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  1. You have received the following invitation from the popular and accomplished performer Radek Zelenka, owner of the colorful, magical and fanatical circus show "Cirkus Azyl" located in the heart of London. You have been invited because you are not only different to possibly the greatest extremes, but you are also exceptionally talented or full of seen potential.
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    Radek, known for his eccentric show and even more bizarre and beautiful performers, has personally invited you to work in his show and be a part of his family. Information for orientation is attached in the letter.

    Will you join Cirkus Azyl?
    His warning, while in bright and colorful print in his letter, must not be taken lightly. Those who work for him live in the 5 story training facility and are tracked by a chip for the safety of all performers.

    You, strange and possibly an outcast of society, have a chance to be someone great; to make a living being the bizarre and different person that you are. The broken, the damaged, they are all welcome. All you have to do is follow the rules.
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    ~*~ About Cirkus Azyl! The Circus Asylum show created by Czech artist Radek Zelenka. ~*~
    Radek Zelenka grew up traveling Europe with his family in a small yet fantastic and eccentric circus show that included nomads from all walks of life as their performers, usually performers who needed a second chance or a place to call home. When his parents died, Radek desired to continue their show and their desire to help those shunned from society, but on a much grander scale. He created his show Cirkus Azyl and recruited the best performers around, albeit all with their own baggage or eccentricities. To Radek, as long as they could perform to his standards and followed his house rules, they were welcome.

    Cirkus Azyl has been a raging attraction for the past 5 years, their show and training facility, although separate locations, based out of London. Performers are required to live in the 5 story training facility and are only deducted a small amount from their pay for their rent. Radek still stands by his belief that his performers can be from all walks of life, despite their past or their problems. All he expects from them is perfection in his shows and not to break his rules. Failure to follow his rules will result in being expelled from the facility and the show immediately.
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    ~*~ Character Sheets ~*~
    (minimum 16)
    Appearance: (include real life pic and height/weight if not obvious)
    Role(s) in Show: (will list openings soon but feel free to choose something, I'll approve later)
    Time Performing with Cirkus Azyl: (1st day? 2nd month? 3rd year? all 5 years? let's mix it up)
    Personality: (include the good, the bad, strengths, weaknesses)
    Eccentricity: (what personality, behavior, and/or physical appearance makes you unconventional and slightly strange? You may have some superhuman abilities but you must have weaknesses/limitations)
    Professional and Personal Background:
    Professional Skills:
    (what are you skilled at? This will effect your role in the show)
    Living Arrangement: everyone who performs with Cirkus Azyl lives in the training facility. You can list your room number.
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    ~*~ The Facility ~*~
    Level 2
    -Entrance, greeted by receptionist, flanked by fresh in door plants and flowers
    -Up ahead to the right is the cafeteria, open 24 hours
    -Further up ahead to the right is the restaurant, drink and sushi bars
    -Up ahead to the left is the Main Office
    - Inside the office are smaller offices for those working on the show, writing, designing, music, etc.
    - The first office is for the creator Radek Zelenka; he has an open-door policy not only for his developers but for his performers as well
    - Just at the end of the offices, across from the restaurant, is the elevator.

    Level 1
    - Behind the front receptionist is a staircase that leads down to the locker rooms. When you walk down the stairs the entrance for the men's locker room is on the left, the women's on the right, and in front of you is the towel service and laundry drop off. Locker rooms are separated by gender and each has it's own Jacuzzi, wet and dry spas, and both connect to the outside pool.

    Level 3
    - Behind the front receptionist the wide staircase spirals up to the training facility for weights and cardio, a normal work out room
    - At the left side of the weights are the two Choreography rooms, equipped with any tools necessary for practice

    Level 4
    - Wide staircase continues to spiral up
    - Aerial practice, trapeze, trampolines, swinging pendulums, all air-work gets practiced here

    Level 5
    - Wide staircase continues to spiral up, stopping at this level
    -All apartments for performers, special guests, etc.
    - Radek Zelenka lives in Apt 1. Although everyone has his cell phone they are also allowed to reach out to him here as well.

