putting down his guard, Sexual Harrassment, Losers, Being Broke, Boring Days, Raining Days, Winter, The Dark, Being Alone

    1. Gustavo fears that the Mistress will never let him leave. He doesn't want to be used by her like some cheap whore anymore.

    2. Gustavo is afraid of ever letting anyone into his Heart, because everyone he has ever truly loved only ends up hurting him in the end.

    3. Gustavo's issues with his anger and violent tendencies scare him more than anything, he fears that one day his anger will go too far and he'll kill someone.

    1. Gustavo doesn't like how skinny he is, even though he does have a nice body... he wishes he was a bit bulkier.

    2. Gustavo feels that others are always judging him, so he tries to always look good... even if he says he doesn't care about his outfits, he is insecure and petrified of ever looking gross or unfashionable.

    1. Gustavo is having a hot and violent affair with Lorenzo (The Gentleman), he doesn't know what to make of the man... but he likes having someone he can beat the shit out of when he gets super angry.

    2. Gustavo father molested him everyday, until he ran away at fourteen.

    3. Gustavo has a huge wall around his heart and mind, he blocks everyone out... never showing any emotion other than anger and bitchiness most of the time.

    1. Gustavo twirls a strand of his hair all the time when he's thinking or trying to stay calm.

    2. Gustavo will look at the floor and tap his right foot when he's telling a lie.

    3. Gustavo will look up at the sky and tap his left foot when he's trying to stop himself from crying about something.



    ★Favorite Color★
    Iris Blue


    ★Favorite Animal★


    ★Favorite Food★


    ★Favorite Drink★
    Mountain Dew


    ★Favorite Season★


    ★Favorite Movie★
    Beautiful Creatures


    ★Favorite Sport★



    by WaywardKilljoy
    : Franchisko Lachowski
    Role: The Journalist

    Name: Jack Nikko
    Stage Name: Devon Leblanc
    : 23
    Date of Birth: December 1fst (Sagittarius)
    Ethnicity: Franco-Russian
    Sex: Male
    Sexual Orientation: Bicurious


    Campy and Satirical
    If there's one thing Jack has going for him more than anything it's the fact he's one hilarious motherfucker. Now, one wouldn't call him funny because of jokes or witty one liners, no sir, you'd be more apt to laugh at Jack's affable personality's juxtaposition to his absolutely caustic sarcasm, the kind that can burn you so bad you don't know whether to laugh or feel offended. He reels you in with the promise of love and friendship and spits you back out with judgement and humiliation. Of course, such a personality can often grind one's gears, so he has to focus his abilities elsewhere in order to keep women attracted and visiting.

    Euphoric and Child-Like
    When entertaining women it's typical for his personality to shift to something less sarcastic and way more jovial. His smile is what catches women off-guard as it's not as peculiar and strange as the more brooding hosts, neither is it as warm and quiet as the others, rather it is wide and beaming with a sort of childlike spark in it. That smile, of course, has a lot to say about the rest of his entertaining self. Cracking more light-hearted jokes, with the occasional pun, and doing his best to keep women smiling and laughing breathlessly. Some may brand him childish with the way he moves and talks when like this, and that may get him some animosity with certain women and other hosts, but at the same time it tends to attract cougars like flies and drunk women like gnats.

    Curiosity and Extortion
    Being a pseudo-undercover journalist, it's in Jack's nature to ask question after question and inquire in whatever is interesting, whether it be while entertaining, talking to other hosts, or lazying about outside of the club. This has landed him in deep water before, yet other times it's saved his ass with the knowledge he has gleaned. That been said, he's much like your average muckraker in that he'd blackmail you the instant he felt threatened, and if he didn't have any material he could make it up no problem and whisk the story so thick that you'd be hard pressed to prove your innocence.

    Open and Accepting


    Relationships: TBA
    -Secret Pleasure: Jack tries not to let on to people that he may just be one kinky little motherfucker. It's not quite for certain if some actions are some kind of submissive tick or not, so some people have wondered. Those who have dug deeper without permission typically find themselves opening a black-painted envelope on a rainy Sunday evening.

    -Secret Thoughts: Sometimes Jack wonders if journalism is really his calling and occasionally loses faith in the idea, only to be rekindled later towards his first big break. If you sat down and had a conversation with him, though, you might discover he's always wanted to own his own restaurant.

    -Secret Life: Journalist, Host, Whore, Poet? What exactly is Jack? Truth be told nobody can really tell, neither can he. Jack can sometimes go through over three different identities in a day if you'd let him, and seven more just because he follows his heart (and his genitals) a bit too much. Get a littler closer and you might find yourself discovering something absolutely nasty... or comical.

    -Secret Writing: Jack writes poetry. Yeah, sure, he may be a journalist who loves writing about the darkness of society and talking about real world shit... but sometimes darkness gives way to something more light-hearted and warm... and about flowers.


    by Shayla
    Major W.I.P

    The Masquerading Sponsor


    Hannah Cooper
    The Sponsor

    Iris Annalisia Greyson aka Iris Annalisia Ishkivov


    Date of Birth:
    July 14th ~ Cancer ~

    British ~ Russian


    Sexual Orientation:

    W.I.P ~ Will be completed shortly.
    Personality: (Paragraphs, please. 4 paragraphs at the minimum.)
    Biography: (3 paragraphs or 10 bullet lines at the minimum.)



    ♠Hair Color:
    Dark Honey Blonde
    Thick ~ Silken Soft ~ Layered Style ~ Usual Fragrance is Honey/Rose/Lavender
    ♠Eye Color:
    Paled Mossy Green
    124 lbs
    ♠Body Build:
    Athletic ~ Daintily Toned ~ Dancer's Figure/Flexible
    ~ She has a jagged edged scar from her right side down to her hip from the abusive habits her mother's boyfriend dealt upon her as a mere girl. They hold as a constant reminder to her.
    ♠Notable Features:
    ~ She has her mother's striking eye color.
    ~ Both her hands and feet are on the rather dainty and small side.

    ♠Skin Tone & Texture
    Lightly Sunkissed & Silken Soft
    Attire Style:
    Modernized Sophisticated & High Class Edgy



    Will be adding onto further.

    ♠Favorite Song♠

    by Rin Mico
    The Cruel Mistress

    Face-Claim: Carolina Ballesteros
    Role: The Mistress



    Name: Katrina Daugherty
    Age: 24
    Date of Birth: June 23rd (Cancer)
    Ethnicity: English
    Sex: Female
    Sexual Orientation: Bisexual



    Personality: Bitter & Ruthless

    Self-Centered & Impatient

    Sexual & Controlling

    Greedy & Misandric

    Biography: Katrina was born into the wealthy Daugherty family and grew up in France without much strife. Anything she wanted was given to her without much of an effort and she was molded into a "perfect lady of society" though became more than a little spoiled. Her parents, however, would have never noticed. Her father was too busy with business, either locked in his study or yelling at the phone loudly in the den. Her mother was also occupied, planning extravagant events, catering to one charity or another, networking as fast as her manicured nails and name brand heels let her. All of Katrina's upbringing was left up to a myriad of sitters, nannies and butlers.

    For most of her life Katrina never really knew what love was, aside from what she got from her caretakers. So when she met Garrick Tyson at one of her family's many hosted galas, she fell fast. Garrick was part of the high society culture that Katrina had been so accustomed to, but in his case he actually had the emotions that had lacked from everyone else, and was willing to share them with her. He was charming and open and just so different from what she was used to. When he asked her out, she couldn't say yes fast enough.

    After turning 19, and only after being with Garrick for a year and a half, Katrina moved out of her parents' home into a typical everyday apartment with Garrick. It was one of his many experiments, living like the rest of the 99%, to see how their lives went, but even what they considered to be quaint was well above what someone in the middle class could afford. They had started going to college together and were happy. Then came another experiment for Garrick. A threesome with a girl from his class. What he wasn't expecting was for Katrina to be so into it. And to be fair neither was she. Afterward, Garrick started acting differently.

    As Katrina started to question her sexuality, finally deciding with just simply bisexual, Garrick became more and more closed off. He needed to know Katrina's every whereabouts, becoming jealous if she had told him she was out with another guy or even her friends. Now both sexes posed as a threat and he never believed that she was just hanging with a 'girlfriend', the word taking on a whole new meaning. He basically depicted her every move, glued himself to her side and didn't let her go anywhere. They eventually ended up dropping out of school, spending all of their time screaming at each others then making up in a horrible cycle that only ended when Garrick lost his temper and hit her. Hard.

    She called the police and he was arrested, but never spent a single night in jail due to his family's money. When she told her parents they didn't believe her, only stopping long enough to accuse her of ruining the union and the connections that came with it. When her life just kept spiraling down, she left the house and moved to the most reckless and vulgar place in all of Europe. Amsterdam. She met the chaotic lifestyle open arms and after a brief period of total debauchery, decided to start her own business in the area. With the help of the Chaperon, Katrina started up the Lonely Hearts Club.




    Height: 5'7
    Weight: 132 lbs
    Build: Lithe and a bit bony in certain places.
    Hair: Dark Brown, medium length
    Eyes: Blue-green, long lashed
    Skin: Pale
    Attire: High end clothes worn sloppily and typically a few sizes larger than needed. Katrina only dresses nicely in front of clients, the Sponsor, and anyone else who might be beneficial to

    The Chaperon: He is one of her oldest friends, one of the very few that stuck around to handle her abuse. He is the only man that she can't hate no matter how hard she tries and for some reason that annoys (and scares) her.

    The Marionette: Her favorite little punching bag. The whole reason she latched on to this snippet is because of how much he reminded her of Garrick. In fact the first day he came to the Club, she had to do a double take. At first, she was just happy to dole out a daily abuse just by being his boss. His debt to her only increased that debasement. Katrina has him wrapped around her little finger and she just can't get enough,sometimes even forgetting that this person that she has so much power over isn't the ex lover who ruined her. The line between love and hate was always so blurred with Garrick and that remains the same with the Marionette.

    The Gentleman: Katrina can't stand the Gentleman; he is the epitome of man and that facts just grates on her every nerve. She sees him as fake and pathetic. He acts as Target Number 2 right after The Marionette.

    The Sponsor: Katrina isn't particularly fond of the woman, yet she picks on her the least (unless she's in a bad mood and therefore the Sponsor serves as an easy target). The Sponsor is safe as long as she keeps out of Katrina's way.

    The Debauchee:

    Garrick Tyson(NPC): Garrick is an old fling of Katrina's and the main reason why she acts the way she acts. The toxic love that he exposed her to broke and twisted her own views and shattered any faith that she had or will ever have for men.


    ∴ OTHER

    Likes: being bossy and bitchy, getting her way, eating delicacies and leaving then unfinished, smoking though she doesn't do it often (something she's just beginning to pick up), the way her heels click against the floor, chaos. Katrina also loves to overhear people shit talking about her.
    Dislikes: lies, being talked back to, fakes, dressing properly, doing her hair, goody-two-shoes and lovely dovey stuff.
    1)She is scared that the Chaperon will finally give up on her and leave her with absolutely no one to claim to be her friend.
    2) She's scared that she might actually fall in love and does everything to guard herself.

    1)Despite her misandry, Katrina secretly still wants a man to love her.
    2) Even though she could care less about appearances, Katrina is very self-conscious about her femininity.

    1) Deep down in her twisted heart, Katrina is still in love with Garrick.
    2) The more time she spends with The Marionette, the more her feelings grow for him, despite how messed up they are.

    • Katrina is fond of drinking hard liquor and pooping prescription pills, sometimes at the same time. If she can't think of an insult/comeback, she'll just curse and storm off.​
    • She always plays with her jewelry when she's feeling anxious.​
    • She also bites her lip whenever she wants someone to kiss her​
    Favorites: Grey Goose, Cherries, Chicken Cordon Bleu, Dark chocolate, Almonds, High heels, Furs, Silk/Mink, Chanel No. 5.

    Favorite song:

    This song can be heard often around the Club, when Katrina is in her office punching numbers, to when it comes time to collect the tills from the various hosts. She doesn't even like it very much, to be honest, but plays it simply to annoy everyone and reaffirm her bitch credentials.

