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2275, August 15, 12:17 pm

The world has come to a breakthrough in all modern outlets of science and technology. There is a cure for reversing cancerous cells, ways to transplant virtually every human organ, a clean burning substitute for gas, fully functional artificially life (Androids are filling all sorts of jobs and roles in society, from gas station attendant to personal servants) and last but not least, an underground, jet propelled rail system that is capable of crossing the world in under 7 hours. Amazing? Yes. The future is every bit as wondrous as humans had ever dreamed, however, over the decades something else changed too. The weather. The earth underwent serious geological changes in the last hundred years and is now in cased in perpetual Winter. Everything is frozen all the time.

Along with the advancement of technology, the government has also tightened its reigns on society. Forcing all civilian to get data chip implants. This implants give accurate data, and location, to the government at all times. People who refuse to get these chips are called "Runners" and they are hunted down and forced into submission.

The government employed a group of men called "The night owls". They are a moral less , highly trained, tracking squad who's names and faces never reached the main stream media. And in recent years, with more and more of the the "Runners" revolting from the government, Their work has been busier than ever. A night owls first law is to never disclose their identity, and their second…to understand that a Runner is nothing more than a criminal, an undocumented parasite, leching on society.

When Runners won't cooperate, the Night Owls are instructed to kill.

Seth watched outside as the frozen sky dropped sheets of white snow upon the earth. The roads below the second story window of his apartment were white and covered with frost, there had to be at least three feet of impacted snow on the ground. He shifted his hazel eyes to the wall mirror that hung in the corner, staring back, against the back drop of his living room was a young man of 23 with a skinny frame and strands of dirty blond hair poking out from underneath a black and gray beanie. His face, covered in a light stubble, looked thin and worn, as full lips gave way to a cut jawline and red cheeks. Steam rose from his mouth as he exhaled and tightened the scarf around his neck. On the exterior he was a normal looking 20 something, he could have easily been a collage student, but under neath his skin were metal gears and partial implants that kept him alive. After the accident, life had changed for Seth. Although the majority of his vital organs were flesh and blood, he still felt alienated from the human race. Half android and half man. Before the events of the accident that had created the life he now lived could enter his head, like a force five tornado spinning out of control, he quickly turned from the mirror.

Sirens blared outside. Seth stiffened up, every ounce of fiber on alert. They were coming. The Night Owls who wanted to catch him, and other Runners like him, and force them to be 'collected and tagged', like wild animals under surveillance.

"Not a chance in hell!"

Said Seth as he turned to the door. The only way to escape was to run. Seth had been running for longer than he cared to remember, and he would continue running until his last breath.
just like seth helena had been running from the fate that awaited her back inside her city limits. after her mother and father were tagged she had refused to be as she called it "labled and stripped of her pride" because in the eyes of the government once you were given the implant or tagged if you will, you were nothing but a number. she had been staying with her grand parents who kept her in hiding for 2 years now after her parents decided at age 19, she was old enough to make her own decisions and live her life even if it didnt include them. which basically broken down meant they were too scared to hide her any longer and she had to get out or get tagged. she chose to leave but now she sees her grand parents were growing restless, their aged faces and worn out bodies. even though she knew they would never physically kick her out she had to leave. she couldnt put them in danger behind her own motives. she looked out at the horizon.. the sun giving false hope to warmth. no warmth would come. from either the sun or this house. or any where else. when she made the decision to leave, she had forced herself into a cold hard solitary existence or so she thought. she had herd rumors of havens for runners not close but not far, she just needed the connections. as the sirens came and went she made her decision. she would leave at sundown. her dark curly locks pinned up in a messy bun.. her no longer sun kissed skin her dark colored eyes. the hardness inside her was growing to the outside she could feel it. to escape that hardness she had to... she had to run. she will keep running. she rushes to her room to pack her bags.
9:00am ,Earlier this morning.

