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    It's the end of summer break for the students of Oyama High School, located in Shinjuku Tokyo, and you and your friends have decided to end the break with a good old fashioned ghost story camp out. The location: the abandoned work site that would have been the Hotel Babel. Construction began back in the late 50s, but due numerous mysterious accidents, construction was never finished, at least according to the stories that have been going around your home town of Yumemura for the past 50 plus years. But when you get to the abandoned and overgrown pathway that leads to the construction site, you find the first of the night's many oddities. The path has been cleared and repaired, revealing a spacious concrete walkway, and the lanterns lining it that had previously been toppled by years of storms are now upright and lit with the orange glow of candles. In the distance you can see the top of the hotel over the trees. Just like the walkway, it seems to be in perfect condition, a light can be seen shining from a few windows. You all feel a strange resonance with the place, and despite your instincts telling you to turn around and go the other way, you proceed down the path. Be it curiosity, your urge to show off for your secret crush, or something else not entirely of this world, but you are drawn step by step towards the monolith...and your destiny.

    Note: I'll only be taking 5 other people, so if we end up with more players than that, I'll pick the 5 I think work best (not necessarily the 5 I like the best).
    Also, as most of you can probably guess, one arcana per person. The Emperor/Empress depends on your character's gender (it will match). SPOILER! The opposing gendered arcana will appear as an enemy somewhere in the RP.

    Character sheet



    Class: (2-A, 3-B, or special [discuss with me])

    Part-time job: (List company and position. All jobs must be in Shibuya or Shinjuku. Unemployed is allowed)

    Appearance: (Does not need to be in a school uniform)



    Elemental Affinity:

    Elemental Vulnerability:

    Fear: (It needs to be a good fear, not just "fear of spiders" or something like that. This will be the first (and possibly only) thing I look at if I need to pick and choose players)

    Personality: (This will also play a part if things come down to pick and choose)


    I. Magician:
    III. Empress/IV. Emperor (depends on play gender):
    V. Hierophant:
    VIII. Justice:
    IX. Hermit:
    X. Fortune:
    XII. Hanged Man: TheNeverThere
    XIV. Temperance:
    XVII. Star:
    XVIII. Moon:
    XIX. Sun:

    Elements are Fire, Ice, Electricity, Wind, Light, Dark, and Physical.
  2. Name: Shin Nagakami


    Class: N.E.E.T.

    Part-time job: (List company and position. All jobs must be in Shibuya or Shinjuku. Unemployed is allowed)

    Shin Nagakami (open)


    Arcana: XII. Hanged Man

    Faustus (open)


    Elemental Affinity: Dark

    Elemental Vulnerability: Light

    Fear: (It needs to be a good fear, not just "fear of spiders" or something like that. This will be the first (and possibly only) thing I look at if I need to pick and choose players)

    Personality: (This will also play a part if things come down to pick and choose)
  3. Appearance (open)


    Name: Kioko Baisotei

    Age: Sixteen

    Class: 3-B

    Part-time job: None

    Old Maid (Queen of Spades) (open)


    Arcana: XVII. The Moon

    Elemental Affinity: Wind

    Elemental Vulnerability: Fire

    Kioko secretly fears that she is stupid, insane, maybe even mentally disabled. She wears the face of an intelligent, creative girl but is constantly crushed by her own expectations. Any mistake, any miscalculation, any imperfection is an affront to her ideals. Kioko is aware her standards are too high, and may even be so hypocritical as to inform others with the same problem to simply ignore it and move on. But she is not allowed that luxury. Kioko must always be the best because her true self is too emotionally sensitive to accept any criticism or fault.

    Whenever confronted with a situation that would result in emotional pain she will begin to unravel. Her ticks become more apparent, her social awkwardness more obvious, and her need for perfection all consuming. At such times she believes the whole world is laughing at her, criticizing her, somehow without her knowing. A strange paranoia sets in where she truly believes that she is mentally defunct to the point where her perception of reality might be a lie. To avoid losing composure, or worse letting others become aware of her insecurities, Kioko becomes cold, distant, aloof. She enters a world within herself, sometimes fooling herself into believing a slightly different reality. Kioko prefers it there and feels safer. Although in the end, her habit of trying to protect herself with such fantasies might be what makes her into the person she's afraid of becoming.