    Katrina can't explain why she had took a liking to this song, but she has. She only plays it when she's home or anytime she's alone.​
  9. TEST

    ffffs. I can't understand why max-width doesn't work with iwaku >:c
    // use: !important


    Font Family = Segoe UI
    Font Size = 5 em


    Where I test minor stuff out.


    ohohohoho. Flakes is gonna have a fuckton of fun with dis :D
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  10. Out of sight; out of mind. I shall never delete this proof. Never.
    <p>[ WIP RP Post Dump ]</p><p>Current Post(s) : Kassandra Castillo / Hogwarts: New Generation ; Zedekiah Blacbourne / Hogwarts: New Generation ; Mortimer Lindberg / Golden City</p><p><br /></p><p><i>Character Colour Reminder</i></p><p>( Name / Role play )</p><p>Kassandra Claire Castillo&nbsp; / Hogwarts: New Generation - c29878 &amp; 744835</p><p>Zedekiah Blackbourne / Hogwarts: New Generation - d7ae5e</p><p>Caroline Esmée de Veen / Lonely Hearts Club - red violet</p><p>Margaux LeClair / Infamous! - purple</p><p>Maxwell Stirling (Argus)&nbsp; / Infamous! - red</p><p>Juliette Fiscella / Braves of the Six Flowers - peach</p><p>Mortimer Lindberg / Golden City - 886849</p><p><br /></p><p>[hr][/hr]</p><p><br /></p><p style="text-align: center"><img src="" class="bbCodeImage wysiwygImage" alt="" unselectable="on" /></p> <p style="text-align: center"><span style="color: #744835"><font face="courier new"><font size="3">◢ <span style="color: #c29878">Great Hall</span> ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■<span style="color: #c29878">♦</span>■</font></font></span></p> <p style="text-align: center"><br /></p> <p style="text-align: center"><font size="3">A smile formed on her face as her fellow prefect nodded and responded positively to her query. She was about to take a sit and express gratitude when all of a sudden a blur of blonde rushed by, causing her to jump slightly in surprise. Next thing she knew, the seat beside the blue haired half-fae was now occupied by none other than Crissy Fairlie. Memory of their last morning encounter resurfaced. Kassandra still owed Fairlie an apology. Her attitude at the time was simply atrocious. She had reacted so awfully, and to what? Just because the blonde didn&#039;t great her and proceeded on trying to make Hazel feel more comfortable on her first day? Kass was ashamed of herself. Her sarcastic remark from last time was very much uncalled for and very unbecoming of a prefect such as herself.</font></p> <p style="text-align: center"><br /></p> <p style="text-align: center"><font size="3"><span style="color: #ff99cc">&quot;Lukey-poo~!&quot;</span> she heard the blonde say, nuzzling onto Lucas&#039; arm as she did. Kass remained quiet, not knowing what to do in the exact situation. Should she leave or...? Before she could figure out what to do, Fairlie&#039;s next statement caught her full attention. <span style="color: #ff99cc">&quot;Oh I&#039;ve been looking everywhere for you! Don&#039;t you know it&#039;s rude to make your girlfriend worry so?&quot;</span> Her eyebrows shot up at the word &#039;girlfriend&#039; and she felt her mouth go agape in surprise. Kass wasn&#039;t aware that her fellow prefect was dating the blonde witch--or was he? Kassandra didn&#039;t miss the groan that Lucas had let out at Crissy&#039;s words. She frowned in confusion. Why would a boyfriend groan upon seeing his girlfriend? Unless... was Fairlie lying? Kass had planned on excusing herself and letting Lucas know that they could talk later, that she didn&#039;t want to interrupt the two love birds, but now that was definitely no longer an option. It wasn&#039;t just curiosity that was making her stay though, there was also concern for her friend and fellow prefect.</font></p> <p style="text-align: center"><br /></p> <p style="text-align: center"><font size="3"><span style="color: #ff99cc">&quot;It&#039;s okay though, I forgive you.&quot;</span> Crissy said, continuing to snuggle Lucas&#039; arm.<span style="color: #ff99cc"> &quot;I made you cookies dear!&quot;</span> she continued as she handed Lucas a bag of the aforementioned treat which the latter wordlessly took. <span style="color: #ff99cc">&quot;Eat them!&quot;</span> Crissy practically ordered her boyfriend. Lucas complied, again, without protest but she, again, didn&#039;t miss the sigh he let out&nbsp; before patting Fairlie on the head. There it was again. It was like Lucas didn&#039;t want Crissy around him, which didn&#039;t make much sense to her considering Fairlie&#039;s earlier proclamation of being his girlfriend.<span style="color: #3366ff"> &quot;Thank you, they&#039;re great&quot;</span> he complimented the blonde with a warm smile on his face. Oh she was definitely going to ask Lucas about this when and if they get the chance to talk.</font></p> <p style="text-align: center"><br /></p> <p style="text-align: center"><font size="3">Deeming that she&#039;s seen enough, Kass was about&nbsp; excuse herself like she intended to do so earlier, but was yet again stopped. <span style="color: #3366ff">&quot;So I&#039;m sorry, honey, but could you please leave Kass and me alone a bit? There&#039;s something really important I need to discuss with her. But we&#039;ll spend the day when I&#039;m done, I promise, okay?&quot;</span> Lucas said while caressing Crissy&#039;s blonde hair. Kassandra cleared her throat, hopefully reminding Fairlie that she was still there.<span style="color: #c29878"> &quot;Prefect matters&quot;</span> she said simply as if confirming her so called boyfriend&#039;s need to speak to the Filipina. It was true though, she did approach Lucas with the intention to discuss prefect matters, more specifically the whole serial hexer ordeal. Though she was also hoping to ask him few quidditch questions after discussing said prefect matters since she was kind of interested in partaking in the amateur quidditch for fields day, and now there was also the relationship between him and Fairlie that she also wished to inquire about.</font></p> <p style="text-align: center"><font size="3"><br /></font></p> <p style="text-align: center"><font size="3">[hr][/hr]</font></p> <p style="text-align: center"><font size="3"><br /></font></p> <p style="text-align: justify"><font size="3">Zed post goes here</font></p> <p style="text-align: center"><font size="3"> </font></p> <p style="text-align: center"><font size="3">[hr][/hr]</font></p> <p style="text-align: center"><font size="3"><br /></font></p> <p style="text-align: center"><font size="3"><img src="" class="bbCodeImage wysiwygImage" alt="" unselectable="on" /></font></p> <p style="text-align: center"><br /></p> <p style="text-align: center"><font size="3">Morti goes here</font></p> <p style="text-align: center"><font size="3">Notes to self. (ha. tagalog. pyuta minsan lang to xD)</font></p> <p style="text-align: center"><font size="3">groan cause kakatulog pa lang niya pero ginigising na agad siya ng isang customer</font></p> <p style="text-align: center"><font size="3">puyat cause he was working on a project last night, the latest scheme for the latest murder of a poor unfortunate sod.</font></p> <p style="text-align: center">bangon sa sofa, kasi halos di na siya natutulog sa kama niya + mas malapit si sofa so... :&#039;D</p> <p style="text-align: center">anyway, bangon siya. asikaso kay customer na magpapaadjust lang ng kanyang kamay na pinagawa kay Morti, parang nasira or something, idk yet, mamaya ko na pagiisipan</p> <p style="text-align: center">asdfghjkl</p>
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    for my characters ofcourse

    ( Name / Role play )

    Kassandra Claire Castillo / Hogwarts: New Generation - c29878 744835
    Zedekiah Blackbourne / Hogwarts: New Generation - d7ae5e
    Caroline Esmée de Veen / Lonely Hearts Club - red violet
    Margaux LeClair / Infamous! - purple
    Maxwell Stirling (Argus) / Infamous! - red
    Juliette Fiscella / Braves of the Six Flowers - peach
    Mortimer Lindberg / Golden City - 886849

    //note to self: turn this into a table or something
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  12. sdfldsjflsdj flkjdfldjfl ldkjfdsljfl dldkfjdf dfdfdsf

    Stormy Sky


  13. ❰ ♕ ❱
    Caroline Esmée de Veen

    Her Office → Main Lounge

    Banner Code
    Role play:
    Lonely Hearts Club
    Character: Caroline Esmée de Veen
    [div="text-align:center; margin-left:10px; float:right; color:white;"][div][div="background:url(; height:210px; background-size:210px; width:210px; display:inline-block; margin-right:3.5px; opacity:0.95;"][/div][div="background:url(; height:210px; background-size:210px; width:210px; display:inline-block;"][div="width:210px; height:210px; background-color:#993366; opacity:0.65; display:table-cell; vertical-align:middle;"]
    ❰ ♕ ❱
    Caroline Esmée de Veen
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  14. [​IMG](n.) a strong desire or urge to wander or travel and explore the world
    • O v e r v i e w
      Genres: Adventure, Modern, Slice of life
      Posting Expectation: Adept

      Vandalism, a word that had such a negative ring to it. But is it really as bad as people believe it to be? For a group of teens, vandalism was where it all started. A simple harmless message doodled on a chair. Vandalism, yet it bloomed into something more. Students shifted rooms when classes change. The next occupant of the vandalised chair saw the message. And what did they do? They responded. More vandalism. Yet thanks to vandalism, a friendship was formed. A group of people who all used the same chair at different times of the day started communicating with one another through the messages they wrote on the chair. They ran in different cliques, yet thanks to the desk they vandalised, they all became friends.

      The teens lived in a city somewhere in Canada. Everyday it was bustling with activity. Everyday was full of activity. They were getting sick of it.
      Do you know that feeling when you eat too much savoury food and you start to crave for something sweet? It was like that for them. They wanted a taste of something different. They wanted to get away from the city and head for a quieter, more peaceful place. They wanted to escape; the city, responsibilities, life's pressures, everything.

      One of them suggested they do it; that they leave it all behind. A magazine ad for what seemed to be paradise for them was what baited them. Young and foolish, they thought it was a great idea to run away from it all. Paradise was what they wanted. Paradise was what they aimed for.

      Thus, their road-trip journey started.

    • R u l e s
      - General Iwaku rules and role-playing regulations apply. This means that god-modding, power-playing, meta-gaming, and the likes are strictly forbidden. There are times, however, when breaking these basic role-playing rules can be useful and even convenient, but do this only sparingly and never without the consent of the role-players who would be affected by such initiatives.
      - Minimum posting expectation: Adept. We don't want to see any one-liners here, but that's not to say we expect novels either. Each post in the IC must have at least 10 sentences at the bare minimum.
      - This role-play is not libertine-oriented, so no detailed sex scenes please. When it comes to that, just fade to black.
      - Violence is, to a certain extent, allowed, but gore will not be tolerated. Swearing is also permitted, but keep it within the limit of good taste, please.
      - Respect your GMs and respect each other. We will not tolerate any arrogance or elitism here.
      - Violation of any of the following or aforementioned rules will result into one (1) warning. After accumulating three warnings, you will be effectively ejected from the role-play.

      - There are no reservations for this role-play. We don't operate on a first-come, first-serve basis. This means that posting a character sheet will not automatically guarantee you a slot. We can always reject applications and trust me, we have some pretty high standards. However, since this is just an Adept role-play we may be more lax about the quality of skeletons we expect. Keyword: may.
      - Diversity and creativity is highly encouraged. But as with everything else, know the limits. You may add your own touches of creativity, but be sensible about it and don't go too overboard, or we'll be crushing some skulls. As for race and gender preference, we won't put any limitations on this (just so long as you don't make an elf or something, since this is a modern role-play for Chrissake, not Lord of the Rings), so knock yourself out.
      - This is a face-claim role-play. In other words, real people pictures only, please! If I see any anime or semi-realistic art, I will go ballistic. Having trouble finding face-claims? You may check out model sites like NEXT or you could hit us up and we'll try our best to assist you. Overused face-claims tend to make things a little less believable (and quite frankly, they're tacky), so as much as possible avoid well-known celebrities like, iunno, Vanessa Hudgens or something. The higher the quality of your photo, the better.
      - Banners are a must, and the size limit for these shall be 500x300 pixels (widthxheight). Banners may be GIFs or just plain ol' jpegs, it's up to you.
      It has also come to our attention that some people tend to post an inordinate amount of pictures in their character sheet, to the point of absurdity. Seriously, people. This is not a gallery. We know that a picture is worth a thousand words or whatever, but to be honest, we'd much rather read ACTUAL words rather than be bombarded with a thousand glaringly huge pictures of some hottie we couldn't care less about. One banner would suffice. If you absolutely MUST post more pictures, at least keep them reasonably-sized or place them within spoiler tags.
      - We may ask you to tweak your skeleton, but this only arises in the event of discrepancies. If your skeleton is inconsistent with the story, or just plain inconsistent, then you'll have to make the appropriate revisions. There's no two ways about it.
      - Relationships are mandatory, but there's no hurry to fill these out after you've been accepted. Participants do not have to plan a relationship with every single character in the role-play. Just one or two relationships with other players will make us happy.
      - You can fancy up your skeleton all you want, but keep in mind that this is not particularly necessary and won't affect our judgement in any way. Feel free to mess around with the format and coding of your character sheet. You can rearrange it in anyway you want, so long as it's coherent and all the requested information is present.
      Try to avoid bright colors and colors that are too dark. Keep in mind that Iwaku allows users to customise color themes. It is advised that you use colors that would blend in well on any of the backgrounds that Iwaku provides. That being said, as a general rule of thumb, avoid using black or whit effort. More to the point, if you just can't code for shit, then don't force yourself. Simplicity is perfectly A-OK. It's the quality of the writing that matters, not how fancy your character sheet looks. We're not petty people.
      - We reserve the right to reject any and all skeletons that we feel are not up to par with the standards of this role-play.
      - Reservations are not allowed, but you may post WIPs in the Sign-Up thread. Place a note above your character sheet indicating that it is a work-in-progress to keep others, especially us GMs, informed. Do not post bare WIPs. At least have some basic information written down before posting your character sheet. Once you're finished writing your character sheet, inform any of us GMs via private message or the OOC and we'll get right on to reading it.
      - On the off-chance your character gets rejected or you decide to opt out of the role-play, then please delete your skeleton. This is so that the Sign-Up thread doesn't get cluttered with obsolete character sheets. We will give you three days to do this yourself, before we take matters into my own hands and delete the skeleton on our own. We will NOT be held liable for any lost content. You have been warned.

      - Post at least once a week. I know that life can be hectic, but surely one post a week isn't too much to ask. Post consistently to keep things running. Writer's block is not an excuse; you can write something shitty for all we care, so long as it isn't inconsistent with the story and/or is jam-packed with spelling and grammatical errors.
      The more active you are, the happier we will be. But just as there is a minimum, there is also a limit. To the more active role-players, try to give others a fair chance to respond to your posts. This is so nobody gets left behind.
      - Going on hiatus? Inform us. Tell us when we should be expecting your return. Will your hiatus last two weeks? A month? What do you want us to do with your character while you're on leave? If you disappear without telling us, we'll just assume you're dead, turn your character into a NPC, and proceed with the role-play without you.
      - If you want out, inform us. Don't just drop off the face of the Earth or something. We hate it when people keep us guessing. Just remember that we reserve the right to do whatever we wish with your character once you leave, for the sake of continuity. It's not exactly believable to just have them disappear into a puff of smoke just because you don't want in on this role-play anymore.
      - The activity will be monitored closely. If you haven't posted for a week, you can be sure we will pester you about it in the PMs. That's one warning for you. Following that, we'll give you another week to catch up. If you don't post within the allotted time, we'll boot you out of the role-play. Simple as that.
      But even if you do catch up, you'd have still accumulated one warning. Get two more and you're out. We have limited patience for this kind of thing and we shouldn't have to constantly remind you to post, since that is your responsibility, not ours.

      - Strictly no WIP posts in the IC thread. Either post something complete in the IC or don't post at all.
      - Banners, current locations, and character names must be present in all IC posts. This is to make it a little easier for some of us to pinpoint who is playing who and where everyone is at. And also so that we all remember how everyone's characters look like.