    The Roof
    - Elevator access or back end emergency staircase reaches here only
    - Track with digital timer on the wall, boxing court, and fenced basket ball and tennis courts
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    ~*~ Positions in Cirkus Azyl to Play ~*~
    1. Acrobatics
    2. Object Manipulators
    3. Aerial Acts
    4. Balancing Acts
    5. Contortionists
    6. Comedians
    7. Technician
    8. Choreographer
    9. Costume & Make-Up
    10. Other?

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    ~*~ The Facility Rules ~*~
    1. The 4 P's Expected of Performers: Punctuality, Perfection, Practice and Poise
    2. Performers must remain over all healthy and fit to be able to do their work in the show.
    3. Follow the Posted Schedules
    4. Follow the Facility Curfew
    5. Do not remove your chip implant.
    6. Respect your team, especially in show and practice

    Those who break the rules are subject to being fired from the show and evicted from the facility.
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    ~*~ The Facility Schedule ~*~
    ~*~ Monday - Friday~*~
    7:00am - 8:00am = Breakfast
    8:00am - 12:00pm = Physical Training & Exercise
    12:00pm - 1:00pm = Lunch
    1:00pm - 5:00pm = Show Prep & Practice
    5:00pm - 6:00pm = Dinner
    6:00pm - 8:00pm = Announcements and more Show Prep & Practice
    8:00pm - 12:00am = Free Time
    12:00am - 6:00am = Facility Curfew, No one is to leave the facility.
    (Friday and Saturday are Curfew exemptions.)

    Note: Meals are not mandatory attendance but keep in mind Rule #2.
    Snacks and recovery drinks/shakes are provided all day.

    ~*~ Saturday ~*~
    7:00am - 9:00am = Breakfast
    9:00am - 12:00pm = Physical Training & Exercise
    12:00pm - 1:00pm = Lunch
    1:00pm - 4:00pm = Show Prep & Practice
    4:00pm - 6:00pm = Dinner
    4:00pm and on = Free Time

    Curfew is lifted Friday and Saturday Night only. Performers must keep in mind Rules #1 and #2.

    ~*~ Sunday ~*~
    Free Time All Day.
    No mandatory practice or training.
    Facility Curfew ends again at 12:00am.

    ~*~ Month Out Schedules & Special Notices ~*~
    On the 3rd floor there is a large billboard that posts the schedules and updates. This includes the month schedule for special events, trainings and most importantly upcoming shows.
    The week before a show and the days of shows have different schedules including a closed Curfew at 12am even if it is Fri or Sat and extra training/practices.

    ~*~CURRENT SHOW STATUS: Show just ended last month. Radek and his team are working on a new show, which will be a version of the previous as a sort of sequel. More details to come. Feel free to pitch in ideas.
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    ~*~ The Chip Implant ~*~
    1. Every performer on Orientation Day receives the chip implant. It is placed via a small gun in to the side of their neck. It may be taken out with care and proper tools but if dug at recklessly there is a risk of breaking a jugular vein.
    2. The Chip implants acts as a GPS signal. This allows Radek to keep track of his team, ensure the safety of them and his show, and allows him to see who is following his rules.
    3. The Chip acts as an entrance key. Each Chip is unique to the performer with separate ID codes and access codes. Each performer's apartment will open when the Chip is pressed up to the black access box; no keys are required.
    4. The Chip allows Performers access to the facility. Anyone who does NOT have a Chip implant will have a hard time entering the building, or staying in the building. Once someone walks through the front doors, if they do not have a Chip Implant, they will immediately be immobilized with continuous electric shock waves that are sent down from the ceiling; these are structured throughout the building. The electricity has sensors that, based on the stranger it is hitting, will elevate or lower the intensity based on the threshold of the intruder. The shock waves will not only paralyze the stranger but will send waves of painful shocks of electricity throughout their body. It will not end until Radek ends the connection with his master Chip, or the stranger lies unconscious. The shock waves will continue once the stranger wakes up if it is not disabled. This is a security measure for Radek's Facility and his team. Anyone with a Chip will not be harmed by these shock waves as they are meant for anyone who is not allowed in the Facility.

