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    Asher - 17

    The closer he got to his boyfriend, the more Asher's habits changed without him really realizing. He would leave his phone on the loudest volume at all times and always answer when a certain name popped up, nearly all year round he wore clothes that covered every inch of skin, and didn't dare look another man's way. He'd withdrawn from his friends, and his grades dropped. Somehow his life revolved around his temperamental boyfriend. Darren.

    But Ash was good at keeping it a secret. A little cover up for a black eye and a collared shirt to hide the hickies, an occasional lie to his parents and brother. Why would he tell anyone what was happening behind closed doors? Darren loved him, he just had a twisted way of showing it, right? And it had to be his fault, he wouldn't be hit for no good reason!

    The problem was, Ash was getting worn to the bone. The stress of keeping his partner satisfied was weighing him down, not to mention constantly keeping everything under wraps. He just wasn't sure he could do it anymore. It would be so much easier to spill everything to someone...someone like his brother.

    Asher sat in his last class contemplating this, as he had since the day begun. No, he couldn't tell anyone yet. Maybe it would get better. Yeah. Darren always said it would, and Asher agreed to give him another chance. When the bell finally rung he stood and gathered his things, then moved with the crowd outside. He hadn't taken his car to school today so he started for the bus, not even thinking to ask his brother for a ride. And his boyfriend decided to skip that day, so that was a no go. He stopped in his tracks just as he stepped into the cool autumn air and chewed his lip, maybe he should just walk to Darren's house...
  2. Roland never did understand his brother much. The boy was always a little withdrawn, to his mind, but the older sibling made nothing of it. At least, until he got a new boyfriend. Roland was always a little protective of his brother, and the fact that the kid had been acting strange since his relationship started only started to ring alarm bells. Still, he couldn’t actually do anything about it – suspicions do not a case make. He needed proof – or, at the very least, his brother to tell him what was going on. They were siblings, and as close as humanly possible. He expected his brother to tell him if something was wrong.

    Roland squinted against the wind, obscuring his chocolate-brown eyes, square-framed glasses only framing them further. It was quite odd, really, to see such a large boy wearing glasses, and with his wiry black hair looking like a toilet brush. Still, he was known to be built like a tank, and had the stopping power of one too. If someone was abusing his little brother, they’d hear about it.

    However, all the muscles in the world couldn’t have fixed his car’s engine, and he hadn’t had the time to fix it himself. Hence, why he was also taking the bus, though it seemed as though Asher hadn’t noticed.
    For a brief moment, he considered tailing Asher, but decided against it. He trusted his brother to make the smart decision and tell him if anything was wrong.
  3. Asher hesitated once more as he climbed the steps onto the bus, having decided to just go home. Usually he went over after school, or skipped school with him, but this time around Darren decided not to give him a head's up nor answer his phone. It was weird. Maybe he just expected him to arrive as usual. What worried him was what would happen if he did, but Ash didn't show.

    With these anxious thoughts running through his mind he started down the isle of the bus, looking for a place to sit until he spotted Roland. Ash decided he wouldn't mind his little brother sitting with him, so he slid onto the seat beside the older male. "Hey," he mumbled with a half-hearted smile, leg bouncing nervously as he plopped his bag in his lap. "You're not usually on the bus, are you? How come you're taking it today?"
  4. “My car’s engine’s busted. It’s probably nothing serious, but it’s not the sort of thing I have the energy or time to fix early in the morning, with school minutes later.”

    Though obviously quite irked at the fact he hadn’t been able to drive himself to school, he had spoken in a distinctly dismissive tone. Considering this wasn’t the first time the second-hand motor had failed to start at the most inopportune of times, hearing him speak as such wasn’t much of a surprise. Roland shrugged, looking to his brother as if to say ‘That’s life’. He did, however, wish to address something a little more serious.

    “You don’t look right, Ash. Something happen at school today?”

    ‘Because if that twit’s abusing you, I’ll rip his throat out’ is what Roland wanted to say, but that wasn’t the sort of thing to talk about on a school bus. And, despite the offhand manner in which he asked the question, Roland couldn’t quite get his eyes to lie as well – he was deeply concerned for Asher’s wellbeing, and all the covering in the world couldn’t stop him seeing the odd glimpse of an injury, here or there. But, without anything to act on, he had to bide his time. Something was up, and he couldn’t be convinced otherwise.
  5. "Oh, again?" He frowned, though did know his brother had the knowledge to fix the problem most times. "That's like the tenth time..." Asher added, turning his head to watch the passing houses outside the window as they fell into silence.

