Pixie Hollow Dystopia

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  1. Calamus entered Pixie Hollow’s recovery ward – what some might call a hospital, though the airy hut constructed of peeled tree bark and giant leaves bore no resemblance to sterile white corridors and infernal machines. The athletic male Animal Pixie hovered purposefully past fellow Pixie Hollow residents with barely a glance to those with accidental injuries and mystical ailments, his transparent wings blurring like a hummingbird’s, and touched down in front of a room with an empty bed. Head turning every which way in puzzlement, he now took note of the environment around him, and dissatisfied with the results, grabbed a passing Healer Fairy by the sculpted flower petal shirt.

    “Where is she?”

    “Wh-Who?” the alarmed, more delicate pixie stammered.

    “You know damn well who. Xephyr. One of the Fast Flying Fairies.”

    The medic took a breath with eyes rolling, both hands pulling at the fist ineffectually, and wings buzzing without freeing the light form. “She’d not with us. She already Faded…” Despite the malice sizzling off of the nature fairy, the healer stopped struggling and allowed posture and filigree wings to droop in sadness.

    Calamus stared. “There’s no way. You people told me yesterday that she’d live with scars and that was bad enough! I mean I got her here, didn’t I? Once a fairy reaches the healers they’re home free - fixing us up is what you’re supposed to do.”

    “Yes, well, we did everything we could. The magic just wasn’t enough. She continued declining from the injuries. Hawk talons are no joke, I’m afraid.”

    “I know that. You think I don’t know that!?” In a burst Calamus released the medic and vented an iron punch at the railing of the empty bed, crunching the woven twig. “So that’s it. No goodbye, no anything. No Xephyr. I wasn’t even HERE!” the griever roared at the universe. Eyes burning, he turned back to the healer once again with lip raised in a snarl.

    In a fit of desperation the healer shot a retort. “You weren’t here because you did went back to life like normal even though your friend was lying in bed with a hawk talon puncture! She didn’t have to be out there with you in the first place! Why do you even want to tame those awful things for anyway!?”

    A cooler fairy intervened. One of the tall, adult-looking fairies had just arrived at the recovery ward entrance, as unlike the normal youthful pixies as a boa constrictor from a rattler. “Attention. We have an Arrival about to take place. All able to attend should proceed.”

    The healer gave a brooding look of relief. Compared to the Nature and other Talent fairies, the ancient lords and ladies had unmatchable power. Safety was all but guaranteed with that kind of witness.

    Calamus gave one last glare, loathsome with blame, and departed for the Arrival Hall.

    (( http://magnesium-cookie.deviantart.com/art/Swordsman-311951055 close enough inspiration. Just try finding male fairies/pixies. *wink* ))
  2. ((sorry that my intro isn't as long. Here's her pic, I know the background doesnt match but fairy pics are hard. Oh and btw, i know i bent the rules a bit but if you're not ok with it just let me know. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_Dc8QyGEzfB0/TIIaLYSQgDI/AAAAAAAAGaA/gtxK2_drcdg/s1600/Fairy+(12).jpg ))

    The queen waited along with the other fairies for the new arrival. The fairies gathered in their specific regions and waited for the young fairy to arrive. It had been so long since the last arrival. She was so excited to see this new one, and to see what talent they had. The fairies were giddy with excitement. They couldn't wait.

    Soon a lotus blossom, not the usual dandilion seed showed. It landed delicately in the center of the platform. Queen Clarion rose a brow at all this rather curiously. This was new, the first time it had ever happened actually. Terrence, the dust keeper, came over and poured his cup of pixie dust over the blossom. The delicate blossom soon turned into a young woman wearing a white flowy petal dress.

    She was beautiful, one of the more beautiful fairies that was there. Both out of the veteran fairies, and the newer ones. She seemed to almost glow. Her eyes were baby blue, and her hair a golden chocolate brown. She was petite and curvy. She was delicate and also very sexy if given the right clothing.

    She blinked her eyes and rubbed them. Her wings were down, and Queen Clarion reached down touching them and running her fingers along them making them stand up. "Born of laughter, and clothed in cheer, happiness has brought you here." She smiled. "Welcome to pixie hollow little one." She said to her.