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    ~*~ The IC/OOC Rules ~*~
    1. All Iwaku rules apply obviously.
    2. No perfect or generic characters. Be creative!
    3. No god-moding or killing other characters without permission.
    4. Respect each other and keep the drama IC.
    5. Take smut to PM
    6. Quality Paragraph posts please. One-liners and thought-less posts with no effort will not be tolerated.
    7. No posting order. Use common sense as the story progresses for when you should post.
    8. Chip Implant - Please follow how the Chip works. I'm open for ideas to liven up an rp but unless we have discussed something there are no exceptions to the Chip Implant and if it is removed the performer will be kicked from the Facility and Show.
    9. Post three hearts <3<3<3 in one of your OOC messages when you have read this whole post, including the rules, and agree to follow them.
    10. Have fun and share your ideas! I love group collaborations. :)

    If you have not joined in time to be a part of the first Orientation, fear not! Simply read the first orientation post to understand your starting point then JUMP IN! There may be further orientations the more players we get and I will always list the timeline at the top of my posts. If you're still confused but want to join, simply ask!​
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  2. If you don't mind while I wait I can work on my character :)
  3. of course! Glad you're still interested :)
  4. Name:
    Sofia Ivchenko


    5ft, 6in


    Role(s) in Show:
    Mostly Contortionist and Aerial acrobatic when needed

    Time Performing with Cirkus Azyl:
    4 years 3 months

    +Whimsical, bubbly, quirky
    -overcritical (mostly of herself), sensitive, impatient

    -Sofia has a tattoo on her back and on her shoulder.

    -Dolls. She has a habit of making doll of the performers.
    -Denying her kindness is a terrible idea. She'll make you accept it whether you like it or not.
    -Undeniably upbeat about everything until it's about the performance. Perfection is everything, remember?
    -A crazy sense of fashion. Don't be surprised if she decided to be full on Lolita one day or become a whimsical princess the next.
    -She will invade your personal space. You have been warned.

    Professional and Personal Background:
    Sofia was the first born out of three kids and was slowly forgotten. After having two brothers all the attention went to them all because her father wanted sons instead of a daughter. Sofia's mother only followed what her father wanted and placed her energy to the boys. Sofia tried to gain their attention in any way possible. Showing she was just as valuable as her brothers. She soon learned she needed something all of her own. Something that her brothers just couldn't do. Sofia found how flexible she was and started honing in on her own ability. She was able to show her parents and finally gained some kind of approval from her father. Little did she know it was probably best to be invisible to her father than useful. Her father pushed her past limits to see what she could go. Sofia wasn't afraid of heights or learning gymnastic like tricks on her own. Her parents were astounded by her talent and her dare devil spirit.

    Sophia thought she had made a place in their hearts and nothing would ever change that. Well it all changed when she was just about 10 years old. Her younger brother had gotten terribly sick with osteosarcoma. The family wasn't rich so everyone had to pull their own weight. Sacrifices were made and that meant sacrifices for Sophia. She had to eat less and deal with the idea that the brothers would be treated a little better. Even one that wasn't sick. Her parents would tell her all of the time there wasn't a favorite but she knew there was. Cutting costs and working extra jobs wasn't helping and decided to put Sophia to work. At first they tried making money by treating her like a side show act. Allowing her to contort her body into odd positions or even had her tight rope at large heights. The level of confidence and willingness to push the envelope was something her father loved.

    Wonderfully her younger brother was in remission and Sofia believed things would be looking up. Well, not exactly. With her working her father saw it as an opportunity to make extra cash just by using her as much as possible. By time she 13 Sofia was taking dance classes and gymnastic classes to learn more. All to take her talent further than before. More money meant less poverty.

    Sofia hated her father's greed even if she was subjugated to do everything he asked. She loved her talents and was grateful with all that she learned but she needed to get away. By the age of 16 she ran away from home and stole quite of bit of money from him to get out on her own. For months she lived on her own, a few cities away from her family. She worked and tried to find jobs as a performer whenever she could. It all changed when she received a letter about a circus. Being personally invited to join them was something truly different but Sofia knew it may be her only chance at something wonderful.

    Professional Skills:
    Was a dancer and gymnast for awhile.

