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    A late night in front of the computer screen. Yep, this is the life. Why go outside when you can just be a click away from whatever you wanted? Porn, memes, chats, games, and more, all just a simple movement of your finger away. It's hardly a struggle to access something new, and when you get bored of that, just find something new to click away at. Staring at the screen, or in rare cases, looking through the virtual reality constructed by your visual and mind augments, you found this. Maybe you used a random digger to find a chatroom to join, but somehow, you ended up here. The screen is blank, a chatroom, it looks empty, but it shows another user, only, their username is blank. Not a space, not a weird invisible character, just blank. Probably just another glitched chatroom, though usually it has some gibberish for a name, no skin off your back though. It takes a few moments, almost enough that you might be about to close out the browser, then the chatroom beeps
    Well that's different.

    This RP is set in 2037, and will be taking place mostly in the virtual world, not the physical one, at least at first. You've somehow stumbled upon this, and now it's up to you what to do with it, you can see other people in the chatroom, showing up under various aliases, masks to hide who they may be, or what their intentions might be. This could just be a job fish for skilled computer users, popular among high level corporations seeking Information Technology specialists these days, or just some random kid at a computer, the possibilities are quite numerous.

    What is certain is that something is here, and it's pinging.

    IC: White Hawk Industries Chatroom Guidelines:
    1. By using White Hawk Industries Chatroom, you agree to the Terms of Service.
    2. Information posted, divulged, discussed, or implied is in no way endorsed by White Hawk Industries, and is entirely user generated content.
    3. Usernames must be within 1-20 characters, and may not be duplicates of other usernames. Offensive usernames may be changed to temporary names until a acceptable name is submitted via a support ticket.
    4. Using White Hawk Industries Chatroom to gather or spread personal information including(but not limited to): IP Adresses, Names, Bank account information, Credit Card information, SSN's, and Home adresses, is strictly prohibited without the consent of the user whom the information pertains to, and may be considered a Federal Offense under section 42859-ZEO of the NETSECON act.
    5. Voice and Video chat is allowed, though users should be aware that this may put them at risk, and White Hawk Industries bears no responsibility or legal liability.
    6. Have fun chatting!

    1. For the sake of immersion, actual commands entered into the computer or from the computer should be written in the following format:
    You can choose any color you like for this.
    2. Again for the above reason, chat texts entered should be written as so:
    ](Username):(Chat text)

    You can use any color text you want for this, and your alias is of your choosing.
    3. No powergaming /godmodding. Just because your brain is wired into your computer or you're a skilled hacker doesn't mean these things get to happen immediately, this may be a central point and activity of this RP, and as such, should be roleplayed correctly.
    4. If you don't know the correct terms and the like for actions, dont just put "X hacks X" or something like that, it's much like a duel in this sense, just describe what you're attempting to do.
    5. You can and are encouraged to describe what your character is doing in the real world, with webcams and the like so prevalent, someone might be able to see that, this also allows you to describe what you're doing in more detail, and not just have a wall of vague text in the command and chat formats.
    6. No one-liners, this should be a given, unless you really, really, REALLY have a reason for not posting more that is truly acceptable.
    7. Your character doesn't have to be computer-literate to have stumbled upon this, they could be some meathead that stares at this not understanding a lick of what's going on, making them weaker in this world, but stronger in the real one.
    8. You can't have it both ways sadly, if your character is a super-Rambo who can hack into everything and shoot with perfect accuracy, I'm sorry, but you're not going to be welcome. Hackers don't often spend too much time in the gym, and vice versa.
    9. You may have multiple characters, but do not have them collaborate in such a way that you can do everything.
    10. Characters may die over the course of time, you can make new ones if you want after that.
    11. This is a ARG-like RP. It will involve decryption and more, but I will give nudges or answers if something has people stumped for too long.
    12. The IC rules are IC only, you may choose to break them, except for the third one, the website would not accept a username outside of those guidelines, and the name generated for someone who entered a inappropriate name would look something like "tempname####"