    She looked around then to Queen Clarion and smiled a bit. "Hello..." she said. Her voice was soft, but soothing, and it could grasp one's attention and immerse them in it easily. Clarion spoke. "Fairies present your talents." She said. "and welcome to pixie hollow, you have to choose one of these little one." She said to her. She said as the relics were placed on the pedestals.

    She looked around and then spoke. "How do I choose?" Clarion smiled. "You'll know." She looked around and tried a few, but nothing worked. Eventually she came to snow. She tried it, and it glowed brightly, blindingly, possibly the brightest of any fairy in a good many year. Clarion grinned. "My, my....Welcome little snow fairy, little Kieara." She said.

    Kieara smiled and then clarion spoke again. "Your fellow snow fairy will help you." She said but stopped, another relic was floating to her, the animal fairy relic. "Oh dear..." Clarion said not ever recalling a fairy having two talents. Kieara turned and blinked seeing this. "It appears you have two talents dear..." she said giddily. "You may go between the two fairy types." She said. "Which do you choose to go with first?" She htought about it then she spoke. "Animal..."
  3. Calamus fumed throughout the ceremony. The wind faerie otherwise known as a Fast Flying Faerie should have been his Zephyr. Instead it was that stuck-up Vidia... because his partner was already gone from this world.

    It looked like the number of humans were increasing with every trip to the Mainland, therefore more and more human babies were getting born and generating a new faerie with their first laugh. But the population of Pixie Hollow never seemed to rise accordingly. For every elder - lady or lord - that ruled their seasonal domain for ages, countless regular sprites were lucky to see all four seasons come and go long enough to get used to them all. The new arrival ceremony made this grievance jump out for the hot-blooded animal faerie. Rumor had it that new arrivals were needed to replenish the ranks - and each division certainly bore grueling quotas throughout the weather year - while some swore new arrivals jinxed existing faeries into fading away.

    No matter. Calamus's bitter hardship of loss and a new girl joining his specialty of the nature faeries were two distinctly separate things. Right?

    And what did it mean when a faerie possessed two talent divisions?? This girl was shaping up to be a real piece of work, and a beauty even among the flawless.

    A more impulsive animal faerie sprang forward from their cluster wearing varying hues of orange, brown and rust. "'scuse ME, Calamity!" that one snickered as she jostled Cal's shoulder on her way past.

    "That's Calamus. Although I wouldn't expect a snail brain like you to know quill parts from a hole in the ground, Whisker," he retorted.

    The elder of the Animal Faerie kind buzzed towards Calamus, commanded him to be one of the greeters also. With such a power differential, the 'teen' boy had no choice but to comply. Calamus buzzed down to the round 'stage' and rolled his eyes at the fawning welcoming routine. "Hi. I'm Calamus and I could show you your new home if it weren't for all these other admirers of yours, Kieara," he recited sullenly when his turn came. "But you'll probably see me later, teaching you about helping the animals and getting them ready for season change," he informed matter-of-factly.
  4. Kieara smiled to all of the greeters in a charming manner thanking them for welcoming her here. She was a bit overwhelmed with all the people. It made her feel suffocated as they all came over to her all at once, both winter fairies and animal. When Calamus was the last one to come over, she listened to his words and offered a smile. "I-I'd like that..." she said shyly, but there was also a longing to get away from all this commotion present in her voice. She stayed firm where she was though since Queen Clarion stood behind her and she couldn't back away.

    She looked around the area at the other talents beginning to pack up and flit away off to their jobs. She wondered what her job would be. She looked back to the group in front of her again, her eyes instantly drawn to Calamus again. He seemed to be feeling down, where as the others were all cheery. She wanted to help, she had an urge to make him feel better.
  5. Calamus shook his head in disgust that none of the others in their excitement could see the effect they were giving the new arrival. The wild tamer clapped his hands loudly while hovering a body length into the air. "That'll do, people. Can't you see Baby Mouse here needs peace and space? That's enough of you all acting like a swarm of flies." Even while acting in Kieara's best interests, the maladjusted one managed to insult both parties. Queen Clarion coughed pointedly at the young man's choice of words, though the splendid ruler didn't fault him for his gist.