    Living Arrangement:
    Room #2

    Open to a roommate​
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  5. Would a magician be ok?
  6. Yes!
  7. Update:
    1. This is now in the right forum, woohoo!
    2. Tonight/tomorrow I will finish everything, get the IC up and make the intro post.
    3. Make your characters as twisted and messed up as you want! This could create some great drama along the way.
    4. I have something planned for the story that will keep it interesting and keep everyone on their toes!
    5. Characters can play multiple jobs in the show. I'm not going to restrict jobs just ask first and keep it different so we're not all playing the same types of performers.

    @Lucifers Sairen *~* Accepted! *~*
  8. Can't wait to see what kind of characters we'll have ^^
  9. Name: Jack 'The Jackal' Singer

    Age: 25

    Appearance: Not a real life pic but hopefully it works just as well

    Role(s) in Show: Magician

    Time Performing with Cirkus Azyl: 1st Day

    Personality: -Overconfident, arrogant, vengeful, devious
    + Dedicated (to his one goal), Certain, Intelligent

    *His eyes are gold.
    *Don't comment about his hair. It used to be brown but now it is golden with two brown streaks and he despises it.
    *He is never seen without his white magician glove, fedora, and what is hidden in the fedora. Do not take these items lightly. They are more than they appear.
    *Jack suffers from moral insanity (he is a psychopath). Physically harmless unless you upset him.
    Definitions (open)
    I find it always good to define these terms as some people get confused.
    Moral insanity-A disease of the mind in which the individual is bereft of ethical judgment or feelings but still fully functioning intellectually.
    Psychopath- unable to form emotional attachments or feel real empathy with others, although they often have disarming or even charming personalities. Psychopaths are very manipulative and can easily gain people’s trust. They learn to mimic emotions, despite their inability to actually feel them, and will appear normal to unsuspecting people. Psychopaths are often well educated and hold steady jobs. Some are so good at manipulation and mimicry that they have families and other long-term relationships without those around them ever suspecting their true nature.

    Professional and Personal Background:
    *I probably wrote way too much but I did not know what to include so I included it all* ^^'​
    He was born to a middle class family who gave him the name of Jack Singer. He seemed like any other and enjoyed all the activities of young boys. His dad was excited and could see his son having a wonderful future. That is until Jack got into magic. His dad thought of it as a waste of time but ignored it for the time being. Surely his son would get bored of it and move onto more practical things. This was not the case.
    During this time Jack became friends with another boy, Ricky. They would hang out all of the time and Ricky would help Jack perfect his illusions. Jack's dad became upset his son wasted his time with a meaningless hobby. To him, magicians were lowlife degenerates without a real job. The anger becoming too much, his dad started abusing him mentally and physically, but not too terribly. How bad the abuse was did not matter. Jack was becoming dangerous.
    Feeling pushed away Jack started hanging out with the wrong crowd: smoking, doing drugs, all that 'fun' stuff. It did not take long for before he and Ricky started following a guy named Seth, and a bit later another guy joined the 'gang', Drustan. Even though the gang never made the best decisions Seth always kept them in line.
    One day Jack had finally got tired of his old man, so he took out a knife and cut his dad's arm. His dad left him alone after that and as he told this to the gang they gave him the nickname of Jackal. An urban dictionary definition of jackal- A devious or mischievous person; someone who wishes ill-fate upon another.

    It was not but a year later that Jack turned 18. This was a turning point in his life as his dad kicked him out and he decided to go to Vegas and make it big.
    Don't have to read this. It just helps understand his character a bit least I think xD (open)
    The sky was covered in dark clouds but the wind was quiet as Jackal walked down the deserted streets that his gang liked to wander, a backpack slung over his shoulder. His father had shoved as many of Jackal's possessions as he could into the bag and left the rest scattered on the lawn. Jackal had dumped the contents of the bag and filled it with only his important belongings. The bag was reloaded with another change of clothes and his magic supplies. Nothing else would fit. The only other thing he grabbed was the fedora he got earlier that day and placed it on his head.

    A few of the streetlights flickered on and off. The city seemed to have forgotten about this part of town. The buildings were intact and in decent shape but they were empty. If something was not done in the next year the buildings would forever be forgotten by those that had the knowledge to fix them, and would soon become a place where kids would dare each other to go into 'that haunted building'. For now it still held a small amount of hope.

