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  1. "Shh.."
    The slow hushing sound that would've normally came from the librarian at the front desk instead came this time from a young man in his mid twenties, better known as Landyn Tate. Landyn didn't like there to be any loud noises in his practical primary habitat. He liked to hang out and have a good time as much as the next guy, however this was most definately not the place to go for that. After a few moments had passed, and it was clear that Landyn was being completely ignored, Landyn stood up and went towards the front. It wasn't fun to make complaints... but it wasn't fun to be constantly distracted, either.
    Even as he made his way towards the people in charge of the library, Landyn Tate continued to read. He was in the middle of his favorite poem of all time, To: F__s S. O__D by Edger Allen Poe. It was a poem he read almost every day, the first poem that he had read by the writing genuis. It was back when he was a basketball player, when he was one of the popular kids. Someone had left a poetry book behind in the stands, and as he was looking for it's owner, he decided to give it a read. He never found the owner so he kept it, and thus began to learn about a side of him he never knew existed. A side of him that loved books so much that he didn't mind crashing into things because he was focused on reading. Things like the front desk at a gigantic memorial library.
  2. Soft tapping. That's all Aviana could hear as she typed away on her laptop outside in the park. It was a beautiful day though she noticed no one was in the park. But then again it was a Tuesday so kids would be at school. She saw the occasional person or couple pass by though she didn't think much of it. She glanced around as she looked for a bit more inspiration. Her boss had given her the option of writing about one of two things - everyday life or a book of her choice. She had originally chosen everyday, but it was proving to be more difficult than she thought. Finally erasing all of her work, she got up and closed her laptop as she beaded across the street to the library. Upon walking inside, she thought about what book she wanted to do. She had thought about doing an article on Fifty Shades of Grey as a joke but decided against it. She cared about her job too much for that. she glanced down and brushed off her skinny jeans and black shirt that explained how to pick up chicks. Step 1) Bend At Knees. Step 2) Keep Back Straight. Step 3) Lift With Legs. She thought it was funny so there was no problem in her mind with it. She sat her laptop down at an empty table and began looking through books, silently picking out a poetry book by William Shakespeare. She sat down and opened her laptop before leaning back and pulling her hair up in a ponytail and slipped her glasses on. She flipped through the pages and decided on A Lover's Complaint. She read it rather quickly and instantly began typing, not stopping until she finished the article.
  3. Landyn didn't make a single sound when he bumped into the front desk. He didn't even let out a puff of air. He had grown far too accustomed to smacking into things to be shocked by something as simple as this. Looking up with a slightly irritated expression at the grey-haired old lady, Landyn straightened up and placed his hand on the desk.
    "Do you think you could get that group back there to quiet down?"
    The two looked at each other in what appeared to be a silent battle. The librarian clearly was just there for a paycheck, and had absolutely no intention of doing her job what-so-ever. After a few minutes passed without either person budging the sound of an open and shut door rang through Landyn's ears. When he went to turn his head, his eyes caught sight of one of the prettiest girls he had seen in a long time. Though he tried his best not to be creepy, he couldn't help but keep looking back at her every time he turned his head. It was almost like she was... familar to him. After a long while of standing and staring like an idiot, he chose to give up on the librarian (much to her relief) and instead, go after a much different kind of girl. He proceeded forward.
  4. Aviana finally finished the article and sent it in with a satisfied grin grazing her lips. She began looking for part time jobs online and noticed one as a book reviewer. Thinking about it with a smile, she nodded slightly and decided to try it out. She silently created her own website just before glancing up, noticing a man nearing. Dropping her jaw slightly, she blushed lightly as she looked back down and kept working without a word, pretending she hadn't seen him. There was something familiar about him but she couldn't quite place it. She stood up and began looking for a book, settling on City of Bones, deciding to review the entire series as she sat back down and began reading.