    Kioko is a bit of a goody too-shoes, or at least likes to wear the face of one. She likes to please her teachers and keep her grades up so that no one interrupts her personal time. However, the girl is quite obviously a dreamer. Her grades soar in courses that nurture her creativity and average out in those which are overly empirical. In her free time she can often be seen in the art room or wandering around aimlessly. She has some difficulties socializing with others, sometimes seeming aloof. But Kioko has improved her social skills over the years and is generally pleasant to be around, although slightly condescending at times.

    Kioko is spacy, but often inquisitive and tutelary. Although she seldom seems to be paying attention, she always is. Her ears love to eavesdrop, even if unintentionally. Occasionally she'll chirp in when it's least expected. Advice, solutions, observations, her intentions are good and usually wise. But sometimes she thinks she's smarter than other people, flat out rejecting ideas from people she believes to be less intelligent. It's not often vocalized, and usually not malicious, but Kioko can be rather cold towards those who don't meet her standards. She is especially displeased if someone has likened her to a person who she believes is stupid.

    Curious, Kioko prefers people who feed her knowledge. She enjoys analyzing situations, people, ideas, conversations. But when she over analyzes things she can get stuck in her head. The world around her changes slightly, like switching the genre of a show or movie. There is an adjustment in feeling and focus. Kioko often experiences emotions as either highs or lows, and is highly emotionally sensitive. When confrontation comes she becomes withdrawn and focuses on other things. She likes to wander off, distancing herself from the problem. Sometimes people are too much for her and Kioko feels overwhelmed, so isolating herself in her mind or environment helps calm her down.

    Because of her tendency to explore within herself, Kioko loves art and creativity, especially the visual. Her senses often drift toward the things that capture aesthetic or empathetic appeal and she tends to enjoy unique details. Kioko's fondness for the absurd is evident in both her art, and her behaviour. Sometimes she does or says silly things, even when they're not funny. Much of her taste is eclectic, and when made fun of she is hurt and has a hard time hiding that fact. Her strangeness is something she is embarrassed about, and has a hard time believing other people accept her for the way she really is.

    High Intelligence/Expression, Trains, Puppets, Art/Music, Skirts, Reading, Snack Food, Weird Things

    Low Intelligence/Expression, Criticism, Crowds, Beef
  4. Uhm, I'm interested but I havent played the games at all but I've been reading the wikia and I know what a persona is and etc. The only thing I'm confused about is the classes. May I have a brief overview?
  5. Class is like their class in school. 2-A would be the class for the younger students, 3-B would be for the older students. It's their year in school then the specific class. I believe that is the case anyway.
  6. Will the summoners of the Personas have any powers? o.o
  7. Not really. A persona user, or summoner as you've called them, have the same elemental strengths/weaknesses as their persona so it's possible they would be resistant to their type and weak against another, but only when put up against the magic of a shadow (or possibly another persona user). Shadows are the creatures or spirits that our characters will be encountering and fighting against, possibly with other purposes depending on where theneverthere takes this rp. Some use magic, and it is their magic which a character might be resistant or weak to depending on their affinity. That being said, I don't think someone affiliated with fire would be resistant to non-magical fire, likewise if a character affiliated with electricity held onto a power line I'm pretty sure they'd be fried. Unless theneverthere says otherwise, I'd say it's pretty safe to say that persona users have no personal power outside their persona. Although in game there's usually a special character that can analyze their foes and relay information to the party.

    Characters do normally carry weapons though. That fact, I don't believe, has been brought up yet. It might be worth looking into.
  8. What kinds of weapons would they carry? Normal stuff or stuff with POWAS THAT GO BOOM BOOM BOOM?
  9. No weapons...for now...
    Remember, you're at the hotel for a ghost story night.
    Affinities and resistances apply only to the Persona, as it is a metaphysical manifestation of your true self (aka It's magic), while you are simply mortal. However, damage is reflected, to some degree, so if your persona gets punched in the face, you'll feel it.

    Yes, the class is in reference to school. 2-A is the top of the class for second year students, while 3-B are for average third year students. (2-B would be for average second years, 3-A would be for top of the class third years. I've limited it to 2-A and 3-B so that everyone will have roughly the same academic capabilities. The third years' experience balances with the second years' aptitude). There's a link to the wiki page for Japanese Educational system in the Interest Check thread for this RP, if you wanna know more.