    A scraping sound caused Jackal to stop walking. It had been hard to hear but he knew someone was there. To reinforce this thought a strangled sob came out of the nearest alley. He was not one to care about other's grief but he did not trust that whoever was there would not attack him as he walked by. Walking slow so the person would not hear him he approached the alley and peered into the darkness. It took his eyes a few seconds to adjust but when they did the sight was not what he expected.


    The other boy lifted his head. His face was tear stained and his eyes were wild with grief. Drustan did not make an attempt to speak so Jackal approached the trembling figure. If it was not for the slight loyalty Seth had ingrained in him towards the gang he would have walked away without a backwards glance.

    Jackal's eyes narrowed as he approached Drustan, whose trembling increased with each step. He knew he should turn around right now and walk way. Nothing good would come out of this but he was itching for a change of pace. He could see the hands clenched at Drustan's side and hear quick, shallow breathing coming from the boy. The look on Drustan's face told Jackal exactly what was wrong.

    "You let him die." Drustan said, choking out the words. "Didn't you?"

    A shrug of his right shoulder was the only reply Jackal would give. He let his tongue glide over his bottom lip as he waited for Drustan's next move.

    Drustan's face started to turn red and his nails dug indents into his palms. . "You murdered him!"

    Jackal lifted an eyebrow in contempt. "I am not the one who shot him." His shadow grew smaller as he took a step forward, the fedora tipping sideways. His eyes stayed on Drustan's face and watched as Drustan looked up at the hat that his brother had gifted earlier that day. A look of recognition showed on Drustan's face and Jackal knew the fire had been lit.

    He had anticipated an explosion of anger but he did not expect for his head to impact the wall as Drustan rammed into him. His head exploded in pain and he could feel a wetness in his hair, but he did not have a chance to worry about it before his air supply was cut off. Drustan had one arm under Jackal's chin, lifting his head and sending the fedora spiraling to the ground. Drustan's other hand was a tight grip around Jackal's throat. Jackal tried beating his fists against any part of Drustan he could reach but either the other boy did not feel it or he did not care. The latter was more likely. Jackal managed to wheeze out a question. "Do you think I would have ran if I had any other option?"

    "Aye." The grip tightened against Jackal's throat and Jackal struggled harder as he realized Drustan meant to kill him. He would not allow his former friend to end his life, not like this, but struggling was doing nothing and Drustan was too strong for him to pry the hand away. Black specks appeared at the edge of his vision. If something was not done soon he would greet the black gate of unconciousness and not much later the grim hand of death. His hands searched his pockets until he felt the cool touch of a blade. A half-smile, half-sneer showed on Jackal's purple tinted face as he reached down and slipped the knife out of his jeans. Without a second thought he brought the blade across Drustan's leg.

    Drustan released Jackal and Jackal fell to his knees. His left hand was placed against his throat as he struggled for breath and his other hand held the knife pointed toward Drustan. He dared not take his eyes off the Scottish boy who was ignoring the blood flowing down his leg. Time seemed to move slowly as Jackal caught his breath and Drustan looked for a way through Jackal's defense. It was as two demons were looking at each other, one with a way to justify his actions, the other with only empty reason.

    Having regained his breath a dangerous gleam cloaked Jackal's eyes as he stood up and took a step toward Drustan. Drustan took a step back as the knife was waved in front of his face. Another step forward. Another step back. Three steps forward and three more back. A couple more steps and Drustan was pinned against the dead end of the alley. The tables had turned.

    "You shouldn't have done that." Jackal said through a pressed lipped frown. His eyes bore into Drustan's as the knife came up to the boy's throat and pressed until a trickle of blood emerged. He was preparing to press the knife deeper when a pair of hands grabbed him and threw him down. His back hit the cold ground and he shook his head, trying to shake off the pain. Jackal looked up to stare into the dark blue eyes of Seth.

    "Hold him, Ricky." Seth said, nodding his head toward Drustan. Once Ricky had done as Seth commanded Seth allowed Jackal to stand, holding him with a questioning glare.

    Jackal snatched his hat off the ground as he stood up, ignored Seth's look and instead looked at Drustan. Ricky was blocking his access to Drustan and Seth made sure Jackal did not have much room to move from the wall. He was fine with that since the only thing he had left for Drustan was words.

    "I did have a choice."