      - A special thread exists for out-of-character conversations. All OOCs go there. We will NOT see any OOCs in the Sign-Up thread and the IC thread. Such posts will be automatically deleted, with or without warning.
      - No OOC drama, no elitism. Talking about drama is fine, but stirring up the same with your fellow role-players and ruining the fun for everyone is an entirely different matter and something we will not tolerate. That being said, respect yourself and respect each other. Exercise the proper netiquette. Furthermore, we will not be having any "elitist" role-players who believe they're better than everyone else and know all there is to know about role-playing. Confidence is good, sure, but arrogance is not. Remember that even the best of writers out there are not perfect. There's always something new to learn.
    • C h a r a c t e r s

      (faceClaim as name; played by playerName)
    • C h a r a c t e r  S h e e t

      Banner: (Real people pics only)
      Face claim: (Who's that pokémon person whose face you're using for your character?)

      Name: (Pretty straightforward)
      Age: (High school students, so... uhhmm... Ricey you settle on what the age range is)
      Gender: (Male, Female, Nonbinary)
      Ethnicity: (Diversity is more than welcome!)

      Personality: ()
      Biography: (Must show character's reason why he/she wants to go on a journey)

      Appearance: (Must match that of character banner)
      Miscellaneous: (Other details)

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    • Love Love x 1

    • ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬See the flames inside my eyes It burns so bright I wanna feel your love
      [​IMG] [​IMG]
      Easy baby maybe I'm a liar But for tonight I wanna fall in love ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

      Iza, Zab◝ ... ☆☆★ Rebellious Knight◝ ... ☆☆★ 18 years old◝ ... ☆☆★ Female◝ ... ☆☆★ August 12

      ▇▇PERSONALITY ▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇☆▇
      Rebellious & Fun loving - Since she overheard the conversation her parents had that faithful evening, Iza's personality changed for the worse. They say that it is not uncommon for kids to go through a rebellious phase. While Iza herself refuses to believe it to be true, she could not deny turning rebel after being hurt by what she heard. To Iza, it was a domino effect, one little pushed caused everything to collapse. One thing that didn't change about her though was her fun loving nature. Rebel or not, Iza has always had a penchant for fun activities. This was actually a trait that she picked up from hanging around with her fun loving older brother whenever permitted. To have fun, that was her main goal and reason for doing what she did -- most of the time at least; other times it's cause of the newly found rebel inside of her.

      Loyal & Brave - Iza isn't all bad and no good, there's still some positive qualities about her. One would be her loyalty. Even after her personality seem to take a full 180 degree turn, she still remains fiercely loyal to those she deems worthy of her loyalty. If she believes in you, then you're guaranteed that she'll follow you till the ends of the earth. So far the only people that have her loyalty are Nico and her <insert psychotic princess name>. Another positive quality that she has is her bravery. This, on the other hand, was something she acquired when she became rebellious. In fact, before she was a easily scared, so much so that she'd cling onto Nico of which he would then comfort her. Now it was completely different. Iza learned to face her fears -- though there was one fear she still dreaded to face till now: Nico's death.

      Vulgar & Cynical - Hanging around with the wrong bunch of people, Iza has picked up a bad habit or two. Being vulgar is one of them. Iza has no reservations when came to cussing and the likes. If she feels like saying 'fvck', she'll say 'fvck' and quite crisply as well. In the past, you wouldn't even hear her say the word 'damn' or call someone and 'idiot'. She thought it was too rude. But now, now she was practically a cussing machine gun when she was pissed. Iza's views in life have also been altered. Despite being the unloved child, Iza had such a colourful view in life. The girl was a former optimist. Now? Ha. You'd be lucky to hear her say anything positive. Iza has grown to be cynical and such is reflected by her views in life.

      Tough & Tomboyish - It goes without saying, when a girl get into activities such as street fighting and brawling with men that were probably older than them, the vast majority of people would view them as tomboyish. Iza was one of those girls. People who knew what kinds of things she got into after her parents left her under her uncle's care, saw her as another tomboy, another lesbian even. Iza scoffs and raises a middle finger to all these narrow minded people. Frankly speaking, Iza is no lesbian. She hates how people automatically assume she is such just because of how she looks and acts. Don't get her wrong, she doesn't hate homosexuals; she just hates how people are quick to judge. Iza was a tough girl. She's not one that was easy to break, both physically and emotionally. The pain she felt upon hearing that she was merely considered as a mistake by her parents; Iza believes that no pain could ever surpass that. All she had to do to get through an emotionally painful experience was to recall that evening, that conversation, that exact word.

      ▇▇HISTORY ▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇☆▇
      The Younger Zielinski
      Second child of Mina and Arthur Zielinski. Iza grew up rather unloved. They say that the youngest child was always the most spoiled, but Iza was living proof that this wasn't always true. Her older brother, Nico Zielinski, was born with a genetic defect. Nico was predicted to die at an early age. Their parents poured all their love and attention onto Nico; Iza felt abandoned. But she understood why they treated then unequally, and she didn't despise her parents nor Nico for it. In fact, Nico and her had were very close. The fact that they were only a year apart helped with them being able to related to each other.

      The relationship between Iza and her parents only took a turn for the worse when she overheard them talking about how she was a mistake. Iza was never planned, she wasn't even supposed to be conceived. A big accident. It was around this time that Nico began needing to visit the hospital on an almost daily basis only to have him permanently stay at the hospital for further close monitoring. Not having anyone to be there for her, Iza entered her rebellious phase. She started involving herself with the wrong type of people, getting into a gang, having street brawls. Iza claims that she does it on her own volition, but the truth was that she did it in hopes to catch her parents' attention. But she never did.

      At some point, Nico needed medical help that they country could not give to him. Without any hesitation, Mina and Arthur took Nico away and left Iza with the first relative they could think of: her uncle Lyle Zielinski. Now, her uncle lived in the bad side of town, the side where robbery was not uncommon. The harsh environment did nothing to put Iza out of her rebellious phase, but instead it made it worse. Her uncle didn't help either. Uncle Lyle didn't care was Iza did, just as long as she got back home in one piece. Lyle was a firm believer that children had to learn from their own mistakes -- perhaps that was why he didn't have a family of his own.

      The sweet and innocent Izabela was long gone, all that was left was a hard and toughened Iza.

      A Rebel Called Iza Zielinski
      Years later her parents contacted her uncle Lyle. In all the years since they left, they never once called to check up on her. Iza could only scoff at the news and threw a fit at what came after. Her parents wanted her to hop on a plane and return back under their care. She was about to refuse however when she found out it was on Nico's request, she found that she couldn't. And so she took the ticket provided by her parents, accompanied by Lyle, she flew to where they were. Once she got there, Lyle didn't bother to even greet his sibling and took the next plane back to Poland.

      Iza left it all behind. She was now a tabula rasa; a clean slate. It was the perfect opportunity to start a new, make a new name for herself. But Iza knew the past would come back to haunt her anyway, thus she kept her rebellious image. Nico was surprised to see how she'd changed since the last time he saw her. But he didn't judge nor prosecute her for it. Their parents on the other hand, was a completely different story. Even though Iza started being a rebel before they even left Poland, they were still very surprised to see what she had become. They were disgusted and at the same time ashamed. Iza didn't care what they thought though, she stopped caring since the day they left her to fend for herself -- even though technically she had Lyle to depend on.

      Having to start anew was never easy. The fact that she decided to keep her rebellious image only made it harder. No one at school wanted to be her friend. Many avoided her like the plague; many feared her. Only one person ever did dare to approach her, <psychotic princess name>. Since then, she's been her closest friend, apart from Nico that is.

      ▇▇OTHERS ▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇
      Polish - Iza is of pure Polish descent and lived in Poland for a great majority of her life. She only left the country when her parents called her uncle Lyle, whom she was left with, telling him to bring her to where they were (ooc: cause idk what country this whole thing takes place in).

      Fear - While most people are afraid of their own deaths, Iza isn't. Instead, she fears for someone else's death. Iza is afraid of Nico dying all of a sudden due to his genetic disorder. One could say that she feared being alone as Nico's death entails the loss of her only ally. But <insert psychotic princess' name>'s appearance has changed this. Now Iza merely fears for her brother, not loneliness or the likes of it.

      Sexuality - Heterosexual. Though Iza has never been in a relationship before -- which is something that isn't all too surprising -- she's always found herself attracted to people of the opposite sex. Unfortunately, guys tended to avoid her like the plague; they were mostly scared she'd beat them to a pulp, or were too concerned with what people would think if it was found that Iza was more manly that them. In short, her rebellious attitude scared them away. However, for the very reason that guys avoided her, girls were attracted to her. Iza has had her fair share of ladies trying to ask her out in hopes that she rolled that way. Too bad for them, she didn't. She'd never found herself attracted to the same gender. Sure she would occasionally voice out her thoughts on a girl, like how she thinks that the girl is pretty and/or beautiful, but it didn't mean she wanted to be with them. Admiration did not equal attraction.

      General Views & Opinions
      ◝★ Society - "They're all greedy and selfish in my opinion; and quite frankly, I hate them all -- except Nico, and <psychotic princess name>. Those two were the only ones that had my back."
      ◝★ Life - "You only live once, so make the most out of it; but don't be a fvcking idiot who uses that as an excuse to do whatever they want. That's just stupid. The world has enough idiots as it is."
      ◝★ Family - "They said that it's family that will always be there for you... lies. My parents were never there for me. My uncle was never there for me. Nico was the only family member that actually paid attention to me."

      Family Relationships
      ◝★ Mina & Arthur Zielinski (parents) - Despite all the bullsh!t they put her to, despite negative thing she says about them, despite all of that; deep down Iza still really loves her parents.
      ◝★ Nico Zielinski (older brother) - Closest friend and pretty much the only family member who likes her. Iza loves and cares for her brother deeply. He is one of the handful of people she actually trusts.
      ◝★ Lyle Zielinski (uncle; father's side) - Even though his method of discipline was... lacking, Iza is quite grateful for him. If Lyle wasn't around the current rebellious Iza wouldn't be around. She probably wouldn't have been left by her parents, would've realized sooner that being a rebel was not achieving what she wanted. Iza would've changed methods, perhaps tried becoming an overachiever to attain her parents' attention. Oh wait, that's actually better.

      ▇▇APPEARANCE ▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇☆▇
      Iza has black hair, a trait she's inherited from her father. She used to keep it long, or a least to a length past her shoulders, but ever since someone used it to their advantage at a brawl (they trapped her by pulling on it), she's kept it as short as possible. Not really one to be bothered with going to a hair salon, Iza cuts her own hair thus resulting it into becoming quite choppy and messy. Despite the mess it usually ends up in, Iza quite likes it. She's also taken to adding green highlights to them as well as dyeing the tips. They used to be of various colours, then she settled on red. However after getting reunited with Nico and seeing his green hair as well as finding out the humour behind it, Iza has changed her highlights from shades of red to shades of green. Similar to Nico, Iza has amber eyes; however, they're of a duller shade of amber causing people to confuse it as light brown. The occasional bruise here and there can be seen often signifying that she's gotten herself into another fist fight. Iza's clothes are mostly black; black tanks, black shirts, black jackets, black jeans. Though there's always the occasional red, blue and green. Never yellow, yellow seemed too cheerful for her. Skirts and dresses are also absent from her wardrobe. The only skirt she ever wears is her school uniform and even then she'd wear a pair of leggings underneath.

    • [​IMG]
      Age 19 x Gender Male x Role The Prankster

      Mischievous. Playful. Troublemaker.
      Ever since anyone could remember, Nico has been a mischievous. He is also quite playful. This combined
      with his mischievousness has made him into a troublemaker in the eyes of the adults, and a prankster to
      most of his peers (fellow hospital patients).

      Lonely. Envious. Fearful.
      Deep down Nico is really lonely. Despite having a sister who's a year younger than him called Iza, he
      still felt as if he was alone in the world. Iza didn't have a complication like he did and thus he envied her.
      While she was free to roam around, Nico was stuck inside the confines of the hospital for the great
      majority of his life. Nico loved Iza greatly, but he knew that she would never understand what he was
      going through. He fears for greatly his life as he knows it is expected of him to die around his teens.

      Video games. Comic books. Adventure. Fun activities. Making memories.

      Kill joys. Rules. Spoiled brats. People who tell him what to do. Hospitals. Doctors.

      Video games. Annoying others. Having fun in general.

      A Genetic Disorder
      Since birth, Nico has been diagnosed with a genetic disorder. Doctors predicted for him to die during his
      teenage years yet he is still alive at the age of 19. Doctors say it is a miracle but it scares Nico the most
      as he knows he may die at any moment because of this. This is also the reason why his parents let him
      do almost whatever he wishes to do without any severe consequences.

      Green Hair
      Nico dyed his hair green, because: 1) why not?; 2) it's his favorite color and; 3) he thought it'd be pretty
      funny considering his surname. His original hair color was light brown like his mom's.

    • xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Username: darkflames13 | Lyrics: Burn - Three Days Grace
      I'll tell you now you can't win this ╍╍❞. ■■■ ■ You're way too slow
      ⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯ ⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯ ⋯⋯ i'll tell you now ❖ i'm gonna take this

      ▌Basic Information
      Name: Gareth Himura ( past name: Shin Himura )
      Age: 23 years old
      Gender: Male
      Birthmark & Location: Ryujin; Chest ( left side )

      **⚊ I'll let it show that I'm not always [ hiding ]xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

      ▌Historical Past & Partner
      ` The Shadow of A Farce
      Born as the second son in their generation of the Himura clan, Shin was hardly ever recognized by his family. They all gave attention to the eldest son, his older brother, Minato. When Shin was younger, he aspired to be like Minato. The praises about Minato which he always heard from his parents was enough to implant into him the idea that Minato was the perfect son he should be striving for. His family never let him leave the grounds, yet he had no qualms about it. Shin never questioned, he only obeyed hoping to one day be their ideal child. But as Shin grew up, he learned quickly that the perfect son they highly emphasized around him was nothing more than a farce. Minato wasn't strong as they said, he could hardly lift a rock; he wasn't intelligent either, in fact it took Shin years to figure out that the studies that they've been making him do were Minato's studies. It baffled him the Himura clan went through all the efforts to make the eldest son shine. And then it hit him, to them the eldest was what mattered. That was the mentality they had. There was nothing Shin could do about it.