    (Picture or text description)
    Avatar:(Both 2d and 3d avatars are present in this world)
    Technological skills:
    Real world skills:

    (These might be of use:
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  2. Name: Alice Miller
    Alias: WonderLander
    Age: 25
    Picture (open)

    Avatar (open)


    Alice was raised normally, had a middle class upbringing, middle class friends, and a middle class family. She enjoyed her life, but found that she enjoyed her online life a lot more. She could be anything on there, do whatever she wanted, become whoever she wanted, and she exercised that freedom heavily. She became "WonderLander" a name she had originally taken because she saw "Alice in Wonderland" nearby. To her, the internet was her Wonderland, bountiful with strange and new ideas and things for her to explore, and a freedom to express herself.

    She eventually decided she wanted to contribute to all the things she saw online, and bought herself all sorts of art programs and other art paraphernalia for drawing on the computer, and then quickly realized she had no real talent with it. Her local movie theater usher paychecks had essentially gone to waste. She started practicing, and slowly she saw improvements, posting random doodles she'd make when bored, everything a very rough sketch no matter how hard she tried to get it just right, and her limited computer knowledge didn't help really. A quick stint on 4chan would get her to post a few scandalous pictures, though with having never shown her face on anything else, one might have a bit of trouble connecting her to them without accessing her webcam through some means.

    One day she stumbled upon a chatroom jumper, a program that would throw her from chatroom to chatroom, allowing her to see what was being said, and she found herself quite interested in what people would say. Few people would notice someone extra in the chatroom, watching what they were doing with great interest, from the mundane to more... Interesting... She learned a few tricks like this, mainly just things to make her seem like she knew what she was doing, pinging, traceroute, all simple things automatically programmed into computers, but she was able to pretend she could do more like that, realistically, she'd need pre-programmed scripts for anything more.

    Technological skills: Only able to track someone's IP address at best, and she's lucky to do that if they even use a single proxy.

    Real world skills: Unless making a mean plate of nachos counts, none really. Holds a normal job at a big box retailer right now.
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  3. If we are using commands, do we need to use actual DOS or BASIC commands to do what we want? What is the standard coding language?
  4. Interested. May/may not submit a CS. Is there going to be a story/plot outside of the chat room setting?
  5. Outside of the chat-room there will be one eventually.

    As for the coding language, anything that's just basic will do. I'm not expecting you to type ]cd C:/ProgramFiles(86x)/subfolder/program everytime, but just enough that people would kind of be able to tlel what you were doing.
  6. Well, If you ever wanted, I could help you make a super basic command-type language.

    I might put up a character. I've signed up for a bunch of other roleplays, and I don't wanna "over eat". I was so disappointed when I saw this, because I really wanted to sign up. It's really just a waiting game.

    Don't think that I'm classifying your roleplay as a backup, because I am certainly not doing this. I am overly interested in this, but I don't want to commit, and then have to drop out of this roleplay or another because I have become too busy with other plots.
  7. I understand, I think just putting stuff like ]ping user WonderLander is basic enough anyway, it doesn't need to have a language all it's own really.

  8. Name:
    Zachary Walton
    Age: 22
    Alias: Catalyst

    To change the world. That is the common dream.

    At least it was for Zachary. He got his hands on a computer for the first time, he realized that the Internet was the land of opportunity, not America. He explored lightly at first, but slowly his life was consumed by technology. He lost his job, his friends, and connections with his family. He learned to truly hack at age 17, and he used this skill to acquire material objects, like new computers, monitors, and games. It wasn't long before the government caught up, and he was sentenced to four years in prison. As soon as he got out, the first thing he purchased was, you guessed it, a computer.

    Technological skills
    Electronic Thief: Unlike sloppier, dim-witted hackers, Zachary hacks into shipping lines, directing the online purchases of items to the location of his choosing.