    Drustan lunged at Jackal but Ricky held him back, struggling to hold the larger boy. Drustan's eyes made contact with Jackal's and he watched as a predator would prey. "I will kill ye, Jack. One day ye will regret this."

    Jackal waved away Drustan's warning and turned toward Seth. The other boy had not moved and still bore Jackal down with a gaze that demanded answers. Seth would not be getting these answers. At least not from him. Jackal's voice was detached as he said the next words. "I am leaving. Move, Seth."

    Seth showed no sign of moving so Jackal elbowed his way past. He was surprised that Seth did not try to stop him but he did not linger too long on that thought. His actions had been told to one and soon the others would know. He could not be around for that. He quickly left the alley and headed in the direction he had been going before the confrontation. A few paces later Jackal heard anguish filled sobs as Drustan broke down.

    In Vegas he met the people that would change his world, and for a small price, would give him everything he wanted. All he had to do was sell his soul to the devil-not that he felt he had one. Agreeing to the terms he was taken to a secret area where experiments were done on him. Scientists supposedly mixed him with the DNA of a side-striped jackal, but all that changed in him was his eye and hair color. He had to stay at the facility for awhile and be 'observed'. Once that was done with he was given a show in Vegas.

    This lasted a good while but some people above him thought it would be a good idea if he got out for awhile to get a fresh take on the world (in other words come up with new and exciting illusions). When the invitation for Cirkus Azyl showed up he felt he had no option. He agreed to go, but was not too happy about it.

    Professional Skills: Card tricks, playing with fire and small, bladed weapons.
    For skills that can help with anything he can process large quantities of information quickly and efficiently.
    When it comes to performing he thinks on a large level and has become quite talented at selling out shows due to how he has done performances.

    Living Arrangement: *choosing random number* Room 3. Open to a roommate, although I am not sure I would want to room with him xD​
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  10. @__@ I love your writing style! Pic is fine.
    *~* Accepted *~*

    I'm a sucker for in-depth details. Loved the back story! It left me looking forward to learning more.
  11. Thank you so much! It means a lot knowing someone likes my style. *insert tears of happiness smilie*
  12. Name: Jaelle and Nadya Herne
    Age: 22 and 17
    (Bottom to top: Jaelle - 5'8" - 143 lbs and Nadya - 5'6" - 130 lbs)
    Role(s) in Show: Both are Contortionists but Jaelle is also a Choreographer and Nadya can do Balancing Acts
    Time Performing with Cirkus Azyl: 5th year for both of them
    A stickler for the rules, Jaelle tends to be perpetually serious and unwilling to let loose. Rarely does she smile and if she does, those smiles are usually reserved for her sister. Although lately even her sister hasn't been seeing any of those smiles. Jaelle is a responsible young woman who will take a commanding role in a time of crisis if Radek isn't around. She doesn't like when people goof off and she hates when her advice is ignored.

    Almost the complete opposite of her sister, Nadya is a bright and optimistic girl who loves to look on the bright side of things no matter how bleak a situation looks. She can almost always be seen laughing and joking with her fellow circus members. However, as she is merely human, Nadya's mood can turn sour, but that usually happens when she has a fight with her sister. Nadya is a dreamer and often imagines a life outside of the circus but never says so for fear of being punished by Radek or her sister.

    Jaelle has a frightening strength that she constantly keeps in check, however if she gets stressed she might loose control and crush something (or somebody).

    It might have something to do with her bright personality, but no matter what the genre of music, Nadya can find a way to dance to it. Nadya also has an eidetic memory. She also has a tendency to try and tame stray and wild animals, such as cats, pigeons, squirrels etc.

    Professional and Personal Background:
    Jaelle was born an only child to Victor and Nadine Herne. Her father was always busy with work and coming home late and her mother was sick and tired of being alone at home with only an infant to keep her company. This wasn't enough to make her leave however, Jaelle's mother looked forward to the weekends and holidays were her husband would be free to spend time with his family. However one night after returning home late, Jaelle's mother noticed a dark stain on the collar of her husbands shirt. Upon closer inspection she saw that the stain was lipstick. She was horrified and filled with rage all at the same time, however she wasn't in a position where she could confront him or just up and leave. She came from a lower class family, so she had nowhere to go back to and she was quite sure that if she divorced Victor, he would get everything in the settlement, leaving her penniless and on the street. So Nadine stayed silent and pretended to not notice her husband's affair.