      At some point, all the lies were finally unraveled. A snooping neighbor found out about Shin and from there it
      all comes out. Minato was exposed as a good for nothing and Shin was then known as the real bright child.
      For a while, Shin thought that it was now his time to shine; his turn in the limelight, to be the ideal child. But
      he was wrong. They did what he expected least of them to do: kick him out. With no where else to go and
      no knowledge of the world outside the confines of their estate, Shin wandered about aimlessly. That was
      when he met her.

      ` < Partner Name >
      //cough; message me?

      ` A Thirst That Cannot Be Quenched
      It was an accident, really it was. But it was that one accident which triggered it all. As Shin was heading back from visiting <partner name>, a group of people suddenly launched an ambush attack on him. Shin didn't know why they targeted him and what exactly happened, all he knows is that at the end of it his clothes were completely soiled in blood; blood that wasn't his. Even his skin was tainted with the iron scented liquid. His attackers lied in a bloody pile. Shin couldn't help but stare at the blood pooling on the ground underneath them. It was like he was hypnotized by the red liquid. For about half a minute, he merely stood there, staring at the bloody mess in front of him. An odd feeling of satisfaction bloated inside him. When he finally snapped out of his morbid little fantasy world, Shin ran home immediately and cleaned himself up. Thankfully everyone of his family members were away on some prestigious event--they made it a point that he wasn't invited, another thing that Shin doesn't know the reason to.

      The weeks following the attack were hard for him. Shin was anxious. Not because he was afraid of being caught--or at least it was part of it. However the main reason for his anxiety was this nagging craving he had for something. He didn't know what it was he was craving for... but that was a lie. Shin knew exactly what he wanted: blood. Naturally, Shin denied himself of it. It was morally wrong for him to wish for blood. The craving grew stronger and stronger. Shin started fearing himself. He was starting to believe that he might start killing off people to satisfy his craving to see blood. Every time he would hear whispers on the street about someone dying in the area, Shin tenses up and wonders if he unconsciously did it.

      ` War; The Bloody Heaven
      - A few months later war broke out
      - people saw hell but Shin saw a bloody heaven
      - no longer able to resist the urge, he joined the slaughter
      - and something.

      ▌Reincarnated Life
      ` From Blessing to Heartache
      - Papa was merely on a business trip away from his wife, meanwhile mama was single
      - Mama turned out to be the business partner Papa was meeting. business mixed with pleasure
      - after a month's stay, Papa left, soon after signs of being pregnant showed in Mama
      - Mama tried contacting Papa but he was not responding and thus she gave up trying to reach him
      - 9 months later Gareth was born; Mama chose a foreign name as a reminder that he had a foreign father (as if the hair wasn't enough of a give away)
      - Initially Mama was displeased with this, but as soon as she saw the child that was born she was happy
      - though the birthmark on his left chest did disturb her quite a bit
      - but she ignored it thinking it was just a very oddly shaped birthmark... that looked like a dragon
      - word of a child with an odd shaped birthmark floated about town
      - a few weeks later after some scientists take him away
      - Mama protested but there was nothing she could do
      - they explained how the child could potentially be dangerous and thus Mama had no choice
      - Thus she gave him up

      ` Let Me Live My Life
      - Gareth grew up not knowing his parents, no one told him about them and thus he's gone under the assumption that they didn't want him
      - blah blah

      ** Come all the way down And watch me [ burn ]xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

      ` Local Cafe Waiter
      Thanks to some scientists turning him and some other guys into lab rats, finding a job for Gareth was difficult. He had no degree whatsoever, not even a high school diploma. There was no 'proper' job he could take. And thus, when he was actually hired, Gareth was both extremely thankful and surprised. Thankful that he was able to land a job that would actually help feed him, the salary wasn't huge but it was sufficient to keep him living. The fact that he was hired or even considered for the job at all was surprising enough for him. However, while he may be grateful for getting hired, Gareth absolutely despises his job. He's not a big people person, yet another reason why he's so surprised at landing that job. People to him are an annoyance to him, but it mainly stems from jealousy towards them. He was jealous of them being able to have lived normal lives. Gareth has learned quickly to bite his tongue while working. He couldn't afford to lose the job; there was no certainty that he would ever find another.

      **⚊ I won't let it show that I'm not always [ flying ]xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

      ` Appearance
      Gareth has managed to inherit his father's red hair making his mother a hundred percent certain of the identity of his father. He keeps his hair short but not too short. The length at which he maintains it at is what he considers to be "perfect". Due to being stubborn and not wanting for people to mess it up, Gareth makes it a point to trim his own hair. His eyes are of a dark brown colour, but Gareth often argues and says they're more of a burnt sienna. With a height of 6'3 ft, Gareth is quite tall thanks to his foreign father's genes. He has an oddly shaped birthmark ( Ryujin ) on the left side of his chest just where the heart is believed to be.

      In the past, back when he was still living as Shin Himura, he had black hair that reaches just up to the bottom of his neck. His eyes were the same shade of brown--burnt sienna--as they are now. When his power as the Dragon God was awakened however, his eyes turned into a shade closer to that of crimson blood. Back then, he wasn't as tall as his present self, standing only at a height of approximately 5'9 ft. However, his past self was certainly more muscular due to the chores they ordered him to do in his brother's stead.

      ` Something

      ` Half-Canadian
      His father is a foreigner. wip

      **⚊ So on the way down I'll watch you [ burn ]xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • [​IMG]
      ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ❰ . Caroline Esmée de Veen !! ❱ ▬▬
      face claimZazoe van Lieshout  ;  role∶ The Mistress  ;  themeHurricane - Halsey
      Carol - derived from Caroline
      Devil - a play around her surname
      Age 23 years old
      Date of Birth November 2 (Scorpio)
      Ethnicity Dutch
      Sex Female
      Orientation Heterosexual


            Unrelenting & Sadistic
      Many 'colourful' words can be used to describe Caroline, but among these, unrelenting and sadistic topped the list. Caroline isn't one to back down from a challenge, no matter how unfavourable the odds are. She's a fighter, not a quitter. Her opinions are also one that isn't easily swayed. Convincing her to change her mind about something was like trying to plead mercy from a carnivorous dinosaur that was starving. Very few people can manage to sway her opinions and decisions. One of such people would be her dearest friend and business partner, André.

      As for her sadism, it isn't the common one wherein people find pleasure in the physical pain of others; Caroline's is much more elegant (in her opinion). Physical pain only makes her cringe, emotional pain however was one she loved to see. The sight of a person struggling with their emotions, be it sadness, anger, or fear, Caroline loved the sight of it. Thankfully, this factoid about her could easily be hidden from the club's clients. It wasn't exactly something that she wanted for people to know. Who'd want to go to a club after finding out that it's owner was someone so twisted up inside? There were probably some, but Caroline doubted that the numbers would be many. As it stood, the club was already not quite as popular as she anticipated; loosing more customers was the last thing she wanted to happen. However, this doesn't mean that there aren't those that are aware of her sadistic ways. The hosts of the Lonely Hearts Club are all aware of how sadistic and cruel she could be. And why wouldn't they be? The dearest marionette of their club was her number one victim after all! She doesn't mind letting her employees know. In fact, she finds it better that they're aware of how she is. They know what they're getting into, so they can't exactly blame her for not telling them because she did--albeit not directly. Regardless, they were still informed. She isn't afraid of them knowing and blabbering to the clients about it, for one, she displayed good behaviour around others, so much so that she was confident they wouldn't believe what her hosts are saying about her. And second, she knew that they needed her more than she needed them... or at least, that's what she lets on. Truthfully she needed them just as much as they needed her--or rather, her employment. Of course, she would never reveal this fact to them. If she does, she fears that she'll loose her hold on the boys.

      There was also the fact that Caroline is known to be a very ruthless person. Anyone who does her wrong gets punished one way or another; this holds true most especially for anyone working under her. Incompetence was something she didn't tolerate. Crossing her may just be the worst move a person could make. She was definitely one to hold grudges against others. Caroline may not be able to exact her revenge on someone immediately, but she vows to one day; even if the person who did her wrong lived on the complete opposite side of the world. Needless to say, if any one of the boys were to step out of line and do something that would affect her negatively then they can be ensured that a punishment would be awaiting them.

           ✦ Observant & Manipulative
      Caroline has a keen eye for even the tiniest of details. She good at reading people, find out what their ticks were and whatnot; what they feared and what they desired. Naturally, it takes a while to gather her information. She isn't a mind reader after all, it's not like she knew magic that would allow her to peer into the mind of others instantly. It takes time and the time of which varies from person to person. A very open person is one that was very easy for her to read and may even take only a five minute conversation if they were naïve enough. For the more secretive and introverted type, it takes longer. It can take from an hour long conversation, to months of constant communication for her to gather the information she desired.

      These things that she learned from people through her observations are tucked away for when she needs it. What would she need it for? Why, none other than blackmail of course! This is where her manipulative ways come into play. Whatever information she learns, she'll use it to make people bend to her will. Her manipulation isn't completely limited to her blackmailing people with information she's gathered. Sometimes--or rather, most of the times--she manipulates people on an emotional level. Caroline toys around with their emotions, be it by riling them up with anger, sympathizing with them, or ever flirting and seducing; Caroline controls them emotionally. People don't often realise her doing it until it's already too late and she's already managed to trick them into doing her bidding. There are, however, fools who never seem to realise that they've been played even long after she's used them. Those people never ceased to amaze her. She couldn't tell if they were complete dunces or she's simply that good at the art of manipulation.

            ✦ Independent & Self-Confident
      Insecure is the one thing that people will never describe Caroline as. She's far too confident in her own skin to ever be considered as insecure. While Caroline knows that she isn't the prettiest girl in the planet, she knows that she's still beautiful. Others would beg to differ but she simply doesn't care for their opinions. What matters most to her is what she thinks of herself. As long as she's happy with her own appearance then fuck whatever others think. She doesn't need anyone else to know that she's beautiful. Her self-confidence doesn't only apply to her physical appearance though, it also applies to every thing else about her. She's confident in her own abilities. Again, Caroline knows that she's not the perfect human being, she's not good at everything; but she knows that there are some things that she is certainly good at and she fully intends to use her skills to her advantage. Quite obviously, Caroline is not one to put herself down, especially not for a compliment unlike what some other girls do. Truthfully, she doesn't see the logic that people have when they're fishing for compliments, regardless of their gender. Caroline finds it too pitiful that people have to resort to pity to get a compliment. Needless to say, she isn't one to deny a compliment to thrown at her. In fact, when she is complimented, Caroline would often throw one back out of courtesy--that is under the circumstance of there being something she can actually compliment the person for. Otherwise she would merely express gratitude at the compliment and try her best to not blurt out anything offending.

      Caroline's self-confidence has helped her become an independent person. Although Caroline manipulates people to do her bidding, it doesn't imply that she's a dependent person. She can easily do what she asks others to do for her, it's simply that she doesn't see why she needs to dirty her hands if there's someone around who's willing to dirty their own for her. Caroline sees it as simply using her resources to her advantage and not dependency. The fact that she's managed to live and even travel to different countries alone, shows just how much she can take care of herself on her own. She's definitely not some weak fragile girl who needs crutches.

      BIOGRAPHY  ❭❭
      Note: Everything is subject to change til players have been determined.
      Caroline was born and raised in Amsterdam. Her parents separated shortly after she was born, father had apparently been cheating on her mother. Custody of her was given to her mother and thus he grew under the care of the de Veens, her mother's family. One would expect that Caroline wouldn't have any troubles whatsoever being so fortunate to have been born into such a wealthy family such as the de Veens. The truth was far from it. Caroline wasn't handed everything she wanted; no, she had to earn everything. She worked hard as a child, studying and studying to get her grades up and get rewarded with what she wanted. Caroline was slightly bitter at her mother for making her work her ass off to get what she wanted, but as she grew older, she realised why her mother enforced such a strict upbringing and became thankful of her. If she wasn't a strict mother to her, then Caroline would've ended up turning into a spoiled rich brat who knew nothing but to ask for money.

      Some time during her high school years, Caroline was defeated from her spot at the top rank of her year level. It cost her a bag that she was planning to ask for as a reward for coming out top yet again. While it irked Caroline, she eventually brushed it aside and focused on reclaiming the top spot. Each time she tried however, she failed, coming ever so close to her rival but not surpassing. Frustration was building up inside her but this momentarily subsided when she learned how her rival had been managing to trump her. He was cheating. And it was working. Instead of being even more mad than she already was, the gears in her mind instead went to work. An idea came to mind. This was when her manipulative ways started. Caroline managed to sweet talk her way back to the top. She knew that it should've felt dirty, but it didn't. Caroline enjoyed the manipulation and came to the conclusion that it was the best way to get things done. She didn't even have to lift a finger.

      College soon came. Caroline was diligent as ever, but at the same time she was also as cunning as ever. She's managed to make people do the little things that she didn't want to bother with, such as writing out reflection paper essays. At some point during her college life, an interest in traveling was suddenly sparked inside her. She blames the brochures that her roommate kept leaving around their room. One particular pamphlet caught her eye. On its covers were the beautiful beaches of Hawaii. Caroline found it remarkable, so remarkable that she had the sudden urge to go there. She told her mother about this. As per usual, her mother have her a condition: graduate with top honours and she'll pay for her travel fees. Grandfather, who they had been visiting at the time, overhead this and added more into the pot. He offered pay for one more trip extra if she does indeed manage to fulfill her mother's condition. Determined, Caroline did what she can to ensure she got the top rank. It wasn't a clean way up though. She may have manipulated one or two people to give herself an advantage. In any case, she graduated top and thus fulfilled her mother's condition.