Seth's chest rose in steady bursts as his hands pumped furiously at his side. With each sprinting step he took snow flew up behind him, spraying his back with icy flakes. He had been running, full speed, ever since he had been caught shop lifting earlier this morning at Red's communal food supply. Things had gotten out of hand when Red tried to physically stop him, and Seth pushed him through the store window. Seth was always forgetting about his own strenght. At any rate, the old shop keeper had flown through the window and landed on the cold hard ground outside. It only took Seth a moment to realize that the whole thing had been caught on tape as he ran off into the day. Now, he knew, the Night owls had a location on him, and more than that. They knew who he was and where he would be going.

Back to present time. 4:18 P.M August 15

The sirens howled into air, as the slowly setting afternoon sun sank into the horizon. Seth had left his apartment not a second to late as he watched from an ally across the street as Night Owl's ripped though his belongings and destroyed his furniture. Everything he owned in the world was gone now. All he had was himself, but he also had his freedom. At least those lousy fucks working for the government didn't have a number on him, for this he was deeply thankful. His friends had tried to convince him to get it done, saying things like "You have to do it" and "They'll catch you if you become a Runner", but Seth didn't listen. And on this day, with his life on the line,he didn't care.

Although the situation was bleak, it wasn't hopeless. Two days ago Seth had caught wind of a Runner's meeting place. A Place where other Runners went to seek sanctuary. It wasn't far from town, from what he had heard in an abandoned train station. Seth hopped that maybe there he could find some guidance, and possibly companionship.
August 15th 9:08 pm.

Helena tried to take only things she needed. the nessessities, clothes, and some miscellaneous things like memories. she stared at the picture of her family for a long moment. she packed it away safe in her bag and looked around for anything else she had missed. she had been using a fake I.D ever since the night owls found out about her not being tagged. she brushed away tears not trying to go back to that day. she exhaled pulling the black scarf over her mouth and nose preparing to face the wind. as she put on her glooves and turned her grandmother stood there looking confused and scared. ".. you scared me.." she said to her grandmother who didnt reply just looked around at the bag and the tight warm clothes putting two and two together helena picked up the bag " im leaving. i wont put you in danger any longer."she said shaking her head slowly as tears began to surface again. "ive been hiding you for years now. and this is how you repay me? your gonna go and get killed?" her grand mother said in a whisper so not to awake her sleeping grandfather. helena kneeled down petting her kitty who purred loudly rubbing against her as if he knew this was goodbye. "take him with you i dont want anything that reminds me of you in this house!" her grand mother said her voice raising a little tears surfacing. "hell die in that weather. i promise ill come back for him." she knew it wasnt true, but anything to calm her grandmother. "if you leave now you can never come back. never!" her grandmother yelled. helena took her bag as she headed towards the door her grand mothers words were drowned out by sirens. "you hear that? thats the sound of your death!" her grand mother screamed , helena closed the door and breathed in the new night air. she looked at a map to the abannoned train station she had herd of. she began her journey walking in the shadows avoiding main streets, and blending in with her surroundings.
August, 15 9:35

Seth made his way through the dark, cold streets. The snow had ceased, but a bone wrenching chill had taken it's place. All the dry snow that had fell now froze to the ground, making walking, and breathing for that matter, a hardship. It was one of those days where it seems as if your breath will freeze in your lungs if not exhaled quickly enough. Seth was used to this weather, having grown up with it his entire life, but it never got easier. And tonight seemed especially cold. He tightened the drawstrings on his hooded jacket and pressed on towards the abandoned train station.

View attachment 3822The once popular train yard now stood abandoned in the frozen winter wonderland. It was nestled between a newly renovation overpass and an empty field, about five miles out of town. Ever since the World Mass transit corporation had developed and built the amazing inter-national underground railway system, dubbed the N.U.R (National underground railroad) there had been little use for above ground, or traditional trains. Making this the perfect place for the Runners to meet up and discuss their options. Seth had no plans, other than the fact he wanted company. He wanted to hear people who were runners like him, and find out that their plans were in hopes of devising a way to survive in this frozen hell.

