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  1. What genres besides action and adventure shall we add? : )
  2. Its a rough idea but i was thinking a girl accidenly ends up on a pirate ship and most live with them as they go insearch of treasure but im not quite sure whch genre it should be
  3. ah cools : ) is the girl this naive sheltered person or a hardcore street thief looking for a warm place during a cold season or etc?
  4. Naive sheltered person would be interesting
  5. cool : ) Can the captain of the ship be like this legend, but this old legendary pirate from hundreds of years about that everyone is terrified of and his never seen o , o
  6. Ya so she would be shocked when she saw him on the ship
  7. Yea but not right away : ) The crew has to tell her whose ship she's on XD (do you wanna play the girl? O, o )
  8. Im not very good at playing girls
  9. ah okies T^T lol I'll play the girl then.

    what's this pirates legend?
    And would he be a young man pirate who inherited the name of the pirate or dude's like young forever or something X D ?
  10. A guy who inherited the name but pretends to be forever young
  11. cools : ) I just we can make rpcs : ) if there is nothing else to add??
  12. There is nothing i wanna add
  13. Okies!! RPCs there! : )

    XD keeping it simple
  14. Name- Dorian Jay
    Age- 22
    Personality-Sarcastic,smart,Sly and not to be trusted
  15. Name: Erika Johnsson
    Personality: Naive, gullible, clever, innocent, adaptable, inability to read sarcasm
  16. You wanna start?
  17. Do you want me to make the rp or are you ?
  18. could you make the rp ^_^''' sorry bout that
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.