    And since I'm sure someone will be curious about the "special" for class, it's for if you wanna be a N.E.E.T. or attend a vocational school (or something else you might have in mind). I'd like to keep the number of these to a minimum though, as the characters in regular high school attend the same school (ie, helps keep the party together and therefore increase role playing). So you'll still need to clear it with me first. Clearing it with me will generally involve a summary of your planned character as far as personality and history/background go.

  10. Name: Yamaoka Yoshino (Yoshi)

    Age: Seventeen

    Class: 3-B

    Part-time job: Convenience store cashier

    Arcana: X. Fortune

    Persona: Nortia

    The Persona’s whole body is gleaming bronze, with an etching of a pair of scissors running up either thigh. Her feet are topped off by razor-sharp ballet boots. Her hair is gold, frizzy, and everywhere. Large bolts stick out of her neck and cracked compact mirrors smeared with lipstick are nailed to her face. One more huge nail resembling a railroad spike goes through her middle from front to back. She has a gold hammer in each hand and bangs them together when she’s casting a spell, or cracks them against the mirrors on her head.

    Elemental Affinity: Fire

    Elemental Vulnerability: Electricity

    Fear: Yoshi’s bravado and cheer masks an inner vulnerability. Sometimes she’s sad that she doesn’t fit in more. She’s also very worried about where her life is going after high school ends, as she hasn’t yet applied to any universities, and thinks her jack-of-all-trades, nonchalant approach to life won’t get her far as an adult. It makes her act even wilder than she already does.

    Personality: Yoshi’s a good girl, but she has a few quirks. Her hair color changes every month, and nobody knows where she got that tattoo. She sneaks beers out of work to drink when she dances to her CDs at 3 in the morning. She jumps off high places, and she’ll kiss a boy- or a girl- if she’s dared to. Somehow, despite all this, she still makes pretty decent grades.

    Yoshi is a daredevil, often too clever and carefree for her own good, and it’s caught up to her more than once. She still thinks she’s come out on top, despite some bumps and bruises. She’s pretty good at improvising, even when she’s caught off guard, but she’ll fall on her ass sometimes, just like everyone else. Her favorite classes are Home Ec and the Shop class, wherein she is the only girl.

  11. Name: Wakahisa Kaoru

    Age: 18

    Class: 3-B

    Part-time job: Host at Club Golden Experience in Shibuya.


    Arcana: Hierophant

    Persona: Aizen-Myouou appears as a red-skinned, four-armed figure wrapped in chains, with a leather balaclava over his head. His hands and feet are clawed, and he has a tail resembling that of a lion. He wears a tattered black robe such as that of a Buddhist priest.

    Elemental Affinity: Light

    Elemental Vulnerability: Ice

    Fear: More than anything else, Kaoru is afraid of having his flaws exposed. His job working as a host is a close-kept secret, and he couldn't stand for it to get out. His parents are strict and push him both to do well in school and to succeed his father as priest of the local shrine, a position which Kaoru feels unable to escape.

    Personality: At school and at home, Kaoru is seen as morally upstanding, studious, and responsible, if a bit cold. He's the class president, and does very well academically. However, he's something of a loner, never having participated in club activities or sports; his only extracurricular activities have been the student council, for which he does twice the amount of work required, and attending cram school- although not for as long as his parents think he does, because in fact...

    Kaoru is the most popular host at Club Golden Experience, romancing lonely women for money. It all started as a way to impress a twenty-year-old shopgirl he had a crush on, but once he started working, it turned out he was good at being a host, and he quickly found himself unable to quit. His stage persona is actually much more open and relaxed than the one he shows to his parents, teachers, and classmates: flirtatious, confident, outgoing, and fun-loving. The same Kaoru who gives dull, lifeless speeches in front of the class will get up onstage and sing karaoke at the club.

    Now, he's leading a double life, and he can't reconcile one with the other. As a senior, it's becoming increasingly difficult to keep his two worlds separate, and he's starting to slip up. Is he the class president destined for religious authority? The wild ladies' man host? Even Kaoru doesn't know.
  12. [Reserved]

    I'll take strength.

    My character will be pretty much the athlete, a guy who comes from a family who owns a dojo and is considered a Kendo prodegy. Then the accident happens and he now has a whole lot of trouble getting his hands to hold a sword tightly.