He approached the train yard and saw a medium sized group huddled inside one of the abandoned cars. For the moment, he opted to stay in the shadows just out side.
9:52 pm

As the train station came into the clearing a warm feeling developed inside of helena. she didnt know whether it was because she was happy to finally get there, or maybe she was diying of hypothermia? she opted for the first choice and kept trotting in the deep snow taking her mouth from behing the scarf to breath in the night air. the air was so cold it felt like her lungs were closing with every breath, but at the same time she was enjoying it. as if it was breathing life into her. she saw a group of people huddling together in muffled whispers and new this had to be the place. reassured by the set up and the way people were acting all conspicuously, she at first began to join them until she saw a boy not far from her, it almost seemed as though he was hiding or undescisive as to whether or not to join the group 'if he is a runner there should be no doubt in his mind to go join the rest.' she thought to herself, but she couldnt blame him though, normally she was a very shy person but in hectic times like these there was no room to be shy. she came next to him and tried to give the warmest smile possible in the coldest of conditions. " im helena.. you a runner?" she new the question was blunt but it just spat out. her mind was too frozen to think of anything less then being blunt and to the point. she hoped it hadnt sounded to harsh.
August 15, 10:15

Seth licked at his dry lips, they yelled back at him in cold, painfully chapped screams. The cold winds had picked up and were biting viciously at the moisture from his saliva. He wanted to go inside and join the others, but he had been alone, and running, so long that he had developed acute paranoia. Could he really trust these people? Were they actually in the same situation as him? For a brief second he thought about fleeing into the night, looking back that would have been the smart move.

Against the white, frozen backdrop, people sat huddled in the train car. With them, Seth noticed, were a couple androids. They, no doubt, were personal service droids programmed to serve their owners. Seth knew this because all the public service bots, owned by the government, had been reprogrammed to report any Runners, or those living without tracking chips. He had almost made his decision to join them when someone approached. It was a girl with dark brown, curly hair, pinned up in a bun. Under different circumstances, Seth may have noticed that she as very pretty too.

She introduced herself. Seth managed a weak smile and tightened the drawstrings on his jacket again.

"My name is Seth."

He shook her hand. His paranoia slowing ebbing away to a faint memory.

"Yeah, I am a runner. Heard about this place...."

He cocked a thumb at the group huddled inside the car.

"...and decided to check it out. I have been running a while now. I can't stay in the city anymore, cause the Night owls keep finding me. I need refuge."

As soon as the word 'refuge' left his mouth, a bright light illuminated the train car, luckily, Seth and his new found friend were still safely in the shadows. It was the Night owls, somehow they had found out the runners would be meeting here. Out of protective instinct, Seth grabbed Helena by the hand "Quick, we gotta get the hell out of here! "

At the time he didn't realize it, but looking back he would notice the fact that he had found some kind of companion ship with this Girl. A fellow runner, a more than that a potential friend.

The Night Owls swarmed in on the runners in the abandoned train car, like locust on corn fields. Seth led Helena out into the night, from there they made their way across the field and into a small, snow laced forest. And under the cover of darkness, by luck or by fate, they were able to make a successful escape. It was cold, but Seth knew on the other side they could gain access to the Underground railway system, and hopefully, from there escape to somewhere safe.

Seth, stopped, exhausted from the running, and collapsed to one knee.

"Man…I thought they…had us for sure."

He spoke, drawing the words out in between deep, gulping breaths.

"I think we can make it the Railway from here, I just need a minute to rest. You are welcome to join me, but if not that is Ok to?"

Seth hoped that he had indeed found a companion in what would no doubt turn out to be an endless fight for survival.
10:23 pm

Helena couldnt believe what had just takin place in a matter of 60 seconds or less. For a couple moments she felt safe, not that the nightmare was over but that it was just clearing up a little.. and from that place of refuge a sort of closure might happen.. at least for a little while and in a split second, in the midst of meeting a new friend and loosing potential friends she had lost it all again. All accept seth who lay against the tree for support out of breath. she wanted to answer him, tell him how much she would love to join him. Her grandmother used to always tell her.. god wont put more on you then you can handle

... she couldnt handle this.