      So off to Hawaii she went. Caroline had no idea where she wanted to spend the next part of her trip, the one that was to be paid by her grandfather, but she figured that she'll figure it out while she was in Hawaii. During her little vacation trip to the tropical island, Caroline learned about hostess clubs. Not particularly interested in the same gender, Caroline nearly brushed off the idea when she heard about the existence of a male variation of the same concept. Curious, and partially looking to enjoy her vacation and have fun, Caroline paid the host club a visit. She saw the potential of making a business out of the idea back in Amsterdam. Deciding she wanted to do more research first before jumping the gun and starting a business knowing hardly anything, Caroline made the decision to spend the next part of her vacation in the place where the concept had originated from: Japan.

      She stayed in Japan for a while, doing research on host clubs all the while treating herself to some fun. Caroline would've stayed longer but news of her mother's death reached her and she immediately rushed back to Amsterdam. It took a week of mourning before she managed to get her head back in the game. She wanted to conduct more research and go back to Japan, but she had no money of her own and she was fairly certain that grandfather wasn't just going to hand her the money that she needed. Instead, she decided to work. Through grandfather's connections, Caroline managed to land herself a job at a modelling agency as a manager--not a model. That was when she met Andre. She got to know him and it felt like he understood her dearly. She pitched the idea of establishing a host club to him and he responded rather positively. This helped fueled the determination inside her. Eventually, she managed to save up enough money to take another trip to Japan. She went back and did more research. Caroline observed the host clubs and of course, partook in some of the fun herself.

      Everything was going great when all of a sudden her grandfather dies. It was as if her traveling had been cursed. Caroline had only come back from Japan for a day when the old man died and left all the de Veen oney in her name. Yet another week of mourning came to Caroline. Just like before, she was unable to do anything until after one week. She soon realised that with the de Veen money, she could easily start up the host club. But if she was going to do this she needed some form of support. Despite being an independent and self-confident woman, running such a business was simply something she knew was out of her forte and thus made her worried. She needed a partner to ease her nerves and she knew exactly the person who she could turn to: Andre

      And so she contacts him, offering a partnership. Like before his response was positive. Caroline quit her job at the modelling agency, and soon, the Lonely Hearts Club was born.


            The Chaperone - André Prodanović

           ✦ The Marionette - Name

           ✦ The Gentleman - Lorenzo Valentine Adalardi

           ✦ The Debauchee - Name

           ✦ The Sponsor - Name

           ✦ The Journalist - Name

      Hair Red
      Eyes Brown
      Height 5'7
           ✦ Appearance
      Caroline has a head full of natural red hair cut in a layered style. The longest layer of hair reaches just a bit above her waist. They have a natural wave to them but Caroline would sometimes straighten them out, other times she would add more waves but she never goes full curls. The way she styles is mostly dependent on her mood and the occasion. Normally, she keeps her hair loose, especially when she decided to straighten them out. It is only during events when Caroline would put more effort into her hair and actually fix and style it up. Usually she ends up with a simple half-updo, sometimes she simply ends up putting her hair in a high ponytail. Caroline isn't fond of wearing her tresses in a full updo, the feel of her nape being bare and shown puts her off ease. She will only wear her hair in a full updo when the need for it arises.

      Her eyes are chocolate brown, not exactly the most exciting thing about her but still something that was worth noting. Because of her eye and hair colour, Caroline mostly wears makeup of natural tones. Once did she try going for a rosy spring look, she immediately washed it off after; she found that it didn't exactly suit her. Caroline is fond of dark berry lip looks and can also be seen wearing them. She found that such looks suited her just fine. Bright red lipstick was once something she completely avoided, afraid that when combined with her hair, it'd make her look a tad bit too red. She tried it once and ended up liking the look and thus used it every now and then.

      She stands at a height of approximately 5'7 ft. This however, can be bumped up to 5'10 thanks to her heeled shoes which are usually around two to three inches tall. Caroline refuses to wear shoes any taller than that. She may acknowledge their beauty and enhance her look, but she also knows that they are hell to walk in. Caroline isn't one to sacrifice herself to look good. Practical yet beautiful was more of her style.

           ✦ Alcohol
      Caroline loves drinking, but this doesn't mean that she has a drinking problem. She knows when to stop and makes sure to do so before she gets too drunk, which rarely happens anyway considering that her alcohol tolerance is quite high. This, however, doesn't mean that she immediately chooses a strong drink. On the contrary, Caroline veers away from drinks with high alcohol by volume (abv) unless she was celebrating or attending a social gathering. Although she likes alcoholic drinks in general, she loathes beer and calls it a disgrace. Caroline has no qualms about drinking midday or even upon waking; "let them drink when they want to, why conform to what society dictates" is what she would say. Despite this, Caroline only drinks during the evenings. She's a daily drinker but often times only drinks a glass of alcohol. Usually it's just red wine, sometimes white wine; nothing too strong. Even when she's had a horrible day, Caroline sticks to her routine and refrains from drinking something with a high abv. She doesn't support the act of drowning's ones misery and problems in alcohol. To her it doesn't solve anything. Drink to celebrate, not to drown one's sorrows.

           ✦ Wine Enthusiast
      Amongst all the alcoholic drinks out there, Caroline's favourite would have to be wine. It has low abv which makes it the perfect drink in her opinion; plus, she absolutely adored the spectrum of flavours that come with the many types of wine. Between red and white, Caroline has a personal preference of red wine. At least once every now and then, Caroline likes to go wine tasting. Often times she's invited to such events and each year the invites grow in number as she gains new connections when attending wine tasting events. With that said, the Lonely Hearts Club's mistress certainly knows her wine. Caroline's wine preference veers off the sweet variety and more towards those that are tarty and dry. Among the red wines, she appreciates Merlots the most. She finds them to be quite underrated and the fact that is relatively cheap as compared to another popular wine in America, the Cabernet Sauvignon, only makes Caroline like it even more. So what if it was cheaper? She loved the taste and that was all that mattered to her. Sangiovese comes in second for her red wine of choice. Meanwhile, among the white wines, she enjoys a good Vermentino the most.

           ✦ Pet Peeves
      01. Serving wine using the wrong glass.
          "Try to serve me red wine in a champagne flute and I will slit your throat."
      02. Incorrect hold of a wine glass.
          "No, you imbecile. You don't hold a flute as if it were a goblet, you hold it by the stem!"
      03. When men can't take a hint.
          "I swear to God, André, if he doesn't stop flirting with me I will castrate him."
      04. Being called drunk when she's clearly not.

          "Not yet. Come back after I've drunk about twenty more glasses."
      05. When people try to buy her a beer. A beer.
          "Get that repulsive thing out of my sight before I pour it over your head."

    • ▃▃ Cameron Manocheo as ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃
      19 years old Male The Prep ▃▃

      ◖ ➴PERSONALITY ✯❞ ◗
      A Model Student ...
      Theo is what most people would consider to be a model student. Studious, polite, conservative; basically the child every (sane) parent dreams of having. He rarely disobeys his parents and does everything he could to make them happy. For Theo, as long as his parents are happy then he's happy; and from what he's observed his parents are happiest when they Theo does something for them to be proud of. His strict upbringing may have also played factor into why he turned out as such. but Theo doesn't mind his parent's strictness. He never did and he doesn't see why he should start now, especially considering how he turned out into such a good child, which he knows cause of all the praise he receives, not just from his parents but from adults in general.

      ... yet Judgemental
      However, he isn't perfect as adults make him out to be; far from it actually. One of his major flaws is that he is one who is quick to judge, quick to assume. He is so used to being correct due to his intellect that he sometimes fails to see things from a different angle. 'To see is to believe' Unless there was evidence to prove otherwise, Theo will continue to view a person with the brand that he's come up with for them. Needless to say, Theo can be quite the narrow minded person, just like his parents are--the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. But his politeness makes it so that people aren't aware of this side of him. It would be rude of him to verbally state what he thinks of a person right to their face due to his opinion of them often being ... well, quite low.

      • • • You won't find faith or hope down a telescope • • •

      ◖ ➴BIOGRAPHY ✯❞ ◗
      "I may not be a Wolfe by blood, but I still carry the family name and I do not intend to tarnish it."

      To say that Theo grew up under a household with strict upbringing was an understatement. His parents, Christopher Caine Wolfe and Tara Wolfe, had always been strict even before Theo entered the picture. Tristan Wolfe, his older brother, knew this very well. Expected to excel, Tristan grew up pressure to meet said expectations. Failure was not an option for him. Once during grade school, Tristan failed an exam, and for it he got a huge verbal backlash from both parents. Since then Tristan did everything he could to prevent that from happening again. Thus, he excelled academically.

      Theo was six years old when he was adopted into the Wolfe family. It was during that time that Tristan entered high school. Theo may have not been a Wolfe by blood, but he was by name and as such Christian and Tara didn't spare him from their strictness. Afraid that they'll toss him back into the orphanage, Theo did everything he could to garner their acceptance. He did his best to become like their 'perfect' son Tristan. But he knew, he was never going to become like him. No matter what he did, Theo never received their parent's praises. For an kid who was merely in grade school, it felt like a huge rejection. That didn't stop him though.

      Four years later, just as Tristan was about to take his college entrance exams, he finally snapped. The pressure and expectations set by Christian and Tara became too much for him already. And so, Tristan rebelled. Ten year old Theo couldn't do anything but watch as Tristan was almost disowned by their parents. The son that Christian and Tara were so proud of was gone. His older brother had finally snapped and with a stoic look on his face, told their parents that he didn't want to go to college, he didn't want to become a doctor like they wanted him to be; Tristan's dream was far from it. He wanted to be a professional skater. Christian and Tara were appalled of course. They tried to 'fix' Tristan by keeping him on house lock down. He was to go to school and go home immediately. But Tristan didn't obey. He threatened to leave home. Theo thought that was it, Tristan won. He was happy for his older brother and a part of him felt inspired by him. Ten year old Theo contemplated on slacking off a bit (as compared to before) with his studies to give him time for hobbies he wished to pursue.

      How foolish of him to think of that. While the couple were in shock at their only blood related son's outburst, they were ruthless and said "Fine." They were daring Tristan to leave. Theo couldn't understand why they would do that. Did they not love him? Or were they that too prideful? Theo didn't understand. Confused, scared and in shock; Theo watched as his brother's jaw slackened and his frown softened and contorted into that of confusion. It was evident that Tristan was just as surprised and confused as Theo. The expression however, did not last for more than a second on his face. His mind was made up, Theo could tell by the way he clenched his jaw after. His hazel eyes watched as his older brother spat out the response he wished not to hear. "Fine" And then... he left, just like that.

      Since then the spotlight has moved onto their only son left, Theo. The pressure that was once cast upon Tristan was transferred onto him.

      When the time for Theo's match to be announced finally came, both parents were both excited to see what intelligent beauty they found for him. Meanwhile all Theo could think about was college. He was afraid this whole energy supplier and receiver thing that has been developed for a long time now, was going to cut in with his study time. A few years ago he wouldn't have mind, but now that his parents were putting more pressure on him to excel, as well as the fact that college was nothing like high school, time became more precious to him than ever before. As if his fear was realized, his match ended up residing quite a distance from his place. To make things more convenient for Theo, his parents decided to move their family closer.

      Unfortunately for the Wolfes, the girl was far from what they expected. They didn't approve of her and even started to make plans on going back to their previous place, but due to their old place actually getting sold to a different family almost as soon as they left, the Wolfes couldn't go back. Buying out a new place was just out of their budget.

      Theo gave the girl a change though. He figured he might as well try to find what rationale led them to pair him with her--if there even was one. Some people believed the pairing was completely random, Theo was never a firm believer of it but now he was starting to find the idea quite appealing as it explained why he was paired with her of all people. Through the time they spent together, Theo got know the party girl more and his opinion of her slowly changed.

      • • • You won't find heart and soul in the stars • • •

      ◖ ➴RELATIONSHIPS ✯❞ ◗
      Party Girl
      The person he was paired with. When they found out who Theo was paired with, his parents were mad. It was evident that they didn't approve of he, not with her ... eccentric and colourful lifestyle? That was the only way that Theo could describe it without sounding too harsh. His parents thought she didn't deserve Theo, and quite frankly Theo thought the same. But his opinion of her soon changed. Over the time they spent together, Theo's opinion of her changed. He became more tolerant of the girl. In fact, he even began to see potential in her; if only she would change her ways. He still does agree with his parents though; Theo doesn't believe that they are a right match, that the people in charge of the pairs messed up. However, he may not be romantically attracted to the girl, but he still considered her a friend (much to his parents' chagrin) and as such is protective of her to some degree.

      Devout Christian
      The girl has piqued his interest. Being someone new to the neighbourhood, He barely knows anything about her. Despite this, he finds himself drawn to her presence. Theo is fixated on this girl. He wants to know everything he could about her. The prep doesn't know why he's so interested in her. His hypothesis that it's cause the way she carries herself; she seemed to be his 'type of girl'. But he also thinks that it could just very well be his parents' brainwashing taking into effect, magnetizing him towards those people he believes they would approve of to be with him.

      Reckless Punk
      Theo doesn't really know him being the new kid and what not, but he has head stories and rumours. One of the rumours involved his pair, the party girl; unpleasnt rumours. Mostly he's heard that they're what they call 'friends with benefits.' Theo felt repulsed at the thought and made quick judgement of both the party girl and the reckless punk--one of the main reasons why he had an unpleasant initial opinion of her. But after getting to know the girl a bit more, Theo doesn't really know what to think of the rumours. A theory of his is that the reckless punk is threatening the party girl; she does kind of stay away from the punk after all.

      • • • You can break everything down to chemicals • • •

      ◖ ➴MISCELLANEOUS ✯❞ ◗
      Theo is inlove with it. Ever since he started school and encountered the subject, Theo has found himself to focus more on it above all of his subjects during his study time. He's aware that he shouldn't be focusing so much on one subject alone, but he can't help himself; science as a whole was simply so mystifying and intriguing for him. Among the many branches of science, Theo adores chemistry the most and excels in the subject. He dreams of taking up Forensics one day, but this dream has been squashed as his parents are adamant that he take up medicine and become a doctor.