    As she grew, Jaelle noticed how distant her parents seemed to each other. She noticed how her mother often stared blankly out the window, tears rolling down her face. And she noticed how her father stayed out late and came back smiling wide and smelling like roses. If she tried to bring up her observations to her parents, her mother would silence her immediately and her father wouldn't take notice.

    When Jaelle was thirteen, her mother threw herself out of the third story window and quite ironically, fell on a rose bush. Jaelle was devastated and her father was bewildered and horrified that his wife could do such a thing. Even with all the prior signs, he couldn't bring himself to understand why Nadine Herne had committed suicide.

    After her mother's death, Jaelle began to isolate herself and focus on anything that would distract her from thinking of her mother and how much she missed her. Her grief soon gave way to rage and she began acting out in frustration. The fact that her father seemed to be relatively unaffected by the hole in their lives enraged her. She started getting into fights at school and the school psychologist suggested to her father that she be enrolled in boxing classes to give her an outlet for her anger. After about six months of boxing classes, Jaelle (and her instructor) discovered that she was extremely strong and her instructor began taking her to underground adolescent boxing matches.

    A year later Jaelle's father remarried to a woman who smelled like roses. Jaelle held no doubt that this was the reason why her father always stayed out late and why her mother killed herself. Along with the woman came a nine year old girl named Nadya, and Jaelle was horrified to find out that the girl was her half sister. Jaelle decided that day that she hated her father for having an affair for that long, and she hated Nadya's mother for replacing her mother, but for some reason, Jaelle couldn't bring herself to hate Nadya.

    Tragedy struck the Herne family, when a fire was started on the property and Victor and Esme succumbed to smoke and died. Jaelle was able to get Nadya out, but as Victor had no living relatives, and Jaelle's relatives refused to take in Nadya as well, the girls ended up living on the street. While living on the streets, Jaelle discovered her contortionist ability as well as Nadya's, and got the idea to perform as an act to make money. Despite their act gaining interest from the passerby's they didn't get enough money to live off of. When they thought that they would die from starvation or disease, they were approached by Radek Zelenka and invited to join the Cirkus Azyl.

    Professional Skills:
    Jaelle is skilled in contortion, and boxing while Nadya is only skilled in contortion and balance as well as dancing.
    Living Arrangement: Jaelle is in Room 7, while Nadya is in Room 8. Nadya is open to a roommate.​
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  13. Lovely! Just change their time at Cirkus Azyl to 5 years as it has only been open for that long and finish filling in their professional skills and you're good to go; it doesn't have to be lengthy.

    ~*~ Accepted ~*~
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  14. Name: Radek Zelenka
    Age: 34
    Appearance: 5"9, 175lbs
    Role(s) in Show: Creator, Producer, Writer, Singer, Dancer and some Tumbling/Air Acts
    Time Performing with Cirkus Azyl: From Day 1, the day he created the show.

    Personality: Radek has always been an outgoing and open-minded individual. His parents raised him in an environment that fostered creativity and socializing with people from all walks of life. He is rather easy to get a long with and many people find him to be like a brother, the way he is able to listen and respond without judgement, have patience and understanding. Although he normally is in a pleasant mood he puts his work above most anything else. Ensuring his show is as perfect as it can be is his main focus. When business needs to be handled, Radek will easily show his darker side when he or his work is challenged, or when his expectations are not met. Punctuality, perfection, practice and poise are words he lives by and expects his team to as well when it involves his show; outside of this he does not normally care what his team is up to.

    As long as the schedule is being followed and the team is being productive, Radek will joke along with his team and ensure they have what they need to be successful, offering himself for anything they might need whether it be special equipment, advice from his experience or simply someone to talk to. Being so focused on work he often finds it hard to sleep, his mind swirling with unfinished ideas that he finds hard to silence. As such he is normally up late, either working in his office or exercising upstairs. Coffee is his best friend and he can almost always be found with a fresh cup in his hand, a dark roast with milk and a teaspoon of brown sugar.

    Due to how he was raised he often times has too much arrogance, can be narcissistic and carries a bit of self-entitlement...sometimes more than just a bit.