Tears began to swell up in her eyes but a swift cold wind knocked them right out, as if they were never there. There wasnt a god. There was only this. There comes a time in every runners life when the idea of running forever becomes temporarily unbearable. this was her moment. The reality of it all was setting in like a ton of bricks. She leaned up against a tree as well and closed her eyes.. for a split second hoping a sort of death might take over her.

Too bad she was too strong for that. she sat upright after a few moments of catching her breath and clearing her thoughts "i would love to join you seth" she said taking a deep breath "at times like these everyone needs someone." she said as frigidly as the wind blew. A hate was manifesting inside her.. A hate for this government this way of life. She decided at that moment that if she ever got the chance to kill a night owl, she would take it. Not run, but take the chance, let him/her feel what she felt these past years. She studied seth.. he was cute, but not a cocky type of cute.. she couldnt read him. Im sure in another life she probably could, but this was a runners life and the only way to survive was to make sure you couldnt be read. He had obviously learned that and now she had to too, So she wasnt vulnerable. She hoped she would learn to trust seth.. but for now all she could trust was herself.
"Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before." - Edgar Allan Poe

In all the ill deserved fates that ever cursed the lives of the living, this had to be one of the worst. Here they were, surrounded by constant winter, alone, in the middle of the frost laced forest, running for their lives. Always running. Chance offered a small ray of hope, only to be smashed to bits by those who sought them for persecution. All in all, it was a living hell, and Seth didn't have to think very hard about how lucky he was in spite of all this. After all, in a sea of black he had found something, someone, to ease his suffering. Whether or not Helena felt the same way about their current situation was a mystery to Seth, but one thing was for sure: They were both damn lucky.

"Good, I am glad to hear it."

Seth thankfully replied .

"I don't really have much of a plan, but I think gaining access to the underground railway is our best bet. Moving any further tonight, may not be wise though. I think we should find somewhere to hide out, at least for a few hours."

Seth looked around, shielding his eyes from the falling snow. He spotted a rock formation with little less than a three foot gap in-between, it would be a tight squeeze, but if they wanted to survive in this cold it was most likely their best bet. He led Helena over to it and saw that the ground was dry and snow less.

"I think we should hide out here…I know there isn't a lot of room, but our only other option is staying out in the cold."

A light blush broke out high on Seth's cheek bones, as he realized how close they would be sitting. He got in first, making as much room as possible for her.

"Well, on the bright side, it's dry..and I doubt the Night Owls will look here. So, how long have you been Running?"
Helena got inside the compacted area next, laying close to him.. feeling his body heat and he probably felt hers, she felt to some use, as if she was keeping him alive off her energy and him to her the same thing. She pulled a blanket she had in her bag out and lay it over them both, it seemed childish but this blanket was one her grandmother had passed down to her she used to always tell stories of when they were on there way from cuba to here.. how they all had to squeeze under this blanket just so future generations like helena could have one of her own, and now she was sharing it with someone else.. and she would have a story to tell her children.. that is if she made it to have children some day. she blushed at the idea of getting married she had never really been in love.. all her pre teen and teenage years she was forced into hiding. She snapped out of her daze, just registering that seth had said something to her. "Ive been runing now... for around 4 years.. but i would barely call it running... ive never had to face something like this before... my family kept me in hiding.. but now i realize that if i stayed with them.. if they got caught hiding me then who knows what would have happened to them" she thought back to her grandmothers words about the sirens

"You hear that? thats the sound of your death!"

Helena shivered. In a storm like this death shouldnt be on her mind, she should be thinking only happy things to keep her going.. she looked up at seth from her hands she rubbed together to get a little warmth to her face "how long have you been running?.. why are you running?" she had always wanted to ask someone.. to know if they were runing for the same reasons she was. She looked around as she said this.. still paranoid.. still thinking they could get ambushed. At any second they could be dead. Helena was scared to die... it was cowardly she knew and foolish.. to be a runner and have it just dawn on you that this is your life at stake.. she shivered at the thought that the night owls were actually among them.. maybe watching them.. she thought about a quote she had seen once.. in a book belonging to her brother..