      He may not look like a skater guy, but Theo knows a trick or two on the board. It was something that he learned from Tristan. Tristan started skateboarding just a year before Theo was adopted into the family. As a quick learner, Tristan immediately picked up how to skateboard and by the time that Theo entered the family, he was already quite adept at it. When Christian and Tara found out, they immediately forbade him from skateboarding believing that it was bad for the image. Now Tristan would've normally obeyed, but there was something about the board that made him dissuade his parents' wishes and continued.

      Having an amicable relationship with his younger brother, it wasn't uncommon for Tristan to bring Theo along when he went out skateboarding. Theo thought it was cool, the tricks that Tristan did, and so he asked his older brother to teach him how to skate. Tristan happily complied. Every Saturday morning when their mom went out for groceries and dad went to the office for work (Christian worked from Tuesday to Saturday), the Wolfe brothers would go out and skate. It was their little secret.

      At least until before their parents began exerting more pressure onto Tristan and his academics. The start of his preparations for college entrance exams marked the end of their little skating trips. Theo understood, he wasn't needy. He waited for Tristan's exams to be over, so their little skateboarding sessions could resume. But it never happened. Tristan finally snapped and left home. Since then Theo hasn't touched a skateboard, much less ride one. It's been so long that at some point he forgot he even knew how to skate. In fact, he only remember when he found his old skateboard as he was packing his things for the move. Theo brought the thing along with him, for sentimental reasons, but he was fairly certain he wasn't going to be using it.

      Ever since Tristan left Theo found himself unable to skateboard any more. Sentimental reasons? Perhaps. In any case, he knew he needed a new hobby to keep his body moving. Studying his textbooks and reviewing his notes obviously didn't offer a lot of movement, being confined in a chair and whatnot. It made him feel sluggish and Theo didn't like it one bit. And so he took up a sport: soccer. Why soccer in particular? Well, for one he wasn't really fond of basketball so that strikes it out of the list. Second... well, soccer seemed quite appealing. Theo tried it out and he instantly found himself liking it more than he anticipated.

      Bunnies & Hound
      Out of all the animals in the world, Theo's favourite would have to be bunnies. He just has a soft spot for the adorable 'ball of fluff' as he so eloquently likes to refer to them. Theo always wanted a pet bunny, but since his older brother had already gotten a dog even before he came into the picture, his parents no longer felt the need to give Theo a pet of his own. One pet in the household was all they said each time he asked for a bunny. When Tristan left home, he also left his dog behind. He also left a note for Theo asking him to take care of Hound for him. There really wasn't much of an option for the brunette. Theo certainly didn't want to leave Hound off at the pound, that would just be cold of him to do. So, instead he did as his brother asked. He took care of Hound and treated him as his own pet.

      Theo is ambidextrous, not that he always was. One day he just decided he wanted to be able to write with his right hand as well as his left so he trained himself to write with his right. Though his he could write quite legibly with his right, his left-hand handwriting still looked neater and better. Despite being left-handed, Theo likes to use his right hand. For one, it was more convenient as most objects were designed for right-handed people and hardly have any left-handed counterparts.

      Hair Colour: Brown | Eye Colour: Hazel
      It is quite unmistakable that Theo is an adopted child. For one, neither of his parents had brown hair like he did. Christian haf dark blonde while Tara had jet black hair. He also didn't have any of the couple's eye colour. Theo's eyes were hazel eyes, unlike Christian who had a nice shade of cornflower blue eyes and Tara who had emerald green eyes.

      Theo had always been quite tall. At some point he reached the same height as his older brother. Now at the age of nineteen, he stands at 6'. Some people have remarked that he would make a lovely model with such a height, his weight wouldn't have been an issue as well as Theo was far from fat. Plus, he had the looks to pull it off. But Theo obviously has no intent nor interest whatsoever in becoming a model. He was once approached by a modelling agent and he immediately rejected the offer.

      • • • But you can't explain a love like ours • • •

      〈〈 Ooh, It's the way we feel ⋯ ✧ ⋯ yeah this is real !! ❜❜ 〉〉

    • Char idea

    • Ehhhh... I'll think about it.

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  15. Blue Steel #545768 ; Ink #210103 ; Green #083230 ; Silver #D2D2D2 ; Brown #604846

    Roleplay : Hogwarts; New Generation

    { A U R E O L E  ♛  S C R I V E N }
    pronounced as AWR-ee-ol  ✩  age 18 years old  ✩  dob March 5  ✩  gender Female

    Oreo - a nickname made by one of her muggle friends after finding great difficultly in pronouncing her name. The nickname suits her well considering how much Aureole loves oreo cookies.

    Rio / Reo - diminutives of Aureole. A popular nickname that people who find difficulty in pronouncing her name call her by.

    Gold - derived from first letters of her name, AU which is the symbol for gold in the periodic table.
    Slytherin's Golden Girl - a name resulting from how often people compare her to Hermione Granger. 'She's like the Slytherin version of Hermione.' is what she would often hear. Aureole has heard it so many times now that she's sick of it. Personally she does not think of herself as a Slytherin Hermione. For one, she's into quidditch; second, she doesn't have bushy brown hair; and third, she's not a huge bookworm, she just likes to be informed. But then, that isn't the only reason for the nickname. Her hair colour as well as the first two letters of her name are to blame as well.

    Goldilocks - nickname developed by her muggle friends due to her blonde hair; though she find it odd that they call her that considering her hair is never in curls.

    Airy-oil - an insulting nickname that some of her peers call her as in reference to how McGonagall called her during the Sorting Ceremony back in their first year. Only people of her year would understand this nickname unless one of them shared the story with any of the younger years.

    house  Slytherin
    year  7th year

    species  Witch
    blood status  Muggle-born


    "Ar..? Airy-oil...?" Several students started giggling, some tried to stifle them while others openly laughed. The headmistress threw them all a look that demanded they stop laughing at once. While this was enough to stop the majority, some still continued albeit still trying their best to stifle their laughs.

    The blonde girl quietly sighed and stepped forward. She already knew, just from how her name had been butchered, that it was her being called. Not many knew from a glance how to say her name, even she found difficulty in reading and spelling it during her earlier years; not so much in the pronunciation as it was what she learned first rather than how it was spelt. And besides, she was fairly confident she was the only Scriven around. The eleven year old was already standing before the rest of those in line before her name could, finally, be properly pronounced "Aureole! Aureole Scriven!" The headmistress shot her an apologetic look and looked like she was about say an apology when Aureole smiled and waved her hand in front of her. "No worries, I'm already used to it." She dismissed the matter and perched herself onto the stool. Seconds later, the hat was placed on her head and she soon heard its voice.

    "Ah. What's this? A muggle-born eh?" Aureole couldn't help but snort. "You sound like that's such a bad thing." The hat must've been amused by her reaction as she felt it chuckle.

    "Hey watch it! Any more chuckling and you might mess up my hair." At this, the hat exploded into laughter.

    "Quite an interesting specimen we have here. Where to put you though... You seem apt for Ravenclaw, definitely not Gryffindor"

    "I'm not idiotic enough to be a Gryffindor"

    She felt the hat move just a bit, as if it was shaking it's non-existent head. "My dear, Gryffindor isn't a house of idiots. You know, the bri--"

    Aureole already knew what it was going to say next and finished his sentence for him. "The brightest witch of her age, Hermione Granger, was sorted in Gryffindor. Yes yes. I know that already. Still, you can't deny that the majority of their lot have been stupidly brave."

    Again, the sorting hat was amused. "My my. I didn't think a muggle-born witch would know that." She shrugged in response. "Hogwarts, A History. I've been reading it on the way here."

    "Even more reason to place you in Ravenclaw." Seeing no fault in being sorted in the house known for their intellect, Aureole shrugged once more. "Up to you."

    "Raven-!" The hat was about to announce Ravenclaw, but suddenly stoped. "Wait... hang on a moment. Hmmm..." Almost every face in the Great Hall, specially those in the Ravenclaw table, looked confused. Students started to whisper with each other. Aureole frowned. "Why did you--"

    "Your ambition." Before Aureole could ask any more, the hat bellowed. "SLYTHERIN!" Her eyebrows shot up as her eyes darted to the table filled with now cheering students. Aureole felt the hat being lifted off her head. However, before it was completely extracted, Aureole pulled it back on. Her nails dug into the brim of the worn hat, not caring if it was doing it any harm. A round of gasps flooded the Great Hall and now everyone's eyes were pinned on her, even those who seemed like they could care less earlier were now looking in front.

    "Oww child. That hurt. Here you said you weren't idiotic. You know that I'm old and--"

    "Why" she demanded. "Isn't Slytherin filled with purebloods and blood prejudiced people? Why would you put me in a house that could potentially torment me for who I am!"

    The hat sighed. "I don't sort by blood, I sort according to what I see in a person and you my dear, are perfect for the house of Snakes."


    "You're one of them. Trust me child. You'd be surprised by how much you fit." the hat firmly and with finality. Aureole's fingers started to relax and soon she felt the hat being pulled out of her grasp. She remained on the stool however, even as she felt a hand begin to urge her off. Brown eyes remained rooted at the Slytherin table. Some were smiling at her while others looked very confused.

    Aureole took a deep breath before stepping off the stool and heading off to the Slytherin table. All eyes continued to follow her until she sat and the next name was called out, but Aureole didn't hear it. The moment she sat she was bombarded with questions asking what happened back there.

    "I'm a muggle-born" she quietly whispered. The rest of her new house mates encouraged her to speak up and so she repeated what she said, a little louder, loud enough for those in her immediate area to hear. A couple of smiles dropped and morphed into a frown. Aureole suddenly felt scared and shut her eyes. I knew it! They aren't going to accept me.

    "But we don't care." Her eyes shot open and were fixed at the source of the voice. "W-what?" "We don't care" her house mate repeated with a shrug. Soon, majority of those around her were nodding in agreement. "You're one of us now. Understand?"

    Too baffled to say anything else, she merely smiled and nodded.

    "Now, how is it you pronounce your name again?"

    Aureole laughed and so did everyone else.

    Ambitious ⋄ Enterprising - Just like the majority of those in her house, Aureole's most defining trait is her ambition. It is the thing that caused her to be sorted into the house of Snakes rather than in Ravenclaw. Her ambition greatly overshadows her thirst for knowledge, something that she only came to realise months after the Sorting Hat had placed her in Slytherin. During her first few months, she kept on questioning whether or not the hat made a mistake by putting her in Slytherin. She still does even after seven years, but for completely different reasons. Aureole is now fully aware that her ambition was greater than she thought it was and has accepted the hat's reasoning for placing her in her current house.

    Another Slytherin quality that she possesses is her resourcefulness. Aureole knows how to make things work into her advantage. She is also one to show initiative in a situation, eager to be of use and help; but not for selfless reasons. Aureole wants to be remembered, and she's learned that helping others helps with making them remember her. She wants to prove to others, and even herself, that's a worthy witch. Just because she's muggle-born, doesn't make her any less of a witch.

    Opportunistic ⋄ Astute - Aureole is the type to grab an opportunity when it presents itself, regardless of morality. She knows that circumstances don't often align to her advantage which is why she immediately grasps it when she can and questions the morality of her actions later. Regret for not taking the chance was something she didn't want to happen. Of course, she only takes a chance when things are to her advantage. Like she's told the Sorting Hat before, she's not some idiotic Gryffindor who would jump at the first opportunity to become a hero which is, in her opinion, what they tend to do. But then again, it really isn't much of a problem for Aureole as she is a rather crafty person. She knows how to turn a situation into her advantage and often does so. However, there will still come times when she can't and when those times come she admits defeat. Aureole knows when not to force things and back down from a fight. Again, she's not some idiotic Gryffindor.

    Hot-headed ⋄ Impatient - While ambition may be her most defining trait, it is her temper that most people remember. Riling Aureole is quite the easy task, just compare her to a Gryffindor and bam, you've got yourself an angry blonde muggle-born snake; make sure to keep yourself on guard for at least a week or so! Unfortunately for her, it is her hot-headed nature that gets her compared to a Gryffindor every now and then. She tries to convince herself to ignore these comparisons, constantly reminding herself that even the Sorting Hat agrees that she's no Gryffindor, but it still grates her every time. Even the ridiculous names that people call her, such as Airy-oil, don't have this kind of effect on her. But what does grind on her, other than the Gryffindor thing, is tardiness. Aureole is quite the impatient person and does not like waiting one bit. She loves being efficient and being held back really gets on her nerves. Anyone who causes a backlog on her work should be prepared for an earful from her.

    Insecure ⋄ Positive - She may put up a confident front when facing others, but in reality Aureole has several insecurities. Among them are her appearance, her weight, and most of all her blood. She isn't ashamed of being a muggle-born witch, she is however greatly conscious of being a muggle-born witch who was sorted into Slytherin. During the train ride to Hogwarts, she took it upon herself to read up on some history, just because she hates coming unprepared and wanted to know what she would be facing. It was then that she learned about the different houses and how the Slytherin prided itself in housing pureblood witches and wizards. She hadn't paid too much attention to that detail at the time but when she got sorted into the said house, there was a nagging voice at the back of her mind that constantly reminded her that she wasn't a pureblood. It told her that she shouldn't be in the Slytherin, she was too impure for it. Despite knowing that the rest (majority) of her house didn't care for her being a muggle-born, and the fact that the book had biased tones to it, Aureole still can't shake the insecurity off of her and has even manifested into her greates fear (see Boggart).

    Despite these insecurities however, Aureole has managed to still be an optimistic and cheerful person. Aureole believes that there is always a positive side to things. She's doesn't ignore the negatives of things, that would just be foolish of her, but she chooses to focus on the positives and encourages for others to do so as well.

    Studious ⋄ Dutiful - Aureole wasn't always a studious person. Back when she was still attending muggle school, Aureole did what she could to pass and that was it. She didn't make an extra effort to excel. This changed when she learned that she was a witch and began attending Hogwarts. Magic motivated her to take her studies more seriously and go the extra mile. Her studiousness is related to her wishing to prove herself as a witch, but apart from that, Aureole also found the subjects to be interesting. It was all so new to her and she wanted to learn all that she could.