    Lots of self hate.
  13. Strength isn't on the list.
  14. I'm definitely interested in joining, but I don't understand what the whole persona and arcana are? My fiance kind of explained what persona is, but I'm still confused...could you explain?
  15. I made a banner for the RP!

  16. I shall explain as best I can shortly. Truth be told, I've never played the games, but I am watching the anime.

    Also, Yay for Osso! Now I don't have to do it!

    Ok, time for my quick and dirty explanation of Personas...or is it Personae?

    Persona(the real plural form is the same as the singular form :P ) are a magical and possibly psychic manifestation of your true self/inner power. All persona, as well as shadows, are bound by one of 22 Major Arcana (there are 4 minor arcana, but we'll only be using the Major for this RP). The arcana are a tarot deck (based on the Rider-Waite Tarot deck), and each arcana has a theme shared by the perona bound by it.

    Here's a helpful link:
  17. Crap. should have seen that. nvm.

    Life bit too busy for another rp currently though...
  18. Ah, ok, thanks for the explanation. The link helped a lot too :) In that case, now that I understand, I'd like to submit a character bio...


    Name: Kyre Mahon (pronounced Ky-ree May-hone)

    Age: 17

    Class: 3-B

    Part-time job: Private tutor to several younger students (independent work, no company)

    Appearance: Her hair is naturally black, but she's constantly dying it different colors and cutting it in different hairstyles, with lots of layers. She's short, around 5'4'', 5'5'' at most, and weighs around 115-120 lbs. She's got a curvy build, but without any extra fat. Her eyes are brown, but she likes to wear colored contacts that make her eyes appear to be a deep, bright purple. Her one major flaw is a scar that goes over her left eye, from when she was a child - she usually keeps it hidden by keeping her bangs over that eye. She likes to wear clothes that are considered "emo" or "punk", like skinny jeans, mini skirts with fishnet stockings, band or graphic tees, hoodies, studded belts, vans or converse shoes, and tons of accessories.

    Arcana: Star

    Persona: At first glance, Tenshii looks exactly like an angel. She has wings, pale skin, a glowing aura, long silvery white hair, and shining blue eyes. Upon closer inspection, however, you'll see that her wings are made of metal, and end in sharp, murderous blades. Her body is wrapped in chains, and certain parts of the chains have been embellished with barbed wire, which cuts into Tenshii's skin and leaves bloody gashes.

    Elemental Affinity:

    Elemental Vulnerability: Dark

    Fear: To most, it seems that she is afraid of making relationships; this is part of it, but not the entire fear. Her fear is of getting close to people, and letting them in, only to lose them, or have them end up not accepting her. It's been a fear of hers ever since she was a child, and she was picked on. She was never very good at making friends, because her dad kept moving them to different states, and eventually, different countries, so she never had the chance to actually build a lasting relationship. The few friendships she's had have ended when she had to leave, and have broken her heart.

    Personality: External - She's a tough cookie. She shows no emotions whatsoever, content with sitting in the background and watching everything and everyone with her blank expression that simply proves exactly how little interest she has in the world around her. She's respond when someone talks to her, but she never initiates conversation, and you can never hold her in a conversation you've started for more than ten, possibly twenty minutes. She's got everything under control, and knows how to take care of herself. She needs no one; as long as she's got her music (she plays guitar, drums, and piano, sings, writes songs, and listens to nearly every genre of music - she's a music freak) and her wits about her, she's good to go.

    Internal - Kyre desperately wants friends, and relationships, but is too scared to have them, knowing with utter certainty that she's just going to lose them and get her heart broken again. So she hides behind her tough exterior, pushing people away if they dare to get too close. Eventually, most people just give up on her, and the few that don't, well, she leaves anyways before they have the chance to break through the barriers she's placed around her heart. Her only friend is her music, the only one she can trust is herself. And she keeps it that way, because it's impossible to be let down if she doesn't allow anyone to get her hopes up.

    I think I did that right...?
  19. Hey Kitsumi, we already have a character submitted for Moon Arcana, with Wind affinity. I think Hartke accidentally edited that out of his bio...
  20. Ack! Thank you Osso. I completely missed that I somehow edited that out when I re-formated my profile. Thanks. Sorry about the Kitsumi. I've had my profile up for awhile with the moon arcana listed. I had recently re-formated it (colour/shaping/etc.) and removed the arcana listed without noticing.