The darkest souls are not those which choose to exist within the hell of the abyss, but those which choose to move silently among us. -Anonymous

She never truly understood that phrase until now. As it got darker, she scrunched up next to him.. he probably thought she was cowardly.. she didnt care at this point.. better judged then alone.
She thought about what he said about the underground safe place. she kept envisioning it and it made her happier.
It seemed that the chill in the air had come to a peak, as it was nearing the coldest hours of the night. The constant winter winds howled and the tress whipped against the air in utter pretest. Somewhere off in the distance a wolf, or possibly a dog howled, as if announcing that the nights high point had arrived.

Seth felt slightly awkward, but the as the air grew increasingly more cold, he didn't hesitate to put his arms around his new found friend. She was warm, and soft, and…Seth stopped himself from thinking, but in a way in reminded him of being a child. At home, years ago, when his mother would tuck him in at night. He felt safe, come to think of it, that was the last time in his life he had felt truly safe. Since the government started tightening their grip on society, in an attempt to increase safety, they had failed and in turn done exactly the opposite. The world was in chaos now, and while runners fought for their lives, the government that focused on 'protecting' its people, hunted them down like stray dogs.

Seth listened as Helena spoke, then replied.

"I have been running for a little less than five years, since the accident"

Suddenly the metal implants inside his body seemed to stand out against his skin, surly it was in his mind, but he could't help but wonder if she could feel them.

"I was driving with my parents when our car was plowed into by a snow truck that had lost control, they later found out that the driver, despite numerous DUIs, was drunk. It totally destroyed the car and I was badly injured."

He stirred against her, reliving that night in vivid detail

"After the wreck, I don't remember much, but I had received many injuries and lost some vital organs along with my right arm. Thankfully, through the cybernetics program, they were able to save my life. My parents were able to walk away from the accident, but I think it seriously disturbed them. Afterward they never looked at me the same way again, I think it has to do with fact that so much of my body had been scarred due to the surgery and implants, like I was no longer their son, you know? Either way I left home not long after I recovered and became a runner shortly after that."

His life had been miserable ever since the accident, but despite his troubles he kept a somewhat positive out look on life.

The warmth of their combined bodies began to melt some of the ice on the rocks that enclosed them.

"So do you have any ideas about where we should go once we reach the underground railway?"
Between the both of them, Helena felt very warm.. not safe. but warm. She thought about his life.. the way in a moment.. in a split second your whole life can be turned upside down.. but whether seth knew it or not he was living proof that even at a humans darkest hour, he can still rise up above whatever he is faced with.. she felt bad he had left his parents house.. not to protect them but because they hadnt treated him the same after wards like he wasnt there son.. like he didnt know them... If not for her family then helena would probably be dead somewhere... and now she truly understood the meaning of being greatful to your parents because as far as helena was concerned seth basically didnt have any. But he seemed calm about it.. like he was over it. Which relieved her.. "i dont see any difference between us" she said in a whisper. If he wouldntve told her she wouldntve known he was part machine practically.. she still felt his warmth she still saw the veins in his arms.. she dismissed any judgments about him before they even summoned in here mind..

She didnt feel akward at all when he wrapped his arm around her... it made her feel slightly safer then she had before, and she greatly appreciated and invited it.

She thought about what he said about where they should go after they go to the railway.. which let her know he didnt plan on going anywhere and they were now something like partners.. friends? something. She shrugged

"I dont there anywhere in the world thatwould accept us? or it it just our government doing this?. we might have to get out of this whole country" she said thinking outloud.

"Unless you have any bright ideas?"
"My only plan, as of now, is to get the hell out of dodge. Once we get to the Railway, perhaps we can book passage to the furthest place from here. I have some money, hopefully enough."

Ideas! Seth had plenty of them, after all he was only -partially- human, but a this very moment he wasn't sure if there would be anywhere safe for them to go. Getting to the Underground railway would be easy enough, he thought, but after that? Who knew. The only thing he was sure of was the fact that they couldn't stay here. Their hometown, where the local Night Owls knew them, would never be safe for them again. Seth wondered if there was another place they could go, maybe somewhere where the Runners fought back against the Government like revolutionary soldiers? If a place like that truly existed, they would no doubt be able to survive, at least for a while.