    Those who had said their spiel dispersed, leaving only Calamus and two other animal faeries, both girls, both pleading with Kieara to select her as the one to give the newborn her first tour.
  6. Kieara loved their enthusiasm and all, and though Calamus' comment made her flinch, she knew it was good natured. She spoke. "I'll take you up on that offer now..." she said looking up to Calamus. she wanted someone who wouldn't overwhelm her to give her the tour of the place, besides, he interested her. She was all for getting to know him better.

    The young fairy offered him a smile, and she folded her hands politely in front of her.
  7. The remaining two girls gave their different versions of "Aww" at being left out, then gave Kieara cheery pats and kind parting words.

    Cal shrugged indifferently to the duty. He nearly touched down then thought better of it. "Call me Calamus or Cal. Ready to give your wings their first stretch? It's not hard at all; Queen Clarion usually makes sure everyone makes a spin around the platform before they even get their name." He stretched one hand down to Kieara's shoulder height in front of her.
  8. Kieara smiled up at him. "Ok Cal." she said. She liked the shortened version and the long version but it was easier. She nodded. "I'm ready." In all honesty she was nervous having never flown. She looked back at her wings and stretched them trying to get a feel for them and flitted them slowly, then a little faster and she ended up shooting into the air. With a gasp she slowed her wings and fell nearly back to the ground. She hovered about a head above him with a prominent blush on her face. She rubbed her head and gave a nervous laugh.
  9. Cal gave a grudging look of respect. It's so easy to take someone's hand the first time you defy gravity, and Kieara had flitted up all on her own. "Good job. Just be sure than when your turn comes to get a fresh ration of pixie dust, you don't skip it."

    When it came to almost any resource in the Hollow, the only things not scrapped over were easy to get, like food, or easy to come by, like leaf clothing. All the rest had faeries willing to beg, bully or steal for extra. (( Like Tinkerbell with dust as you'll see in #2, Lost Treasure. XD )) But Cal let Kieara learn that for herself.

    "Just think about where you want to go and you won't drop again. Let's go." With a challenging cock of his head he tipped to one side, moved off towards the next section of Pixie Hollow. The athletic male slowly slallomed between tree branches like a skiier zig zagging between marker flags. After a few yards he rolled over on his back with hands laced behind his head as if lazing in a pool, certain that he could check how the new faerie was faring and still keep his head start.

    (( I get the picture of Cal showing Kieara a human Lost Thing: 1990's Walkman playing a cassette of Guns N Roses "Welcome to the Jungle". >:-) "You can get anything you want, but..." ))
  10. ((lol))

    She absorbed his words like a sponge. She didn't know what the pixie dust did, but apparently it was really important. Kieara was having a little trouble flying but it was getting easier. She flitted her tiny wings not quite talented enough to slalom through the branches yet and lagging behind a hair, but she was keeping up at least. She smiled when he turned to see how she was doing.
  11. With the double-talent faerie definitely making the grade when it came to putting her new wings through their paces, Cal gave a thumb's up. Then he jerked that gesture upwards as a signal and dove upwards along a tall broad tree, weaving between branches on the way up also. Despite the extra foliage from criss-crossing leafy twigs, he was hard to lose with his rust outfit against the green and not moving in any hurry. Boughs and leaves provided plenty of rest ledges and safety nets should the need arise, so the new flyer was far safer than making the same climb out in the open. As the pair of pixies gained altitude and the thickness of the tree limbs dwindled, the other trees thinned out also. Cal gave a landing upon one of the highest stems. From there, the pair would be able to see almost all of the Pixie Hollow island - the four zones of the seasons, the Lost Things shore, a few of the housing communities, and more.
  12. Kieara followed after him and bobbed through tree branches and leaves with minor difficulty. She lost control once and gasped but was caught by a leaf and quickly regained herself. She tried to keep it together so as to cause as little annoyance as possible to Calamus. She didn't want to agitate her new fried so early on. She soon made it up to the top with him her wings stinging slightly from the effort given to climb to such altitudes. She gasped. "Woah……" she said looking out over it all.
  13. Cal waited indifferently for the new girl to reach the peak leaves, oblivious to prowess or difficulties. "Right, then. We have seasons set apart in sections - that's orderly enough, right? - but this place called the Mainland only ever gets one at a time. It's our job to change the Mainland around four times a year, so we're always working." Always. The jaded bishoun shrugged off the new arrival's appreciative gasp. He rarely saw beauty in their environment, only quotas pushed onto them like the abacus Fairy Mary and some others carried around.