    She's also a dutiful person. When a responsibility is handed off to her, Aureole does her best to fulfill it. It may come as a second priority to her (studies will always be number one) but she doesn't neglect it. Again, her want to prove herself helps fuel her willpower to fulfill her duties and obligations.

    Charming ⋄ Respectful - She may not be charismatic in nature, but Aureole certainly knows how to charm a person. Words are somewhat of a strong point of hers. She knows exactly what to say to a person to charm them and get them to like her. While there are those who are resistant to it, it often works out to her favour. Aureole tends to charm her way out of trouble or getting what she wants, again, it isn't always an effective solution and something she doesn't heavily rely on.

    Aside from knowing the right words to say to charm a person, she also knows the right words to show respect. Aureole has been raised to show respect to those who deserve her respect. Amongst these peopel include her parents, majority of her professors, and a few notable students majority of which were either in Slytherin or Ravenclaw and were now graduates considering that she's now in her seventh year. The former head girl and head boy, were among the people who have managed to garner her respect. Very little Gryffindors have made it into her list of respectable people, one of them is Hermione Granger. She doesn't openly admit it but she admires Hermione for her intellect and diligence in her studies; not so much as for her courage.


    There wasn't much to say about Aureole's childhood, apart from the fact that they traveled a lot thanks to her adventure seeking parents. They may go on vacations often but they never once moved... okay, they moved once... or twice. But that was it and they never really left the UK. Currently they reside in England and it doesn't seem like they'd move any time soon which was awesome news for Aureole. She couldn't remember where they were originally from, seeing as they first moved houses when she was five years old, but from what she heard from her mother, England was where she was born at. Aureole could only assume that it was their starting point and now they have returned to where they started.

    Aureole grew up as an only child for eleven years of her life. Just before she started going to Hogwarts, her mother announced that she was pregnant with what would be Aureole's younger brother. Unfortunately, she wasn't around to witness the baby right after it was born as she was at Scotland, specifically at Hogwarts, during then.

    Regarding her being a witch, her parents absolutely had no idea that Aureole was one. Aureole had no idea as well, at least not until the letter from Hogwarts arrived. At the start, Aureole thought it was a joke and paid no head to it. She was about to burn the parchment but decided against it and instead kept it in her drawer. It wasn't until days later when she used 'accidental magic' for the first time. Aureole was furious at her neighbour at the time. She didn't want to give back Aureole's book to her even when the blonde was asking for it back. At the time, her neighbour was playing with a ball. Fueled by her rage, Aureole accidentally made the ball pop which scared both her and her neighbour. For a second, she thought back to the piece of parchment declaring that she was a witch but then she shook it off still refusing to believe she was a witch. But when it happened a second time, this time when she was sad and her pillow floated beside her what was written on the parchment was slowly starting to make her believe and at the same time it as scaring her. The third time was the final straw and it also led to her parents finding out as they were around to see when it occurred. Aureole was having fun watching a kids show on tv when her stuff animals, which was around her at the time, started to float. Her parents happened to walk in on the scene and were immediately scared. As a child, Aureole didn't really know how to explain it to her parents since she herself didn't fully believe it. Before they could call a paranormal expert and blow things out of proportion however, Auroele showed them the letter which she received via owl a few weeks prior. Like her, her parents were skeptical at first but very quickly accepted the idea which surprised Aureole as she herself had yet to believe she was a witch despite the signs that she was. She tried reasoning with her parents how it couldn't be real but they shook her heads and stated that they would rather believe she was a witch rather than think there was some sort of paranormal activity in their house. Perhaps having someone believe she was a witch was all the push she needed to help her come into terms with what she was.


    [ FAMILY ]
    Mother & Father - The ever supporting parents who love to travel. Initially, Aureole wanted for them to reaffirm what she believed to be a joke when she told them about the letter addressed to her. They didn't know about this letter from the start as it was delivered by an owl while they were out. Although they expressed skepticism at first and thought it was all a joke, they soon realised that was the only logical explanation for the 'accidental magic' that they saw her cast and chose to believe what was on the letter which eventually led to Aureole believing the same.

    Grandmother - The grandmother she never knew. According to her mother, her father was practically disowned and removed from the Scriven family tree after he went against what his father (Aureole's grandfather) wanted for him to become. Although described as a generally kind woman by her mother, Aureole couldn't help but wonder why she didn't fight for his son. Aureole wishes to one day meet her grandmother and ask her the question that's been gnawing on her mind ever since the day her mother told her father's story.

    Younger Brother; Vaughn Scriven - Prior to her little brother's birth, Aureole was feared that her parents would also bestow him with a name that was difficult to pronounce. Thankfully they didn't, at least in her opinion it wasn't a hard to pronounce name. Compared to Aureole, Vaughn exceedingly easy. In any case, he is her muggle brother who knows nothing of her sister being a witch. Vaughn was kept in the dark and will hopefully remain that way forever. It was a decision that Aureole made considering that the chances of his brother being a wizard was extremely slim. She didn't want to make him feel less of a person just because he wasn't a witch like his sister. As far as Vaughn knew, his sister was studying at some prestigious school in Scotland and can only come home during the holiday breaks. Despite not seeing each other as often as most brothers and sisters, Vaughn and Aureole are quite close. There are still some reservations and awkwardness that come here and there, but Aureole's positiveness has helped with dispersing this awkwardness that arises.

    [ HOGWARTS ]
    Annoyance; Zedekiah Blackbourne - Gryffindor, 6th year. Ah yes. The idiotic half of the Blackbourne twins. Aureole has done research on what pureblood families there were left back when she was in first year; she did this mostly out of curiosity and the wish to be informed. The following year, the Blackbournes came. Aureole was rather excited and was fairly certain that the twins would be in Slytherin. The older twin, Alistair, did not disappoint; but the younger twin did when the hat called out Gryffindor before it could even touch the boy's head. Since then, Aureole's opinion of the boy greatly sank despite not knowing him personally. His idiotic antics didn't help with changing her opinion of him either; but his blood purist ways somehow remedied them--quite marginally however considering that the boy also spites her for being a muggle-born.

    Relationship; Name - House and year. description

    want a relationship with Aureole? pm me c:


    [ PATRONUS ] Dove - "Those is with this patronus are good-hearted, and expressors. They are great at expression, and what they feel and the aura they give off can be pushed onto others, causing those around the dove to feel more calm merely from their presence. They are optimistic people with a strong ambition in life, fluttering from place to place trying to give off energy to others and help out in anyway they can. Their life is their mission, and they have too many goals, to make a difference, and to be loved. The most common house for a dove patronus is Gryffindor. The most common signs are Pisces and Aries." (Source)

    [ BOGGART ] Outcast - Aureole's greatest fear is to be shunned and outcast by her own house, Slthyerin. She's always been conscious of her blood and feels like the sorting hat may have made a mistake in sorting her in the house of snakes. While most Slytherins have shown her that this isn't the case, Aureole knows for a fact that there are those blood supremacists in the house that resent her for dirtying their house. Although the house consists not just of purebloods now, seeing as blood purity is something that has become hard to come and continues to become such, muggle-borns like her are still not an abundance. Aureole's insecurity remains even as more muggle-borns are sorted into the house in the proceeding years after her.

    Her boggart manifests in the form of her closest Slytherin friend morphing his face in disgust and calling her a mudblood.


    When Aureole bought the necessary equipment she needed for Hogwarts, a wand was what she found difficulty in the most. No wand in Ollivander's seemed to match with her. There were some that were close, but they just didn't feel right in her hand. This disheartened Aureole quite a bit. Aureole tried another wand maker, one that wasn't as well known as Ollivander's but had a wider range of materials. Finally, a match was made and a rather peculiar match it was. The wood of her wand comprised of one that was very rarely used in the west. The wand maker confessed to have had the wood imported in and only ordered what was necessary to create one wand as he wasn't exactly certain he would be able to sell it considering that many preferred the more popular and common wand woods as they seemed to be a safe option to them. Aureole's wand is comprised of...

    [ WOOD ] Kaya - "A lovely yellow wandwood of Japanese origin, it is extremely rare in British wandmaking. However, those bonded to Kaya wands will find their abilities in logical arts, such as Potions, Astronomy, Ancient Runes, and Arithmancy, boosted." (Source)

    [ LENGTH ] 12 1/2 Inches

    [ CORE ] Ashwinder Ash - "Those who are calm, assertive, powerful and duel natured (being of both good and bad) would have this core. Having such a core suggests that you are capable of great good but also of great evil and have strong leadership abilities. However, one with such a wand core tends to lean more towards Dark Magic and dark influences. Sometimes however, your assertive nature can make you controlling and over-bearing sometimes, which can often lead to mistrust and a loss of love or friendship. This is one of the best cores to use in Dark Magic, particularly Jinxes. They also work particularly well in the wand of an owner that is skilled in Potions. It is a wand core predominantly found among those of House Slytherin, but can also bond well with those of House Gryffindor. Ashwinder Ash cores are often found in the wands of those skilled in the Potion-making arts, and lend strength to the trade. They are not, however, well suited for more subtle forms of magic, and as such, they are often found in the wands of Gryffindors or Slytherins." (Source)

    [ FLEXIBILITY ] Slightly Springy - "A wand with this flexibility may not appear to be very loyal at all because they will initially take to new owners quite well, but the fact of the matter is that they will always have a special tie to their original owner. As time goes on, this wand will become increasingly more troublesome for any owner that isn’t its original owner until finally it stops working altogether. This wand is good for crafting spells. Owners matched with this wand may be very cheerful and optimistic, but most of all, they have very big (and possibly overactive) imaginations. Their thought patterns tend to be outside of the box." (Source)


    Academics - There's a reason why the Sorting hat had nearly placed her in Ravenclaw, and that is her thirst for knowledge. She was born not knowing about the wizarding world and thus, it's only natural for her to want to know everything she can about it. Aureole takes her studies very seriously and greatly prioritizes it above everything else. Potions is her best and also her favourite subject, followed by Transfiguration and Astronomy. Aureole doesn't take much of a liking towards Transfiguration, but she cannot deny that she performs quite well despite this. Oddly enough, she finds herself enjoying History of Magic, so much so that she has decided to keep it unlike some of her peers, despite being able to drop a core class during her sixth year. During her first year flying class, Aureole was found to be notably excellent on a broom. Among the electives, she's decided to take up three: Arithmancy, Ancient Runes, and Alchemy--thankfully there were enough students in her year to have requested this subject. Muggle Studies was never an option to her as she wanted to learn more about the wizarding world, not the muggle world where she grew up in.

    Gryffindor - As noble and as heroic as the house is presented in textbooks, Aureole sees the majority of them as idiots. There are of course, those people in the house of lions who've managed to garner her respect--such as the prefects--but for the most part, they're all idiots to her. The pureblood sixth year student, Zedekiah Blackbourne, does nothing to help improve her opinion of the house. How his Slytherin deals with him, she will never know. It greatly annoys Aureole how biased history books are to Gryffindor. They put them on such a high pedestal while they've put Slytherins off as some evil incarnates.

    Blood Purity - Despite being a muggle-born herself, Aureole tends to have a personal bias towards purebloods. Perhaps it was because of her insecurities, but deep inside she wished she was one, or at least a half-blood. Don't get her wrong, she doesn't hate muggle-borns; how could she when she's one herself. It's just that she supports purebloods and half-bloods more. Half-breeds on the other hand... Aureole had mixed feelings about them. Some were alright with her, while others weren't so alright with her. There's internal conflict regarding the matter and she has yet to settle it even after seven years. She knew it was ridiculous for her to be prejudiced towards them, considering she wasn't a pureblood herself, which was why she was so conflicted on the matter about them. To her half-breeds were like... a human fucked an animal and the half-breed was their baby, or the other way around; it just seemed to fucked up in her opinion.

    Oreos - A muggle cookie brand that Aureole is fond of. She often packs a lot with her to bring to Hogwarts. Despite making a point to pack several boxes of it meant to last until Christmas break when she can go home and bring back more after, Aureole finds her stash depleting well before December even rolls along. Her roommates and friends may have something to do with this, in any case, as much as she wants to pack and bring more with her during the start, she finds that she cannot sacrifice any more space for her favourite treat.

    Travelling - Unlike her parents who love to travel here and there and everywhere, Aureole prefers to stay at home and relax. Sure she enjoyed tagging along with her parents back when she was younger, but as she grew older she's found that staying at home was far more relaxing. Perhaps it was all because she got sick of vacationing everywhere and anywhere her parents felt like. This also reflects even when she's at Hogwarts. Rather than going on a trip to Hogsmeade, Aureole would rather stay inside the Slytherin common room or hole herself in either her bedroom or the library.

    [ HABIT ] Snorting - One can tell when Aureole is genuinely laughing when she snorts. Though, she's learned to snort whenever she laughs despite not truly finding the ordeal / scenario to be funny; it helps make it less distinguishable between her real laugh and allows her to hide her emotions when she deems it necessary. It's been a habit of her since childhood. Aureole has tried and tried to control it but she simply couldn't. Some people find it adorable while others find it laughable. Either way, it's one more thing to add to her list of insecurities. There are times though, when she does snort on purpose. Those are mostly when she doesn't necessarily agree with what the other is saying and they happened to be someone she didn't respect yet/enough. She know that snorting at others can come off as disrespectful and refrains from doing so in front of those that she does respect--unless of course she's laughing. Like previously mentioned, snorting when she laughs is simply something she couldn't control.

    [ HOBBY ] Writing - Aureole has a penchant for writing, had it since she was young. It had always been her stress reliever as it helps clear her mind and forget the stressful things in her life, albeit only for a short time, but regardless she still continues to do so. It was like how a vast majority of muggles turned to alcohol to ease their stress or whatever negative feeling they had at the moment. She would write paragraphs upon paragraphs of fictional material and let herself get lost in the worlds imagined by her mind. Fiction is more of her area of interest when it comes to writing rather than non-fiction, which was why when she was urged by her peers who know about this little hobby of hers to volunteer herself to work on the school paper, she immediately refused. She wanted to relax herself through writing, not stress herself even more which is knew without a doubt would happen if she were to become one of the school paper's journalists.