They sat, cuddled up in each others arms, for what seemed like only minutes, but Seth could tell by the position of the moon that day light would soon be approaching. He stirred against her warm body, and for a split second thought that he didn't want to move, that he never wanted to move, but as soon as the pleasant thought entered his mind, it was gone. He stood up and tightened his jacket, offering her his hand.

"C,moon, we better get moving. The Railway isn't far from here."
6:30 am.

Helena accepted his hand and got up, She didnt sleep at all, She put away her blanket and strapped the backpack on her back tightly


It had got a little warmer with the sun being out but not much. She wished they could travel out right under the sun but that required them to be out in the open and they couldnt risk it.
so they stayed in the allies, avoiding every main street they could and only going on them when they absolutely had to blend. Which wasnt easy for helena even though seth acted as if it was nothing. It took them 2 hours to get to the railway, It looked like nothing helena had ever seen. Sure they lived in a very futuristic period in time but a couple of things had changed since helena had been in hiding..

The train station itself looked something like a hospital or mental ward.. the walls were white, everyone was waiting around to be seen or to get tickets, you could only go outside to where the train actually picked you up when your train was called. However you could watch from behind the big windows as the trains came and went.
The trains werent on tracks, they were powered by aerial fuel, which let the trains be slightly airborne, just enough to not make sound, just inches off the ground, it sure beat the loud clanks and skids of old trains on the medal tracks. It also aloud them to go faster which was good, wherever they were going to go... it wouldnt take long.. It was crowded with people trying to get where they needed to get.. Different lines for different destinations. The trains ran every 20 minutes..

Even though technically they didnt need the tracks, they were there for emergencies in case the aerial fuel failed for some reason.. and helena looked out the window to see one train speed off... the tracks were more like thin bridges because they didnt stay on the ground, as far as helena could see they wrapped around the city and then head out on the water... One train could probably get here and back in something like 15 minutes if it didnt have to make stops inbetween. The trains were white with a blue stripe... the ones that were in-city bound that is, ones that were going further then city limits were blue with a white stripe going across it.. buy every train had one thing in common.. they all had posters engraved in them with night owls pointing forward below the picture was a saying

"Cleaning the streets for a better tommorow"

Helena looked at the poster in semi disgust, but she tried to contain herself for the sake of "blending in" she noticed all of the lines were extremely long.. and there were cameras everywhere. She felt her adrenaline pumping and she grabbed seth's arm just for support..she was nervous and she didnt care if he knew or not. now wasnt the time to be prideful.

The place where you got the tickets were not human operated but electrical. there were 2 slots, you put your money in one then you spoke out loud the destination you were trying to get to, and the train would give you a ticket for the train closest to your destination, Helena reached in her pockets and found some money..atleast 150 dollars she had been saving up. "She was going to leave it for her grandma..good thing she didnt "I have money too" she said smiling, at least that was assuring
9:00 Am, August 16

View attachment 3943The underground railway never failed to amaze Seth. It was more than just the tens of thousands of miles of seemingly endless rail, it was more than the pressure resistant cars that carried passengers across the world in hours instead of days, it was more than the computer 'mother brain' that ran the operation. To Seth it was the epitome of human advancement. Despite everything else going on, the human race had built a mass, multinational, mass transit. Seth looked at it in awe for a moment. He stooped down to get a better look down the tracks, and nearly feel over. It was amazing, and for the moment, he almost forgot the direness of the situation he was in.

Before feeding his money in the machine and looking at the destination choices, narrowed down to the ones that were leaving immediately, the list looked like this.

[BG=blue]New Haven - 1500 ml

West beach - 1700 ml

Andropolis, Sky city - 5133 ml

Atlantis resort - 3050ml

Bay hill coast - 2500ml[/BG]

Seth turned to Helena after putting their money in and making his selection

"Andropolis it is. It's the furthest away, and has a high population of androids. Maybe because of that the Night Owls won't look for us there, since they would be suspecting us to meet up with other humans……."

Seth wasn't sure how well his logic worked, but deep inside he was fascinated with robotic life, being partially robotic himself.