    "That quarter, Summer, is hottest and most animals and plants are full grown. Next comes Fall where the leaves get painted to show their old age and many animals fatten up for sleep or strengthen up for migration. The reason is Winter, not a lot of anything other than snow and ice buuuuuut you'll probably get the swing of that soon, being a frost prodigy and all. And then Spring, animals come back into their habitats and most of them hatch eggs or give birth to young."

    Cal restlessly stretched his human portion once the speech was done. "Makes sense so far, then?"
  14. She listened to his explanation and smiled. "Yes it makes sense." She wondered if the mainland was any fun. She couldn't wait for her first trip over there. She wasn't all so sure she was a frost prodigy as he said, but it appeared she'd always be busy as could be. Being of two natures one of which that worked throughout the year in every season it seemed her work was cut out for her.
  15. "Oh look, there are your first feathered and furry friends now," Cal commented dryly.

    A flock of a handful of songbirds tweeted by, performing aerially as their V formation moved in one fluid arc. Even though their beaks were solid calcium the animals still seemed to give the pair of faeries a smile. Some even winked, clearly more intelligent and friendly than they ever let on to humans. And just as the wave of avians continued on by, a furry torpedo sprang from branch to branch on the trees beside Cal and Kieara until it landed on the highest twig below their leaf and stem. "This is one of the gals we're helping fatten up and store nuts for, since it's Autumn in the Mainland. Go on and greet her with a rub on the nose, this will be a snap."
  16. Kieara smiled as she saw the birds. "awwww..." She said seeming to thouroughly enjoy the animal's company. Then she sees the furry squirrel and did as he instructed smiling as she did. "she's so soft."
  17. The squirrel chittered. Voice, face and full body motions were as easy to understand as normal speech in their own way, taking to the frost/animal talented one on the spot. It ran in circles around the new faerie until its plump, fluffy tail wrapped around her like a fur coat.

    "Hmm. Not bad getting her to trust you right off the bat," Cal remarked. "You could also ask her nicely for a ride then climb on her back."
    The squirrel jabbered crossly at Cal.
    "I know, I know!" he answered to the animal. "I like bird rides better, myself. And she knows it," Cal explained. "Flight just feels more 'right'. But some loooove bouncing from tree to tree like a Lost Thing spring, way more unpredictable and wild than your own flitting." The adventurous one watched slyly for the new girl's reaction of boldness or caution.
  18. She smiled and laughed as she was curled up by the squirrel. She petted her tail as she released her and listened to Calamus. She had a feeling shed regret this. Kieara was suspicious but decided to try it. She spoke. "Ok……um....would you care to give me a ride?" She asked the squirrel with a smile.
  19. The woodland critter chittered happily, bounced once an splayed all four legs plus tail in midair before landing in place - an obvious cheerleading, taking to the animal/frost faerie right away.

    Calamus's glance over his shoulder for more wildlife or other angles of the panoramic Pixie Hollow landscape had him flitter overhead immediately. "You should probably hop on before that squirrel takes off. I'm going to ask that eagle coming our way not to hunt this fuzzy little guy yet." So confident was the male animal faerie that he zipped off to communicate with this hunter without a backwards glance or extra reassurance - so that meant all was well, if there was nothing to reassure Kieara ABOUT, right?

    If Kieara turned to see, the eagle in the distance was a brown ball against the crystal blue sky, appearing small enough to hold in both hands - but growing rapidly as it approached. The winged predator's aerodynamic torso was larger than most pixie living chambers, to say nothing of its sweeping wings several times wider than the squirrel was long.
  20. She smiled to the squirrel. "Thank you little friend." She said watching her friend go. "Though I want to meet this creature too so hang tight." She rubbed its ears then flitted off after Calamus. As she caught up to him she found herself slowing down and her happy expression turning to a more fearful one as a feeling entered her stomach that screamed something wasn't right. "Calamus!" She called after him to let him know she was there.
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