    [ HAIR ] Blonde & Short - Aureole has blonde hair. It is the very reason why her parents named her Aureole as it means "a circle of light and brightness surrounding something", just like a halo. Neither of her parents had blonde hair but apparently her grandmother did. She keeps it short as she doesn't like it interfering and getting in her way. Sure she could tie it back, but she finds it to be a chore and would rather not.

    [ EYES ] Brown - Her eyes were light brown in colour, just like her mum's. A fairly common colour and nothing notably special about it.

    [ HEIGHT ] Average - Aureole isn't a very tall girl and stands at an average height of 5'4".

    [ STYLE ] Predominantly Blue - Her favourite colour is blue and thus her apparel is mostly comprised of shades of blue, though ever since entering the house of Snakes, Aureole's green clothing collection have grown in number considerably. Her clothes are mostly short sleeved as she's one who is quite resilient to cold weather, however she keeps her scarf with her most of the time when she's going out just in case she manages to feel chilly. She wears accessories on a daily basis. Usually it's just a pair of earrings but sometimes, when she feels like it, she would also wear a bracelet and a necklace. Aureole doesn't have many jewelry with her, she left the majority of them at home as she didn't feel like she would need all of them. Plus, they were too precious of her and she was worried she might lose them if she brought them along with her.

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  17. ▉▉: / / FILE ON SUBJECT #XXX0001
    ALSO KNOWN AS: Hextech Knight

    Evangeline Faye Murray
    20th/ June/ --/ Gemini ♊ | Female ♀
    5'6 in. | 144 lbs
    ❀ Human ❀
    Athletic Trainer



    Curious & Adventurous: [blurb]

    Energetic & Enthusiastic: [blurb]

    Self-less: [blurb]

    Overthinker: [blurb]

    Easily Distracted: [blurb]

    Sensitive: [blurb]




    ɢ ᴇ ɴ ᴇ ʀ ᴀ ʟ

    ██████████ ▃▃▃ STRENGTH
    ██████████ ▃▃▃ ENDURANCE
    ██████████ ▃▃▃ AGILITY
    ██████████ ▃▃▃ CHARISMA
    ██████████ ▃▃▃ INTELLIGENCE

    ᴀ ʙ ɪ ʟ ɪ ᴛ ɪ ᴇ s & ᴘ ᴏ ᴡ ᴇ ʀ s

    ██████████ ▃▃▃ CONTROL
    ██████████ ▃▃▃ POWER
    ██████████ ▃▃▃ CREATIVITY
    ██████████ ▃▃▃ DEFENSE


    ᴘ ᴏ ᴡ ᴇ ʀ s
    Power: Explanation of power
    Weakness: Explanation of weakness

    ᴀ ʙ ɪ ʟ ɪ ᴛ ɪ ᴇ s
    Ability: Explanation of power
    Weakness: Explanation of weakness

    You have five powers/abilities to share between the two categories. Please make
    sure they make sense within your character creation. Also, in regards of power,
    you are listing the APPLICATIONS of your power. You should only have one power.

    Also, please self-bound the length of your lines; you may use the very first line as
    a guide for line length. Thank you!


    : # OF YRS

    ■ Bullet point events / details about your character's past
    ■ Things you might want to consider mentioning:
    ■ Where they were originally from
    ■ What is their family situation (e.g. divorced parents, etc)
    ■ Any complications during their childhood?
    ■ Did they ever have any run-in with the laws (if yes, what?)
    ■ How did they get into their current occupation?
    ■ Previous relationships or current relationships?
    ■ Use as many bullet points as you like, but try to keep it reasonable.
    ■ So, I don't want to see, like, 30 bullet points, you know?
    ■ Please don't write a paragraph for each of these bullet points. Just state critical events in
    your character's life.
    ■Also, please self-bound the length of your lines; you may use the very first line as
    a guide for line length. Thank you!



    QUESTION #001

    Once the question had been asked I quickly snapped my eyes downwards towards my feet, despite me knowing fully well that I wasn't wearing any socks. A familiar heat presented itself on my cheeks as I looked back towards the interviewer. 'And you call yourself the lucky one, ha!' Mallory's monotoned voice echoed in my brain. "Shut up," I muttered. "Excuse me?" The interviewer asked, which was when I realized I had spoken out loud. 'Good job, idiot'. My blush deepened as I waved my hands, "S-Sorry!" I stuttered, "Erm, was I supposed to wear socks?"

    QUESTION #002

    "Make wishes of course!" I answered with a snort. What else was I supposed to do when I found a genie anyway? A groan echoed in my head, 'Ugh, what a simpleton,' which caused my facial expression to set in a pout.

    QUESTION #003

    'Something about having no friends' Mallory quipped, seeming to be annoyingly talkative today. "Yeah well you don't have any friends either..." I snapped back. "Is everything alright?" The interviewer asked, causing me to jump in surprise. Once again I responded out loud. 'You really need to stop doing that' Mallory said in a matter-of-fact tone like I didn't already know. "Um...the title would be...Reflection and it would have positive reviews because it would be an uplifting dramatic film. Hehe, the film would be so good it would receive Oscars!" I said with a giggle. 'Heh, in your dreams'

    QUESTION #004

    "Everyone, obviously. I couldn't just choose who get's to die" I answered stubbornly, crossing my arms as my body language read 'defiance' all over it. 'I think you missed the point of the question sunshine,' Even though she was using nice words her tone was so demeaning, Mallory was such a piece of work.

    QUESTION #005

    'Kill and or cut the bitch. Preferably kill. No one stands up Evie' Mallory immediately answers causing me to giggle a bit. "Hmm, I don't know...part of me wants to beat the guy into a bloody pulp but I also know I won't. I'll probably just be depressed grab a bowl of ice cream and binge watch some anime by myself."

    / / ☆★ ⋮ —

    [5/17/16 : 3:06am] -________- When you have to redo everything because your codes fuck up. Misa is not happy right now >.>
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  18. Layering
    Status: <3 yaaas

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    [div="border-radius:15px; border: 1px solid; overflow-y:scroll; height:100px; width:800px; margin-left:auto; margin-right:auto; padding:10px;"]CONTENT GOES HERE[/div]
    ♦ Dissection / explanation
    (for anyone that stumbles upon this and wants to use the code)

    border-radius:15px; - gives the rounded corners look; number controls how curved, higher number = more curved
    border: 1px solid - sets the border properties; shows a solid border that is 1px thick
    overflow-y:scroll - allows scrolling downward and upward (along y axis)
    height: 100px - fixes the height of the box to the number
    margin-left:auto; margin-right:auto; - basically centres the box in the page


    [div="opacity:0.65;"][div="background:url(; background-size:150px; width:150px; height:150px; display:table-cell; vertical-align:middle; text-align:center;"][shadow]TEXT


    [div="width:250px; margin-right:10px; border-right: 1px solid; display:inline-block; padding-right:5px;"]CONTENT
    CONTENT[/div][div="width:250px; margin-right:10px; border-right: 1px solid ; display:inline-block;padding-right:5px; padding-left:5px;"]CONTENT
    CONTENT[/div][div="width:250px; display:inline-block;padding-left:5px;"]CONTENT
    *Note: Must have equal number of rows/lines per column. Enters / line breaks count toward the line count.

    UT+2000 / EN QUAD
    Text    text      text
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  20. Note: Content hard to read on mobile.

    ❭❱ BASICS
    name: William Asher Fay
    nickname: Ash
    age: 18 years old
    dob: April 02 (Aries)
    gender: Male
    sexuality: Heterosexual
    ethnicity: Canadian
    face claim: Carson Hiner

    ❭❱ PERSONA
    suave: Ash is a handsome guy, there's no doubt about that. Girls swarm over to him and flirt with him on a daily basis. It was like he was some kind of celebrity--not that he complains; Ash doesn't particularly mind the attention that he receives. He's a smooth talker; his words can make any regular girl swoon and turn into putty in his hands.

    non-committal: Unfortunately for the ladies, getting Ash wrapped around one's little finger is an arduous task. He isn't one to easily enter into a relationship with someone. The jealous portion of the male populace along with his other haters claim that he doesn't wish to enter into a relationship with someone, simply because he enjoys playing around with girls--but that is hardly the case. Ash is simply still hung-over his last relationship and hasn't moved on; he still has lingering feelings for his ex-girlfriend and has no interest in entering a relationship with anyone else.

    flirtatious: Ever since the break up, Ash has been... different. Well, their relationship changed him as well, but after that he was a mile away who he was in the past. Before, he could hardly gather up enough courage in him to talk to a girl, now he flirts with just about every person of the opposite gender which he deems to be fairly good looking!

    loyal: Back when he was still officially in a relationship, Ash barely paid any attention to the advances from other women. He would simply let them down and never flirt back. It's only now that he's single once more that he's begun flirting. But even still, he may flirt with just about every female within decent age, but he never goes beyond that. He isn't one to enter a purely physical relationship. Even kissing is a taboo to him unless it was with the girl he still had feelings for. Ash remains loyal to the one who still holds his heart--even if the said person has already let him go.

    impatient: Ash is definitely not known for his patience. He doesn't like to be kept waiting. The mere action of waiting makes him feel agitated for some reason. Needless to say, Ash hates having to queue in line for anything.

    open-minded: He doesn't discriminate others based on what they believe in. Ash knows that not everyone has the same opinions and views on things, and he respects that. He isn't the type of person to shove his ideals onto someone else and force them to believe the same as he does. He's also open to new experiences and ideas. Ash doesn't consider himself to be an adventurous person; he doesn't seek new experiences, he simply says yes when the opportunity knocks on his door--though, naturally, if it goes against his moral code then he refuses... at least until someone manages to persuade him.

    ❭❱ HIS STORY
    normal: Asher grew up in an extremely normal family--really, no abuse, no extreme pressure, nothing major at all. His parents would urge him to do good in school, but not to the point where he had to be perfect. His mother and father were both working, but they made it a point to be there for Asher when he needs support and spend time with him. Ash's parents were rather lenient--lenient, but not crazy and stupid. They were still employed by reason, his mother specially. Partying, drinking, and pretty much whatever he wanted to do (except drugs), was alright with them--just as long as he does these things responsibly. Meaning, no excess drinking, no excess partying, etc. Though really, his parents didn't have anything to worry about regarding him back then. Ash didn't drink a lot, a can or beer at most; he didn't smoke, he found it disgusting; and most importantly, he never did drugs. This all changed when he met Heather.

    heather clarke: Heather was like a hurricane that came through his life--a hurricane that captured his heart. When she moved in their neighbourhood and transferred into their school, Ash was immediately infatuated with her. He crushed on her hard. Back then, Ash was still a shy lad. He looked vastly different from how he does now. Younger Asher was handsome, that much didn't change, but his handsome features were buried underneath his plain and truthfully awful style. Which was why it came as a great surprise when he found Heather approaching him one day. She claims that he caught her eye which baffled younger Asher. Long story short, they became an item and Heather transformed him. She changed him, inside and out. Gone was the shy boy and emerged from his ashes was this suave lad. Asher loved it. He loved Heather.

    the bad: Blinded by his feelings for her, Asher didn't see that Heather was also a bad influence on him. Heather taught him how to smoke cigarettes, Asher found that he didn't like it, but he did so anyway just to please her; took him to parties practically every evening; encouraged him to shoplift with her; and lastly, she taught him how to do drugs... though the most he did was a browniepot. Drugs were the reason why they broke up. She was pushing him smoke some weed, but Asher refused. It was like he saw the light and saw how much of a bad influence Heather had been in his life. He was awakened from the daydream with a slap. Asher broke up with her. Heather was like drug. She made him high (literally), but was very bad for him.

    aftermath: That was the last Asher saw of Heather. Two days after they broke up, Ash found out that Heather moved out. He didn't know the reason why, all he thought was 'good riddance.' Yet, despite knowing how much of a bad influence Heather was, Asher still found himself missing her. Heather may have been bad but he had still undeniably developed feelings for her. He found himself unable to let go. Ash thought that maybe distracting himself with a new girl would help him move on, thus, his flirtatious persona came to bloom. Alas, it didn't work. Asher found himself unable to commit to another girl and another relationship. He missed Heather. When he found that the buddies he met thanks to that stupid chair at school were planning to go on a road trip to where Heather lived, Asher found himself agreeing to go as well. For Heather.

    father: Jonathan Fay
    mother: Victoria Fay (née Desroisiers)
    ex-girlfriend: Heather Clarke

    want a relationship with Ash? pm me c:

    hair: Brown
    eyes: Green
    height: 5'8"
    weight: 138 lbs

    Asher is a handsome boy who attracts a fair number of women with his looks. His family members have often commented on how he looked a lot like his father. He got inherited most of his traits from his father, the only thing he really did inherit from his mother were her ears. Asher has fluffy straight brown hair which he likes to keeps combed to one side. His eyes are pale green colour with flecks of brown in them, making some people mistake them as brown or hazel under certain lighting. He stands at a height of 5'8", and weighs approximately 138 lbs.

    beat-boxing: Can he beat-box? Oh yes he can! Beat-boxing is Asher's hidden talent. Ever since he learned the concept of beat-boxing and tried it out himself, he found that he could do it. It's something that he doesn't show around others, only his close friends and cousins. Not many can appreciate how he's able to beat-box--even his former girlfriend wasn't able to appreciate it.

    turtles & tortoises: Ash has a certain fondness for the shelled creatures. He doesn't know why he likes them, he just does.

    smoking: His ex-girlfriend, Heather, taught him how to but he doesn't particularly like it. He only ever did it to please Heather. However, even after the break up, Asher still carries in his bag with him a box of cigarettes and a lighter. Despite him not liking it, Asher finds that the act helps him calm down and thus turns to it whenever he's immensely stressed.

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