Playground Rules

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  1. Y'know, like "Finders keepers losers weepers"
    "You can't hit someone wearing glasses"
    "It's okay to hit someone in glasses if they hit you two times first"
    And if someone says the floor is lava, then the floor is fucking lava >=(

    et cetera

    anybody else have any playground laws they'd like to add on? Ones you actually had as a kid, not shit you're making up =3=
  2. 1) All girls have cooties. If you touch a girl, you get cooties. If you contract cooties, you have to get a cootie shot.

    2) If you went undefeated on the teather-ball court the day before, you get dibs the next day.

    3) Never tell on your friends, always tell on your enemies (if it gets them in enough trouble to cost them recess)

    I'll have to try and remember more, ish tired.
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  3. Not technically playground, but still a kid rule
    "Don't tell mom" is a sacred covenant. If you tell mom when you were told not to, you better have a damn good reason or you're just a big fat tattle tale with no friends >=(
  4. Step on a crack, break your mother's back. (My friend didn't like her mother, so she'd jump on every crack she found.)

    The first person you tagged was the person you liked.

    If you forgot what letter you had playing Horse, you automatically had the whole word and were out.

    Never go near the creepy house behind the playground, no matter what. If your ball went in the yard, that shit is gone forever.

    Boys are not allowed to play hopscotch or jump rope.

    Never, ever let one person have a bat. (I won't give a name, but he was famous for letting it go and hitting the catcher with it whenever we played baseball.)
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  5. We had recess on a playground, this is totally a playground rule. It may not be a public playground rule, but it's still a playground rule.
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  6. the 'not really a playground rule' was in reference to what I said, not your quote. Your quote is what reminded me of the 'don't tell mom' thing :P
  7. Ooooh ok, my bad.
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  8. "First is the worst" is the only one that I remember that hasn't already been stated here. Think the whole thing went something like...

    Zero the hero, first the worst, second the best...
  9. Third a piece of turd! Or something

    Jumping from the highest thing possible and not getting injured, made you cool. Or maybe that was just my playground...(Fucking broke my arm trying to be the coolest)
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  10. nope, it was mine too. Actually on mine just getting to the top of the highest thing and sitting there made you cool. Jumping made you a badass.
  11. Fusing three of these:


    Made one of these:


    Everyone did it.
    Despite just one of the Stone Giants being clearly better than Sand Stone.
  12. Playground rules, not game rules :/ I'm looking for the arbitrary laws kids come up with
  13. But it was a playground rule, because Yu-Gi-Oh didn't support it at all.
    It's just something that some kid said some day and everyone believed it.
  14. I see. My bad
  15. If the four square ball hits the line, its a re-do
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  16. The Bionicle with the most limbs and weapons is the coolest.
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  17. The Hero with the biggest sword is the bestest!
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  18. Inserting 'dynamite' into a game of rock paper scissors ends the game, nobody winds, and nobody is allowed to be nice to the perpetrator for the rest of the play time.
  19. Rock Paper Scissors now also get's 'bomb'.

    Bomb blows up rock
    Bomb is put out by scissors
    Bomb is equal to paper

    Bomb is essentially a flashier paper.
  20. Once some turd thought they were clever and inserted a bomb or whatever into a game of rock paper scissors, this immediately initiated a freestyle version where anything goes and the winner qad whoever argued their victory the best.

    Tetherball always works on a winner stays and loser walks rule, no matter how many games the winner ends up playing in a row, and it carries over to the next day but not over a weekend.

    When playing Red Rover guys weren't allowed to try to break through the line between two girls, but girls could do whatever they wanted.
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