    His greatest fears are failure, not being as successful as he knows he can be, and is claustrophobic.

    Eccentricity: Radek still carries some of his West Slavic accent when he speaks. His creativity has no boundaries, and as such his shows often have controversial themes throughout. Usually the audience will find the over all experience to be wonderful, life-changing and memorable. But there are a few who are left feeling...unnerved. He let's in just enough darkness to off-set the usually colorful, whimsical set and play. He enjoys giving his audiences the unexpected! Because of this, and surged by the controversy, his shows have become one of the most popular attractions in London. Many people speak of Radek with caution though, spreading rumors that he may be a creative genius but he is sick in the head and a dangerous man.

    Radek lost his left arm, from the elbow down, in a botched performance when he was younger. He received one of the newest pieces of technology in prosthetics, a bionic arm so realistic many wouldn't know it was a fake attachment until they were up close or perhaps touched it. Additionally, the prosthetic gives him a much stronger grip and strength. The arm attaches to notches and computer-like chips that have been surgically implanted around his nub, the electronic pieces disappear once the arm is set and locked in place. Taking the arm off and on is not terribly difficult but it does take careful effort and consideration of the attachment pieces, whether detaching or attaching.

    Professional and Personal Background: Radek grew up an only child in Prague, Czech Republic as a circus performer with his family and a close group of people. His parents owned the small circus and always encouraged their team to be creative and different. Additionally, his parents had open hearts and took in performers that were usually the unwanted, the orphaned, or the damaged; often times his parents would teach the performers, developing gifts they saw as potential in to 5-star stunning acts! Radek had a natural gift in tumbling and acrobatics and his parents sculpted him in to one of the most beloved acts in their country. Being raised with freedom, creativity, independence and no boundaries, Radek had a life most kids would only dream of. Even despite his accident that resulted in the loss of his left arm at the age of 13, he still continued to out perform many with his strength, flexibility and tricks. As he got older he self-studied and began sharing his knowledge and training along side his parents.

    When Radek was 28 he lost his parents in an unexpected car accident. His father had always encouraged him to follow his dreams and after he handled his family's affairs he collected his parent's savings, sold their business and moved to the UK to pursue his dream, which was to continue his parent's legacy. Having spent almost his entire life performing, he had a vision of carrying on a show similar to his parents but as the creator, producer and just performing in small acts. He wanted to give back to those who needed a second chance, out casts from society, those without homes or purpose in life. His reward? He would get the best, he would create and train the best, and he would have the greatest show in all of Europe! At age 29 Radek opened his training facility and shortly after his show Cirkus Azyl. Each show is different but with his same eccentric style and each year critics acclaim it get's better each time.

    Professional Skills: Radek has a strong skill in tumbling and flight acts as he is not afraid of heights. He also has some skill in acrobatics, dance, and singing. He writes most of the show's script and is the main producer. He is also a teacher in many acts, explaining best technique and form. He develops many practice routines and workouts for those who need it.

    Living Arrangement: Apartment 1.
  15. UPDATE in 1st Post:
    1. The Facility Rules 2. The Facility Schedule 3. Chip Implant Info 4. IC/OOC Rules
    Please read all updates and respond accordingly.
    Not sure why the spoilers are being weird but trying to fix >_>
  16. I have read all the rules and everything else that was updated.
    Just in case I post something strange or make a lot of mistakes I had a major surgery about two weeks ago so the pain medicine may mess with me a bit. I hope it doesn't but just in case. I have found myself far more forgetful than usual. I have no ideas right now but might think of something once I am not so drugged. ^^
  17. No worries - it will probably only add to your character lol


    The IC IS NOW UP! I am working on the first post now but feel free to post away if you would like to begin developing your character(s) as they start their morning.

    Start Time in RP is Monday Morning at 7:30am - breakfast is finishing up.

    Orientation with new performers and current staff will gather on Level 3 and begin promptly at 8:00am.

    @Lucifers Sairen
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  18. Oh, this is interesting, I will put up a character tomorrow ^^
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  19. First Post is up. Woo hoo!
  20. Sorry before, but I'm rethinking about joining :( But I will put up one when I'm sure enough that I wanna joing, I'm totally sorry, but great RP ^^
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