    The air around them felt tense and awkward, and it did nothing to help Asher's nerves. His brother's deep voice broke through the chatter around them and once again, he felt the desire to confess everything to the older male. Roland's worried brown eyes always made him feel guilty. The teen forced himself to suppress the urge as he forced a weak smile and shook his head. "Nah, I'm just tired. I was up late working on an assignment." Ash lied a little too easily. He was tired, but for a completely different reason.

    As if on reflex he tugged at his long sleeves, pulling them to his mid-palms - just in case. He wasn't sure what sprung on the sudden question, and hoped he wasn't showing any bruises. The freshest one was on his right upper arm, while a few yellowing ones adorned his wrists, hips and neck.

    "I think I'll take a nap when we get home. A nap sounds good, doesn't it?"
  6. Asher didn’t seem to be well – and the staying up late excuse just wasn’t cutting it. Staying up late didn’t cause bruises everywhere on a person’s body. Staying up late didn’t make them so nervous a pin dropping would catch their attention. Staying up late didn’t make Roland suspect something was wrong. Still, as he couldn’t actually prove anything (and as they were in public), Roland just put his arm over his brother, and patted his shoulder, the way one friend would to comfort another.

    “Well, if you say so. But, if you do need any help – and I mean ANY help – just tell me, eh?”

    When his little brother proposed a nap, however, he grew a little more suspicious - his brother didn't seem like the type for afternoon snoozes.
    "Well, if you want, go ahead. You're old enough to make your own decisions."
  7. "Right," he nodded, though it wasn't as upbeat as his brother probably would've preferred. Asher made sure to keep his wince nonexistent when that arm draped over his shoulders, reminding himself that it was just his brother. The rest of the ride he was silent, mulling over that last thing said. He was old enough to make his own decisions, but was he making the wrong one constantly returning to his boyfriend?

    When the bus arrived at their stop, he slid from beneath his brother's arm and stood with his bag. A couple minutes later he was treading down the sidewalk to their house alongside Roland, though his eyes were glued to his cellphone as he received a text and replied to it.

    When they made it to their front lawn he switched directions, hurrying over to his car and waving to Roland. "Um, I'm going to Darren's house. I'll catch you later. Let mom and dad know I went to a friend's if they get home early."
  8. Asher wincing when Roland put his arm around him wasn’t normal. This was bad – he knew his little brother, and he wasn’t usually one to shy away from physical contact, if it was with someone he trusted. At least, he thought so. He had been busy with schoolwork lately, and maintaining his shoddy car. He would likely make a few mistakes when attempting to judge anybody’s character, even his little brother’s. However, Asher made no attempt to get away from him, so there was at least that to go on. And, despite Asher’s act, Roland was not convinced. His little brother was acting up – he knew that much.

    Before Asher could get into his car, however, Roland grabbed on to his sleeve, a strange mixture of desperation and determination in his expression.
    “Ash, wait. Let me drive you. If you’re as tired as you say you are, driving’s a bit dangerous for you.”

    This was, however, a thinly-veiled attempt for Roland to get the skinny on what was going on between Asher and Darren. Any idiot could see that. After all, Roland was good at many things – but lying was not among them.
  9. Asher just opened the driver's side door when he felt a tug on his sleeve, preventing him from getting inside. When he turned his expression softened, again feeling guilty for forcing his brother to worry so much about him.

    "Roland, seriously, I'm not so tired I can't drive myself. Not that I don't appreciate the offer," he explained, gently trying to tug his sleeve away. "But that's...a lame excuse. Why do you really want to drive me?"

    Roland really was a terrible liar. It was written all over his face he had ulterior motives, and that question on the bus ride home helped Ash come to the conclusion: Roland just wanted to spy. Ash couldn't have that, not when his boyfriend was already agitated with him.
  10. Roland just shook his head, and let Asher go. He did, however, stand there looking down at him, a genuinely worried look on his face.
    “Look, bro… I don’t know what kind of relationship you’re in. If you’re happy, then I won’t push anything on you. But please – for the love of all that’s good in the world – if you need any help, just say so.”
    Though he didn’t answer the question, Roland felt that this would more or less be enough to satisfy his sibling. He felt terrible for letting what he suspected was happening happen – but, this was his brother, at seventeen years of age. Roland trusted Asher to tell him if something was up – after all, they were pretty much as close as siblings could get.

    Roland gave his brother quick hug goodbye, and proceeded to his own car, lifting up the bonnet to check if anything was wrong there.
  11. Asher relaxed some when his brother let him off. "Thanks," he mumbled into the other male's shirt when he was pulled into a short hug. Honestly, he was glad to hear that. In the very near future he just might take him up on that offer.