They boarded the train. Inside was similar to the actual station. White walls, highlighted with light blue ran down to the floor which had flashing arrows that directed them to their seats. Over head were vents that no doubt helped keep the cabin pressurized during travel. They followed the arrows to a medium sized cabin that was furnished with two comfortable looking seats and a lcd screen that hung down overhead. Just as they were getting settled, the screen flashed on giving a detailed review of their destination.

A womans computerized voice chimed to the sound of the train being kicked into life. On the screen, several images of Andropolis were brightly displayed.

View attachment 3944"Andropolis, Sky city. The city build on dreams and innovation. While the barren land that surrounds was nearly uninhabitable, a very successful colony was started here one hundred years ago. They built up, instead of out and created a virtual living environment, ten miles off the earths surface. Andropolis was funded by the newly introduced cybernetics program, and even to this day, is the breeding ground of robotic research and advancements. Since it's creation, Andropolis has become a popular vacation spot, offering travelers a look at the wondrous world of androids, as well as all the common amenities of a future-world resort, including hotels, fine dining and various attractions. Enjoy your trip!!"

The slightly creepy android voice ended on a note that was no doubt meant to be warm and inviting, but under the circumstances came off sounded hollow and ominous.

"Well, I guess this is it!"

Said Seth, forcing a fake smile at Helena

"Hope you remembered your toothbrush!" He did a mental face palm as the words left his mouth. Toothbrush?

Helena couldn't help but laugh at his statement. At first it was a fake I'm-really-worried-about-what-the-hell-we-are-about-to-get-into smile but it turned genuine when the laugh set in.

"Yes i remember my tooth brush i hope you remembered yours too" she said. It was comic relief, as if this was some kind of messed up scary movie that needed atleast one funny scene to ease up the tension in the air. Helena hadn't gotten sleep that night they slept in the forest so she planned to as soon as they got to where they were going where she was sure they could find a cheap room.

Until then, or at least until they got out of this damned city she kept her guard up.. looking around every once in a while analyzing her surroundings, even though it just looked like she was nonchalantly looking around at everything like any first time passenger would. She over heard a conversation going on in a different cabin

"Did you read the paper? some fugitive escaped a night owl the other day.. of course they destroyed everything in the apartment looking for any clue to the place they might be.. i swear its just so much easier if they would just take the implant i don't understand whats so bad about it.. what are they trying to prove? cowards" the man concluded.

Helena's fists balled up "assholes..." she said quietly. She sighed and moved some hair behind her ear that was in her face. She looked up at Seth who seemed to be staring into space... This made Helena laugh.. she hesitated, but put a hand on top of his "Seth.. you seem to be in a different world right now.. i need you to stay with me okay?" she said laughing to lighten the mood.

"we are almost to freedom.." she said, even though she couldn't really promise that she said it for comfort even though as the words escaped her mouth it was as if she was trying to convince herself also...

This might not be the end but at least they had each other now...

she thought to herself. that's what kept her going right now.
Seth watched out the window as the train lunged into motion. Rows of lights and metal casings passed by, speeding up, until they were just a blur. It was fascinating to watch, and it sent him into a trance like state. He thought about many things, mostly about how his life had changed with the accident. He wondered if he would even be in this situation right now if that wreck never happened, if that drunk truck driver hadn't slammed into the car. He wondered how his parents would have been had there son not became…a monster. That was it! All these years Seth had avoided using the term, but in the end that is what he was to them. A monster. A creation of man, living only because of mechanical enhancements. He was like a Frankenstein from the old book to his once loving and caring parents. A tear almost came to his eye, but he fought i back as Helena spoke and placed her hand on his. They were sitting side by side, and again Seth felt that unique bond with her. He put his other hand on top or her, making a hand sandwich. At that moment, following the sadness, he wanted to kiss her, but thought better of it.

"I'm here."

he said confidently

"I am here."

"I hope that our freedom will be as easy as you say, I too have a simplistic view of how things should go. If only we can escape the dangerous road ahead, together."