    Infectious Hacking: Lets say, for example, Zachary is able to hack into your computer. Now, for the sake of examples, lets say you are unaware, and plug in your phone. Guess who has access to the data stored here, so on and so forth.

    Infectious Firewall: Another example: You attempt to slow Zachary's internet connection by rapidly pinging his computer. Zachary's custom built firewall infects one of the signals being sent by your computer, and as it returns to complete it's journey through the internet, it shuts down your firewall for a short period of time. Note that this only works on weakly coded firewalls.
    Real world skills
    Forge Artist: This shouldn't need much explaining: Zachary can forge signatures.
  9. Seems fine Accepted.

    Remember, this RP wont entirely take place in the digital world, it will move between the two occasionally.
  10. I was wondering about how hacking would work. Is it like an actually digital battle? How do you dictate who wins?
  11. It will end up being a digital sort of battle, kind of like roleplaying a regular sword battle even. If it's a even contest though, it's going to have to go to rolls in order to decide. However, do keep in mind that it might be in your best interest to focus on what other things may be presented rather than exploiting others in the chatroom. Whats the use of being the only one in the chatroom if you can't figure out the puzzle?
  12. I was just wondering how it would work ahead of time. Zachary isn't going to hack anyone for giggles on 4chan.
  13. 8. You can't have it both ways sadly, if your character is a super-Rambo who can hack into everything and shoot with perfect accuracy, I'm sorry, but you're not going to be welcome. Hackers don't often spend too much time in the gym, and vice versa.
    Does this mean Aiden Pearce is not allowed?
  14. Yeah, pretty much. Then again, it's kind of poorly explained if Aiden's actually able to hack anything, or if he's just using scripted programs to do so.
  15. Well, If you want to put it that way...
    It actually shows several times (an example, when you die and you are not in a mission) that Aiden's using scripted programs and augmented crafts (such as a lure or a blackout) to do the majority of his hacking, I am going to say based on the experience he is good at puzzle solving more than the actual coding, hence why he is doing the missions, and not the people asking him to do so, but on the contrary, it DOES show him programming multiple hacks, and his 'augmented crafts' could have a sufficient amount of programming, we could agree that he is an amateur hacker in actuality.
    As in terms of how good he is with guns, let just say it depends on whether or not you have the aim assist on, the focus activated, and the settings realistic. but even then it is pretty clear.
    Aiden Pearce definitely has a strong suit in shooting and, to an extent, brawling.

    And looking badass doing so XD

    I could also just give you a CS and you can figure it out yourself.
  16. Well, the hacks he programs aren't actually so simple even, they do quite complex things while operating through another interface entirely, which in my mind is a nightmare to program, and he does this from his phone usually. One does have to wonder how much CTos actually helps him with this though, so I'm not sure his combination of skills would really be viable.
  17. yeah, i guess that makes sense, but he DOES get a help from quite a cast of people as you progress. Also, he is with DedSec, which i am going to assume is a very large hacktivist group. As for the crafts, the vast majority are actually quite simple to make IF you know what you are doing.

    I have an idea, lets put Aiden in our current situation in which we were talking about, if he was not in DedSec, if he knew no other contacts outside of his family, not as rich as he would hacking people's bank accounts, owns no guns or combat sticks, and most importantly, has no scripted programs to hack at the touch of a button, how would he fare if he just 'stumbled' onto this chatsite? It IS just a computer chat room after all...

    I honestly dont know why I am arguing over this XD
    Hmm...die-hard WD fan perhaps?
  18. The problem with that is that he'd just exactly be another guy. Like, with no possibility of knowing any of that stuff. He'd pretty much not know anything about hacking or anything about computers or the like in that case, as he's taught everything by the cripple(who's name I cant remember). All he knew back then according to him was pretty much just convincing people.
  19. yeah you win! I am not arguing about this any-longer...


    It seems you are in need of someone in touch with the real world then?
  20. It's fine either way, the story can work out one way or another, but not everything is going to be a simple click away from being done, and you never know who's watching you.