  5. It wasn't long before Landyn had made his way right next to the mysterious woman. He was a quick worker, what could he say? However, a strange thing happened before he spoke. Normally, there was one thing that was on Landyn's mind when he first met a woman, and no that one thing wasn't sex. Landyn wanted to know the woman, to be impressed by the simplest of her traits, and nothing ever fueled him otherwise. Today, however, three simple thoughts seemed to float through his head. The first one, through his mind, was the normal one. The second thought came from his heart 'Walk away, you don't want to do this' and the third thought, perhaps the oddest of all, also seemed to come from what was left of his heart 'It would be a mistake to end this here'. Thoughts in his mind seemed to go all directions, and Landyn had no idea what was going on. He had never been told no from himself when concerning a woman, let alone no AND yes. How could they both be right? Landyn struggled to know. What he did eventually manage to deduce, however, was that the yes -at this given time- was stronger than the no.
    "Hello there. I'm sorry to interrupt, but I couldn't help but notice earlier that you were reading some classic Shakespearian poetry. Would I be correct to assume, then, that you are a fan?"
  6. Aviana had just finished the first chapter before she relied she wasn't alone at the table. Glancing up, she noticed the man there, watching her intently. Just as he spoke, his identity hit her like a slap in the face. "Should I answer the question from the one person that tried and failed to put my life through hell thought my entire high school career?" She said coldly as she closed the book. "Long time no see," she said as she looked up at him, running her hand through her hair, her grey eyes boring into him. Okay so he still looked as gorgeous as he used to and maybe moreso but that didn't change what he did to her.
  7. A life of hell? That most certainly did not sound familiar. Landyn remembered being a bit jerky, but had he really damaged someones life so? Who's? Landyn was just about to apologize when the previously enchanting woman forked through her hair. As she did so, all the moments in Landyn's life came running together at top speed, and the moment currently before him began to run in movie scene slow motion. There was only one woman who could make Landyn's heart pound that easily, Aviana Godwin. But what was she doing here? Was this a punishment, because it sure felt like one. The one person he had desired with all his might back to remind him of just how bad he had screwed up. He had tried, and until now suceeded, to block that part out. Now, however, he had to do his time, and is if things couldn't get any worse, a loud voice began to echo through the library. It was the all too familiar sound of his most recent ex-girlfriend.
  8. Aviana quickly looked up at the voice and frowned slightly. "Skank," she whispered to herself as she opened her book back up and continued reading. Realizing she was unable to concentrate, Aviana sighed and closed the book, setting it aside as she stood up. "Well...I'm gonna go. Wouldn't want to ruin your chance at fucking your whore," she said, managing to hide her jealousy as she pulled her glasses off and put them away. She closed her laptop and gathered it and her book up before pushing her seat in.
  9. Landyn stood in place for quite a while. Just what was he supposed to do? Landyn was no expert when it came to these things. Sure, he could woo women, but he most certainly couldn't apologize. It was only when he could actually make out the female's eye color that he realized he was going to have to book it if he ever wanted to avoid a confrontation with this woman. He sped to the door and almost took it off it's hinges with his scrambling to break free. As he left, he could've swore he had heard the librarian go:
    Bitch. Landyn continued to speed forward recklessly until he was sure the person who had called out his name had no idea where he was. Now what? Landyn couldn't go confront the other girl either, although he by far would rather confront her than all the rest. She deserved an apology. They all did, but her especially. It was just... Landyn couldn't give that to her. Not because he wasn't sorry, but because he couldn't deal with the sadness of the whole situation. He sat down with a hefty sigh and tried to think out what to do next.
  10. Aviana frowned and shrugged off the entire incident. She pushed past the other girl and walked out calmly, deciding not to worry about it. All throughout high school she didn't let him get to her and she wasn't starting now. She silently walked to a nearby ice cream shop and bought a couple tubs of her favorite cookie dough before heading off to her home. She quietly walked the steps and unlocked it, the sight of her pet kitten greeting her immediately. "Hey baby girl," she whispered softly as she sat down her things. Finding a spoon and taking out one tub, placing the other in the freezer, she headed out front, leaving her door open as she sat on the steps and began eating happily as she watched her kitten play around.