He paused, fighting the overwhelming urge to take her in his arms and express how he felt through tender affection. The kind of affection that only lives within a person fighting for his life. It is human instinct to want to recreate life in times of direness.

"Helena, do think love can exist in world like this."

He almost wanted his words back after he let them loose from his lips.

Helena felt butterflies soar in her stomach when seth put his hand on top of hers.. his affection was not wasted at all because in times like these she took anything she could get.

but seth wasnt just anything, in this short time spand she knew him she formed an unbelievably close bond with him... The two came from two seemingly different worlds and definitions of the words "in hiding" but some how ended up on the same path wanting the same thing. acception and freedom. She could tell he was hurting on the inside.. something really got to him and she hoped it wasnt the fact that he was technically half machine.. he still had a heart and besides that she seen past it all... helena pierced her lips not knowing how to answer at first.. until she looked him in his eyes..and saw sensitivity.. and compassion.

"Seth.. love will always exist.. as long as people willing to love exist... when you loose the will to love. that's when the world becomes a darker place. and that goes for anyone not just us... and your right.. there are probably going to be dangers.. but as you said as long as we have each other... then i think we might stand a chance" she said smiling brightly..

she hesitated at first then she took a chance herself leaning in, resting her head on seths chest, it comforted her.. she hoped he didnt think she was wierd or moving too fast.. she wasnt trying to... she just felt the need to be close to him. "I can hear your heart beat seth.. as long as i hear it i know your just like me" she said referring to accident and what he had become of it.

"were gonna make it."
Seth wrapped his arms around Helena. He couldn't help but notice how good her hair smelled. Did all girls smell this good? If they did, Seth didn't notice it until now. It was funny, at times like this, the two could easily have been a couple college kids taking a bus to class. Perhaps they shared a morning lab together and had been dating since high school. Seth closed his eyes and let the fantasy envelope him. Warm sensations erupted in his chest as he thought how life would be if things had been different. In another life, perhaps, they were a couple, dating and living together. In another reality, another universe or another plane of existence, this would have been totally possible. It was a far off dream, but Seth took solace in the fact that they were doing damn good, considering the poor hand they had both been delt.

He moved his hand gently to her shoulder, urging her to lift her head. He looked deep into her eyes, almost as if trying to lend her his beautiful fantasy.

"I think we will too, just because we were born in this prison doesn't mean we can't escape."

Sean though briefly about that story he had heard in history class in high school. It was about this prison called San Quentin where a prisoner dubbed 'the Bird man' was an inmate. While there, in the depths of solitary confinement, he found love and light. In a world of hell, just like them, he was able to find beauty. Seth moved his face closer to hers, their lips almost touching when a voice broke the moment from behind him.

"Would you like anything to eat, lunch will be served shortly?"

Seth turned, shooting a pair of enraged eyes at the interrupter. A portly man with a smart looking outfit on.

"I thought this train car was completely automated?"

Said Seth, trying not to lose his cool.

"It is sir, but we like to keep the tradition of taking lunch orders with human personal. Plus, the androids make terrible sandwiches." The man answered with a hint of humor in his voice. Seth did not find any humor in it.
And neither did Helena..

she sat up quick from Seth's arms and blushed slightly. "I'm sure androids make better sandwiches then greasy cooks.."

she mumbled looking at the man, analyzing him, again she was very cautious of her surroundings.. she moved her one side of her hair behind her ear and tried to loosen up, smiling a bit at the man "Sure.. so do you guys have a menu.. or..?

"Of course ma'am" The pudgy man said putting the menu's in front of them "My personal favorite is the club sandwich" he said obviously trying to keep conversation with them

He obviously has a boring job.

Helena studied the menu "I don't know can you go to the next passengers then come back to us.. so we have a little time to think?"

The man smiled brightly.. he reminded Helena of a working class Santa Claus or something minus the beard. She couldn't help but return the smile as the man closed there sliding doors

There was something like an awkward silence for a few moments.. maybe because moments like the one they just had only happens in movies.. the perfect kiss. interrupted.

"So" she said slightly clearing her throat. "What you in the mood for?"