    Ash slid into his car, sticking his key in the ignition and bringing the engine to life. Ten minutes later he would be sprinting up the walkway into his boyfriend's house. It was more than likely that when he returned later that evening he would be hunting his loving older sibling down.
  12. Roland couldn’t help but reminiscence about past ventures, given the conversation that had just taken place. Whether Asher knew it or not, Roland had faced his fair share of adversity on his own – he wasn’t going to let his little brother, one of the few people in the world that really mattered to him - go through this alone. And, though his memories were indeed vivid, the look on his face – one of sheer concentration – revealed nothing. His mind and body were separate, so it seemed. Though not separate enough for him to fully concentrate when his thoughts slowly turned to the injuries he had seen on his brother.
  13. When Asher returned home he was nothing short of a complete mess. It was early evening, and since their parents often worked late, weren't home. The teen was extremely thankful for that - he couldn't have them seeing him like this. His lower lip was split, right eye already turning black and blue, and it was completely evident he took a beating. This is what he got for taking the initiative and trying to break up with the guy.

    With slow steps and quiet sniffles, Asher walked to his brother's room. He gave a few quiet knocks before waiting for an answer. Tugging his sleeves over his hands he wiped the tears stains from his cheeks, trying to at least look half-decent when Roland opened the door. For what reason, he wasn't sure.
  14. “Error?! I just fixed the-“

    Despite his disgruntled rambling, Roland heard the knocks on his door. He had a feeling something terrible would befall his brother, and had made an effort to keep his ears open more than usual. Though reluctant, he stood up from his chair, and opened the door, slowly revealing his brother. Or, rather, what was left of him. Taking in the image of Asher in such a state took a few moments – though it was what Roland had expected, it was still difficult for him to process. Still, his brotherly instinct took over, and without a second thought, he embraced his sibling, with the warmth only family could provide.

    "It's alright, Ash, it's alright. You're safe now. You're safe."
  15. Ash felt pathetic and embarrassed standing before his brother in such a state. He shouldn't have let it get to this point - and then to come to Roland with his tail between his legs and looking for comfort? It was awful.

    The younger all but collapsed into his brother's safe arms, quiet sobs starting up before he could stop himself. "You're not..mad?" He asked, voice hoarse from crying and muffled against Roland's shirt. He expected some type of reprimand for lying, for keeping what's been happening a secret.
  16. “You idiot,” Roland grumbled, holding Asher to him, “I’m your big brother. I’m just ashamed I didn’t do anything sooner.”

    Roland kept Asher in his embrace, not saying a word further. Just his actions were enough – he wanted Asher to take things at his own pace. Roland couldn’t stay mad, anyway – as much as he hated that his brother had kept this form him for so long, he felt equally as guilty for not acting.
  17. "..don't even, it's not your fault." He assured, tilting his head up to peer at his brother. It wasn't fair for him to feel guilty over this. Asher hid it all to the best of his ability, the objective was for Roland not to know. For what seemed like several hours rather than minutes, Ash remained coddled in his brother's warm embrace. It was when his injuries began throbbing he had to shift away from him. "I'm going to go clean myself up, if you don't mind?"
  18. As much as he wanted to, Roland refused to cry. He was huge, he was tough, and he wasn’t always the most social of people. He was made out to look like a tough guy, and Roland didn’t want to break this illusion – not while he had his little brother leaning into him. When his little brother said he was going to clean up, Roland simply kissed the top of his head, and smiled weakly at him.

    “Alright, go get yourself cleaned up. But you come into my room when you’re done – we’re going to discuss what we’re going to do, alright?”
  19. Asher had never realized how comforting and safe his brother's embrace could be. He hadn't looked for solace with Roland in such a long time. When he was let go he nodded slowly, then sauntered out of the room.

    He took his time in the bathroom with the little makeshift first aid kit he'd put together over the past few months. The younger finally emerged almost a half hour later and was back to Roland's room in an instant, hesitating in the doorway. "Um, I already broke up with him..what else is there to do?"
  20. Roland hesitated for a moment – he needed to compose himself, to give advice as plainly as he could, but still gently.
    “Come on, Ash. Sit down on the bed first. Lie down if you need to. We’re going to go through everything we need to, and then I’m going to see what I can do.”

    Roland, sitting on the edge of the bed, waited for Ash to make his decision. Given that there was only one chair in his room, there weren’t many places to rest, but Roland tried his best. “I’m gong to need you to tell me about Darren. We need to know if we have to confront him. Don’t worry – I’ll be going with you. And I hardly think a chump like him is going to leave much of a mark on me.”
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