  11. After a while of hopeless contemplation, Landyn pulled out his phone and mindlessly began to thumb through. Wasn't that what everyone did when they were out of thoughts? Bored and lost? It wasn't long before his phone had pulled him out of the gutters. A text! Normally, Landyn didn't care for reading or receiving text messages, but this one was rather straight forward. 'Do you want meet up for a basketball game?' It came from one of his old buddies in high school, a nonpopular one that most people hadn't known at the time that he had. Back then, basketball had been his claim to fame, that and his luck with the ladies. Landyn had always enjoyed playing basketball, though he never wished to make it a lifelong career. It had been a while since he played. Apparently, it was time to play again. After confirming a time and place, Landyn began making his way to the court, all by foot. On the way he passed many houses.
  12. Aviana silently ate as she looked around, her grey eyes landing on Landyn. "Well well well. So who's your girlfriend, Landyn?" She asked loud enough for him to hear as she crossed her arms and leaned back into her chair. She ate another spoonful before setting her tub down and standing up. Skipping silently down the steps and over to him.
  13. Having been completely focused on making it to the basketball court, Landyn hadn't gave a second thought to the scenery around him. Which was why when Aviana suddenly spoke up, Landyn jumped back five feet and smacked himself up against her mailbox. His heart was pounding, and he looked like he had just gotten hit by a truck. It took him a few moments to recover. When he finally did, and he noticed her standing at the doorway, he sighed and calmed down a bit.
    "Aviana... Whew."
    Through his shock, Landyn had completely missed the question. He let out a small relief laugh and brushed his hand across his head.
  14. Aviana silently crossed her arms and rolled her eyes. "Let's try this again. Who's your girlfriend?" She asked again as she stood in front of him, placing a hand on her hip. She narrowed her eyes as she raised an eyebrow and sighed. "And why were you even talking to me in the library. I want answers."
  15. Landyn slowly backed up a couple of steps. He was clearly intimidated. More than that however, he was unsure of what to say. No girl had managed to actually catch him before, and those who had come close had never made him feel quite the way just looking at Aviana felt, so it never threw off his game. He still couldn't speak to them about these things, but it seemed to be a lot easier when comparing it to this.
    "It's... um... complicated."
  16. "How about instead of making it complicated, you just answer the damn questions," Aviana said as she slowly walked closer to him. She had an idea but she wanted to hear it from him. A small smirk played on her face as she made sure to add emphasis by swinging her hips slightly more than normal. She ran a hand through her hair as she tilted her head to the side. "Well..." She said as she clenched her jaw a bit.
  17. "Uhhh... Okay... Then..."
    Landyn wanted to just run away and hide. He wanted to be playing basketball. He wanted to be at home. Anywhere but here, or anywhere else with women. Why did she have to add stress to his already hard player love life? He continued to hesitate, before finally managing to get something out.
    He knew very well that didn't make any sense. Bracing for impact, he struggled to get out the rest.
    "I. Have... Four. Girlfriends. Not including Lila, the girl you heard at the library."
  18. "Four? You have four girlfriends? Wow. This is just great freaking news. Let me guess. They don't know about the other. You seriously can't keep it in your pants enough to settle for one. Have you ever considered thinking about the fast that they just might not be enough for you. Dump them. Why settle for four that don't even satisfy you?" She said simply as she rolled her eyes and turned away, walking back up to her porch.
  19. "I haven't had sex with any of them."
    Landyn normally would've just walked away, but for some reason, he felt he had to at least say that. It had nothing to do with him unable to 'keep it in his pants'. It always irritated him to hear people say that or anything similar. He sighed and began walking off. He hoped he wouldn't be late for his basketball game. The last thing he needed today was for his friend to go off on him.